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3-25-14 11:10am Garland: on modern journalism

Mar 25, 2014|

Garland talks with Michael Giusti of Loyola University about the current state of journalism.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A noticeable for -- because of the subject to boot -- tank for this hour. I paid special attention to his morning. The Huffington Post. One on their lead page. On the left side. Photographs. And -- headline that. Horrified -- two of Malaysian plight. Protest and embers. You media -- to the right. It's saying. Type print saying sized prints in size photos. Naomi Campbell. Reacts the -- covered that makes us laugh out while. Next Tuesday I'm not not next page next story down -- inside and President Obama. Talking about -- you know Boortz has changed the and it's a collection system data collection says some on the right side. Joan Rivers slams Jay Leno and give him the finger. The -- or over finger like we can go to pinger like its secret which mixes well look at it more. Next article about an article in Texas and California and their job growth. He immediately to the ride of that eleven pages responds to anti deep announced is absolutely priceless. These are the headlines and privacy. And finally next to -- a Malaysian Pam -- word texted. Twelve reasons having early hero rocks. And a semi noticed this in the past. -- did so called journalism in television news for twenty years and about 2000 years ago in -- -- certainly they're prone. But I I've stumbled on this story of the New York Times in the Hedlund says. Risk -- bank owned and reporter's plea in traffic. And born or bred the title and -- it was about when those entry. While we don't we're gonna go. Couple of experts in journalism Jordan's -- talked about this phenomenon and it's a group against you think it's growing. And we have -- Michael load -- with its loyalty university's senior media advisor for the room -- and the school newspaper. And the wolf and journalism instructor Mike welcomed the show what's the war. Oh. Welcome sure appreciate you calling. In this story New York Times in the second -- says. Journalists are now held accountable for the model would they produce in the ball game of trapping in the tracts. Is that true is that what you're seeing is young journalists -- is is that a good thing. It's definitely happening more and Morrie you're you know at a new and growing that it decree. Armed and especially with -- right there you are right on new outlook. I like our feet where I'm rarely. -- cost and that matters so much their ability to go viral well the model literally on. Going viral and and getting earthquakes and creating quick they try to on. And yet that. Long is the model for -- opinion and art all but early look at trying to in an art. You think you feel you significant effect on the news itself -- this new paradigm. Oh yeah. That being danger strength because. Really what -- if all you do award deep traffic. If you're gonna get the types of stories that. Happened you know rule would call and he writes stories that the -- Speak English or are to sport be ticket. You know it in movies. Not paperwork. Can't call it -- -- down. But it really getting a watchdog journalism at an earlier expected a more important and -- eat it or what we're journalists. The New York Times reporter who I think some. -- read it in the journalism street language. He wrote in this story about risk -- reporters -- traffic meaning. Clicking on news stories. And getting traffic to your piece you wrote. Apart or being paid by the click or this column. A -- on it this way it will and oppressive emphasis on click bait. Mean that news ends up in prison by trillions gender models. Posing in disgraceful. List that holds. Accompanied to kidnap -- kittens. Bundy blood. A lot of kernel of truth and that is or not. Well let and that it -- Types -- -- lead back to back in Google started doing. Yeah algorithm that choose which story are going to be rated. And then people immediately started code that algorithm and -- Right there a line or story top. -- search engine optimization. And -- -- in -- clean and -- -- -- Story -- I mean it's -- -- Create some on the on the chuckle at the -- the early -- -- the storytelling. And you know real chipped onto -- All right let me take a person rig when it come back or ask as a journalism teacher. Do do do students. That federal looking for. The radio life in this business. Or they bothered by Ole girl or they Melinda Eagles opted the point were the -- everybody communicates. Nothing. Unusual about it then and Activision wanted to do it you shouldn't get and journalism by and what the younger people thinking when we come back end. If Europe a young to meet your page rolled. And this concerns you or you can cure curious about it. -- good thing. We've got the experts is -- to give you details to your questions and your column it was call. 260170. -- free anywhere in the country. 86689. And zero eats up. We get better article on New York Times called -- balance due to porter's play in traffic and basic and what it is or more journalism is turning to our. You can write your story as a journalist for the day you better check that have blind but -- what it says because. You would -- Pedro you're -- -- paid more at the headline in the picture of the conflict. Better make people click on it doesn't. You know I gotta make as much as you hoped in some cases you -- -- -- Talk more intelligently. About the -- call -- experts we have Michael Hughes who lose. Loyola university's senior media advisor for the maroon and -- the newspaper magazines. And -- journalism instructor Michael. For the breakers have we come back and talk about the blues news the new Newton and journalism. Does any of this the the platform that they seed in the bullet they'll have to do make a living. Or do they even though it's. Well they're digital fresher and -- they love story form that art and heavy balding and that. The -- eclipse. The FaceBook. -- you know media generated in order generated. Story entry the Twitter brevity. They love the story or but that the student journalists to working very much. Still of the quarter. Storytelling aspect of journalism and so really challenging and what they're they're trying to insult let that make sure that it. Still using the innovations but in ways that are kind of exciting at have their generation -- and really aware -- It doesn't bother me at all that an editor. May see them as Simon added to her. -- director. May say to them okay you do this story on NSA data collection but. Units on -- -- Jones -- sought to the so giving Jay Leno a finger. Because we're going to be watching how many people. Yeah. Let's not going to be a message that would be very comfortably achieved even by be digital -- that they don't wanna be told. That you know in this -- but it they love doing the journal -- He -- and cheaper or. Were superficial way I'm a doctorate in the challenge really competitors trying to. Feel -- what is that that makes people like -- that that we can tell the story -- meaningful in ways that are. They'll point out that traffic in a written by the media promotion and and not on that. They think a lot of where student and then lot of that the courses Weller focusing on the -- and how do you social media -- Smart way to get -- Click traffic. Even wilder. Even while we're. Doing stories are more meaningful and yet I want that nano and we wanna teach. We don't see Joan Rivers on the on the red carpet you're talking up torture it is important partner via the at our viewers see. Gary give me an example board -- told students about. Once again the business they've given the assignment. On one side of a very serious news and cal let's say the Malaysian. Airplane flight and and their relative. On the other side and they say and don't forget that -- a lot of clinics were -- -- -- they do there. Yeah so there a couple comments -- you know real. Just. Fundamental thing you need to be need to write it very clear in the complete and then you know computer short while -- repeat a line. Don't generate the election and we know that. We don't need images every single story that we put on search engines really like in the especially switching from media aren't you need and in the -- and on video or or or. Still -- You've -- idea we were training them and these are multiple platform. Creation. So they know that these these different multiple media and fundamentally sound or are going to naturally get more attention. But then it comes down to a little bit of touch on -- media you've got to deal bush -- that you like you're being -- and promotional opera still gonna capture people's interest and attention. -- lips let me change direct centers that are putting the onus. On journalist. Org -- news journalists going to be able board do. Not to dumb down the news. There are oral or will he did consumers. You know I laughed and make fun of the Huffington frontpage. But every day that's one of the things are really looking -- subject with the show. Ten days of board -- to to not follow. Let me be blunt the dominance of the general public. Yeah there's there's no doubt that that this trend that not being created by some. You know in the area. You know news director -- in the background and we need more collection -- collects. It during an economic reality and and that is that most. Well you know -- -- the commodities and commodity sold that the lowest price. And right now the -- part for me -- three. And you're at the if -- consumer. Is telling us what their pocketbook they're reading the pocketbooks saying we are not willing to pay or contents our -- Then we have to find another way to support equal part of that advertising. And the realities of -- right on line it that it it's really just very low rate that you'll find banner -- Man in the typical web advertising. So -- and and the organization though okayed them or collect data on the dollar currently out -- you go out. And naturally. That -- and while we're getting paid -- turnaround phase. There are on their prayers internal. Perplexed to. Armed so you'd -- You do it on the head at that that's it's an economic reality it's driving that and and they're coming out -- -- -- and be. It's -- readers in the audience occur. Not willing to pay an extra premium -- not for the they were all there are. You know being like that. And and we're just going to be relying on advertising is vendors going to be no money to -- -- forward. High quality content and let me -- ways that get. -- -- And of I think kind Indian and I think -- example as language talking about but. I'm still having trouble totally understanding element -- is back in February. Gore -- media when the bigs. Decided. They're gonna have a program. And -- we're gonna columned recruits. What did do big creators subsidiaries site or new contributors to your new journalist. Attached to existing. Editorial sites like corporate -- about. And the recruits. As aggregate compute. They would receive a stipend. Of 15100 dollars a month and pay back that amount of rate of five dollars. For every 1000. Unique visitors they attracted. Then. They get keep anything above the amount of this pipe and up to 6000. Helmet without. Yeah yeah. Yeah burning on traditional book publishing model where -- -- the publisher used earlier book to a publisher in the -- Japan. And you only get more money and advance -- -- So pat talk about bill blah and so that political and fight in the that it that's gonna grab onto an older. -- -- -- I -- it's the same thing though I mean that's big news it's not that they're using that site and that he can at least get I guarantee you that. I think is ever that you know -- -- -- a month. It's like you're getting that they're cheap but it. You don't. Pitcher numbers and you -- Eight and actor that I can't after a year your unique visitors. I can promise you you're not going to be on Stafford the. Or your young students are they -- salaries and television in newspapers today and particularly locally. That that they can make her career Obama. I absolutely yet they're still. -- high quality jobs in the media especially our. -- journalist who are trained in multiple platforms. -- you know you look at something like a lot of comments getting. You know they've -- pushing so much. Multiple media such year. Journalism student union and very easily use a video camera or still camera as well as and you still have that. Fundamental well being a good writer I'm -- -- come to you at the very attractive. You know candidates and saying and it's that we have -- here. Go work for the radio station and achieve -- speech and in and create multiple year. Stories on our website what we're really seeing it -- the they're still job. Especially for the very -- technical yeah. Student -- -- well. I'm better you know not be here -- seventies -- -- not. You know that they -- air. Monopoly media -- -- about their stole you know someone is -- is skillful and and yeah. -- hard worker there are gonna do are there are gonna make me. Here you can. Even more he's been a model should errant. Michael. Tell all your journalism students to listen. Good good dog and I appreciate very much love to have you on the show and I mean this is. For a lot of people this brand new and we got attracted to achieve this gets better or worse or at least understand that as it goes along -- have great day. Governor -- -- -- gates of the AM moral 53 of them crew of Miller is is. Still trying to decide whether usually get into journalism but he decided to work with -- me. That hurt his credentials quite a bit but -- thing and then Christen a news.