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3-24 4-5pm Bobby and Kristian, proposed NFL rule changes

Mar 24, 2014|

The 2014 NFL coach's meeting is happening right now in Florida. What would rules would you add or delete? Bobby and guest hist, Kristian Garic, listen to your proposed NFL rule changes.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- five welcome into sports talk. The cajun cannon Bobby there I'm crushing Garrett in for the big chief Deke Bellavia lots to get to. We with it til 630 -- things off to the LSU Sports Radio network for the pulmonary shows and of course LSU basketball in the in ninety. Right so. Can and obviously that owners meetings going on and Orlando in the NFL. So a number of things on a number of proposals yet a number of polls are never a number of things on the agenda. In terms of rule changes are some rule Walpole little proposals along with bylaw. Proposals and -- touch on of those throughout the next hour. I can't dissect him a break him down but ultimately you know when you look at some of these rule changes that are that limit. And delve into. You you say as a as a league they're the most popular game in town around around certainly country what I and do you where's the fine line between tinkering with it and and and wrecking it he found me so to me to improving it. A compared to making it a less attractive to the fans. Well. The people wanna watch football they don't wanna watch flag football. I mean you know it's so so you have to watch how you tweak it. And obviously player safety. From a financial standpoint. You know the owners of the cover -- behind. As far as going forward to show that they truly concerned with players' safety. Wire they come on they obviously gonna say the right thing. And and it is the right thing to do with. I don't know how used truly can ultimately legislate violence. Are controlled violence. Site the modern day gladiators. The syndrome where obviously you don't have debts in the arena or you could but it would definitely. -- be by accident. But a number of these proposals. It's almost like common -- you think like well that should have been in place a long time ago. Are high each time between the gain -- on the nothing major friends that so we had talked about this early. About the extra point. Howell to make that I should say more of interest in not automatic. Because he you know this is that they whenever somebody scores a touchdown. You say seven points yet you don't say six. It'll be exactly six though yet yeah yeah but I mean our -- yeah like all that's not the guys pound extra point on where. I think instead as those of you watching at home. And he got a touchdown. That might be time for a bathroom break or even. Always just scored a touchdown -- get a -- -- refrigerator which you might wanna watch it now with the NFL. Loses interest in and know what they have and -- a proposes are considered as a -- meetings this week in Orlando. Is that move the line of scrimmage extra points. Two to 25 yard line and a two point for conversion attempts would still be snapping the two yard line but. So you're talking about a 42 yard extra point. Now to me that's a little too extreme I kind of tweaked it. And I said -- a twenty yard line instead of 45 yard line where I'd be like a 37. Yard field goal and NFL figures to have should make that. But you would have some misses -- over right now. I mean -- front of a kicker makes extra point against you gotta -- -- be -- a you know you'd you'd be -- on -- yes so so when I when I look at that. The to me that's on the way you could better of the game and nobody gonna go Christian and I gonna go over all of them but -- -- just one that really stick out to me. And some of these things that are being proposed they're not and in some more it's shelved team Bonnie Reiss of a -- get experimented with their pre season like they might have one week designated increases -- work. For example the of the rule change that you're talking about moving the line of scrimmage. For an extra point attempt at 25 yard line that might go to sit a third pre season game a second pre season game. And so they can get an idea just collect some data on how successful how good it might be it will it work and is it is it feasible to do Sobel will break those down each and every what there's thirteen polls rule changes and of course a handful seven. Bylaw proposals and of course a resolution. Proposal that willow will break down -- the next hour on sports talk do you weigh in at 260. 187 -- told 3866 and 890 it's only he could change one rule yet on the competition committee. I in you can propose a rule change what would it be to 601878. -- 3866 -- nine. 087 I talk about rule changes the proposals at the NFL owners meetings in Orlando Florida and at the first one body is. Move the kick off to the forty yard line they currently kickoff from the fact I'd open a. -- -- at all all of it up of players think I get cake ever albeit that you might associate judge spectacular again in the start of all the 25 yard yet come and here's. Really we talked so much about the kick off right. Everything in and I've nudged the ball Betemit hate kicks off at at the party kicks off at 1 o'clock so and if so some symbolic of every -- in the game to start everything -- so they Albany they're all they're getting rid of there at the start of a game. Well -- and and to say. That is when an exciting plays and I -- more buddy did a problem not can look at the last doable hair of Barry on Jacoby Jones yeah. A kick return touchdown. Now we get to be facing and hopefully doesn't -- one back against says twice a year Devin Hester with the Falcons he has nineteen returns counting punts kickoffs. But Thomas More settled book put the ball has been no I know the far about it that's why leave as it is because at least you have some souls. -- hardy souls that are confident. Even though -- eight yards deep I'll figure it out you know I think now again. You know dangerous guys that -- that you know the premier returner Eric curry and I started at this rule goes through I think it. It's an even better trade for the Saints inning Darren Sproles filling up because it really valiant but as it -- no -- anybody returner -- will need. He was a part of his role was right kick returner and now he's even diminish even further if this rule well an early age I think it is -- player safety I think this is gonna -- fly. Well -- -- and then you have because of players' safety has you know kamikaze is -- on -- and they come and on the field full speed and it. As -- have to break on the percentages. -- what Indies are actually -- current. But I like. The likes of urgency of like to Joshua Cribbs yeah all of a sudden you look what with the meat of what they've meant an NFL that's a job opportunity for them. Where Devin Hester. Has some ability a lot of smaller are pretty yap at the same annual going Olivea -- -- and and look at it career Brian Mitchell -- Louisiana Lafayette as a returner -- you could said the -- it upon return. But I still think kick return. Is Florida -- exciting. You know plays on your team I know. Now we haven't have -- in a -- but the guy court room one night according year old week and a but no it at that works -- you have to go by change momentum. And and obviously help the offense to win a game the last I like -- -- low. To the beer man he may not have made it in the NFL had not been for Calvert and Michael yeah like I mean right now I think you your. Also players coming out of college that might have had a job otherwise now teams and teams are not in a place of bigot just catch the football. Mean ultimately down -- period as one out if if it's not indicate that he is a -- kickers when a kicking off from the 35 they're going -- ball nine yards at least nine yards deep in any great. Elements great weather. -- bowling ball through the and so. Well -- and you look at also. You know the coverage units guys that have jobs -- NFL because they're outstanding their backup linebacker. Like you're Ramon homers of the world and but this would be doing my kick off the fight comes. You know and able to have a nice career so he had that mainly be tweaked in the game too much. Body expanding instant replay to include personal foul penalties for our games down -- Florida's to be all you want always get a right. We have some cheap shot and on the miss it in his chosen instant replay. But how do you these would that be a challenge. In -- well. -- words but that's another word OK okay now my understanding say expand instant replay to include personal popular now that -- is it is that a challenge. Or is -- they are looking at I was down did you look at whether. Yeah ours are buzzed down -- a whether a player's inbounds or out and is -- a personal file. Way to -- and he can't retroactively go that I don't like that and if there's if they're reviewing one aspect of the play out a notice a personal thing now that yeah I don't think how he should go that way I think you should be. Hey you've got to challenge that you miss a blatant personal foul. Okay I'll go like -- challenge and our our our maybe an official upstairs trying to Netanyahu are maybe maybe when your coaches in the Booth saw it. A guy guy hit two steps out of bounds. Or you know I'm just I got I got -- I'm not I'm not a fan for retroactively call that penalty. Reverend Wright as this year's saying that's what you specifically targeting yeah -- a personal -- our number three this was kind of a no brainer I'm really. Perplexed that this hasn't been done sooner but eliminate overtime in pre season games. -- there's no matter who wins the game who who cares pre season I mean evaluating talent not daunting I could say. Are the devil's advocate both sides of offense when you sell -- -- time to pre season well. Would -- do practices Armitage have actually plays to evaluate players. So many -- you gonna say that a fifth cool water. So the want to plane. Maybe one or two guys might have a chance to really make the team so you get it more of a chance to evaluate players. In a live situation and on the flip side though also. Maybe a serious injury. So but it really I would have no problem they eliminated overtime pre season. Now I mean these players these players don't want me here if you're about player safety. Then this one. Flies in the face the making their force out foursome players in a meaningless game yet to play an extra 101520. Plays and subject them. To risk whether they're gonna make the team are not right they may not make that team but they could make another NFL's why Chris. -- goal line how many on this look at it right like quake when news today. But players' safety and to be visiting I don't talk about we can't get enough of football. Expand the schedule instead four pre seasons to breezing gains of eighteen regular season games. While the players right now. They're not gonna take. You know the players union when you -- of argument and I'm gonna take with the -- The sixteen games for an -- eighteen you'd have to pay him two additional game checks for damn -- even look at may be going in that direction and I think if you gonna expand and you gotta expand the roster. I'm talk about that active -- roster on game day and then also at a practice while like French is they have a proposal. Raise the number of active players on game day from 46. To 49 -- -- with teasing games. Say why not go 46 to fifty. And and not going to do 46 to four and I've read as -- Gaines played on a day of -- -- Sunday or Monday excluding. Week one -- -- I think they should have. You know to save par at 950 active players on game -- anyway. Bill because -- now what the owners we've by the don't want that is -- got to pay a gain checked and it of verses -- money always evolves if that a practice squad now you look. Raised a practice squad limit. From eight to ten players I'm all for that does more jobs for players. You figure they got you 32 teams yet to actually -- practice squad players also and he got 64. Of players that are still have a chance to be on that. Active game day roster and therefore are you playing board games you gonna have more people hurt. And then you know be scrambling around who's available and not so that's -- to -- that's a common sense thing as far as the expanding the roster. And then we -- also talked about. Training camp. And to me think about this you start training camp we have ninety players. And what they do -- LA and bottom line is that those 975 to 53. So a lemonade. The cut down to 75 players are training camp and instead just have. One cut down from nine players to 53 players -- first right now wasn't in favor that you can't explain having makes a lot of sense what you -- he got a pretty much know the training camp progresses. Who's making that team the number of reps again in practice a lot of times you get players -- have a pre season. And the coaches try to figure out. Position -- who when he went out and have guys to pride is what we want to practice and so -- the roster at nine me and he goes straight to 53 vs ninety. The 75 I think that's another. Common sense approach. On some folks on Twitter. Daniel Kaplan of the Dave Kaplan SP GA says Roger Goodell speaking to the media right now at the owners' meeting in. Of course he was asked right away about. About. But RC you know about mark Cuban's well comments that the NFL okay barrels a fat -- yeah I'd like to get ready get -- -- and of course who's also peppered the first question was about about Jim Irsay and what he's gonna do there. Well this thing is by the NFL NFL game to be a fat cat. Committee did say is kind of an and you could see when is it all in. I mean there's so much money involved and gave a big party was gonna say like in a decade ten years and now. That and and this and I. The NBA not. The -- eliminate the national how they can grow but they have half of the revenue in the NFL if -- -- that the density that more. But and that's saying his jealousy mark Cuban's a great business person. But right now on the popularity NFL. Is not overkill. We sub who always did have gains on on Thursday night but Wednesday night. And an NBA be rests on Tuesday of football from football I think you know given how much if I didn't. We got a video on his feet and we we not -- up with the same get via American. Football we're not you know -- massive Friday night even though some colleges do. And not even have -- -- to slash share. They did not have a game on Saturday in the regular season even go to college -- and a note it's a examples playoffs. -- because they're trying to understand the college football and their biggest competitors to let them have that. Going up against that there right now. I don't think it's too much of Sunday Monday the Thursday. And I mean I think if it went to like on Wednesday Thursday sentiment I think fans. They would not lose revenue aren't advertising dollars and league as of now what is CBS is now involved gathers and I thought well I mean it's. -- they can't keep salad out a way or ways to go before it's too much of people don't embrace. The NFC coaches are expected to talk Wednesday too so you hear from chomping at some point on Wednesday. -- Julio the owners' meetings work is it's an -- very informal. Sit down with the media almost at a dinner table and they have to sit down -- for questions I'm sure Sean -- Lola will sit down with some. Some of the members of the media as well Ted in Springfield. You're on WWL. It never. Did -- -- one out like that they and I doubt -- -- All for the defense of of the people at the change they are whining. And I. Apply to get a little hole and Kolb went automatic are about what the offense well. Well thank and he is that they -- -- -- -- that although I would guess you are mine and I get a hole opened the back about odd yards. And a delegate I don't go out think they ought to him first down marker of the additional are -- -- -- vote in our elderly. Sosa you -- and always they have that this is that a goal line type thing. Then that that you should try and maxim they maximized the yards in his -- as far -- penalty would allow like in other words that I haven't distance. -- putting it on the one yard line as the back up is that what you say in. What I ballot in the back I -- hand bad back about two and a half to death but in the end our marker and a bit of odd yards on the field. -- odd yards. Chile you'd have. I'm kind of confuse you you got to -- I'm not I'm not following either and I don't think there are no -- dances so. There are. Okay thank you cursed to end and that's in. And I commit -- holding. That back by Gil are right. OK now I need to take a first down marker where. And you did get down the field another odd yard. Okay so it's better -- ever having to go to the twenty nodded at the with a 25. -- at the full look at IQ thanks Dan I appreciate -- -- to taking a look one that I would like to see implemented -- -- don't like. The passengers being a spot five spot now. I mean in college it's from the line describes him. And a and I think too many teams know that and the way pass interference although so you don't like this but I'll know. -- and it's awfully expensive -- can be a forty our panel looking and let me tell you why I like that's what -- -- that -- -- -- Okay Kansas who argue that some players -- and they'll hold to give up -- -- -- yes. If you don't -- a -- follow. Big and -- cheat in school wide. And then when when they haven't attended Davey began birdie get them a burning in a ball the receiver are they gonna grab him it was justice -- follow vs. Now -- equally you don't wanna get a penalty that's a serious penalty. But it is not a spot -- -- line of scrimmage a look at the yardage difference that's why and think about that respect act a bit because. Christian is at now whereas if you're 56 yards on the field open I don't feel comfortable. I don't know what -- ball is now is Brad Pitt. It again -- now exactly vs if -- you have to be the spot followed Daniel almost a good chance not two but if he knew was back in the line of scrimmage yet. I got a Graham on nine probably thirteen or forty yes there are fifty. After via a fifteen over and over six point aren't as Russia for a Sam on the West Bank you're on W do well since. Everybody -- and a dog does not enjoy that -- yesterday that -- street interview on one I'm glad it still would as a number nine. -- I immediately to be all of us live in about thirty minutes. Oh great great great sound its overly don't mean I know what happens and tenth in the league and and another thing maybe go approach -- salary cap I have an idea that we could talk about. On a different topic is maybe like five legacy players. To where it's been with the team a long period of time this Celek cap numbers are are cut why have that they are. Long term guys like Steve Schmidt and our guys to retire with their teams have been a different topic on this point. Yeah that's a good guy because -- big you get to keep. The truly great players do a great part the fan favorites -- and you know what though what's interesting about that is I mean you're you basically. Under the old collective bargaining agreement every every team would devote the premium dollars to about twelve or thirteen guys on their roster now. With this new CBA is it's about six to seven guys angle and it paid a higher rough on the on the roster because. The premium prices they're playing for veterans out because the veterans wanted to get paid but that that the bargain basement prices that they're paying for these rookies coming into the league for the first four years and what. You know Sam we've watched the NFC south and you run and I mean those seem weird to look at Steve Smith in a Ravens uniform yeah. There's you used to seeing Carolina. Knob headaches and he's cause the Saints you could say good -- of black out the NFC south now but you have that at bat that suddenly like kind of alleges category like that. But about it and I would like this record Carolina on the right and I that he should -- get back to -- -- though our next opponent. Pornography it would bought a ticket like. Take it like a thirty yarder. And keep the two point at the two yard line to make it more more attractive towards seeing. Yet haven't got right now would you think when you and as say 25 yard line 42 yard extra point at that that that's that's a long extra point vs. He has moved to twenty at 37 you are you know. Yeah and and and outward what what to kick off what it is that -- they wanted to move it movie kick off to a forty yard line instead of 35. About that. Did that they wanna move. The kick off to forty are liable all the kickers beginning I mean in my eyes albeit drag every title start to get to start the -- on wanna buy yardage. Book. About that spot. Why I've said to leave it as it is because. Because it yeah no it's too with a part of because I mean you take it that played totally out of the game. And and a great players like a Josh Cribbs and Devin Hester I mean doesn't look indiscernible that was a meaningful play with the Ravens Jacoby Jones. I mean and that that you take -- one of the more exciting plays. Potentially why you look at tornado changing plays along with Cordero -- that might have been enough that we had at Saint Louis. The Ohman opening kick of the second half an idea yet and yet they were there and all of our game now and I got tripped up the amended Dolphins game. But it -- come back -- -- -- -- has sparked that's sparked a bit of a rally certainly in Saint Louis thanks for the phone call Sam breaking down some of the rule proposals here. Another one here. I don't know -- like a 42 yard extra point but when I do like is one place the ball the five yard line like the Patriots were originally talked about really at the two yard line but I say to back three yards. You decide all right we're going for that extra point -- touchdowns their worth worth his worth seven as he don't make this. One point to -- at eight that you inning if you don't get that conversion you lose a point or you decide. I'm not go for an extra point -- speed of the game I'm all about speed -- the game. But but argued tweak it -- too much not think so -- because the delay and extra point is right now currently it's not it's pretty much automatic. So give them that's seven points and if they decide to go for one more evident than listen -- it to you to explain that. Birds that we just moved the ball through to a 120 figure from that yeah but does -- -- somebody's old owner does that they've vacant. Now what now we don't -- -- if they don't lie. Well what over seven points but does -- never hurts our guys they aren't and I'll let us six. He he got a guy evolved right now I think out right now -- I know what they -- needed three extra point it's it's -- -- to automatic yet in the NFL but the same time. -- move back to the 42 I think you really pushed aggressive gaining guy now. I know what you are fuels are the NFL are no -- -- and and that's 37 needed ego obviously at the on the forty yards according to an early to trying to make it but thing about this even compared to where we were in high school. The extra point now even -- this day and age if you got a good kicker it's almost like automatic high school where. In his seventh went out there as like an adventure less than they were you know straight on to -- had a straight OK now we had a good cake you can -- kuril. And he you know tied -- she strength the big the that the this year in the front you know his car we -- -- again -- data and then. Is striking but yesterday then you know we -- good but a lot of things like. We gotta go over to every time as we don't have a kicker. Line of south block him as a and so clutch throws down there they never kicked. A good golf and they just went for -- every -- they never to and -- kicked on sides every time to the music and had they did have a got to take it all have a feel. But as you look at the NFL level you got to tweak it where it's a lot harder. To get a point that actual point in just a kick in enough where it's. The only time -- a boy you remember -- when you don't make you brought up a corny in the Jacksonville in the river city really really game and and even as -- feel what you heard me say like I can't believe the loss that a father is glorified extra point -- are here we lost in overtime we all think we don't win this game and what did you because I have to go play at Seattle. Then they prepared well yeah that's right that's right yeah I know you. And do you want that to happen because of what might lie that you want to Avant because of an extra pull out a little extra but I think -- -- Ortiz and be involved it would be having not only if your team was that they do that but other teams also play doesn't it. Make for more strategy. Involving it to five and decide if you gonna go out eight point are -- -- -- are so why not acknowledges. Our our our like talent I don't know whose members and in the Saints at -- Rita Benson RRMR Vincent. That -- on pains like telling them like you know that -- like using don't you -- both you know kind of like not saying threaten them -- take as did you know what it doesn't makes more decisions. Yeah of who we have enough we're not -- ahead and it. Dale had that. Two point conversion fourth quarter chart right right right when they decide whether now that you're gonna have a for the whole game potentially bright right now I have to make a decision but I like it means like. It brings a video game aspect to it because. I'm Noah -- mad whenever I play Madden never figured two points I go over two of the two -- the -- to tell us who waited in man what is -- like and obviously if the I let him again when he I make him about Manny presents you see that Colin as a thriller I -- at the pan out I'd talk down your on WWL that ball. Pay respect on our call and so properties here are made it -- yeah. Actual changes. At stake are. That would benefit the game curt all this past year I watched a couple different games where. -- defense picked up a fumble. Start the wrong with the ball guy drops it and he hit the ball and knock it out of bounds. They penalize the defense by given the ball. The offense which in no way they shouldn't have been retained possession instead of it could be sent the ball and you -- 1015 -- So were you saying that. That they were beginning to recovered and it wasn't they would not. Us no real like -- bottling it. That's the big linemen that's not bury all secured. He drops it. He gets the ball so they don't so -- all -- operate now with the deep ball. Spot. What they would get the ball back to an offense. Out of penalty and better. Well well well thought about -- -- displayed the Navarro they call on the -- Obama and rule with a forty niners and the Seahawks now. Timmy visited no brainer and it that is always should have been the rule would reorganize the rules about what can be reviewed what cannot be reviewed. Including making the recovery of a loose ball on the field of play review -- In these late to go on the -- referred as the Navarro Bowman rule after a controversial call in the past we all -- in the NFC -- -- game now. Luckily it worked out. Where the Seahawks did not score yet and it's a way that's been -- kind of football right there on the one yard line and that it didn't benefit that the Seahawks but that type -- what you gotta get that right Paul thanks for the phone call -- as if you'll get -- you also Zach -- coming your way. Next hour the sports talk on WW well I anathema dot com.