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3-25 6:35pm Sports Talk: Jimmy Graham Rule

Mar 25, 2014|

Kristian Garic, in for Deke, and Bobby Hebert talks to WWL NFL Analyst Mike Detillier about the recent rule change penalizing dunking in the endzone.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to sports talk Bobby there. The cajun cannon on Kristian garic inferred Deke Bellavia and NFL college football analyst might it to -- joining us now Mike. Obviously the big news of the day about the NFL rule a new one dunking over the goal post. Like Jimmy Graham now comes with a penalty did the NFL get a right or wrong here. And you know what and I know everybody in the city try that it's not a game I'll be honest with -- -- -- Guatemala he's. They do it could but -- an -- -- when that. And I mean I know that that's the part of the entry -- it is game that you don't think about but you know somebody in that excitement at that moment. You know to -- that and hurting themselves. More than anything and not coincidentally that game everything outcome on the on the all the goal lap and to be honest with you -- me it's. It's an irrelevant do you and so denial but don't win any -- -- potentially virtue. And we've seen guys in and college basketball ice cool in the pros get hurt but they look at basketball just gentlemen and up against. At the things that come to -- When -- seen that happen. And you know Oregon doubt that'd -- up again he got out of the league you're right and done because you know he would be doing it do. I think the biggest thing today -- In the rule change. It having officials. Monitoring. At will call. And I think we're gonna make a big thing about -- in the ball over the goal and everything. And that's kind of the Jimmy Graham rule but I think the bigger issue here. Is going to be that fact that. He and I don't want to make sure that they can't be in -- weekly calls correct -- -- -- -- the game. And somebody else is gonna be monitoring in my prime they get hit that ball. That they're already there and again that signal from New York. From somebody saying that we've seen the replay and this is what we think now you can make that final decision. And these games already delayed I say complete. That is that big hit port a pity it won't change. In the back you know what it you -- -- -- in -- -- Right. More than anything get it right. Now like again Jimmy Graham Mike Florio wrote a piece that a deal likely before. On April 20 sick he could come about because of the grievance deadline. That an actual deadline applies on or about April 22. When Jimmy Graham and sixth and dog must follow agreements regarding. The designation as the tide and for the franchise. Act services to me that makes sense when you look at them average. That when you look at it -- 12000 agreements. With the things take a chance that the five million dollar difference then they go by. The number of snaps he'll lined up so. You look at league sources speculation. Then the Saints and Graham will finalize a long term contract. Made before this all happened because Andy beating then it happened and and inexperienced in -- when July 15 -- yeah take on that. Yeah Bob I think it's the Smart decisions. All because of the fact that this one hand cycle arbitration rule. You know -- much you immediately. When that happened because. How many people we knew so well this season told you you can't go to court and fight the end -- it. And -- A lot of people but antitrust. Lawyers. Told me what what Jim thinks does to you and someone has to -- challenge NFL hug and all of you. If you don't have a contract. That errors you know no CBA's everything was in -- bowl. That. They thought at a 75 -- Sanchez still went -- talk about the pretty good odds. Well -- gym and playing wide receiver outline what 69% of the time. Yet gym expects that are not in the -- right. Basically I'd note that I don't on the long term you know I know what I'm gonna get I'm going to be franchise as a partner. What what not -- like that without that you. -- you I know we get again. That we signed a long term deal all week go to an arbitrator. Now people say well you know it -- it in the right well you know what we do so. So the franchise tag is that we duels but in the league. Invite teams to really come down and you know what I'm gonna my best -- -- can't come a long term deal. But now that arbitration they'll probably get them -- like that one guy makes that. Engine like -- if you. -- watch you can't put some weight how that went to the beat and look at him being slight slide. He got a pretty good argument. Yeah that's why as the judge Doherty and it's a NFL obviously dollars -- too liberal -- their liking. But yet you know you play the percentages -- I think that's where -- and in my I think when all's said and done. That -- You know he looked -- with the gonna have to pay. -- Outlets ABT added twelve that if you compare. In this age a top receiver but not the elite of the elite it was that era dominated and you look at withdrew koskie got. And helping gotten on yet nine had yet awkward pin yet he -- well all. But I was a book on an eleven. Yeah right that I had does this is I don't look at is a TV is too common sense about what -- a car. And when you look at all of them both sides of the fans that they could compromise and come to that number like you said the -- looking at the draft. I made that I've heard a number of times in. What's your take in. Considering he -- university of Buffalo but the -- Mac not even heard do you think even has a chance. To go -- -- overall to Houston are what did you take on that. Pop -- -- number one pick. But he's going to be my number -- rated -- and draft well. And you know you're not in indeed talked about this -- -- you want to comment skip. Where everybody on which -- up there but the big talk there. About a football where everybody talked about illegal -- And a lot of people in -- ball low. Early on in my first mock draft or street rating for the cup players back in August that it it it. Oh well written and it. He is as talented and outside linebacker coming into this week he's got a higher ranking -- boarded on Millwood the well we became. Being. Able football player I mean he's got some big time skill. He can rush to quarterback. He played -- well real instinctive every time he's played against better competition. He has. -- worked his way to that level of play that highlights. It ought graphs. In maybe other years you would say -- got a shot. I think if the Texans Q does it which it will do. One of its biggest need that football team but -- -- -- like if you don't you in the eighty NC. And some guys like Milan so -- net so like read it in this draft. What. -- and now the water all more goals. You've got -- unique guy and they'll. You have -- potential. Importance. If you. Want probably. Not probably it is the most advanced all the quarterbacks at that top. But I would -- it went about his work out I mean hugged his opponent that what. I think would let it all mop board right now like -- just -- -- on him and they'll. Honestly for me. Because. It would depend on what was -- for a lot to do with -- we don't know one thing all of much. And so how can you culpable with that I'm not too concerned about his. Is work out at Louisville that sort of thing up seeing him play it out I took the very top quarterbacks public that the lord the only. Well the injury that I think you pretty much know which you're -- -- -- what -- you don't nobody IQ with morals. Ended up there figure at all -- how to make it work with me and they'll. And also Kirby is one deals are that you cannot run the ball to be. It's gonna get knocked out -- we have the best line about -- and he's unbelievable. But you know if the richest man is like that -- actually. I'd say is should NFL though want no quarterback has run in the skills Sanders skill level Michael Vick in Malaga I think as a great chance to be the Jets quarterback. Bubba look how many seasons he's completing what I get veto. Well -- -- look RG three even with the Redskins now. And so in honestly I think it could be. All join me it's underrated ultimately throws the football. I think you got a little -- won't give him credit for that but not sharp on the -- to put that ball in the right spot and keep it straight out. You know what his game is -- to figure out. My question to you we did Nick Saban who would you consider the -- top college coach around had two shots that you know. And you got nailed the talent and the old but not cold the second. It -- because that made him off because their defense was so bad. Then got his have been uncle former I think the question more with Johnny on balls and I think almost all the GM is it. Wouldn't put in all time. Field alone were cruel and everything else. That makes a who believes we he has Peyton Manning we years as Hodges. Tom Brady Arctic. A lot of old GM yet when he would never admit. But I think that's partially negated but nothing to do with its -- I think it's not everything you do with all you issue. And now Mike you know look at Arab League portals I mean I did a possibility a lot of Simon could be the next Blaine Gabbert. And he considered look where he was drafted Jackson now -- big -- with the Raiders. One thing I've seen different out there not like Woodley or how accurate he can total football -- the pocket. Blaine Gabbert was in the system will lose -- -- a lot I think -- A lot of short passes not and not think that publish all want it to be that cockroach. And that's the important in this league with a quarterback all week. But I -- what was -- -- like 101112. Acres. It in his spot he never could come you. Watching his primary target was covered way to go with the ball. You know it was almost as though that was sold as a patient with him you know I think they would line when he came out. I mean out of problems too but that was a big part of his problem. The that he couldn't pick up their secondary guy. One and would -- as we watched it. Is that he has a knack for creating some expected he's a pretty good actually. And it sort of football accurately from the pocket also bogeys on the yeah. Pick up that secondary target the quick story about him is not a highly recruited player. And Bob Toledo not let it -- that you lane you'd try to bring him is that idea. And if you look at Georgia Laird NFL coaches and scouts trust him and very much. NFL analyst might today foam onto grab my detail also on line. And might TA dot com thinks -- might appreciate always like guys do it for the insight -- am -- the sports talk on WB well I anathema dot com.