WWL>Topics>>3-25-14 11:35am Garland: on modern journalism

3-25-14 11:35am Garland: on modern journalism

Mar 25, 2014|

Garland talks with Minda Zetlin of the American Society of Journalists and Authors about the current state of journalism.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back. They get about below article is so -- New York Times news called -- go back home is reporter's. Plea and traffic. -- sure what that -- but to back in 1783. Jobs in television news for twenty years from what was intrusive journalism in particular today. I got a tail of the -- a new generation here at -- fuel launch of -- out there and complain about. It and sent. I think they're more entrepreneur rule I think they understand that things are not going to be used good. When I was young thinkers self starters. And I'm fascinated by. How they're conducting news coverage. Which was so different from one -- experienced -- quite frankly a lot of that I don't really understand so. When I read this of live news shall not rule. And clues from Islam to -- about. And this is one of the sentences India's second part that says. A journalist would now be held accountable for the amount of work they are Jews and the ball and of traffic. In attracts. And my thoughts war. Well does that mean. I'm approved reporter on the -- rate your new guys and television -- person and I'm -- got too tight. Our photograph. Are rapidly produce. Something that makes you want. To come read this story. Otherwise I don't -- Pedro get paid as much or maybe -- -- And wanna talk about it and OK. Davis. Hedlund says risk abounded reporter's plea in traffic. It's curious headline and it made me eat breathe and it may be depths of where you it was written. But this is what -- the author. Of this report says. He said about being paid by the click with the skull. I'm out of the -- that. -- -- -- -- Emphasis. On click -- mean that news ends up in prison. By friends. Gender models. Posing and disgraceful. List of quotes. Accompanied by kidnapped new kittens. And that the pick and brought I think -- explain to me the story was about five. Is always we go to the experts -- veterans stay in this. To impart to better wounded and Mendoza and president of the American society of journalists and authors -- thank you so much for the time. Open old journalist here. Is -- good thing or bad thing or somewhere in between. I would. Say somewhere in between. I think. David. First sentence fair. When he got that the transgender and then me and that -- kittens whatever it wasn't. -- -- -- -- -- do not understand the news media your your personal against. Okay great but the truth so maybe it wants devised. And but when he can't take your questions about this there. They are read and why -- people who are anticipating getting venues might be concerned and I don't think that in the air lines. But it. The first thing I'd like to pose is that if he's gonna tell a story as we brought trained to do with the inverted pyramid back in the days of traditional journalism right. The idea protect -- -- that the fact that the reader in and cut it to meet its. The idea that tablet reading what you're writing it for a newspaper or online please if you read a headline that will make a prison -- -- -- Tori and and online it's been a difficult step but actually click on the story to read. It is better to have more people reading what we write in general. So aren't aren't we all actually pursuing that angle and in some way. Little let me answer that booed when. The mantra I'm not sure whose gonna answer. I don't worry nearer about nearly as much about the young journalist. Or. Or at least for me -- new format. The way of presenting news. I'll worry about us the readers. Because I think -- They're having to dumb down not just make their headlines more interest. To dumb down what they're writing for us. Because Wu Wu get our local web sites that used to be newspapers. -- 5075%. Of the headlines or sports. Walked. Read read read sports and the -- about. Do you -- Absolutely people quick action alert. -- I think the answer to your to your question at least from my side. If we had -- readership that was really intrusive. In the important stuff. Then probably so but I don't know for kids can be able to make a business. Making or make a living. With the very introducing headline. About the Ukraine. You're not and you put your finger perhaps I'm. Exactly what the problem. My ATP and -- as humane knows the executive editor of the New York Times left to go to adequately funded by an Internet billionaire. But look at injury during that period reporting on the -- -- consistent because that there's -- way -- the market looking for your support and the criminal justice. And you know if you know him would you tell them that we pride 33000. Times to get on the show. I know exactly -- you're talking about the other than ever. I don't know him I read about it in the paper to what you buy it. Let me take a break here apologize idea too much. Let me take longer break from welcome back we're talking with vendors out and I don't think we you'd. Talk to more qualified person president of the American society of journalists and authors and basically what we're thinking about I think. Is is the new media world we're gonna pay these young journalist. For collects. Pour -- how many times we click to read their story. And what do they have to do. As for his ballad. Moon. Traditional journalism. In order to get missed the clinic. And ten it right this series stuff. Cause will we collect color and -- not. -- journalism what does that do to our ability. To learn about the world run double bill and it. -- think it about a nuclear triggers are a little bit of trade -- journalism in this country and the world. The propensity. For a lot of big time. Media corporations. And small -- medium. To pay reporters for collects the number of time to read or watch a story. Little bit different way to compensate. Veterans rescinded -- I'm looking go to an article in New York Times and it quotes. Leave by the minimum and zeppelin president of American society of journalism and authors. Amended in the article quote Jews say in terms of do you demands of pro riders. That is far from true right now all of there may be about how you lead wrought iron. Yet. As I'm sure you know they've been a lot of upward pressure on paid for writers in general. So I don't wanna blame it on paper page view because that's the whole story by any means. Some of the organizations that Palin has by the quick pay them really really badly adequate play at a thousand people -- and your story get a dollar. As with any -- that kind of propane tanks and follow through the web there's also other organizations that care about quality writing and -- better and sometimes that comes out of the stories that get -- click by. And that back -- that country that you posed before is that good for educating the public. Maybe. Due to meet a prime example -- listen as suitable let me take a look. Brawl Rory. Many so called these days mainstream media and pulled a public and posts in this sort of saw on two -- front page. -- and the very top there is a story with photographs of horrified residents of the Malaysian plight. Immediately to the right. Saying. Chiron type print and saw his photo. Naomi Campbell reacts to bowl covered that make -- lap belt while. Very Nick's story President Obama on NSA data collection. Immediately to the right. Joan Rivers with the gold -- are over -- slams Jay Leno gives -- a -- All the way down the right side immediately to the on the left side. Serious news. And ends stuff that honoring Pincus -- news now. I'm looking at this as the former. News first. Going well this is a toothless and what news is coming to an order to get brighter for the Chicago. Knew what did a clicked on the Joan Rivers show. Coming drone drone -- story. In that in the an example of the dangers of this. People like me. Well. Of them -- sent. He's been around for a liar you may remember at -- for and back in the dark ages of broadcasters -- is there. Tommy Hunter -- the exact name. Complaint. About television news that evening where. She goes. That the that the mean major network had shown. At. That world record domino over and -- were actually political and taking place that perhaps like department. So I would argue that literally out. Paper click. We have lengthy and even before Internet existed and really we had plenty of ways to tell what people like often what people liked. Art digital equivalent of junk food and nothing about this change that it's just perhaps made it different for rewarding. That preference a little bit more efficient. It did a couple of questions ago number one. The bureau and then I'm. Talking. To do you know it was the three networks and in three or four broadcast entities -- ignites sized city. Paper newspapers to and that was it the economic pie it was cut 567. Ways. Now it's gonna trip could -- was ultimately report to renew your relatives in the article. Portland aura couldn't -- go on me and Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper. The -- require report importers to post news articles three talent and he. To post the first comment under any significant or. Is part of a company wide initiative to increase age views. By 27 point 7%. In the coming year beyond that. Reporters are expected to increase or average number of daily post by 25%. By the middle of the year in an additional 15%. In the second half of the year in the article says sounds like not to leave a lot of time for serious work here are your thoughts -- sounds like. Is it's all about clinics. And not much on that -- huge insurance report. Well. Technically right that. Period and that the internal and slow thoughtful right. These outlets. Does suffer here. And and did to a degree I think I think that shame but I think that you've played -- something interesting earlier which is that the -- is like so many -- -- now and our company. Differently for people to find out about -- if they want to. Leading and let Clinton know what it is a way to make people care more about what's going at it kind and what about -- on the local football field. I don't know that we can do that but people who want an -- at the time at a crime -- anymore wait to find out including probably the Twitter -- of people or are on the ground in Crimea which is something that was not even been unthinkable a few years ago. We had to depend on reported. On on people where actually air couldn't communicate with the so. In the same way. -- it sounds like -- continent and not taken immediately predict that -- soul into fewer print. Issues online. All the milk. Which is you know another phenomenon we -- about a little bit. Yet what they're doing there certainly would seem to be pushing the -- reporters in the direction. More stories for inspectors stories although perhaps also more -- -- -- -- -- is changing at. That might not terrible thing but. I agree it doesn't upgrade. But at the same time that the ads and things like eyeliner where we can't invite people died in the -- and write about the very deeply basic -- for a long time and that sensitivity Internet it's created a market that was -- before. Is it that it did enough that it consolation I don't know. And I'm going to be doing this show a number of Time Warner bill aren't they in this old system. Couldn't get a better guests can we get to back -- -- -- I Q so much grief talk and you have good. -- a bill -- common.