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3-24 5:20pm Zach Strief

Mar 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The cajun cannon Bobby there Kristian -- in for the big chief Deke Bellavia number 64 reporting eligible tried number 64 reporting eligible once again five more years for. Is actually thinking in the terms last week on a deal also Zach is back. With the black gold and right tackle Zach once again congratulations on your contract with the -- world Saints. It but I appreciate it -- about certainly glad. To beat back. Now -- looking at the season you had last year and now hopefully you wanna win this doable but from an individual standpoint you have the consistency. And yet to be pleased with the direction you're heading in. As far as how you contribute in doing your job and you know you can have up and downs a situation is a new career. For instance you look at the 2012. Season or is -- 2013. He's yet to be a lot more. I guess positive optimistic. That hey I don't know Bob turned a corner. But but I tell you and I was really pleased at my season throughout. Are you are certainly I was. Into bitterly. I'm happier with mushy and last year. You know. Bobby you know there's there's going to happen over the course of the year that. There injury wise and what your body that. You know totally get out and you don't know share term and it's not even necessary -- that what would show up on center court but. You know kind of after effect from things that happen and I go -- furcal for years and more than any prayer I'm pleased that. I think my body is not a 100% that's completely. Recovered or something that happened a couple of years ago and com you know it's nice to play this year and healthy and feel like you're playing a central and you know going forward -- see no reason why that can't be -- Now was that. Team Bob I wrote a piece on you and I thought it was -- you know he's a fellow -- plated major college level he says keep that -- with the Saints. Was huge any -- researcher not and I realized this marvelous sort of John Clayton. Kinda nerdy looking guy from Seattle -- -- ESPN. Regina -- look but there's as innocent Jon McLean had at Tebow brought this had street. On his 2013. All pro team their right tackle and I follow pro football full group focus actually had street rated as the top. Right tackle in the entire NFL last year and the seventh best tackle overall. So I mean I know they dissect every play so I thought that was pretty high praise people looking at you from the outside. And and how -- how well you played. Well I mean. You know it's it's nice to have people recognize. Obviously -- -- -- were -- and Iguchi and went and I really don't I mean to get late in your career you know you know it takes a lot of work and I appreciate those staying you know ultimately. That the people that I want to be happy. And pleased with my what my player coach straighten them and make you -- them. Number reason my teammates and you know those guys that are really important one. The people that you played for and the people that you know you you you work hard for. But yes certainly go to other recognition -- nice. You know and and and and it's better than the alternative route not -- for being recognized it. Now -- what can you tell the fans. Is it just a matter are there is there any rhyme or reason. Why maybe that you ran the ball are plays that will call running plays more on the back in in this season where I do look at the last four games come the playoffs. We averaged like thirty and a half a -- Rushing attempts per game verses and they -- -- 22 and have 23. Is that setting his coach Payton just challenge in all of its alignment we gonna run the ball more because realistically you look at the playoff game. The Saints ran as well against Seattle as anybody when all's said and done averaged four point two yards is that this probably came about. And all of a sudden we're able to have more success running the ball and actually -- having more -- Well they're certainly. I think it as you get later into the season. I think everybody realizes and certainly coached Creighton I think on the best yeah well. At at recognizing it understanding. You know that the situation that you come up with a Machida and we can't question or two here and practical on the road a bunch. To win games and it's just more typical to throw the football on the road. The communication is harder. You know that this situation become a little bit to a perfect game closer. And and so it's it's in your benefit to be -- around football and I think that there was a conscious. Our decision made. Just stick with the running game a little bit more this season went on knowing. We're probably going to be on on the road in the in the postseason. I'm certainly we will we had no chance to be in the won't see we prior to go to Seattle and and certainly don't want a player up there in a situation where you care of the ball well. You know I think there was there was certainly talks coming out and -- those players. But I think that's really the reason why they're such a focus because. It is beneficial. When you're going on the road. That condition. Zach Strief Saints -- of -- here on sports talk money down on him in Zach if you could just talk about. This process for you. We've been through before. Of this one you know basically. Cements you. Your entire career here in -- worlds and kind of rare. Exact thing about also when you first came home board the seventh round draft pig northwest and how far you've come in and now you know obviously -- first -- -- make -- team but now you consider wanted to -- tackles. Com you know certainly. Win -- all started. Certainly that first training camp. Plane in new war on my entire career with -- long way from you know or from my mind it was like that. Let's try and make looking more and it's it's really it's a blessing and I mean it's. It's so rare in the league. To be able to do that. Tom and I think it's particularly. Special to mean because of I kind of feel like. You know what they're been. A lot of personal -- Player I've got experience -- along with the city which I think is grown. And and really solidified itself that sort of you know are great cities in America and and I am I'm excited I got to be a part of that. I'm so your goal and an it platform. It would certainly. And in the it and obviously a big deal for me it's a big deal personally. I'm but it truly important me to try to figure out a way to stay here to stay in North London and finish my career -- started and and more really feel. Like -- not only the team but the community. Zach before let's run we got some and this is when your favorite -- and if you could hear. Your hair trigger for a year and had I don't know -- but you know this thing and I'm gonna make you do that although he might be listening mood after at that five year deal I just wanted to. When you're you're not this you're not really got Robert thanks for your offense at that I think he had hair laws that we appreciate that we've had a few times they're the studio and you've got a lot like. These days you see Ryan Clark let me ask -- and -- -- in the Steelers well I think you also have a future in this business -- Could you wells spoke about it I mean I don't another lesson degree is helped you with something that. That is done something former -- in the graceful and hopefully I can come and get some time in the and thank you get. -- get get get to five years in you'll never thought about that later and I mean they you know Zach thank and appreciate it congratulations. Once against. -- -- heights actually Saints offensive linemen here on WW well.