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3-25 5:35pm Sports Talk: Saints Owners Talk

Mar 25, 2014|

Kristian Garic, in for Deke, and Bobby Hebert talk to Ramon Vargas, who covers the Saints for the Advocate about the Saints Owners' Meeting in Orlando and the recent rule change penalizing dunking in the endzone.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back sports talk Kristian -- into the big chief Steve Bellamy alongside the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and -- get to the phone calls in the text messages. Ramon Vargas from the New Orleans advocate covering the New Orleans Saints he's down there in Orlando at the owners' meetings in. Obviously as you can imagine Ramon the big story today is the Jimmy Graham rule that that passed that that is now penalties so what was the reaction down there. And he hit. Is that thing I mean is that well and so I understand that it's dark and later. In this. You know it may explanation that it should bet there's party. -- law on the books that arm I just and use of props. As an artist will ultimately at whatever historical ball pop and then the goal post as a prop and they are going to be out. So on and so obviously I mean you know it's -- syllable -- -- on here you know obviously you know among among oppose what you can control that. There in the room just talking it's such a slow you know -- -- on the strikes again. Arm into trouble trying to circle on and I mean arms just -- obviously. When -- writing stories you know you don't want immediate relations and -- your like work and then now you know other actions are. In the the field like. You know analyst and actually this is just another way to -- but yet you kept the -- problem because of course. Graham had done on all -- most of -- -- -- touched on the court for the strange. On the team and play also. On you know I don't think anybody -- You don't know. Already released by the yeah yeah explanation about that. In the league sport obviously yeah. Would be you know just recently you know again. That's technical penalized -- -- counselor whether it's racial or otherwise. -- As a unsportsmanlike conduct -- to another level it would not make -- -- it's just that on the books and unfortunately comic bit but it didn't. Capital one yeah well Ramon -- you know initially when you look at it. But the props in -- Feldman and use a prop in celebration in an extension was made. For the gold polls done in Lambeau leap now and I think he doesn't even come about if there's not a a delay in the game. And now and I think that's where I -- force and now. When you -- -- props in the four ball being considered a prop. When it's like a football. Is it that -- and simple spike that's a problem -- it what is your opinion what Jimmy Graham analysts. Whitcomb and just scored he's all excited and he's -- -- -- and don't two Grand Slam in his eyes he can and -- do you like sweet. George overnights and being a role and he never touches the goal posts you'd think -- would sort of check and no it. I mean -- and -- -- -- in the senate I don't think anybody doubt that the rules are consequently the fact that. I mean you know in that game and permanently -- -- She she knock it off. Count -- -- as he likes red and the last on the -- -- that you probable and obviously their attitude and our industry not the goal post. To do that -- and Syria. I could surprise anybody if it was a flawed format but it -- -- it is in the who'll keep on eye on Q is. If that is indeed the timing of the revelation understand advocates. Tomorrow. And those Bulls aren't so happy that you know whether -- -- chemical goes Tiger -- make. Mailing -- feet higher like that bad start to win out would Belichick in the pages for the Ravens well. -- I got this thing you know what is good or not good. That to me it's oh which it one -- -- -- make -- in particular it will be because. It won't -- those anymore and distract. And you'll be able spectacle has a couple of those are going to be higher species that can knock on did not. And even to knock them off line yeah it's that it not be one -- wondering if it's want to have to do with the other that would include your arm. -- -- a little while ago and -- moment if maybe the next -- track -- Mean those multiples that momentum but the intrinsic -- eliminate any doubt about. The out that whether it's. Ramon Vargas of the New Orleans advocate saint the report thanks much of the time Ramon and keep -- of the good work out there and Orlando -- with the if owners meetings. Ramon Vargas.

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