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3-24 5-6pm Bobby and Kristian, proposed NFL rule changes

Mar 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Simplify our number two of sports talk here on WW LI NF haven't WWL. Dot com he's the cajun cannon Bobby -- Kristian -- into the big chief Deke Bellavia this -- Saints Dolphins alignments actually set to join us and also the 6 o'clock hour before if things off to the pulmonary show at 630 we have pulmonary himself. And a 610. Talk about their -- in a little bit of an odd one to their their the concluding game to -- a three game series -- Georgia Indian tie yesterday about it Eagles yeah I'm very all of baseball that featured. Seriously -- -- -- -- thing this time based on no crying out biggest -- -- my biggest pet peeves. When people say tiger was that a runner because it again there is no tie in baseball. Okay for that -- around right so because the rule says the ball must beat the player to the bag. Right OK so the ball doesn't beat into the bag and easy doubters say there's no tie -- going to yeah they do it's it's so. I hear that a lot and that just come from my head my officiating days miles an umpire or it's figured out you know -- tells that. There is no tie goes that a -- and houses. I think a violent you said that. No ties and -- all the crying in baseball rants are thinking of like crime he watches them in a basketball tournaments yeah I had has a lot of crying all you saw that the located in Kansas and this. Those are trying to get elevated -- three pointers his bags -- felt so bad it is kind again I felt so bad form they kind of remind me the might she says she's now like he's crying everytime he talks though line. A cutter in Jockey Club locate does that remind me it feels like six -- in. LSU lost to Nebraska in the Orange Bowl then -- my dad says this house here all hang out there for New Year's watch all the bowl games in. Relishes playing Jerry tagged. As a quarterback in the -- having a loss like eighteen to twelve in the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To watching basketball and some of these players -- in real emotional. -- that realistically. As a some of these teams that all of a sudden I guess promotional standpoint. It might be without investigating their senior year and -- has gained in and out in the real world in my play in emerald city basketball. But as far as of professional ability it's done on their careers that it's even that standpoint. And boy you reflect back in your career but that is that I got some players actually crying they get a really had a chance to win the whole thing. You like to truly be you know national champs while well realistically now though the parity you know I think there's. The say depict who's gonna be national champs worry myself there's a handful now I think. There's a couple of handfuls was that I think really have a chance to be national -- today and you had. On and as the number of players are showing a lot of he motioned. Because their season was over and laughing estimates March Madness them yet data -- in the -- yeah and then you see they'll they'll show one final moment you know and all -- I think -- this'll. Yeah Bobby getting back to the proposed rule changes. The NFL owners meetings and number seven on the list of the thirteen. Permit a coach to challenge any officials' decision except scoring plays. Which right now are automatically reviewed but. Any official decision well I think you worry about here is the slot on the game exactly and how much are you really one. To allow the coaches to slow and look so guilty pleasure lib media and some coaches will use that as a time out. If their players are especially deep at the rest the players others spent Niemi somehow they'll find a way to use that. They don't care if the you know right or wrong -- they'll find a way to if there's no I mean and how many -- okay you gonna do that you gotta give an extra challenge. Right get the given exits. Management how about if you get to the point the club because you know if it goes against you take to a timeout and you don't have any timeouts laugh. You know that have to -- that rule -- -- -- just -- coaches. -- -- just to challenge any officials' decision that I think I'll get out of hand. Allan Mississippi you're on WB well. Because -- -- got mechanic if you don't field goal -- extra point usually when he kicked in the twenties gave -- pretty much credit. For the kick off from the forty to the fifty yard field goal. Don't know what they do it since this what you gotta look at this ID do it. Senior. In -- all the holders an NFL already plays the ball seven yards so that's where so if you from. You know the twenty yard line until the ball the holder on the 27. So and it's seven yards and you had -- that's why you get thirty said. Capitalize on an extra point. -- -- -- -- -- We're okay so a yes of the 25 -- hold our. -- -- the balls and a 25 he'd be on the thirty two's would be like making a 42 yard field. Our second of the night. Yeah I know that they you have so misses a he certainly would yeah. I wanted to tell you body like Duke football like to duplicate but I -- I think is so on -- Then people get off with a wheelchair like and you came back and played the difference in the players today. While I don't know I don't know that it all -- out there and ended thing is you know what the thing is I had to play. Because -- only Dave Wilson was in street clothes as -- -- for -- John Hurt his knee. And anyone to put a receiver cornerback like mole hill a Brad Merriman. So they kind of a you have to go -- a -- now they -- -- doctors we get involved and again and -- they would three backs that day and age where today he got you know there's so many protocols in place where I -- way -- -- kind of we've played Packers wins the next week I played the next Sunday. And I -- talent I was still woozy. Friday and sat in -- fortunate being innocent take your shot again and again. Where then it might have been really Sears I think Ron Amadon you know Troy Aikman retired early you could they got a concussion. And then got another bad like two or three weeks later when now when you get dancers because they make you miss month month and a half so they more atop the things in the way then. Number 64 reporting eligible tried number 64 reporting eligible once again five more years for -- actually thinking to terms last week on a deal also Zach is back. With the black and gold at right tackle Zach once again congratulations on your contract with the the world Saints. But I appreciate it -- certainly glad. To beat back. Now as Anglican at the C you had last year and now hopefully you wanna win this doable but from an individual standpoint you have the consistency. And yet to be please when the direction you're heading in. As far as how you contributing doing your job and you know you can have up and downs situation is a new career. For instance you look at the 2012. Season or is it 2013. He's yet to be a lot more. I guess positive optimistic. That hey I don't know Bob turned a corner. But but I tell you and I was really pleased at my season throughout. Are you are certainly knows. And it literally. Happier with mushy and last year. You know. Bobby you know there's there are things that happened over the course of the year that. Injury wise and -- bodies that. You know normally get out and you don't know -- not -- necessary -- -- what would show up on center court but. You know kind of after effects from things that happen and I go -- furcal we years. More than any prayer I'm pleased. That I think my body is not a 100% it's completely. Recovered or something that happened a couple years ago. Com you know a nice player she's been healthy and feel like you're playing a central and you know going forward in a reason why there can't be -- Now was that. Team Bob I wrote a piece on you and I thought was Anderson you know he's a fellow -- plated major college level he says TB -- street with the Saints. Was huge any billow -- not and I realized this marvelous sort of John Clayton. Kinda nerdy looking guy from Seattle days -- it's ESPN. But John clay where look I'm Doug is a citizen John McClain had at -- -- this had street. On his 2013. All pro team their right tackle -- that I follow pro football full go focus actually had street rated as the top. Right tackle in the entire NFL last year and the seventh best tackle overall. So I mean I know they dissect every play so I thought that was pretty high praise people looking at you from the outside. And and how are how well you played. Well I mean. You know it's it's nice to have people recognize. Obviously a lot of work -- and Iguchi there and and I really don't I mean to get. Late in your career you know you know it takes a lot of work and I appreciate those staying you know ultimately. That the people that I want to be happy. And police with my what my player coach straighten them and make you -- them. Agrees -- my teammates and you know those guys that are really important one. -- -- people that you play for and the people that. You know you you you work hard for. But you are certainly those other recognition -- nice. You know and and and it's better than the alternative route not that European record straight. Now -- what can you tell the fans. Is it just a matter are there is there any rhyme or reason. Why may be that you ran the ball are plays that we'll call running plays more on the back in in this season where. I -- look at the last four games on the playoffs. We averaged like thirty and a half a -- Rushing attempts per game verses and they weren't 22 and have 23. Is that selling his coach Payton just challenge in all of its alignment we gonna run the ball more. Because realistically look at the playoff game. The Saints ran as well against Seattle as anybody when all's said and done averaged four point two yards is that just probably came about. And all of a sudden we're able to have more success running the ball and actually having having more -- Well they're certainly. I think -- you -- you get later into the season. I think everybody realizes and certainly coached Creighton I think on the best here well. At that recognizes an understanding. You know that the situation that you come up with a Machida. We -- lectured -- we -- gonna have to go on the road a bunch. To win games and it's just more difficult to throw the football on the road. The communication -- -- that you know that this situation become a little bit -- perfect game usually closer. And and so it's it's in your benefit to be able to run the football and I think that there was a conscious. Decision made. Just stick with the running game a little bit more this season went on knowing. We're probably going to be on on the road in the in the postseason and I'm certainly we knew we had no chance to be in the NC -- prior to go to Seattle. And and certainly you don't wanna play up there in a situation where you care opal well. You know I think there was there were certainly talks between Ellis can -- those players. But I think that's really the reason why they're such a focus because. It is beneficial. When you're going on the road. That condition. Zach Strief Saints offensive linemen here on sports talk money down on him and -- if you could just talk about this process for you. We've been through before. Of this one you know basically. Cements you. Your entire career here in the worlds and kind of rare. Exact thing about also when you first came home board seventh round draft pig northwestern. How far you've come in and now you know obviously the first man I want to make -- team. But now you consider wanted to -- tackles. Com you know certainly. Win that -- started. Certainly their first training camp. Plane into -- on my entire career with -- long way from you know or front in my mind it was like that. Let's try and make looking more and that it's really it's a blessing and I mean it's. It's so rare in this league. To be able to -- Tom and I think it's particularly. Special to mean because of I kind of feel like. You know what -- been. A lot of personal broached. As a player. I've gotten experiences along with the city which -- has grown. And -- solidified itself as one of the you know are great cities in America. And I am I'm excited I got to be a part of that. I'm so you are going in order platform. It would certainly. Couldn't do it and obviously a big deal for me it's a big deal personally. I'm but it -- important in -- trying to figure out a way to stay here to stay in the -- and in and finish my career where started and where really feel. Like -- not only between the community. Zach before let's run we got some I know this is -- your favorites I don't know if you can hear. Night you're here click here for a year and had I don't know. But -- saying that I can make you do that although he might be -- mood after at that five year deal I just wanted to. Wanted to -- -- on this you're not real -- Robert thanks for your offense at at at and yeah here was that we appreciate that we've had a few times they're the studio and you've got a lot like. These days you see Ryan Clark -- -- You know conceding that the Steelers well I think you also have a future in this business suits them. Did you wells spoke about it I mean I don't another lesson degree is helped you with something that. That is done something former -- in the graceful and hopefully I can come and get some Simon and thank you get. You know get get get the five years in you'll -- -- -- Natalie and I mean they you know Zach thanks -- appreciate it congratulations. Once against. -- It's actually Saints offensive linemen here on WWL mark in the -- -- on WB well. That comment about the anecdote or what you're saying yeah march torture but like you -- to. I know exactly needs. Did you do you seed anywhere in the rule book. It. None I know I know with the seniors. I'm just tell you that it doesn't exist. So people aren't even as act so be -- -- the new rule and it doesn't exist are. I it all about not talking about the court. But what I feel like talking about it which. Acting. Is all. Where. That is working from but some people think that that's a rule. Yeah I like -- like myself Lola. Mean I'm a baseball fan and played high school baseball with -- viewed as the dollar at the isn't yet it's not -- -- There is no there is nothing where they'll targets and all the tie goes to the runner now he's either out of either beat the ball there I didn't. It but to me that's a judgment call. That's why any it has stayed replays slowed down and they are on that I didn't I say here we are trying to go a lot bullet. I don't know I don't have this that does the statistical. Instead say that word statistical -- -- bring him the counseling buddy did it do any other of dance and Shelvin how what else Nolan. Now that -- and -- that is have been 32 as part of the day that I thank god it's Friday no doubt it's Monday. I mean the whole. Ty goes to -- are. Any good umpire. And what you they can call me all they want but any good umpire. He will sit there and tell you there's knows it's easy to going to be out or safe now the the stats may determine that hey. The official might lean toward because he feels like the ball didn't beat him there. How that it was a tie that maybe subconsciously goes to. The runner but I'm telling you there are some people that say all the tiger was the runner what happened to tie goes to a runner as if it were a rule in Austin is certainly not. That's all I mean it you know I hope we're clear on that mark thanks for keep me it checked on the chairwoman. And how this all came about. It was the first off because the tie ball games between Dallas Georgia yeah yeah -- -- -- the series. But -- -- sweet Georgia. Called because I'm -- restraint IR. Yeah I mean. There's got to get a flight yeah we got to get called an area to explain that exactly there's some rules in place is in SEC priorities. The college NFC -- so we'll get him to explain the exact. Situation behind the hole you know. Indian tie and extra innings but LSU getting two of 32 and a half reflect right there at the end of three kids Georgia over the weekend. And a against our apple yet if you wanna call that nonetheless all right so. Number eight on the proposed rule changes tech players from getting the sides of their leagues rolled up on the rule party says. A blocker can't hit an opponent in the back away -- is old school clipping yes this proposal war. And or. Side to rule. So my question is though. Again this is a bit of a judgment call wouldn't it appear. If you. -- is happening caddie Matt has had many see that's a judgment call to look at this happening so fast yet. Where he front decided of that and now Timmy I'm all for this. Silly because of the spirit of the rule decide you know we need on a chop someone. Down that's players' safety. And you know you wanna ruin a player's career Jerry you know being listened to see. Now I -- -- come about this way. Like Jabari Greer. I -- Right now I'd be a lot more optimistic let's say Jabari -- would have felt what do. Ended the season helping 100% healthy. And I studying as obviously something left in the tank he was starting jobs and -- Lewis. But him haven't blown out his knee Wednesday Christian went in like -- -- employees is I would talk in his -- series yet. And -- it's yes yeah 33 ligaments yet. Saw who knows if the comeback. Will be can. And on the Saints price obviously they would love. To have menacing as the instincts as though if he comes back and rehab and everything in to be -- starting cornerback but that being said this rule is strictly. I think the part about because of players' safety. You know it's about the chop block. And all of Latin. -- bag and and trying to. Different techniques that you might do. That that Devin has from the player polar season that would be. Protect players and getting decided their legs a rolled up on. And we already knew this like you said this is going back there when we're all kids you know clippings back in the legs. And adding. You know to decide that now on the side they also would call and I think it would be -- -- call this is. There's one. I want to talk about this when we come back here allowing the -- to consult with members of the NFL officiating department during the replay reviews I got a number of questions about this one and the -- for -- to speak to the command -- in New York to help. In reviewing. Of a play who let's let's talk about now I think this one is worth exploring for for several minutes because I think there's a lot and there's several potential well. And -- Darrell may be slowed on the game it's not a magaziner Giuliani he got what they say forget how much are -- and how much of big brother and kind of do we want really. And I mean do we really want the league and every play. Well you know potential and let let the officials have some sort of I mean you're basically rendering the officials obsolete now well above the thing is he's still one again right yeah we we do an era. We'll talk about some potential obstacles with people -- number nine allowing -- rough -- -- -- with members. Of the NFL officiating department during replay reviews -- there's multiple reviews. That need to have the command senators advice very daring us Sunday there's for a a five calls simultaneously. Happened is -- more questions I have about this one. And really yet about you wanna get it right but. If it's a rule interpretation I think I think it's needed but is a judgment call we really want. Five or six people put their hands on this. Well why only lie -- to have. I don't know command center in -- yard line and have a command center and he is going to stadium an -- game yet. And these losses now Mike Pereira is that is the head of officiating right of the NFL so. But can you give I guess to like captains are -- you know to me like hey these are represented if he's might perera at this particular venue on the Sunday where yeah you might have. I don't know illicit when he people and have some that the reserves right and had the top sixteen and ending going to be evaluated just like to fish is on the field. And is Harriman the perspective a stadium yet and how many how many how much we -- slow the game down like you talk about what there's five. Potentially five different crews on Sunday well -- like -- plays only one person. What is that I look at it and as has been home now like if we go is that favor the -- damn -- what's called a sort of counting game it's I don't -- as they get rob like Fred does I think the 49 has got robbed in the superdome and that hit on -- Brees. -- thousand fumble. We had given his chance he would have so hard. When you look at a full speed and looks like he was illegally when he slowed it down. And housing and hit it that one no penalty. You know Osama let's -- the event as the league goes and goes -- I'm kind of and it benefits and say yeah it. Then you're awful have you AM off -- as I get this thing out like that and -- -- -- -- too much as good as him to. -- so we talk about ten and reorganize in the rules that -- what can be reviewed what cannot be reviewed including. Making the recovers a loose ball and feel the player review bull talked about Allen and obviously is big in NC championship game yet. And then don't stop the clock on a sack currently know it stopped briefly peoples of you'll realize that it and stop for the it's not a full stoppage but it stopped briefly right around. And as a quarterback I'm sure yeah it was a pretty pretty strong opinion. All of a holiday hustle would you feel like right now. Don't you know they try to get -- Odyssey speed of the game and all that when that time constraint dealing with TV and everything dole stopped. The clock on a sack good right now -- did do a -- as the clock stops. On a sack in in restarts in the ball is place and a new line is committed to that pretty quickly yet. But from me. To be. Did not stop the clock after a sack to me as an offense is quarterback -- got to get organized. Then you get the crap knocked body -- know where yet and you need those few action -- -- seconds to gather your thoughts. Canal or -- or -- a play can get here to play get where we end and if you speeded up that process. That you could have a if you -- to waste a timeout ugly games. So I am. I am not that. To be don't stop the clock on a site I think you should stop the clock and aside because you need them a few extra second. Rule proposal number twelve modified pass interference so they can be called within one yards of the line of scrimmage. -- ever I say -- Seattle Clinton right yeah right this is all about the silent really going back and Patriots by the explosive offenses the same benefits -- saying yes exactly. If -- be a Broncos figure this stuff I've argued through that five York chuck rule right there are part yeah I mean. One of its an appearance in affairs them you know it's kind of like William all on the -- Yeah and it will again note does it decreased the value of these bigger corners guys like Richards should not there -- Brandon Browner a -- to leave. That the rules changes and obviously. The hitting a different officiating crew is probably gonna call the game. That's why it's almost. A coaching point -- big you know let's shoot. Being more aggressive in the saint second and that we got to respond and play that way. And you know we didn't -- though they they can't touch these guys buddy living AAA if they gonna call it close. Because plausible. Teams and a big let things slide and you say -- let it slide bulletin that and dairy. Praise Agassi would play Carolina. -- in the superdome. The first quade would say -- be Romo all this yet and on the first third down ankles about a wasted -- call it. And though Carolina had the ball -- metabolic -- and have the full poll offers water in his second quarter of exploded had three touchdowns. And I can recall Christian. In that second quarter they had like three penalties in their secondary -- a first quarter and have any. So I mean days depends how the official call on the game it's his call it consistent to be. If he goes back to this. It would place a bigger emphasis on these big receivers tight ends -- -- and a smaller emphasis on the smaller slot guys right. I mean some of these guys that a well actually now maybe you'd make them even more valuable because they don't have to worry about. Beating the press as you heard you know might be the knock on some of these smaller receivers. Yeah -- -- -- like the -- Earl Washington Redskins had little receivers go just to get on the line and we don't get jam. You know we don't get -- and a -- get their hands on your -- disrupted and takes longer to develop so. The bottom line is you wanna -- beat always I think no matter what the rules press coverage. I'm looking -- jam the line is. -- half hour ago pulmonary coming up next year this is sports talk on WWL I am FM -- WWL dot com.