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3-24 6pm Bobby and Kristian, proposed NFL rule changes

Mar 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- baseball coach Paul and Mary joining us now Kristian -- in for the big chief the golly he's a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and coach -- a different aren't yet different ways to end -- series yesterday -- Georgia tie. Are you guys get to and I guess maybe two and a half but a lot of folks wonder why the -- into a -- and can you explain that. I didn't think about Christian what does this. But at that if you look at -- I have waited out I'm I'm kind of the same way. I know well you know what happens is. Unfortunately they both are treated like football basketball a lot of schools and -- they had to take a commercial air flights and so consequently had to put it. Travel hurt -- on the game -- -- we -- today at noon and had no inning began to during 45 you have. Unfortunately in the they'll try and they've been kind of let it lapse that took cart -- in the book that the tight game. But we know we typically -- so we get plenty of chances to win that game and that we could do it. So we have to take it like being -- to put take the -- it it was spirited morning. We we had many chance to like it took -- in the game should've won that game could have won the game just couldn't finish it off so. Both they welcome back on later on what city but we got to turn the -- under for two right. Now coach -- you look at SEC play and obviously. When you're playing against a style pitching staff like Vanderbilt and then you going against Georgia. From a psychological standpoint what are the challenges. When you -- telling the players. Are how do you coach about when all of a sudden yeah it feels like. Hodges was second hit the ball and you -- Major League type pitching in Vanderbilt -- -- -- -- have more opportunities against Georgia. How do you coach what does that come about. As far as think cars the players may be to have success Lynn maybe they'll the SEC series before obviously that it hit the ball like -- wanted to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Beat Georgia pitching staff better than I anticipated. Departure I'm not sure why did they anticipate it would be good because. -- -- School. But okay that we we -- another look great -- the important Saturday at first at -- in the pilot. Its first stage of the game with 97 mile an hour and it. That last pitch of the game is under and thirteen pitch in the eighth inning 96 miles an. Well he maintained that velocity the entire ballgame and the freshman. He is a freshman and it turned out about two million dollar signing out of high school they get hit and tyranny and problems that. You know kept him from being a first round draft choice but. Particularly gotten over -- command problems too cute eastern out of the strike in the upper nineties. And a player who can they brought -- inevitable that were brought 9290. Mile an hour so you know it may not have been quite critical stance. I can assure you that they were very solid pitching -- those guys were not not easy these. Ticket as well they -- they were very solid and a team that we had to go out against you know and and and you know it was a it was a tremendous challenge so yeah that's what it's going to be every week and if you look around the league. You know every game seemed to be one and to go -- to -- -- to four victory. -- there's not a lot of hitting anywhere College Baseball anymore especially in the SEC because the pitcher should dominate the games so much. He had a pretty dandy. Picture yourself freshman pitcher on Saturday in Jared tocchet just talk about his performance. 21 victory on Saturday. But you know following no lead is -- the -- You know that that level of pitching the but the next guy that chairperson did everything here know that there in the ninth before. Maybe even a little bit better he he was early and test acuity to third inning. I think he demonstrated to all the fans they were in attendance people watching on TV just why and so on this young man he just -- gamer he knows how to compete. He mixed his pitches well he threw a lot of strikes made big pitches when he needed to had a no hitter I think into the sixth inning. And he'd he'd touch stronger even after the date in order to -- he pitched well right after that so. He pitched a tremendous ballgame -- we needed it desperately we had assured that we could win a game without -- no pitching and I think -- -- you'll get a chance to win. -- -- Coach and they got a run but just quickly talk about the match it was to win and you guys are looking forward to this one. Well we'll look forward to playing Q Annika an outstanding ballclub. They'll do. You know regain the churches became boxer. Saying you know big crowd like enthusiasm. Our kids get excited about it at Churchill and always will be ready to play as well. I know they had a very emotional weekend as well and no -- is there. Person I expect may be all the games and really suffered promote that have been known as state exchanging text messages to let that today wishing him well. In his personal health but because I know they had some emotional games that middle Tennessee one couple welcome. It's like we get with George's so it you know both teams that think will be a little bit and on the mound. But archer both in the find somebody to pitch in won't go out there competed hard as we can't. LSU and -- tomorrow at 630 right here in new world detergent stadium influence in the tires go on the road to Gainesville for a three games Friday Saturday Sunday. With the Florida Gators know to be spoke coach Paul Menard thinks about for the time good luck this week. I would broke down. The proposed rule changes at the NFL owners meetings let's talk about bylaw proposals and starting number one will run through these quickly here in the next ten minutes raise the number of active players on game day from 46 to -- the regular season games played on a day other than Sunday or Monday excluding. We want so for Thursday games really right. You can raise a number of active players from 46. The 49 well because you're dealing with injured players and you know he's already shorthanded yes so that is another common -- catcher and a look at your players you definitely want this is three more players an immediate. -- they -- check yet again they gain chicken and all cinema to raise their practice squad amendment from eight players to ten players. How could you not -- that I'm of that as a player eggs that are more jobs yeah you know him more opportunities to maybe be active on game day and and you can have a better structured do you practice on ES pars reps and damage to those how the teams use a lot of those. With a stash another kicker. Perhaps in you know maybe kickers there. Because we've seen kicking kind of be erratic right in the last couple years as far as the practice squad yeah maybe stash a kicker wrong with that a true one or two spots whenever you have someone are what have you hang around the practice squad that's also. You know that added pressure of -- that -- what every department lately kind of thing that's -- -- waiting in the wings so. I don't know there is a form of competition that thing that you bring out in theory obviously this. The best man wins -- to bring the best I mean everyone -- another bylaw proposal number three permitting permitting clubs to trade. Players prior to the start of the league year which this minnesotans like and why should they be able to -- -- league year starts. What march march 11 dispatch yeah what the other contract is that I've I don't know flexibility. Every year that we talk about this we'll eliminate the cut down to 75 players during training camp instead of just one cut down from ninety to 53 players. Yeah I mean this anymore players at times. To really construct. Training camp practice. So the more plays -- Marion. Then you know and I gone for 975. Just ninety. The 53 and who's going to be inactive Austin. Then I think a lot of coaches. Natalie -- one to keep as many players they can last possible moment yeah and and further evaluate them yet exactly. Maybe he get more snaps were there and practice our pre season game and -- and I think it's such a rush we talk about from nine to 75 the coaches. Make those -- talked about it quite a bit ninety to 75 is it maybe all that difficult. In other words but getting from -- five to 53. There's a couple of their that you really wrap this Seymour and and and you and you look at also. As far as the health and practicing disabling your act. And dining in all of a sudden how we've passed the ball and -- about wide receiver. You know -- I think everybody -- four wide -- but a lot of times in a situation where now you go from nine to 75 players. Like we got why -- got a tweaked hammy strain. You got different wide receivers being able really came and all the plays who -- a practice. Because we don't have enough receivers the get a good look for the defense. And then also allowed to run the plays relying so. And yet -- -- -- you'd be able to do that. I the fifth bylaw people who commit more than one player to return. To the active list from injured reserve so that any player on injured reserve to return after six weeks courses is the kind of expansion. Are you know kind of revision of a rule that was put plays a couple of years ago where a team can designate on one player on their roster. As reserve injured did designation to return. And now they wanna increase it to more than just one player any player yet and injuries there yet and I. I like it. Well yeah because -- is nicely on the latter part of the season are -- in the playoff picture you are playoff team. A player could be banged up and real realistic -- out the two months but MRI are you mean he's he's healthy -- on on injured reserve while. He can really help was down the stretch so I kind of like that any player and reserve could return. After six weeks in and utilizes -- -- within the owners would look and stable. This guys healthy why not pain for two months of just sitting there right I mean write it if he's healthy while -- paying this amount of money for a guy that. Isn't contributing and it was I would think the owners would before that yes -- actually they're going to -- him anyway yeah and from a coaching perspective obviously you want. The potential to have one year you know star. Two or three players that might make a difference in a post season -- even if he's gone. For 810 weeks in a regular season you get back for the final nine games. And then -- post season run a debated about doing different as you might have been on the table -- -- When he of as pass rushes batters he. Yet to put him on injured reserve. Become late December early January. A playoff time. Boy he's been healthy. That's a sense the middle of December and now he's ready to roll. And then by this. You know you could he could return after injury reserve and help -- in the playoffs and make a difference you know sagged opposing quarterback rather and his -- then just watch -- game number six is a bit perplexing to me. Says permit each club -- time in test up to ten draft draft eligible players. And it's facility and allow any club that wishes to attend timing in testing. And another team facilities so without money saving the Falcons to come here to New Orleans at the Saints are testing a player yet that's I don't know that you want that. No I I'm not for that and vice Versa. But that would be simply because file for a -- these players -- lower and also. Just saving money. It's okay we gotta come to this point and present they'd pay every dollar SOK. You know -- -- this player. This facility we have six different teams that all comes that individually. You know fly and in also with a player. You know wanted to do multiple workouts in so mean as pros and -- that. But I just take the approach. That's sacred grounds. For the saying to their coaches that would necessarily. One other clubs. Handing him. Their backyard and leadership besides it was attempting to this yeah I mean you know we should get some Intel in other words. In our scouting par thank everybody or everybody knows everybody's business yeah and now you wanna -- me I think there's too much of a chance at maybe some your draft strategy. Gets released our number seven on the of bylaw couples looking at the owners' meetings. Adjust the time of the roster reduction in the after the fourth pre season game to six beat up from 6 PM. Eastern standard time to 4 PM eastern standard time. All of these would have to have their final roster cuts in New York by 4 PM. I don't know what to gain by two hours with I'm that's warrant at the theater around so I don't know maniacs they call me Keogh and yeah if they would just two hours why does that make a difference. -- find out who came over this proposal and explain it to us I don't know element a lot of these proposals are. At the urging of the New England Patriots. And the Washington Redskins of course Robert Kraft. One more influential owners and the National Football League and of course Bill Belichick now -- -- very opinionated on. Because yeah the way it is now for instance. The time the roster reduction after afford pre season game at 6 PM eastern. Yeah which would. 5 3 o'clock in California so they wanna move with a 4 PM. Which would then be 1 o'clock. A California say I don't know what I've -- and as the final cuts I don't know. Why is -- rhyme or reason behind that -- to note. The resolution proposal this -- has been shelved until the -- meetings but. Indianapolis Colts W other one it kind of proposes a permit a home team with a truck retractable roof to open or closed its Rupp at halftime. Instead of having to determine at the start of the game whether it's open a close now I mean he can have to -- the conditions yeah I. They keep the condition is the same make a decision yet when you start the game it's always stays open if you wanna close and have a close not because this -- -- if you all of a sudden they say you had -- Open the first haven't closed the second. In and they're trying to against benefit -- homes yeah but not just keep it the same believe and Ohman have their only close cubicles. Yeah I just don't. Now like yeah I mean it's been shelved until May well -- we know our our we know at home where we -- of course of course you make -- decision before -- -- but. All right so. Coming up LSU a baseball coach called Larry DePaul and -- shown in. LSU in the ninety. Against SMU. The tournament -- Yeah from an incident as you know NC yeah so so -- -- last four here on W a B well the big chief Deke Bellavia will be back with the tomorrow Sheldon. Thanks much for your help -- other -- to master control Steve Geller also as a producer in the show and put together on the show Zach Strief. And the pulmonary joining Indianapolis and also you would be eleven of sixteen right yeah sixteen. A blind luck do you want -- -- ten of sixteen and while I'd be too big Chiefs did and I'm just being T about it talked about like five this is fine with sixteen he's going to be pickled pigs feet away -- -- -- -- like that. By the way he's upset the had a broken while wanting to gas. Recently we got him out not gonna go find him he's the -- in my -- that piece of glass on his -- an offer well he's got ecology colon you know. When he's in the real G well I'm trying to help you out man been out there real world a world I was a -- -- -- -- -- yacht the about so I couldn't I have a fire Imani I'm Kristian -- Bobby do you think that Mongolia they zone tonight people.