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3-25 4:35pm Sports Talk: Scott Shanle

Mar 25, 2014|

Kristian Garic, in for Deke, and Bobby Hebert talk to former Saints linebacker Scott Shanle to talk about the new NFL rule banning dunking at the goalpost.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our WB well pretty -- opinion poll new NFL -- talking over the goal post like Jimmy Graham now comes with a penalty -- -- get it right or wrong cast your vote at WWL dot com more calls at 260187. -- 38668890870. Texas and 8787 via text Massachusetts. Gus Frerotte had by the wall and got hurt no ahead but it's it's yeah -- -- high fives soon you cannot high five anybody you get that cheer on the sideline. And National Football League I think our whole sit tight well I promise you'll we're phone calls and here's a few minutes Scott Shanle former Saints linebacker. Joining us now and Scott when I first heard the news. Of this rule change that. I -- your thoughts on a text in it was -- sting right away you fired back. Yeah I mean these things are just getting ridiculous and you just -- I mean I -- new partners something. That -- -- -- -- that they need to spend hours program meet about when are so many others in the community about. -- -- Big they come with getting rid of celebrates deductible a couple of buy property here -- Tony Gonzales but to do a -- years I just I don't understand. Where these terrorists come from when when they get together. Scott do you think that. The reason why he became about -- because the slight delay. When Jimmy Graham did hang on the goal -- and a Falcons game that and I think in. And there's no delay. In this not even address it and it's night and address in the off season. Yeah I think that that's probably a -- appointment. -- I would like to see you Wednesday you know maybe maybe a personal maybe a fine. -- open -- that nature -- -- him in these guys and shall do the celebration keep missing them trample Odyssey. And just don't logo on it going to hand you amber or whatever -- because it's her pocket a little bit that. It does change the whole rule comprehend. Peninsula to the players be entertainers. There. They're good guys to give the fans the show and -- -- 22 on Sunday it's so. I just think that -- too far even that one incident happened. You guys are obviously very talented players but also entertainers right I mean that's part of what you guys get paid to do. Well out of and a lot of guys you received the personalities -- -- -- -- earlier whether. CEO -- that are. A lot of guys like that on everybody has different personalities and again as. You don't you don't do don't buy into it and and don't sort of marked themselves that way that. You know. That that is and figure out there you're putting or sober for people are spending a lot of ordered him to go watch and not only do they want to their team win -- -- football that they would be entertained as well and there's a lot of flamboyant personalities in the NFL to do that. Was Qaeda and you look at the public. In general. We got what wrestle mania coming here in New Orleans and and you look at the drama and gold becomes -- -- the good guy bad guy. And an entertainment where here's it's all stage. And is generating. You know hundred million dollars to bring to you are also a when I'll look at that and and that entertainment. Is that the fans don't want to see robots out there and they wanna see players went. You know passion. And and then they're able to show -- my personality and what exactly. Are. I grip -- I mean like at the network they don't go to these engines and allotment of tickets. And a lot of people don't actively these guys didn't do act like a kid on the field and and other like -- -- get excited about that. Then and -- -- plan their rent we're at the game with a more they're out watching the games so. It's just a part of the game that over the years. Whether it was getting rid of celebrations with a -- you the ball proper teammates. Duke celebration together. It's just not the point now where if it's totally ridiculous how other -- and out the entertainment part of the celebrated. Scott the whole game is -- the ball as a prop right. -- Exactly. Yeah. I don't know her words get to go to next -- give they would they. Like determined pay this. Specific celebration. The Jimmy -- celebration. We'll -- it is gonna be banned regularly as I never thought out Tuesday where they just. Isolated narrowed down the ones such a celebration. And Guss Scott as speaking about Jimmy Graham might Florio. You did a nice piece where. He speculating that the Jimmy -- deal likely. Before April 20 the second as the agreement stat line. And maybe the Saints and I Jimmy Graham will finalize a long term contract. Before Graham pulls the pin. On the agreement -- so to speak he says and it makes sense because. Once Graham files agreement that the process obvious it would take a lively it's all. When more that five million dollars turning on whether Graham Bynum or receiver or tight end for the franchise tag purposes so thought I think in. Definitely. The Saints feel and I know how the arbitrators. You gonna goal. That'd be in this a's message is that to get a long term deal done college speculates that Martina 1012 million dollar range. Vs -- and a franchise tag. Being designated as a wide receiver going from seven to twelve million little what did you take you think it -- get done -- The middle July are do you think that's a possibility. Reported 22 of April. Well I would say normally. It would probably go at the last minute in the library I think Jimmy has you leverage point on the spread that a lot of guys you -- -- -- and that being that he could. Given notified them about it. Big business -- who rely on guys just get that they'll have that -- -- -- -- hit it in so that. That is a huge point and and I think that may help get a deal -- which would be good. Former Saints linebacker Scott Shanle things about for a time we appreciate it. Thanks for -- here. I got I Scott Shanle them. Weighted down look -- -- -- played the league for a decade and never thought that he would see. Jimmy Graham celebration the Jimmy Graham rule. As it's being point now that's right comes with a with a penalty he slammed the ball over the goal post and passed today at the end NFL owners meetings. Jason Jim Dave Howard David Tony Rick they sit tight. This is sports talk on WB well you guys lead off.