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3-25-14 2:10pm Angela: on plants with Dan Gill

Mar 25, 2014|

Angela talks plants with WWL's Dan Gill.

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Well I hope you got to listen to our last program on -- for life and this is my sort of last statement on it. All of us are concerned about crime every single one of its. You have to believe that lives can be changed and I truly do because -- seen it. This -- for life is an opportunity. For that targeted group as they talk about it's the young men sixteen to 24 who are headed on a very bad path. The path that scares all of us. If we can change their lives through known for life. It does have the structure it now has the success record in business and industries are joining hands to help. The Thursday night party for 25 dollars per person is an opportunity for you to say you know what's the one thing candid. I can go spend 25 dollars have a beautiful party. And contribute. To something that is working slowly but surely will get it done. Enough pontificating. Because spring has sprung. Even if it's a little that the and if you haven't already started getting your garden variety or planted -- spring flowers it's not too late. And guess who we have for the next hour to answer any of your yard. Gardening trees any questions. But one of the only -- and deal. Plant doctor host of the Garden Show Saturday mornings on WL seven to nine and a horticulturist with the L issue and senator. And really as -- said earlier one of my favorite people on the face of this earth. You are born to do to do and he'll leave -- you have done more to help people. And and -- to show appreciation for the earth. As we go back so many years and women -- -- it. Anyway I'm glad you're here for an hour please give us a call anyone out there -- 601870. He really is here to answer any questions you have. We're -- started off because this is march and April and this is a beautiful time to think about gardens. And lawns and trees and I thought it would start with are you ready out there. Fertilizer. -- he had let's talk about fertilizer. PO fertilizers. Just to give a little bit of orientation on it. Our materials that we provide to plants that give them one or more of the essential elements that they need implants -- tiny amounts of elements from the soil they need these to be helpful thing healthy things like marched in phosphorus potassium calcium magnesium sold for marrying in -- it's a whole host. Of these elements now they're not food. In one of the misconceptions we have as we talk about feeding our plants are using plant food. And I think that creates a misconception in many people's minds there were literally giving them food like we are we feed our dogs are feeder fish. These are simply mineral nutrients a sort of like if you have taken iron supplement or potassium supplement well that's not sure food that's just a mineral supplement you take to be healthy. That's what these fertilizers are. And their meant to supplement the essential elements that are already there present in this oil. The plant -- told dependent on us for these but we make sure that these levels are high enough for the plants to grow and perform at their highest level. And the most important time to give the plan these extra materials is when their waking up in the spring and putting on their active growth in most of the trees and shrubs many of the plants that we -- Do most of their growing over the next couple of months of fertilized replied now is a real good benefit for the -- this. Two things one how do you know how much needs to. We have really had an extraordinary winter. And I is that impacting anything you're aware and really took our tropical balance or tropical plants are in far worse shape. This spring and they have been for quite awhile since 22 and last telling him it's a major freeze has come through so plants that we might expect to be green at this point some of our. A -- at current prices for instance are almost always green after the winter weather Earl brown right now so -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Remove that and think of that as a wonderful opportunity to try something else different there or put the same thing back if you loved it. I love -- if such -- optimist you know it's gonna move on. Plant something support your local owners -- they've been waiting for hard went -- like this -- means in this so much we can be plant in this time of the year -- immigrant talk about that but about how do you know how much fertilizer. An area might need one new grants to your shrubs three your plants. One other thing people wonder is doing the separate thing for everything I have something different from my long from a shrubs monogram covers my trees. And the good thing is is all plants use the same essential elements so that really is no need to buy a whole host of different kind of part fertilizers. You can just get a general purpose fertilizer. And the directions on how to use that are on the package and because of fertilizers have different formulations have different strengths. You always go to the package never listen to somebody saying applies a cup of this or tables but now he always -- label for the products just tell people buying a good general purpose fertilizer. Read the label directions and use -- for -- this label directions. Well guess what then we've got some callers -- thank you very much callers and I want everybody out there listening this is your shot. Let's go ahead and go to nick on the North Shore. And I don't do. One quick question it is it too late to plant -- Monaro peppers CE. It is not bell peppers are sensitive to the heat such body if you inaugural bell peppers. Get your transplants planted in late march through the early part of April so bell peppers -- heat sensitive. And those we have to be I'm more aware planting early but the hot peppers are not heat sensitive at all they will produce. Abundantly of the entire summer season so having -- or any other. A hot pepper can still be playing different -- indeed the sweet peppers of them bell peppers can even be started from seed right now and plant them in the garden. All right. Thank you thank you Roberts -- Chile. The owls wondered. Some. Sort of paradise. What is good -- but he used -- thought that law. Any thing I'm like I was talking to with Angela. There there are really special fertilizers -- out -- so any general purpose are all purpose fertilizer. I'm just speaking for our area we choose general purpose fertilizers have a higher first number. A lower middle number in the third number kind of in between the other two. 15510. Would be good example of the dual purpose fertilizer for our area that exact numbers are not critical. He'll see fifteen fight and he's seventeen for eight. I mean anything a pox approximating that works fine and just read the label directions. And all of those for doing your fertilization. Okay thank you very much Robert. Let's go to William. A William in New Orleans times. Product. William. No but it went democratic electorate. I call it heroic. There are at war a war back all right. Well that would. Yeah that those replying soft fly -- William and we had a big outbreak of those in the late summer. And early fall last year. They already the foliage so the tree should send out new growth whispering. And they should recovery even though every needle was -- off of them they should recover from that. Okay the big comeback. All day I played ball. Yes in the -- don't grow in the fall and winter so once they got older needles -- off of them they just had a -- kind of sit there until there their next growth season occurs. And that's gonna occur this spring so sometime this spring. Expect to see the new growth coming out on this pine trees and by midsummer they should look pretty normal again. Wanna I wanna -- And debt sounds like a good thing. Are -- what do I do want to protect. -- -- come back every now and again William there's no guarantee they'll be back this year like they were last year but if they do come back since the trees are probably too tall for despray you'd have to hire a -- come to come in and write in Hillary and if you get that done early when the -- -- -- first just beginning in you can save the -- on this pine -- -- to step in -- quickly. But again you can't call treat -- -- him -- -- those four. It thank you so much William -- do lack of another caller was calling about what I think Paul is calling about the palm tree questions so. To mark caller who had to hang up this is for you to Paul. Yeah like damn I love you wanted to ask you what to expect out of not -- -- truly believe they of course not all in the -- -- I opera in the back out when my expect to -- the -- out of those who have -- And all those are here on the South Shore. Yeah I have I have worries about the role Bellini is on the -- for I do believe that that many have been lost. Anywhere got down with the team's -- -- -- -- very iffy but here almost Schwartz stayed in the mid to low twenty's and so the road Bellini said -- folded frozen. Our pick me date palms are also cult had their fullest frozen. But I do believe that the majority of them are going to be coming back out. We give palms until the end of July which is a generous amount of time to send out new growth before you make a final decision. And that really goes for all of the -- species on the South -- -- of the -- leanings are the only -- I'm I'm a little concerned about all the other almost the queen palms Windmills. All the different kinds of other date palms I think they're all gonna be fine even though they may sustain substantial. A games of their fronds. I do believe that we can trim all those fronds off right now the -- look a bit and little bit naked but in the becoming -- with lots of good new growth of the summer solitary to be optimistic about -- leanings. Okay thank you very much not got delayed to July I'll get an ordinary. Well make that call thank you -- All right and thank you Paul and for -- Steve and AJ I want you to stay with -- we're gonna take a break we'll be right back with Dan and Gil. We're talking spring and that means flowers and plants and beautiful things growing and who better to have here than Dan deal. Then is our plant doctor earnings host of the Garden Show on WWL. Every Saturday from 7 AM to 9 AM. And he's here for you so give us a call 260187. Game. We do have a lot of callers and I appreciate everybody holding let's start with AJ in Metairie. -- Yeah. That it yet and Angela thank you all so much taken called. -- -- very beneficial for everybody in the wallet and -- Are there and had a question about. Each and feel like -- you know but I just put we need speed down certainly -- let we last week. -- -- -- need to wait to get but they'll. That Phil doesn't. I'm the fertilizers have anything -- do with the -- although you did your ride if -- -- fertilize your lawn always fertilizer before you put the Phil because that fertilizer down in the grass roots not sit up on top of the field the grass is gonna try to growth through seemed on the right thing. It's still a little early yet to fill AJ we want progress to -- and rapid growth when we feel 'cause you want but grass. Come -- after that feel as fast as possible so wait until you're mowing once a week kept that way you know the -- -- in rapid active growth. And spread your fill out than Grasso growth to about two inches of -- so that's all you intend to put out that's -- -- this is going to be. The aggression reliably grow through -- -- filled deeper than that it has some especially those spots. -- the grass doesn't come through you can't go back in and patch that was some side and he could do that you know and may or June I should and need to rise. -- one other question and knock out roses and caught up the amount and currently get -- -- -- he has an -- that this style but yeah economy back. And are cutting back middle of the on the -- it came back but Corey is a little bit. But visit our economy back right now. You know 1012 mentions -- Roses will come back vigorously if you cut them back almost any time eight. We have a blooming season this is beginning right now and we get some of our finest roses and April in May when the weather's moderate. And my cutting year your knockout roses back now you're gonna push their flowering into the heat of late may June and July your flower quality is gonna go down and the and the quality of flowers is -- -- -- -- -- this is way late. Ideally bring back an ever blooming rose. It for future reference mark your calendar. The time it properly cut our knockout roses and other -- -- blooming roses back in late January early February see -- lately you are my cutting them back then it primes them to bloom. And April may and early June when we get them the ideal weather for beautiful flowers we trim them back again. And late August early September and that -- -- for the amazingly beautiful blooming season we have an October November and early December so roses will always come back if you cut them back but by cutting them back in the late winter. And the you know late summer -- I just told you -- We timed that pruning to two courts on with a best time for them to bloom forces well. Great are still unbelievable alone for right now thank you so much has been very much help. Thank you AJ for caller -- Let's go to -- and -- Hi. I have a magnolia tree that is completely boring and what happened last week we added driveway and we -- we are thought. Is in my tree and shocker. Is that. -- I suspect it may be gone a magnolia is have one of the most sensitive root systems of any of the trees that we borrow. Either very sensitive about any physical damage in there may have been some physical damage that occurred when the driveway when and depending on how close the driver was. -- to the magnolia tree itself. In addition mangoes are extremely sensitive about Phil being placed over their roots and they'll tolerate an inch or two of Phil. A grasp on has about an inch of soil attached to a two sobbed as she usually. I'm if you spread any fill it all up before you put the sun down. That there could have been an act pushed the tree over the edge of the combination of physical damage from the of the drama construction itself. And the laying of the side to get together have damaged the root system enough with the tree can get the water needs and you damage the -- you deprive the tree of its ability drink water. And then magnolia has turned brown because it's just simply dying of thirst and nothing you can do water will not help the top -- the waters and there's that the roots are -- still to absorb the water want to turns completely brown I would not be optimistic and fortunately. Nothing you do now -- in my mid late summer if it still brown who shows no sign of life. I'm going to make plans to have her removed and so. Don't want to achieve green -- That look like they're new I just don't remember they were there before -- -- and apple. You're giving given that there's always hope that its always open and begin until about mid summer and see what what happens with and a. I just -- that happened I loved it as a personal relationship with these treaties. I really do and your wonderful to call. It hurt the tree it's just met its abuse. Counts as far back are picturing you. It gives you look. Hang on to hope for mid summer. That may in May discover that great forest in the sky adds that if it has the it is on down think it would before we go to our last caller our next -- there. I do wanna say that we have the WWL opinion -- pretty opinion poll. And assessing the question. Do I do my own lawn and garden or do I pay someone and let the snow go to -- WL TV dot com. You know what Steve on what should continue to hang on we have to take a quick break for news and Chris Miller -- -- to start with you Stephen and Trish. Thank you Steve Trish gently so we appreciate you calling stay with this we're gonna start with Steve as we talked today and feel about -- planting questions Steve. Hey Dan and -- by. I planted a peach street. Then bought it from a nurturing. A year ago last January. And it was and I spoke it was developed by -- she. That's -- there should tell me what -- type of peachtree developed by LU. And it did well last summer. And but now. It's not blossoming and not lipstick. -- the cult of fuel -- peach street. Peaches are perfectly -- So Steve there's there's no way the cold killed it. -- what you can do and peaches have started blooming and begun their new growth although it's still early in the season so I wouldn't actually give up at this point but. One thing you can do is take I got to the tree take your thumbnail. In scratched the Barca ball so high on the branches and see if it's green below the market the scream below market trees to live. If it's not pre re scratch at work your way down the trees scratching. And see if you can find some agreement you know funny green is gone. I would've in the cold the -- -- for all kinds of things can kill young tree in the first year. So calm but I'd be very optimistic it just hasn't -- out yet now -- don't expect it to bloom and produced peaches for you for a few years to Trieste a subtle and so this is an a year you'd expect to get tons of flowers and lots of peaches on it. Three years two or more is time that we do give these trees to settle and but I wouldn't I wouldn't give up on yet. Okay great thank you so much. No thank you Steve. Let's go -- attrition Covington. Trish yes thank you. I have six mature Phillip and then. On the North -- it straight back like it never threatened to -- before -- -- -- every single -- And there's no green. On the trunks they remain. I'm wondering if they're just gone. I would be optimistic Angela says and I love you because judicial optimistic. But that's partly -- gender and we've used in our landscapes for able for for many generations. And they have come through temperatures in the tee greens. A previously so so -- although they were really badly hurt have a lot of cold weather this winner. If nothing else you should see the -- three sprouting from the base of the trunks. So the trucks managed we've been killed back to the ground even which is a lot to lose. But they should come back from the base in the so fast. That sometimes it's a blessing to have them frozen back every now and again -- and control and that fresh new growth coming up so be optimistic. I can't give him until the end of April certainly while Linda may before you start going I don't think -- can come back. Okay now let me asking that if you don't mind. It's against her coming back from the base and got this truck. That doesn't look very -- and I can write. Hack away at. You may remove it entirely back to the point. Where you see the new sprouts coming out sought by all means he can remove the entire trunk of necessary if degree -- the new growth is only coming from the based and that's what she wanted to. Great. Thank you -- calling let's go to what -- on the North Shore. -- Janet are you hi how are you. Question prepared and is what is my optimal look at the network and impede the. A senate -- is a very slow growing as a slow growing grasses and the reason we like it because. We don't have to -- it quite as -- -- faster growing grasses like the longest and and and Bermuda. But that is a downside when it comes establishment from seed. It takes to see things quite a while to fill it and so we need to give them is much of the growing season as possible. To grow their first year so I would get that done by the end of may at the latest now it normally takes in the peed. A couple of growing seasons to fully filled them and what that means is that you would expect to see a relief full long in the area -- needed. -- to the end of next summer not the end of this summer but the end of next summer. Country should be about. Whatever it is in many. -- -- probably too early Easter and yeah hopefully agree. Hubert. Thank you for calling. Let's go to Lisa also on the North Shore. I'm high and a line and tree I. Corner street and it your lap. The great line I tried I got a light in the car. All I. Bank it is completely -- Why and act like from my other one so I like about the picture that we act and apparently. Well for your launcher remember lines of the least hardy while the citrus would try to -- for gonna lose something and a bad freeze is going to be the lines lemons -- next. Thing grapefruit oranges in the sense in losing Tom Watson -- is the most likely. On to make it tough to winters up on the North Shore so there's nothing beautiful lime right now the damage is done this is kind -- matter of waiting and seeing. If and when it does send that new growth. Do remember that all citrus are grafted and so the only new growth PC is from the base of the trunk that's the root stock sprouting that's not your line to get up get rid of it replace it. Thumb but if you see new growth coming from up above the grafting and up higher up on the trial. Then wait until June late June early July and prune your citrus and I'm telling everybody that sounds odd. But hold off -- from the cold damage from you citrus trees. Until late June early July can take that long for all the damage to express itself so it's best to wait until then. It and so that's a sort of a summary they're freer for your line tree. A -- there citrus com. The new growth that's coming out this time of the year is not likely to be attacked by the citrus leaf miner they were decimated over the winter and there's something on around right now it's a late summer growth. That is really the major issue. Now belief minor damage of what is more cosmetic than horrendously bad for the tree the tree still produce well with -- minor damage in the of our -- is still good but if you wanna try to control leaf miners in those late summer flashes of growth. Get the insecticide Spanos and -- recipe IE and OS -- he spent I was sad. And -- at the moment you see the new growth just starting to peak out if you wait to see the damage and the -- -- critical -- -- some -- -- despray Sosa did you see that new growth coming out start spring regularly with Espinosa had. And that will help to minimize the amount of damage that you -- but it's pretty optional because the trees tolerate the damaged well. And doesn't only affect the production of the for. -- Thank you Lisa and let's go to keep on the -- offshore. But it went order called for a -- Jordan. I'm so much if it was -- what was the war. World group. It glory. But a question Bob Dole and Mitchell entered. This for you at all they might need of the hour and I don't know what you should do -- -- -- simply relax at this point. Of the the question is is how far back did they freeze the -- woods of course has been killed so that's obvious but how far back to that that the -- talks themselves. I'll go until they are. And when. They ask you got a situation where you just have to wait for it to sprout. Before you're able to see how far back it was -- to -- so leave it alone for now when the new growth starts coming out later on. And in a month or so you should -- the new growth coming out on your Leander. You'll be able see clearly how far back they were frozen and cut back the dead stuff back to where you see the sprouts occurring. The leaves will eventually ship on their own is really their reason for them punished. A remove them by hand. Okay good. Oh. Delegates. Okay thank you for calling keep I want to manage to stay on. We're gonna take another quick break but will be back with Dan guilt right after this and give us a call 260187. Well we've got the wonderful then gill who's answering all of our questions about. Things that make our life beautiful which of the trees the grass the plants women started with vegetables we'll get there but Amanda from Harvey you have a question about orchids. Yes I. They had about -- -- -- an odd that you. Of course they. -- -- All I know I'll get up and that there could help let that election. We'll look at us. Are not ever blooming. I mean that's the most important finger about -- kids they're like ours aliens. Bad you like singing are bought and -- day I planted in my yard and it bloomed beautifully for 23 weeks it was gorgeous. And now it's quiet partly -- to make -- bloom again. You wait until next. And it will bloom again in its proper time and that's the way orchids are they're not ever blooming plants they have their own seasons for bloom. So if you take the proper care of your or kids David Bloom again for -- around about the same time as they were blooming for you when you purchase them this year. Orchids -- and the care they require the a lot of that work it down there it's important you know what kind of work in that you have to double check and see if there was a tag or label with -- look -- the name of that orchid on the label and induce an Internet research using that name on how to take care of that to kind of work. Okay Perry and I -- And having -- That you keep them in. And you know. I wish I can tell you yes and kind of kids that say. You can plant herbs and grow them on the windowsill but all of the plants that we grows herbs like a Sunday situation and we simply cannot duplicate full -- on -- to -- So curves going on when to -- do OK for a week or two or three or four and then they start getting lady and range G. They get so little like the chemicals wonderful sensual oils that we -- them for for the great flavor so the flavor becomes more so if you had. Some that you could put outside in some -- on the windowsill if you switch those every two weeks but the ones on the wonderful outside the ones that Arafat and you wind itself. And just kept switching them he had the convenience of having them on your windowsill and shall keep him in decent shape or just keep them outside in the spot -- run out to -- quickly and harvest them in your -- actually the best thing the love that sun. Thank you so much. Not Randy in New Orleans. -- -- -- street on the ball you carrier that he now -- -- they would hurry but I do you do -- which again in the Kamal. And I normal fertilized with triple -- thing on our February or should. -- now even they would talk about. So you didn't do what you normally do and -- on the first of February. About it. Sure I mean -- you -- fertilized back in February. Now you might have said yourself I don't know whether these things are alive or dead at this point and -- -- there is no use for asking did tree -- back and that was celebs. But I would have -- would have been optimistic as always say -- -- it's all these trees are gonna make -- let me go ahead and fertilize them at the right time. So the fertilizer is there when they start to wake up in the spring. A bit since you didn't feel free to go in fertilized them. Now if you like to again don't forget if you missed what I said earlier we don't cut back the damage on the citrus trees until mid summer on about late June early July. Assess the trees -- and do your pruning them otherwise leave them alone at this point. Yes Dan is the man and he is the plan doctor ever going to have much more with him right after this. We are so lucky to have Dan -- here I'm so appreciative that came into the studio all the way from Baton -- means a lot there and really you know it is. But we have some wonderful shows coming up let's talk about -- there this is the time the year for for garden shows and symposium and always keep and I -- for all these opportunities -- to these local programs because these -- local speakers people that are. Are that know your climate know your plants know your stuff going on and this coming weekend on on Saturday the 29 and Sunday the thirtieth. Is the Baton -- spring garden shows of the list -- up in the beverage area this is a really -- financial plans for sale plant products for sale. Demonstrations educational opportunities. It's taking place at the Parker coliseum and that's on highland road on the it was U campus big. I'm marking its indoors so whether it doesn't affect that it's from nine to four. Both of those days on Saturday there's also going to be chili cook off this is sort of companion event. There at the Parker coliseum and that's a lot of fun and a Koi and goldfish -- -- so -- -- they can meet some -- saying a look at some fish and then have a good time buying plants and talking all kind of experts on that and then on Sunday there's a -- -- -- as -- also a lot of good stuff associated events going on -- the new -- in spring Garden Show which everybody looks forward to every year. Is that in early April each year and this year it's the fifth and sixth and that's a week from this weekend -- -- right around the corner. As always it'll be at the beautiful botanical garden city park and you put these. Gorgeous exhibit some of these plans for sale these experts and great people. In the midst of all those gorgeous -- and flowers at the -- garden. You know really amazing event there's a great lineup of educational programs both on Saturday and Sunday. And a lot of great opportunity just wander round. -- meet a lot of great people be doing a program from 11301230. On the super plants for the spring. -- this year so Alicia actually lose in this will play program. Identifies great plants each year and that's what opera world beyond all kinds of great -- a hint of a couple of super plants. Well coming up it's -- -- why Torre India two rating is have been grown for a long time and our gardens and the -- is a new series with lots of bright colors of one of a control growth habit and a new oh wonderful high biscuits hearty hi biscuits on people's tropical businesses got frozen back. This is the hardy -- biscuits is called -- a series and comes in some beautiful colors and into the flowers RC 810. Inches across. On these gorgeous -- had discusses -- -- discusses them. In our last minute we've got to talk to vegetables what should we be planting well if you want to maybe you best be near to made -- in the ground over these next couple weeks. Very important not to -- leakage to -- is planted a lot of wonderful varieties you can choose of the -- determine the types. The whole mining indeterminate type of thing on how you monitoring your tomato is. But don't forget to add some cherry tomato is a principled small units -- silenced some a paste or pear shaped tomato is suffer from making -- made missiles. Or tomato paste and air rooms and be careful with the heir looms are wonderful plants it is wonderful with a taste delicious. But they don't have a lot of disease resistance and and our climate and can vary from year to year how well they produce incentive to -- -- produce report it so don't put all your eggs in one basket. Don't just smile all heir looms -- all this role that wild wide variety of different kinds of two -- everything he can hedge your pants. And what else should -- be plant. But we can also -- -- that -- of my favorite vegetables to grow 'cause you get right out of the garden is no nothing like -- -- All of the Q could be -- squash cucumbers. Can be planted this time of the year is well bell peppers need to be gotten and -- heat sensitive on the south continually bell peppers to not to produces well to get -- bell peppers planted soon as well. Then -- you -- gift to us all and we always learn something from you but mostly it is your enthusiasm and attitude. You just make you wanna go well there with a shovel and start digging and planting that's my highest compliment I thought. Thank you very very much stay with -- everyone we have another hour and this one is about how to start saving. How to start saving and if you're a baby boomer. How to start retiring. You'll wanna listen.