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WWL>Topics>>3-25 6:15am Tommy, latest on Malaysian flight 370

3-25 6:15am Tommy, latest on Malaysian flight 370

Mar 25, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS News Aviation Safety Analyst Mark Rosenker about the latest with the missing Malaysian plane

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Tommy Tucker here talking about the the -- you know when Mexico and a missing. Malaysian airliner anymore mark Rosen arousing -- joints right now -- CBS -- aviation safety analyst and former. Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board mourning marked. I you know same idea when I heard the news yesterday. About the investigation and about you go from what you know now is Sangamo. Do you really know anymore indeed can you expand on that. -- the satellite technology -- what made people conclude the authorities that the plane did in fact the go into the water. It's in March that has done some pretty innovative and sophisticated calculation. That really created series model matched up against other. -- agent air flight that in fact the triple sevens flying same type of performance. Same type. -- in some cases in fact they were able actually do these overlay it then matched up. Actually perfectly. And as a result. Hey you wanna go and make sure we're not going into debt -- action in -- at the at their their calculations and -- methodology -- they even another satellite company. And some other. Expert aviation. Professional then they came up with all this data presented to the KIP which is of course -- Equivalent of the British virgin of the NTSB. Then took it to the Malaysian government. Believe it was now time to make unfortunately and change this from search and rescue into search and recovery next. Mark wasn't a function of well this is the route and there's nowhere for the planes to have landed so. Yeah and a -- not gonna stay afloat for three weeks is it even if it makes a successful landing on water like Sully Sullivan and not some. -- -- would of course a resume vastly different conditions there is apparently. -- are definitely different conditions. This airplane would run out of gas. It doesn't run out of gas metric they wanted to might -- report and actually -- four. The way it may end -- hitting the ocean could create. Significantly more difficult in attempting to try to control it. There realize here is it was so in the judgment of the Malaysian apparently it was time to declare it and now search and recovery mission. On in terms of it and not this specific flight but in terms of their triples seven in the water conditions in the Indian Ocean at the time. Is there any way they could have made a successful landing an even if so I believe one of the one of the concerns with that landing in the Hudson where the people are standing on the wings is that the plane was filling with water. This airplane would have probably. Stayed afloat for a short period of time hadn't have made a successful and -- do not know that but even after that. Attempting to rescues 239. People. Put them in any rafts we would have probably had some indication again without water without food without sheltered those convictions. Would have been impossible for anyone. To those drafts carry any type of deacons. They do actually they do in and we did not capturing any yet type which signal as a result of. Arms so what happens now -- you go from and I know you said you -- it was evident CD. Do you really have evidence of this do you do you feel it's beyond a doubt and then if you are handling this investigation. Do you now start to work back to OK well let's presume that it went down in this area. Now we got to figure out why. Certainly -- until we begin to actually get debris. Which is the hard evidence necessary to begin an investigation in earnest right now all we have -- calculation that it indicated. And all the logic dictates. That the airplane by virtual. In the ability to continue to fly with no fuel. No place to land within the ocean. What the in my sent people -- it was actually calculate an area where potentially that's airplane could be and that's also happened to coincide with what the -- -- believe would be the appropriate area to be surging. And course. We moved. The US has -- great number of assets now. The Australian that participated significantly in this and frankly now that they have. Doesn't that two really narrow the search to the southern portion. Of the Indian Ocean all the people that we're searching for a broken some -- sit down themselves. Mark -- a former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board do you accept. Palm -- and again you said there's only either that the theory of the plotting of the coordinates whatever do you accept that that jet went in the water in the Indian Ocean. I'd have to believe that based on scientific. A calculation that were made presented to a very credible investigative body yet. Air accident investigation branch that you can't work them very closely there's good if you sign in this business so -- they believe it. Are you are -- a highly credible professional organization. They're not street from -- on this there's been a lot of science and analysis innovative creative. The actually. Using some applications which in fact. I have never been used before and as a result of this have come up with some very. Interest in tracking capability that the the satellite was not designed for. A quick -- that we still have a very long way to go before we have any idea. Where the actual major debris field would be and of course any parts that could validate the fact that it -- crash. Our record and I gotta go but in terms of of materials and that triples seven. Is there is it debris that would eventually float to the surface that you could find. Yes there's plenty of things that frankly that will look. That seek direction that will be -- the slides that in fact that it would become rapture day. DeLeon in the water. We're talking about the Galley carts were talking about plastic. We're talking about some luggage like luggage could float and also. The plastic parts of the aircraft itself. A life preservers that we have over over water. Aircraft have those under the seat. We will see some things that in fact should be floating in the chief urged it to grab something. Anything now this weather has not been cooperative and is hampered our search significantly we were so close apparently. Wikipedia. Various aircraft flying over the debris potentially -- sites. And yet on this weather. Pushed perhaps this this these things either. Much further away and maybe even. Unfortunately. It's thinking. While mark I really do appreciate your time we learn something every time we talk to you have a great day.

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