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3-25 7:10am Tommy, 911 response time

Mar 25, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about times they've called 911

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah David so many times we work with people and we don't give them the proper credit that they deserve to make everybody else success that's right. So I would just like to say at this point I am doing a tremendous job you really are I am just gonna back you up on absolutely no -- -- -- -- to greet guests. In a 7 o'clock 6 o'clock hour to talk about flight 37 mark Rosen your former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board and captain. And early news. Com commanding officer of the naval Oceana ocean neo ocean no -- how do you say it oceanography. -- commands. -- amendment instituted yeah after learning he gets into the big long on the atmospheric administration and its good lord will knock you down yeah. Down -- Anyway but two great guests to help explain. This flights at any 37 and how they found. How to came to the conclusion at least that they did yesterday but it. You know both submarine between the lines and -- trying to engage in any kind of conspiracy here but both of them said -- that's what the they got a hedged their bets a little because and these are two very learned man that deal with this all the time. He says both of them can animated seem like well that's what the indications are that's how they came to this conclusion yeah. I think both double. Yellows. Or debris field until they realize that in and for the family's going to be tough. And I guess is a little extra what's up with that -- am watching -- video and I'm not making fun of this that'll be but you see people do things ages puzzles you. Because of families were walking out of the hotel. And one of the ladies I think from China that may have lost. Grandchildren. Are ya -- hysterical. But she's falling down in grief I presume it was a friend or relative. That came out of the room whether she's old and on -- arm. But she falls down with grief any any -- now we're up with one arm with the other arm and I'm -- kid and he's got the iPhone go invade dealing all service. I don't understand why anybody would want. Yeah terrible moment maybe down the road when the the lawsuits are being settled maybe but -- are radio over the place you would think no it -- -- -- make sure yes up. That line. At this point when you first. I would think so you know we'll. Wonder what he's good to my mom. They do anything. -- -- Despite everything you say about. I'd like here's the deal. Just getting from the it was a scary moment for rose Preston and our nation's capital. Such use evidence stroke. Or -- engaged began experiencing numbness tingling analysts they spent 2:15 in the morning. So she called 911. And unlike here apparently in Orleans -- somebody answered animal talk about that in a couple of minutes. But once she was. Inside the ambulance. They guys became the sabres. Started -- had a heated argument. She says they were constantly bickering back and forth with one another and to the point that I felt so uncomfortable. So she's line here at these symptoms and she said they would do and heated argument yeah. Seems very personal very unprofessional and she said even though. And as an army veteran now obviously says even though she's seven the symptoms of a stroke is now feel safe being transported now vehicle now they're having an argument and she's suffering so what she did -- she got up and watch the end of the metro. And took the subway to a hospital Palo. -- out as you've ever been to Washington and out of that metro. You've got quite a want to get down the escalator into the drains etc. and undergoes all over the place. Did come mainly she wanted to find which is OK I don't know if they were arguing because. You know maybe the procedure. But to giver I don't know if she's used as Bell's -- he is involved medical care but it was in the stroke in. I don't know if they were arguing because one thought the other one was -- in the same thing is the first one just to get us out and Wear uniforms that really wouldn't apply. Have you ever written a metro in Washington -- but I have written and an ambulance or -- and I didn't argue in the -- -- -- entered the area captured. At metro and Washington I think you first time there you have an instance because it's very competitive thing for the people that are there and you have an instinctive. Get get involved in the fray you know are -- -- -- that's a -- DC are all about power and tell the people with me whatever you do don't do is grab the first red train it comes don't grab the first red train accounts. So the first red train comes -- us an idea yep hop on it because I was under speed ever. Audio. And I swear to goodness we stuff in Virginia. At the end of the line. And once you know -- -- -- my field line didn't want him. You and Pug dogs by the end of the line. Gbagbo to talk about what's happening and ups and downs helpfully told. 911. After somebody kick their Dorian at 2 AM -- Internet and at 2 AM 0:2 AM on the sixteenth and they called 911 of an inning get an answer then they called a couple other different numbers and didn't get an answer and finally. They need to get somebody pick up the -- two dollars later the police came out. And they bought a gun to protect themselves and their home and I'll blame him. So if you've ever called 911 in Orleans parish have like to know -- your responses to what the response has been -- also. When it comes to response times in in Orleans parish. How bad is it because I know we hear about one or two officers patrolling each district each night on some nights and I'm now do you thinking come on -- police and Orleans parish even if he ages visiting to be there when he called 911. Tommy Tucker back in a flash and -- WL. Right now. Problems -- and for that we go to terror -- -- else. I Tommy Tucker got -- WL big traffic problems out there Terrell Robinson will take another look at it shortly forests. A crash -- I six and nearly canal exit causes heavy delays heading from new loans of Metairie. Then a car fire on -- -- before the I 310 heading from applause to -- heavy delays there. I'm -- net off my iPhone because I signed up for debit WL traffic alerts which you'll get sometimes. Before they actual actually hit the year so we have to do. Is text the word traffic TR a FF IC 28787. Lead normal data and message rates apply depending on your plan but we don't charge anything for at least. A we're talking about a story that that -- -- head on channel four last night family uptown. Here's their -- get kicked in and the middle of the night and they call 911. And nobody answered phone kept ring in and ring in and bring in and ran and ring and made two calls 9112. To the NO PD not emergency line once and don't PD second district. Finally advance of the call it the second district and a homeowner confirms an officer showed up two hours after the attempted home invasion. So I don't know if there's about. Lack of manpower not councilman Susan. -- she says it the -- goes along they're gonna address staffing issues. At the communication district along with the reduction of NO PD officers on a street. Last summer the city's IT department recommended a total of 65 call takers right now they're only 36 bit. And how many were on the shift and did you find I find it hard to believe that. They didn't have somebody to answer the phone at least take the cults and New Orleans I -- got a WL thanks for calling. Hey aria good. Does Colin I -- a beauty -- Great progress. In out and it'll. Not violent. -- -- town mayor and Beatty. Our age who are at late they -- -- incident nonviolent. Yeah as it is somebody injured and -- not yet I can't exactly that would be my response man. Right so. There they -- going to be able to get out -- agent but they also because. -- UPD loyalty are strictly right on time. It that it was their jurisdiction and we addict playing political -- that copd and it says while little and many out -- they look a bit. Up there about thirty minutes. -- situation. And this is not on campus. It was not Capitol Hill police came out and did the job of an LPG. Only because they they -- video in Vegas so sorry for. Yeah -- -- you know I think he sounded desperate not on almost like pale at where we're actually you're we're -- right now. So what was the emergency -- actually happened. Well I want comedy -- -- lot to drink it. Or how. By that I did know that time he doesn't know I didn't real quick emanated had to give a -- announced. -- right now did that make you think about getting one. I I got it done and then but I don't either I don't consider all and welcome more that are poppy I gotta I gotta run. Sam and so lady took the time to call 726. Big traffic issues out there for that we go to. Robinson not trying to be indelicate -- whenever you see something in morning driver. And the big commute like the spillway shut down and and you look at the cameras and you see these people. Leon and I'm not trying to be over dramatic here but trapped there I always wonder. What if they had. Too big of a cup of coffee. -- wondering what if I had had their Diet Coke before they left you're trying to say that they have to go out and go work ago exactly. Davis they got to go on there's nowhere to -- -- like Mardi Gras day same thing in a few well. It at least you can walk around a -- day out of Italy he can do. There but god bless -- ready to enter a Jimmy unknown road has traffic known for aside -- good morning things are calling. -- And just like that Jimmie gets -- connected I will continue to talk about 911 where do you navy had to go. Maybe -- it maybe dye got to talking about it Jimmy said while I do. So look the other way if you're next to Jimmy. These people -- town that had to wait so long. Force somebody to even answer the phone and in case you use join in this welcome to the 730. Commuters. From. They they heard barking from the dog. It fell asleep woke up for a woke up around 2 AM then heard barking in the dog when somebody was trying to break into their house. So the first thing you do -- phone dial 911. Person I would have done. At that point as and it grabbed the shotgun and and come on 11 Amelie she says we all know our first responders and what they -- importance is. And that's not gonna happen if nobody answers there can be no first responsive nobody even enhances the phone. She -- and editor calls for help to two 911. Sudan don't TDs on emergency line in this. Is after she thinks somebody's breaking in our house. And I believe they kicked in the door on this and trying to find a quote. -- 911 twice calls -- -- TDs on emergency line twice gets no answer. And then she tells NO PD second district they do answer the phone there. And officer showed up two hours after the -- attempted home invasion and homeowners as you know what when somebody calls 911. That is their most vulnerable moment probably in their entire life. Deputy mayor Jerry Snead said it is a priority for our residence. To feel their concerns will be addressed and calling on 11 all of the city's public safety agencies that work in the significantly increase operator staffing. Reduced on emergency call volume and improved call center management performance. But I'd like to know if you live in Orleans parish if you called 911. Blow what was the result. And is we had a call earlier from a guy who said. And he called the police new loans police and 911 they'd said his. The giddy customers Reagan in his home somebody was trying to get into his house turn out to be a drowned and had the wrong house but at that time he did know that. And they told him that it was today it was an emergency. And this lady that was victimized -- says riverbend area I think somebody who would break the door down with that force at a serious intention. And I think you have to put yourself there it's 2 o'clock in the morning you wake up the dog is barking you find out -- doors being kicked in. It called 911 imagine this now and nobody answers the phone. And any other person I called in and said the incident happened around loyalists will be of a gun. A city a but I don't look at it is home protection I look at it is hobby. My -- of somebody would bring in his house he wouldn't see it that way did you tell me what has been your experience with 911. And if not -- Orleans -- of the people in Orleans parish in here what it's like in other areas I get a text here talking about. -- Jefferson Parish senses they have a mandatory. Three minute response time on violent crimes will be back taking your calls on study WL. 74317. Before a one of our primary duties here -- WL -- get to where you go on in the morning on time. And we take another look at traffic now with Terrell Robinson 74713. Before eight glad you what is on this Tuesday morning it's going to be a beautiful -- that we are off to a a rough beginning as it relates to traffic and it's actually comes in and says a wrecker is on its way. To pick up the car on the I 310 makes -- shoulders clears that I gonna happen. And case you ages getting in a car crash NIC stand near canal exit heavy delays heading from new long ones in Metairie. And it was a car fire on nights -- before the I 310 exit from applause. That's heading from. Eastward into the city. And mechanical plaza -- and delays traffic is at a standstill there and hopefully they'll get that vehicle were moved. Retired about 911 a response time in times and Orleans parish after an uptown family. But he kicked in their door and he couldn't get anybody to answer. The 911 line tried to lies then they tried the NO PD non emergency number. Didn't get an answer there and I guess thinking clearly and what blues very dangerous situation they decided to call the second district. Eventually got somebody to answer the phone and -- LTD two hours. Get out there -- is it good morning on that got -- Ronnie hey Riley thanks to Colin. Good morning at W to -- gone to a good morning thank god we appreciate. Yes that we -- Big -- of my businesses in the second district. The gulf of -- -- that -- -- of -- and I know for a fact it probably over the old you have to cause from Iran hardened old area. Last week record -- I want to create. Before we get an answer I want all the political greed in the black car in the parking lot because nobody's ever print it -- And same time responds I'm here about after the please give the collier time -- Even get in some -- answer than 911 goal. -- arms. Before we get an answer Obama while -- the then -- -- that Apollo one. Before Internet we want them to ala the comment immediately be mildly -- be out there had been back I am in the morning. Outlook the simplistic what so the second the that existed in the district. What does -- from -- the without the cattle than. I -- you get it to get elected equal but probably we are well no actually we have over the course. Ronny let me ask you this your business owners that you can't our leader out. Or that. He writes he had to make decisions about that if this happens and I do this if this doesn't happen ideas that. How that changed -- either once or you'll run. Wonder what hospital could do it while what was. Shall we got our side to protect -- so what are we don't take. I hear the frustration on the. Luckily Rick called some like we have. If you all know art and ordered the district of one accident had been that's -- we call in public and. And as the other question you feel like -- you're on your own with no sheriff in town and -- -- -- -- different -- -- quickly are we -- people. Are you all are you alarmed and and has a chance -- -- dozens. I'm even on. The idea on the whole lot -- -- long one -- probably a leader in high school work. It over -- and if you publicity -- specs. Let's ignore the good thing. -- don't think answering 911 is too much stance. But not too much bigger -- I'd go to a bowl guard admiral out there and that for a fact it probably equivalent what. All the athletic department and implement sportsman of the -- -- and what about -- -- -- one listen I weighed in common. -- AM I'm so sorry evident problem and I know you've provide jobs of the people in the city your business Sony reassure assets to be successful and value and into Islam now I'm glad it's at the time the column thanks again for listening nine record -- hang in -- 751 we'll take some more calls when we come back. Major traffic issues on the way in this morning's let's take another look at. Traffic with Harold Robinson. Hi Tommy -- 757. Beautiful day ahead so. And to get out of traffic maybe they'll be some consolation sunny breezy mild highs around 68. And then it still cool tomorrow highs around 63 -- cooler than warms up 73 on Thursday seven. Mid seventies on Sunday attacks comes in. If the spillway is going to be closed why don't they let issues that turnarounds -- on and on anything in terms of traffic flow but I would hazard to guests. This is somebody that made it and made me analytic too much coffee and and now the packing and rightfully so because have been their Davone slide out the morning thank you for calling. -- on the you know it it. The cut by David you know it it odd that there's somebody with a regular progress at all of that. -- -- That two -- wait times. -- that you you call and say it by the shot is probably not but it suited McLaughlin then that there's an officer down. What happened. Well I don't anybody shows up real quick that I don't. Relief fault that because let's face first off somebody's willing to attack a police -- able -- you're many. Without even thinking about it and I think the other thing is that there is a brotherhood where everybody watches each other's backs and I think there has to be that I don't think the answer is well. I don't disagree but it the plug -- in an odd match. So. -- it should it -- -- you know. Ten minutes or so that show that -- -- the -- issue how to deposited nowadays what normal. While there are so lucky guy -- before he delegate calls yet I -- somebody to answer the phone -- after these people and had a 911 and secondly. You know I don't have a problem with every resource being devoted to as to save and a police officers like that. That brings up a question I think you may have inadvertently done it dated. Of what if a police officer get shot and is only as a text stands in it says one. Recruit working that night and as sergeant. So though you know offices believe and and and I think like we talked about earlier in the week it's -- cycle or more is that lead. The more dangers becomes an animal --

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