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3-25 8:15am Tommy, lawsuit reform in Louisiana?

Mar 25, 2014|

Tommy talks to Melissa Landry, the Executive Director of Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch, about tort reform

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Melissa Landry joins us right now. It is you want to talk about she sends an email and and intrigue this talk about tort reform in the way people in Louisiana. Feel about it -- -- that I think was published are conducted by a the Louisiana association of business and industry good morning Melissa how are you. And -- -- much happening thanks for taking the time now was this study done by the Louisiana association of business and industry or published by them. It was published by Libya who conducted by national culture. And the better the Richards group out of Washington DC. I'm actually you know we're working on my organization but we don't want to -- watch working with. LA would be the that organization or percent and opposition in the -- statement on coalition and many others. -- -- A -- or pork package that being considered the flood protection and ultimately our goal is true true you know our State's legal climate. -- and fortunately. The -- Ellicott -- from the Vatican cherry creek -- insured it at about majority leaking it to. Really cute I understand the probable lost to recently in action and in general based support our efforts you were formally unit Michael content. How are you defining problem of lawsuits in Louisiana. Abuse or at least. Sure well the Louisiana. You know a longstanding. Reputation for export -- continent we have been. You know I found out at that the top of a mini tablet for all the wrong -- and a perfect example is -- -- has the number one and -- at all in the country are hired a jury trial threshold. It's that day love it unique to Louisiana that it actually. I'm fortunate that and singletary trials at. Our civil -- -- believe -- -- are heard before and Jack track at the end contrary. You know appeared. On the. You want more juries hear these trials and not judges. Well it went -- -- don't have the right to access. A jury trial if they choose to keep Al we believe that -- -- a fundamental right. On to it requested that a jury trial by the way. -- It is and the vast majority of state and the country 36 other states have potential at all. I think many of our neighbors and the -- on Florida Georgia being accessed. I'm so what are we looking at having exceedingly high threshold that 50000 dollars. Essentially. What it is to sit in excess and now -- our idol aren't about maturity -- to exit Intel for arm. You know on the way to handle our civil education. Ironic -- different are actually. And two. Senate by the settlement that filings are simple bought it -- 8000 dollars of course ultimately. -- aren't sure right and they talked before -- a -- you know interpret. It for. Insurance premiums in the country. And that is it got -- insurance for the last decade. And just back up a second year when you talk about. Judges and threshold of jury trial and what are the results show as far as. The judge hearing the cases is he or she thereon or more likely to hand out a reward than a jury would me. We see it -- And you know all I'm you know. -- and I would -- in our jackets -- -- product approach partly and I guess. Nobody has to be a reason for you wanting to raise that lower that's rational. Absolutely potentially. You know that -- that and it comes down to the fact that -- are not acceptable to the same kind of political pressure that. Our -- our. -- think about it you know when it judge's ruling and you know decades -- -- -- -- single tiger. Com -- finder of fact ultimately -- -- unit who make steel war. Okay. He's considering between you know played at Ku is it basically -- -- because we have the double digits in Louisiana. These -- people you know who. It voters' right to who have trying to act under elections and it isn't it plaintiff may be represented by a lawyer true. You know probably campaign contributor to that Jack and I am not suggesting. -- there's a -- yeah anybody you know it's not on any bribery or anything you do is talking about lawyers probably if -- Traveler he probably donate every -- campaign. Exactly it is just that simple fact of our political contract back in general and judges are. Jerry -- not susceptible to the same kind of a political -- you know that that that aren't so. What you TV on -- you. So we should be content that we believe that -- -- have a fundamental right to request that at -- Jury trial at least near the damage that's the way that the majority of other state in which we ought to -- that it's well. And rational jury trial. -- Sure well our current law says that any any civil lawsuit under 50000 dollars -- decided by text. -- bill aren't thinking Kyra -- breaker all of which were supporting seeks to. A limit our belief he has except simply dietary a partial so completely eliminate take elderly and the era. Currently and a back in line with. Or six other states in the country hopefully help to bring down on auto -- greatly. It would -- -- from. You know anything about this is on trying to and a steal -- small terms small claims court or. Heaven ago to a full blown trial mean now her -- would you go unedited and what does a loss in 2003000. Check out our bill -- trapped since being that threshold in -- in district court. The city court which tend to deal with smaller claims. Are well. -- still. We'll have you know whatever rational they are now at inner city -- -- -- it sounds. Different across the state to court they're a special. You know by the city appears government. Bottom -- somebody in state court in and it's there's no law covering you know will be the bottom amount miked. At least lowest amount could get a jury trial for this -- like you want. Well it's better than their rightful. Yeah -- -- dispute were. Any amount -- 3000 -- -- trot out analysts around the time I appreciate Argentine name. -- at and -- again chair and encourage that they -- what it's it's pork chop it out of court. Nearly even get to that part about it costing. Did that affect ten dollars and ninety for a couple more minutes of we have time tunnel -- -- now big problems. Steroids Robinson just a short amount of time -- of Melissa Landry got news in traffic coming up on WWL it's 829. I'm Tommy Tucker she's the executive director of Louisiana lawsuit abuse watch. And they want the threshold changed from 50000 dollars which is what it is now on the civil suit to. Have the option of a trial by jury she wants lower that there they wanna lower the threat shall basically to zero and they think it's gonna cut down on. I guess awards for frivolous suits Melissa and along those lines -- -- would mean you'd think with the situation as it is now. It's hurting the development of businesses and relocations of businesses and creation of jobs. Absolutely. Except. Except for litigation that'll increase as a constant -- and every single driver and Italy and a but it also affect our economy and humorous way. It would deficit or spending time and resource and I -- -- Or. That's why it's not you can hire new employees -- funny that they are not using to reinvest their. -- in new machinery equipment that the problem. They hit the political climate and believe in -- -- stated many at 50000. New jobs every year we think it's acceptable to change it. -- -- a quick as if somebody's listening right now owners and wait a minute it would seem them in terms of companies. A jury is more likely to be for the plaintiffs and against the company then a judge who would it teaches hearing the facts and trying to case on its own merits and you send us unnecessarily so. Well you know -- -- notoriously unpredictable for a I'd try to. And the attendant and and that as Terry we believe it unit take the time to consider the facts they. I'm not content to that you know it a case that you know pre paid by a condition. Umpire mark and so people we believe that but it ought to have a fundamental right to request a a simple and singletary trial in the case. It is at you know escalate without. Melissa appreciate your time and we will talk to -- again now I am saying bye -- --

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