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3-25 7:35pm Sports Talk:LSU Spring Football

Mar 25, 2014|

Kristian Garic, in for Deke, and Bobby Hebert talks to Senior Writer at tigerbait.com Bryan Lazare about spring football at LSU.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I welcome back to sports talk Christian Derek and for the big chief Deke Bellavia alongside the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert welcoming now trials are tiger -- Dot com and Bryant you just update of folks on the latest from the LSU Tigers and spring. Practice and know what -- -- obviously the quarterback position battle is won -- even on the what are some of the other interest in story lines. Well first -- not everybody stopped by a quarterback in and certainly that's a big position. Really -- actually really. Limited what he can do offenses scoring it's because of the lack -- you know you're trying to break in you know new quarterbacks. And for example the day out there and they're -- -- to help the -- -- Scholarship wide receivers. Trading Edgar Allen and Avery Pedersen and Peterson Richard trek so John BR has been missing time recently. He's missed the last three practices that -- that leg injury and oh. You get into you trying to help them breaking in inexperienced quarterbacks Sydney L if you would have experienced receivers La Rasheed that they needed him. Any receivers out there you know it's it's very typical talk for the pats seemed to -- that you government the running back situation. You only had. Two scholarship scale backs -- cute scholarship pulled back now on Saturday in the scrimmage. -- mid east sprained an ankle or eat out so he's an article three scholarship. Our running backs out there. And you'd go to that deep at the side of the football you know he had anything here there'll there'll only. Kevin healthy defensive backs -- I practiced the day so he bit. I think that countered that -- to -- All the members of the media out here they were only 48 scholarship football players. No right you mentioned the passing game and then this is like old school and this is where a quarterback's best friend is that tied it. You know the dominant that it backs -- utilizing the tight end. I was a little surprise. Maybe with segment burger. And a coach Cam Cameron that dating utilized that tied in more. And you look at this day and age obviously Saints fans LSU fans vice Versa we know how. Look at a player Jimmy Graham is and a tidy position and and I think Cam Cameron. Had the Q abilities like to Shawn Payne how to utilize the tight in BC maybe LSU ever having. That time and at that time ago to receiving tight end like this as say maybe having Jimmy Graham. Well I think it would like that on one. You know you know. Like what about Bob ball -- year he's about 280 popped out these primarily locker. You have Logan Stokes who was the second tight end in cute tight formations the primarily a blocker. You know -- Dixon is the one guy that you. Think -- get some ball he had one English you're not think he caught our six passes. And then of course. Does the Sean Burnett who -- but I everybody wait for -- seemed to be -- along with Jimmy Graham line that somebody. Who can both block and receive and again he just took him. You know on the job last year. A lot. Wrote I thought -- at tight end the watchful -- out the year and they caught the ball pretty well certainly when you break it in new quarterbacks. It. -- on new quarterback that's -- demeanor tightly in dump the ball off you know 89 yard gain and that or tie it and all experienced that and yet they can't improve. And I am sure that the reason why they weren't used much in the -- And why should go to bat in -- competent and drawn well. So. -- it could try and being more experience in the wide receiver this year you know may be the chance at that they'll get more ball strong to -- like -- -- today -- -- -- sport I can look pretty quick action football. Now Brian the wind is deployment back I guess as a fan I can take this for granted our the approach that you look at LSU's defense this things like. And over the long haul that they've always been opportunistic as far as being able to. -- turn -- You know just get those takeaways worry you look last year. Mean identity was an Achilles -- -- look what eleven interceptions and eight fumble recoveries. That. That you really didn't have that and sometimes you look what you could see why Ellis shoot. Is way ahead on the plus side turnover ratio has because -- did have some mistakes on offense it was always about two to 1321 as far as takeaways. Right and had not been here. I really think some years -- you know depends upon the type that got him back here I think it inexperienced secondary. Last year I think he got -- word about being in the right position were making plays late on the football so. They're going to be more experienced back this year. You know right now. Probably the biggest surprise. Ego. Personnel standpoint and -- Collins. Has been working at a short Robinson at at a starting quarterback spot you know last year Collins with the starter would. Jalen -- that started the year that you ain't shooting it's like being a lot. Jalen Milton and moved to create heat. And you know white. And college had been working with the ones in the quarters Rashard Robinson is the number is working with acting -- Robinson the guy. -- and last year in the nickel back -- played on the outside and then in the bowl game. Windmills or say the Robertson started corner so that that's something a little bit surprising in the air the only other. Scholarship quarterback out there in spring right now in Paris and an early enrollees. Looks pretty good. And then -- the only at three should they -- out there right now Jalen Milton move. Back from quarter to say -- and then Ricky Jefferson. And two point top recount is primarily you know -- -- cooler or dime back. -- marketing -- Thompson who certainly will play a lot being in the rotation Thompson had knee surgery in in December so. He's you know still rehabbing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Over an hour practice on Tuesday and -- And you know he's getting back he fractured foot -- at. I'll say the last 45 ECQ. So you could -- about not. 90% right now so those two guys you know spring practice -- he does you better be out there whole lot on it LP. Now brightest are changeup a little bit look at L issue basketball to close out the season and I -- -- had a chance to beat SMU. On the road in. You know when they beat San Francisco I was somewhat surprised. You know their first -- -- and I UN since 2002 season you look at first when he went season. Since so weighed on nine when they had that SEC championship campaign -- over all you -- to say I guess there's expectations a disappointing season. And I guess where it ended up. I think most people start the year opened it would it four players from -- -- rotation coming back and I -- and -- -- coming. They tell you can make beat jumping nugget in the NCAA -- well they didn't quite make that jump and had to settle for the IT. And out. You know twenty win season but you know again I think most people were expecting that -- be obligated entered the NCAA tournament this year look it's pretty simple. Addicting game and is it in easy explanation. And that's what it being walked all the name -- -- A lot of talented player and I get in the commitment to playing on the defensive end in the school and you know thirteen times this year a lot of any thought we gain back -- too high. You know from a percentage standpoint. You know giving up 75 points in thirteen out at thirty or gain that there. So let them make it up higher percentage of them up when in the inning that you go back in 1997. Dale browns' final here. Oh win they'd give it to ten and I used to you know 43%. -- is decent pretty good. And when the opposing team this year shot 43% or -- L issue with seventeen to temple lost the game it'll work so there you go right there and Alex -- spent. -- were pretty good shape when basketball. But the problem at this speed couldn't consistently good and particularly on the perimeter. Know last night at and you -- nine out of 143 point shot. It was the second -- three and you made -- game all year and that happened so many times you routines that have you know that extra second that. Three point shooting night against LA QL she didn't defend well on the perimeter. Had trouble stopping. Dribble penetration and promptly hit the ball back out for a great the rotation toward good and again you have a lot of Cali guy -- -- thing that they were. You know I think both of these players are better off that we didn't beat accurately I think that. That sense of urgency to depend what -- -- relish it -- you know do to move up there and get better there's gonna be. A bigger commitment next here on in the Pentagon report. Now bright focus it on. Obviously right now the teeth of the scheduled start SEC play a coach and aryan and LSU baseball Tigers. Explain to me haven't been out of touch kind of way did you look at the -- now -- Vanderbilt. Obviously we on the about their pitching and how challenge and I was coach Mary mentioned that over and over again they had Georgia come in the -- but now. You know played Tulane this week which they should take care a bit has been oh what can you tell the folks that the fans about. Having to travel to Florida and now waiting Florida's that right now. Well Alex you right now every game is going to be a struggle because Nellie used to swinging the bat very well and again. That's the story throughout the -- you know from two weekends. Play. Only two teams in the conference are averaging just five runs per game back so that Mississippi State. So both teams averaging three and four runs for -- so. Lot of good -- a lot of good defense a lot of mediocre hitting drop there -- here. Thought the -- a lot of low scoring game that happened this week yet you know they'll issue or jail you want on Friday or not think -- -- on Saturday to -- And then on he became its called because Georgia at it. To play and what's called -- -- 22 tie at thirteen innings so she. LSU only scored eight runs and not nearly swept the series because they only gave up or. Goal. They're taking on a Florida team which is. You know. Its first six games they're not that -- that they -- you know about three years ago but you're out there there certainly. And good enough where you know it'll be atop -- -- go out there when your actor what you try to do that each week in the went two out of three games -- that. You know. As Paul said yesterday. What it meant picking Domenici gonna get a lot of low scoring it will run tight games so that means when you play I'll try to eat a lot out. -- -- split you know every time you win a close -- -- -- once you get the like. Jumbled and not think get to keep going and that's basically going to be like this year. Winding down Brian -- tiger bait dot com he mentioned about pitching Brian and of course we all know what Noah can do what he does for his LSU team on a Friday night but looks like Jared -- started to assert himself a man I could be. Heck of accommodation right there were those two through those two guys leading off a weekend series talk a little bit about the freshman from watcher. Right Oceania you know rub up against a Vanderbilt -- you know not bad kept L issue in the game in -- Now in its four innings he gave up four runs in that game with Vanderbilt at 42 so he kept them in the game. I got home last week and threw very well out three it would take out of the game with two outs in the ninth with a one run lead. So you know either guy. -- throw in the nineties -- like throws about 8788. Good breaking ball throw a lot of strikes cup competitor on the male. And you know certainly he's gonna beat -- number two guy in the rotation. Will will see what happens when he get to another road kept on Saturday afternoon game. Brian what's -- on the SI right now for folks take out. Well every sport you know we were at a -- wrapped up today analysis of the basketball -- and obviously baseball coverage it. -- -- at spring football features practice report video. And now of course the latest in recruiting -- they'll shoot you know high school that can't can't spring practice their. They'll be starting that and from come April there will be in war on the recruiting. Rhinos are tiger made dot com thinks about my appreciate it.