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3-25 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Mar 25, 2014|

Dave asks do you pick up change? And he talks about What is Wrong with People, and if you want calorie counts on restaurant menus

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this 25 of march 2014. It's Tuesday may not modern day this is true. We've made it through Monday and on to better things today weather wise per share or -- out. Man gestures -- miserable morning. Iranian cold and yucky. Company said it's called that nasty. Rainy days and -- knows him and you know rainy Monday hours. Add that to deal way -- I was out yesterday afternoon sun was shining and it was actually nice yesterday afternoon. My car. And that was a quarter laying on the pay I bent down that it's a find had a minute nickel. -- maybe even a dime of I would. As you know self admitted bit of a -- -- You know avoid like you know eating out of bowls of food and other people put their hands and you know I'd pass on a canny. But find a penny pick it up and all the -- have good luck buying on the senate. That. You'll pick of over both the -- hot hot -- That is washing hands -- -- -- -- rub your eyes found colder -- -- as a -- where do you draw the line where do you would you pay -- so you'd pick up a quarter. Yeah I'd have a dime I would -- definitely definitely stop on and I can't stop on the on nickel. Yeah. It it just the penny just an editor for. Some apparent nickel dime yet quarter. I think I think and might not even bother with the economic zone today yeah I think that's the Atlanta and simply handle the money is built these things in the world are you know we pass on all conjures -- they say there's more cocaine and a dollar bill one apparently weddings or one dollar bills the most now -- covered. Currency and if you test of -- also. Pardon me if you're eating breakfast is also fecal material on our wonderful -- most money. That's why you know they tell people restaurant if you handle food and you go up to. Do the -- thing. You either need to wash your hands or put gloves. After you handle the money before -- -- Our -- and it's 78 what are you picking up off the ground up dollar Bill -- A case that on the street has -- our -- and I don't know why it just a dollar and decide about finding money makes -- so darn happy you know those stories -- somebody finds like a couple of grand at a bankers completely eighth. That -- I don't feel like to find -- you know point out on the -- -- Africa was in my pocket like that those are nicely put on a -- Nancy ever -- -- -- haven't -- forever and in the -- Now. Especially like in a blazer while you know -- yet just aren't we don't where I'm not often ride and you don't detectives inside pockets. Most of what others applauding actually funny that this year and weapon on my tuxedo for a Mardi Gras ball. And I generally don't Wear my tuxedo except to Mardi Gras balls at once a year -- put it on. And in my pocket I had an envelope which had tickets in last year's Mardi Gras ball to cash so that was pretty cool bingo all of us at the end of the night. And their heart -- bald lasting and more about -- stick in my pockets on the usually not that careful and on. In and doing in in laying down for bed usually bad comes to the if you don't let me say you're not sharp yeah definitely there were not terribly share. I should be pretty sharp tonight the the -- and CIS. Aren't as they debuted the first of -- that does its shot here in new war I saw some early clips and -- off. They gotta do what they gotta do little Mardi Gras again and do a little party in the quarter but that is us -- Scott back -- Programs. Sure. He returns to television and an issue of hopefully. -- the lead character in the spin out for and then new warrantless the coroner literally coolness she's got a real big person. Man it well the -- from. The top rated. And CI -- comes here in New Orleans to start the cross over the hood and hopefully will become a spin off. But to -- the -- -- I hope so I'll be. Thank you David CBS tonight. Thirteen minutes after 5 AM coming up next we get Steven here with sports so tell us when LSU did last night with the pelicans that last night on the hard court we'll talk a little. Saints and tigers as well and football and which forecast for the next three days. The text messages from the -- 7870 BC quite on the ground you pick him up does it have to be a -- get your attention and trying to penny pick it up you actually have a lot. Yet not a car yesterday I was a quarter of look at it actually caused from and it's not develop a pick that up just -- feel the it's on the ground and a budget you know budget it was a quarter and I -- 1012 minutes of the parking. Right -- a quarter it's it's a significant amount of change but if it were a dime and nickel or penny out I'll find bothered with. One person tax -- that needs them to pick up a penny it takes a penny to make -- dollar line again game 100 of them. An analyst as if I see money on the ground I pick it up no matter what. Now Britain says hey Dave I hit a 100 dollar bill on that a book one time forgot about it and much later about a year later found it. And most definitely he -- from the lottery hundred bucks that you're hidden from yourself. And others as the most exciting for me was when I was young and it was a Tooth Fairy leaving money under the -- yen as some very exciting about that it can't. The only get them you know when your little -- yes lots to do. Get old -- now losing another tooth in the senate deal. Elements as pennies from heaven. And now -- is that sort of a college Bart. They used ice in the journals don't that sometimes we would hide a dollar bill in the ice. It never failed by the end of the -- the dollar bill was gone. I. Not the dollar -- absolutely. Than. Can't live without the forecast that. We're going to be sunny today and breezy with temperatures in the mid to upper sixties this after it's a nice day ahead. But then -- chilly night lows dropping into the mid thirties north at the lake and mid forties on the South -- expecting frost. Possibility airport in North Shore then from Wednesday back up to 63 partly cloudy skies and Thursday were -- up to 73. With 820% chance for a light rain. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. Now -- frost tomorrow morning on the -- sure they told us that we get freezes until April -- just. Supposed to be spring right clear skies 53 degrees now at the airport in Kenner. 55 here in downtown New Orleans -- clear and 47 degrees winds -- column north of the lake. But honest I'm sure there gusting up to twenty miles. Sports time now on WWL the pelicans trying to go for three in a row. LSU basketball trying to stay alive and an IT. This ain't done anything else in free agency does that we have heard from them and it is let's hear from Steve Geller was sports on this -- Monday morning. Happy Tuesday Steve. Yes happy Tuesday David happy Friday morning everyone because the pelicans that look grim for them they were down 22 in the third quarter. But Tyreke Evans helped turn things around scoring 22 of his season high 33 in the second half. And New Orleans rallied for a 1092104. Overtime victory over Brooklyn. Anthony Morrow was also huge for the Pelz and extra frame hitting two key three pointers to put the nets on ice. Evans when he left double team going up Tom -- return. Maybe tomorrow. Triple overtime has started to feel real good now. Coach money Williams credits the W to his team playing great defense after halftime product effort. And look at the numbers some accessories and maybe you were but the bottom line it's on -- there in the general lord blessed us. The pelicans are now five and oh in overtime this season that's the best in the NBA. Over in college hoops SMU's Nick Moore and Dick Russell -- scored sixteen points as the mustangs defeated LSU eight to 67 to advance to the third round of the NIT. The tigers finished the season with the most wins since 20082009. -- baseball's Jared O'Shea has been named the SEC's freshman of the week the South -- improved his record to five in twelve over the weekend. And lowered its five and one over the week and I'm sorry and lowered its ER rate to one point 91 in 33 innings of work with nine walks and 24 strikeouts. The tigers tussle with -- tonight in church in stadium. First pitch is at 630. And the saints were among them nineteen teams that did not receive any compensatory picks for the 2014 draft. -- those are usually awarded to teams that lost. Better free agents during the previous season that were signed. Today at four on sports talk NBA team owner Mark Cuban thinks that the NFL's Reid will quickly lead to its downfall is he right. Plus there's talk of gaining goal posts dunks after touchdowns. As the NFL really stand for the no fun -- I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. Let him. Their owners are actually wasting their time discussing whether or not a player should be allowed to dump over the goal post. Yeah that's one of the things propose at the there are considering doing away with the -- -- Duncan many saints fans were upset obviously because that Jimmy Graham signature and I feel like the saints are being targeted once again I only remember one time that Jimmy don't Wear it affected the -- and had to bring -- the latter in the level -- things that all right which was in Atlanta so maybe there's something wrong with their goal -- -- Syriana's Davis Atlantis from mad Jimmy's -- but I understand you know less talented or less. Players with less cops. May not -- to get over the goal posts like Jimmy cannon you do run the risk of them knocking it off of level and then you have an issue. Well drew is gone opened them the finger roll even yes. That's that's not an ethical. Anyway but. Now there was -- time -- -- RA or whatever any of the -- it is more interesting you think that actually impact again well of course they're talking about expanding the NFL season once again and also. Adding. More teams to the NFL post season. Which one on one wild card game right which are of course increased more revenue for the NFL that's right -- -- exactly. And what about the extra point and they'll talk about doing that potential yet his. I believe -- -- -- England patriots have even proposed that maybe they should reach the goal post instead of movie maybe -- Google+ -- rights but I think that's been already shut down so -- they get rid of the extra point day. Backed up -- raise the golf whatever that may do something with it. Yeah I hope they keep it as is honestly just because I like when someone returns and interception for a touchdown and you could say. Pick six to seven doesn't have the same appeal to them and right. Thank you put it to Beckett and when I meant to sports we -- we'll talk about that eligible to land on the baseball diamond tonight that's exciting stuff. Unfortunately ladies and gentlemen Ellis -- network is not carrying the game and not offering it to us to broadcast who use. Did you not hear the -- you. Tulane baseball game on that freedom you know tonight. We don't have an option offering it to we're gonna offer you -- forecast coming up and a wrong -- people right here on WW well AM FM and a 5 point 6 good morning thank you for joining us here on this day that it's not Monday anymore folks Jamaican progress. We're starting in the 40s and 50s this morning but will be warming up nicely later on highs around 68 today sunny and breezy and tonight clearing cold. 35 north of the -- watch out -- frost south Philly in the mid forties. -- Wednesday partly cloudy highs around 63 and for Thursday eighth when he percent chance for a shower and even milder with highs of 73. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. It went to 1253. Under -- guys at the airport and -- 55 here in downtown New Orleans 47 in clearance Slidell where winds are calm on Dave Cohen at the early edition of WWL first news. It's got a car in the afternoon -- and parents stuck quarter on the ground picked up. -- I would pick up pennies dime -- nickel. Summons that when I pick up a penny I always saying god we trust somebody else text mediate 7870. In response. Bartender used -- the dollar bill on the ice cubes in the -- and on that someone would always take it as hot that the hard climb back to him as a tip yeah. Noticed as I was nine years old I found a dollar bill on the corporate playground and turn it into the office it was thought that it Nolan claimed it. In a month that would be mine went back a month later it got the dollar. Big money that says. That is on the delivery driver I pick up all the money Agassi. And every year at the end of the year I have a hundred to a 140 dollars of that picked up -- program and stores. -- says you eat the food off of luck which if you worry about out dirty point it thank about it. You have an eye wash the food -- of the -- I don't need anything unravel like catch you know -- to start on it right Nancy. I coming up the latest CBS news' David like WW well first data traffic weather together as sports and why it probably speed ball. New rules on state well 36 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on -- 25 of march 2014. Visit she used -- Not mind and out. -- indeed in -- like in love and I want some more evidence -- make their way through the work week. And -- -- the weekend frost overnight and Nordstrom that. -- and it is is actually. Historically they -- we get freezes following up till April first week of April. But it does to me it's doesn't feel right let's hang onto it though because you know when it's -- a it is. Weapon that's incoming. They came down with new. Rules for use. Louisiana State issued government assistance cards. These her debit cards that are given to people fall on a tough time our food stamp cards was earlier or will we historically called food stamp art are -- for food -- but these are for other forms of assistance. That people -- issued from the department of children services things like. Well are supposed to be used to be you know pay for rent clothing. Food candy can't buy food out. You know essentials as did the idea behind the program for families that need help is -- what people are doing well apparently now. -- had a -- because I don't have you heard it but the DC FS came out with new rules. Banning the use of these government assistance debit cards at certain businesses. Re choose the list probable and these these businesses. In my estimation would not be on the list. And -- someone had tried to use the cards there -- at successfully use the cards they had to ban these places okay. The it's -- read. Any retail establishment the provides adult oriented entertainment. In which performers this -- or perform in on closed state for entertainment purposes or adult bookstores or adult paraphernalia or any sexually oriented business. I vote -- you can't use the state assistance. To go see naked. The answers. I'm sorry dancers who perform -- yeah I'm close date for entertainment and dirty magazines and movies movies and things like that okay now. Off Malia and many others as you can't use the state issued assistance card at any nail salon. So if your -- a hard time it goes you can't afford to take care your family and that's Muskogee and nails done. Cannot be used at any tattoo piercing or commercial body art facility. So eve your anchor for that new debt to. You can't use this -- assistance card you must be using to help your children your family for that. Can't buy jewelry according to the new rules can't be used any amusement or video arcade. The -- with a bit of and happy -- cannot be used at any bail bonds company and -- -- -- state castigate yourself or anybody else out of jail. Get me as a nightclub bar tavern Ursula and can't be used on a cruise ship. Yeah have you fallen on hard times and you need apply for state welfare and -- stickers -- I was there is -- on down there and -- -- usually airs again one cannot be isn't a psychic business. Onside kick yeah honestly can't think man I'm poor I need to find a new job I need to get rich and need to get the lottery numbers are used mice stayed issued money to go. To the psychic. Now you're not showing me these are the rules or you're not telling -- that people actually use cards for this kind of -- what they have to specifically -- -- man. And why weren't these businesses band before -- I mean just now. How. Haven't given out government assistance wherever. I mean now they do it on debit cards and that's new and different that's been happening for several years. So visit the places he is so seriously aside you're gonna go take your cruise and ride and then you go to a strip club and up and -- jewelry get a tad too complacent video games and and after all that. When you've gotten into trouble because maybe grabbed a stripper you can use that data systems to billions off. I anymore. People disqualifies why would they have to ban this stuff and economic threats and why wasn't campaign years ago thank you -- what -- -- when he -- that -- news. Here on WWL I am FM and back on Chris Miller joins us from the fairgrounds -- find out what he's in times each of the amazing performers on the jets Jazz Fest lineup. We'll be taking to the stage as that now a month away. -- the -- that -- live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good more bang. This meteorologists are about to. I want you now. I'm -- task. Rollicking whether yeah -- Whether it's kind of cool yeah yes it was ugly in marine in the morning at a different today turn out to be a beautiful afternoon today beautiful day. Yeah I you know we're gonna see that sunshine the next couple of hours of clear skies right now. As a while this chilling in the forties and fifties now I see it that suddenly start warming up and I today mid to upper -- It a little breezy Tagalog wasn't others up 3000 like more than -- shores so. Think kind of pleasantly breezy it's very windy just kind of a light -- -- not -- current alert weather now -- quite that breeze CME you know. It's just going to be kind of -- nice cool breeze against a -- -- temperature and where that cute bring the spirit go ahead today that would be good. For -- and -- jacket this morning yes and I jacket in the morning. -- spring skirts in the afternoon. Demanded. That the night that I used a frost -- the way north of the likes of frost around we're talking mid to upper thirties north of the -- So you know if you went out last week getting got some -- spring plants you know went ahead. And it worked on your flower beds that sort of thing yet anything that you're worried about you know with this -- you may want to cover it's not a free so it. Not gonna kill things but you know sometimes that those. And it can be susceptible to some cold you don't like the frost that maybe something you want to cover especially Pete went ahead start your vegetable gardens that immediate thing you want to take care. Tonight right to frost on the -- turn not on the South Shore and then what happens the rest of the. Yeah you know we yanks keep this sixties round tomorrow but we're back to the seventies Thursday and Friday a while there will be a few showers around on Thursday yet it's just about twenty to 30% right now Friday at about 40% the cut toward the end of the work week a few areas of light rain and exe -- -- Aaron will stay unified with the weekend will be looks kind of a mild temperatures right around. There maybe some rain to a round that. I don't think -- -- the you know -- Saturday at that time eight change on every chances I sat listening and -- -- eating all weekend -- anybody recently and now I'm right but -- well. 79 on Friday eight beyond that it's funny about the difference that -- eat eat. Stop people are tracked it differently if they think that's right yeah -- to 879 on Friday that I don't Saturday that no matter. That is committed to handle our good bet that I can handle the truth. Three of the way we think about things. -- -- how many calories -- in the food you're eating at all times well it probably would help if you go to -- restaurant. Do you wanna see it on the menu. You know what -- I have to say I think it might change what I ordered you know clearly not there yet it's easy because she think like. Aligning its talent -- bound to be super healthy and in the salad and that in more calories than if you got -- a statement that either drown it in bright intelligent got a cheese on it an -- So yes it might help actually have a calories there. Well the senate health and welfare committee in the Louisiana legislature denies it's debating a -- That would require caloric content be listed on chain restaurant menus so we're -- in everything from fast food places and riots. You gotta get a burger and that'll be right up there on my -- the calories in that burger. And do other sit down chain restaurants it would be mom and pop places that -- if you're seven occasions thrown together stump than. I don't I you know how many al-Qaeda -- -- not necessarily consistent you have to ride the chain restaurants -- yet -- the file formula right now the question is do you want to. To me. When I go out ET the call if it's fast food yeah I know it's an act differently. Right I know it's jam packed with calories I don't I think I need to know just how many things are always going to make me -- -- well. -- what is at. At the past -- -- -- I'm not going to fast food restaurant makes art but -- but it got you're going to need that the right. You know so and they're not that big Mac there's nothing else you want it's just got I get that one might make it. Just don't have time. It happened in the past. Right app -- got to get on and okay -- Just the singled partner with cheese and it's only -- that's. And that. Be grilled chicken wrap actually have fewer calories for that. That's what it's time to eat. Healthier and and it's I would help me you want and yeah. I think it's an could. It's just that right after midnight on getting fact going to. -- a couple you can make it. He dynamic and mentally as well if you're not. At all you know. Or maybe to -- the workers -- that the -- and splurge on the partner but -- the golf development and -- he went public but that's Fries are. The best prize. Somebody somebody -- -- only -- -- -- them -- it's comfort I go and you know yet you're trying to speak I think it's. I'm Laura wants than. I want it thank you are other important about down alive and direct from the -- these forecasts that there's sports with Steve gallery is coming up after that. In the senate is an interesting text messages and 87870 about the the things we've been talking about. I'll share them as well in my text me at 87870. In response to our discussion about the new things that are banned force state assistance debit cards for families who have fallen on hard times. Strip club can't bark and use it to bail them in jail. Is it just is psychic and many other tickets to. Some attacks -- 7070. Was a schoolteacher. Say that the kids at the school who are on public assistance in gaining free or reduced launch. Almost all of them have 200 dollar headphones and 150 dollar shoes. It does seem. Out of -- Sports I'm now on WW -- LSU basketball team with a lot of -- but the pelicans they were right. If you can be out of laxity can you be in black is that a good thing to be in -- I guess in the zone. -- they're out of whack. And at bat. You're off kilter that's bad. So being on kilter and in -- would be good right. Media -- item to confuse god is like it is sports here I'm WWL. Well the Mets jump on the pelicans early Dave but New Orleans would fight their way back from H 12 point deficit in the third quarter. To take down Brooklyn 1092104. In overtime. Tyreke Evans scored a season high 33 points and Anthony -- shook off the coast cold spell to come up clutch in OT. -- the -- with real fluid all wait like this it's -- is not as -- and moral development double leg. It's tripled this year. Head coach Monty Williams had reason to smile as a squad won their third straight contests this problem organize we just -- We hang in there with the -- -- that's a sign of -- care that locker room reputed good team that twenty point comeback is the second largest in franchise history. And the bells are a perfect five and -- and over time this season. Things weren't so hot happy and college hoops -- locally as the -- men's basketball team's season is over. After losing eighty to 67 to SMU in the NIT. On a positive note the tigers finished with a record of twenty and fourteen the most wins since 20082009. One Alicia lefty -- Boucher has been named the SEC's freshman of the week. The -- native earned his first career conference victory with an exceptional performance against Georgia. He worked eight and two thirds innings limiting the bulldogs just one run and three hits with two walks and six strikeouts. The tigers are back in action and take on their rival in state rival -- tonight. First pitch in in -- stadium is at 630. And Tiger Woods isn't sure his ailing back will be well enough for him to enter the masters. For -- assists and she still looks as soon. The Gaza within its that's kind of frustrating thing about -- office. Woods says he's been tried to get ready for the first major his first major of the year he's off to his worst start of his eighteen year on the tour. And last week withdrew from the -- Palmer invitational because of his persistent back page. Today a -- sports talk NBA team owner Mark Cuban thinks that the NFL's greed will quickly lead to its downfall is he right. Plus there's talk of dating gold closed dunks after touchdowns as the NFL really stand for the no Fun League I'm Steve Geller and match early morning look at sports place. -- that it can take the fun out of football do you think that things like this banning gold closed down as indicative of a movement that does make it last on. You know I am all about the being able to celebrate after a touchdown as long as it doesn't get too choreographed like that some there were some. Team celebrations that we're just getting out of him but when. Late last year. The flag was thrown on Lance Moore and Kenny stills for doing. They're they're -- in the end -- I thought that clutched it -- I thought that was still fallen and it shouldn't be really frowned upon. I recently and I still trying to do. A time limit on -- -- and is on did you get the extra point attempt or they'd go for Q off with in the amount of time that's allotted to whatever you want. Within what every team says that coaches may now like best output. The players celebrated that they wanted I just hate it when they're losing by like 42 points they score for their first touchdown of the game and then they celebrated really celebrating one touchdown when you get your. But beat you in my whole thing I have more an issue of players celebrating a first and a I don't month it's gonna celebrate but you get up and -- you know first down like you know look relaxed when she get to the end of the home -- get the crowd right here. And anyway. All right some attack today 7870 -- to avoid the whole worry about sending the goal post -- of leveled go back to the 08 style -- -- Well there's two things for players that -- run into and that of one stick with the one thank you Steve we'll stick with you have more sports and about fifteen minutes here on WWL IMF -- -- now. And interest and discussion has started here text messages -- -- 77 it was talking about how the department town family services in the Louisiana. Has issued new rules banning the use of government assistance debit cards that strip clubs nail salons. Tattoo parlors jewelry stores video arcade bail bonds companies. Nightclubs bars taverns stolen psychic business this and other. And a teacher texted me and said -- Henry I teach school. Most kids in my school. Are on free lunch and breakfast programs but most have 200 dollar had -- and 150 dollar ten issues. That got somebody else to text me at 87870. Says. So you think that headphones. And ten issues come off of my car to my kids get reduced launch and my fourteen year old got headphones. For her birthday. By the way I'm not on public assistance I work full time stop the damn stereotyping.

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