WWL>Topics>>3-25-14 12:35pm Garland: on flood insurance

3-25-14 12:35pm Garland: on flood insurance

Mar 25, 2014|

Garland talks with U.S. Congressman Dr. Bill Cassidy about the new changes to the federal flood insurance program.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

About some good news for a change in Louisiana or on this show over and change could -- what we talk about problems looking for answers. And it's sure that we don't hear any number of times over the last year's. I think -- memories certainly critically will get above. 500000. -- insurance. Owners. That have insurance policy is a very large number thorough of that number. Were -- would literally losing their homes not being self owned flood insurance rates. We're gonna doubled tripled in some places even gore further than. Little bring bring people that old homes and able to stay in them and they couldn't board -- rates and I'm able to sell blow. Because rate for two. Group here in New Orleans -- -- our congressional delegation went to work. A couple of days ago the president signed into law a compromised flood insurance bill that ruled back the dramatic increases. And one of those mode for responsible Doctorow bill captain -- congressman reports from Louisiana. Georgia's doctor -- from the show and congratulations. Hello and thank you very much but I can graduate of people you know. We did and listen to all that you just described homeowners -- tires. Home owners you name it and it was collisions came up with something that I'm involved so for the moment but turn to you -- 44 people literal or fully aware of sushi and explain to him how bad this thing was and could've been. The. What I mean with implementing the bigger -- bill. You ignoring things that would make it better and -- I think the workers. And driving -- national elections -- him. Catastrophic -- A woman thing -- or go home. Saturday. That the government that correctly put force and insurance premium was going up to 20000 dollars a year. And -- that she is never blood. -- To the Euro and her nine year. I'm sure that she. Should pay for now. I'm over. By the way crude. -- Out of -- the flood insurance premium. And you look at. Some real estate market and begun to crater. And we can often because you're attack successor center. And attack on the beat people can't homes that have implications for local economies. So that could have been. What I can say is that my. From the ground after the bill. Did you think we built. The impact -- premium increases allow -- -- woman's angels -- to keep her previous race. And that which is over on the person by the same way to achieve. It's a much better scenario for four communities in our country. We wouldn't talk to him home owners who we have FEMA -- one -- depending most of those and I had a call from two homeowners' said. Not only can we not sell -- home the banks or refinance now. Because did the escalating cost and insurance may not be able -- -- on that basis so it was a real avalanche of things that could of people. According post people deserve to lose her home and businesses. And take Harper's break. When we come back and give detailed from doctor bill Cassidy US congressmen. We're talking about doing good news -- and no law that is a compromise on. Flood insurance build it -- -- driven people a lot of homes by the tunes of hundreds of thousands in this state. By the millions around the country and also it is does this new bill rolled back all of those threats or I think it would -- when we come right. That's -- thing to me about some good news. For a long time. I guess it's hundreds of thousands of residents through Louisiana thought there would be good saw locked. We're escalating what insurance Bhutto holds all with the arms of bigger water -- Wanted to replenish. The flood insurance program on the national level because we billions of dollars and they came up play in the plan basically double triple quadruple. Many people's insurance. Kept them from selling the rule and scope and staying in the -- Threaten people would losing businesses well. Its share the president has signed into law compromise insurance little bit roll back -- increases. And the flood insurance rate. One of those responsible doctor bill count should be used congressman is with -- Doctor at this forward what is it 15%. Average of Libya. Reached that Google. Four point play that can be only 15%. For an individual on the can be as much as eighteen. Many votes received. And it really in the -- after storms like super storm -- 2000%. Increases. And and went to rebuild it would just -- else. Tuesday it was donated 25%. You know the average of one upper -- between 3.5 percent. So we've looked at that. Now mandated that turned out not to be affordable so we come back and take another crack it real and in this -- on three skiers. If I'm so fortunate as to get around. Will listen to the people probably yeah and make the corrections. But that tremendous progress where we've been. All right a won't read some tune to your problems sues YouTube Prez today you probably -- and I'm older it's wrong in the morning verified that. A national story. Says national flood insurance hikes of the lead to a -- And what -- talk about is the pocket blueprint for many people who has merely been delayed. -- many as one point one millions. Policyholders. Will still be here at. With steady rate increases in points to a town in Pennsylvania. Ended talks to -- all honorable small business who have a couple of building. Was paid 3000 notes -- gore up to 26000. -- And it says. Thanks to the congressional rollback that bright blue -- -- was group for only to immediately start climbing again. Year after year in two of want to do and reaches. 26 tells you are your thoughts. -- -- Indeed most -- can. Four lead paint plane would be 15%. So under the one the 26000. Is gonna take a long time. Hold our -- times and I -- league right there. Now that we need to read in the position. Than. Three years now when you authorization. The program Cassidy bill -- -- the final -- it was the next step. And continual. Approach to -- If you think that the person there you would go from 1000. There. Is right now in legal that the most 18%. Put it didn't -- And again and yours isn't the problem will go back. But we've got to Parse. It. And it would -- important -- long term. -- screws and one of our callers real quick congressman -- and we've got -- and bullets break your own with -- -- -- Bill enjoys but I'm like congressman welcome and in the homeowner's insurance and enjoys -- -- Wind insurance in Mississippi there on different issues it is not an eight technical issues. So mad -- and concluded that what you're congressman really stood out on -- on this issue. But not to describing when and if it was announced an issue. And and actually good because that would mean that the statements but like I kept you on that despite all sort of -- -- My -- assuming is that there's going to be a surcharge. For a primary residences. Business properties vacation home. Fortify a book throw for a people's homes. 250 business property -- vacation home to opposed to about 2.3 billion dollars in the federal committee over ten years. That -- -- still than take care of that that debt toward the deficit what would we do there. Couple things that day since the primary residence we definitely since the day. We actually generally. Acts. That will go into the reserve fund. And so we addressed that as well and that -- some gentle rise in premiums and an inflation is just as the premiums rise. And so the revenue from that. I -- it was. Apparent to assume that has been apparently twenty billion dollar. Opposite in the non -- on the back. Problems. -- can't -- you -- out of pocket. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because premium increases under the -- and implementing them was driving them out of the program. For the program we're going to increase the deficit we need. To Japan to increase so that. Insurance and -- you know. I understand that the -- you'll reimburses individuals communities. If they successfully. The appealed to her FEMA flood map. Pregnant -- -- plain maps. We have these were not play. So that was published. I think they. Have an Army Corps of Engineers. And when you're playing for -- place. Now. Play that. There. Question. -- and and it under the cap -- the automobile. For the appeal. -- -- -- appointment which is kind of told. -- Expect to point out. Congress who cast to do we bitch and moan and groan when congress does nothing we give we're gonna throw -- their applause would. Appreciate that you worked and appreciated Tom on the -- Electric bill counts -- use congressman. -- -- back we called the think tango and Robin.