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Mar 25, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Good evening it is great to be back with you tonight it's -- Tuesday night like I realize that for march the 25 it's it's kind of cool and breezy outside but again you know it's gonna get around here. It's gonna happen soon just enjoyed -- you can have a lovely walk tonight. If you drive it around to control the wind is down you might not even have to have the air conditioning on tonight's -- receive money. So there's just so many many positive things about this -- cool weather we're having. -- -- to a concert last -- it's it was a real issue in the ninety terminal on last night and pelicans are on the other stations sited at a show last night. So I got a chance to go to a rare concert during the week you'll talk about that coming up in the top rated cable also talk about it tomorrow on the show tonight at his concert that I went to last night. I noticed a trend that I first noticed when I saw and at the concert. Recently. And it's just a lot of positive things. About today's young generation. It also is something that it reminds me about this new trend that is going to be dominating. The music that this decade will be remembered forcible get into that. Now we get into the top eight and -- it's time for tonight's topic today the topic things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight. On WW well number eight. Already NFL who will now sand. Slam dozens of football over the goal post after touchdown is scored your Jimmy Graham I did this and that Tony Gonzales of the Atlanta Falcons also did this. And you know the players are jumping up and aired their -- the football over the goal post now they can still jump up and touch the goal post. But they cannot use the ball as a proper -- this is not a new rules they say it's simply the NFL continuing the crackdown on players. Doing things that they're not supposed to do with the ball there's always been ruled to not supposed to use the ball as props I guess state. I think the NFL has far far too much time understands. Because -- they're trying to figure out these these rules to constantly well again it's not a new rule but it's an interpretation of rule. About using the the ball as as a prop Steve Geller. Who does says sports hero -- -- -- -- he's got a a blog on our website and our opinions -- to review a dot com. I know fund leak the NFL no Fun League. -- says no to dunking he's got some interesting comments there about he says. You know it would be all right if they penalize a player for. Grabbing the goal post if it if it tilts but not if it -- to dunk the ball and again. This this game is such a game of of great emotion. That if a player wants to do something like that. Dunked the ball over the goal and really what's the big deal now spiking has been grandfathered in. So spiking is still out but they can't. They can't -- and trigger lot of talk about that on sports talker today. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Malaysian government has announced that Malaysian airlines flights 370. Ended in the south Indian Ocean and there were no survivors. Yet there are still many who question that conclusion. Were you satisfied with the media's coverage of this dismissing flight. There's a poll that shows that 48%. Of those surveyed. Agree with the amount of coverage the media gave missing flight 370. And 33% said it went too far you know we've we've we've been talking on the show about -- The news media gives us essentially what we tell them we wanna see. And via the ratings of CNN did apparently go up a little bit and they -- the one network out of the the three cable networks. It really dedicated the most time really went wall to wall in fact they're still almost covering it wall to wall. I have to admit to an -- may be the other networks are doing this as well. But particularly today I noticed that that Fox News. -- a couple of the the Fox News shows. Win out of their way to find people who. Wonder why they have stopped looking to the north. Implying that this plane has landed somewhere. Feeding those conspiracy. Theories that this plane is going to be used as a as a -- You know I guess anything is is still possible. And ears so a lot of like criticism of the Malaysian government that they as far as I know they never had to deal with a big disaster like this with -- of the world media. -- being interested in this China is trying to get ahold of all of the satellite pictures. They were used in China's very critical that the flight was from elation to Beijing China. So obviously there -- a lot of relatives in China who lost. Family members on a flight and inference -- loved ones on the flight. So -- China wants to make sure that they have all the information right that I heard today that. The China actually might wanna get ahold of those satellite pictures to find out more about other nations. And -- satellite capabilities and they really don't care as much about the missing flight as they care about finding out the satellite capabilities. Of other nations. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Several anti Obama here TV campaign designed to help Republican candidates in this upcoming election. Had been proven to be falls. Does the truth ever matter. Or are people simply willing to accept falsehoods. If it supports their opinions. Have you or has anyone you know. Benefited from the Affordable Care Act known as obamacare. Against some of these ads were checked by the Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler. And the the ads -- sponsored by -- AFP. Americans for prosperity. And and really I would think that everybody would before. For prosperity business in this group is -- Americans for prosperity. And affectionate percent that there are problems where if with most of these these ads on television. What are the problems that I've had with the whole obamacare debate from the very beginning. Is that neither side wants to recognize that the at the site has support. Conservatives. Argue that it's terrible. And yet. At two people very very close to me have benefited greatly from obamacare. Mean I'm not making that up I have nothing to gain. By telling you that if it's not true the two people close to me that I care very much about have benefited tremendously from Obama here. So the truth is. A lot of people -- benefit. However there are those who support Obama care who don't wanna recognize that there are problems and that not everybody's gonna benefit. So when you have this kind of probably this is so typical so typical of the the social political debates we get in today. It's black and white and it's not like him. That would've been so much more credibility from the very beginning. If conservatives admitted you know there's some things about this that are good. And the -- Not the least of which is being a female was not a pre existing condition. And it would be good if those on the left liberals would admit -- This is imperfect and yes some people may end up suffering as a result of this. But these ads and there's one particular that's -- running locally here in Louisiana. -- says that Obama care is. Is is no good it's it's not working well for some people it is it doesn't mean it's gonna work for everybody but. You know the truth lies in the middle of what both sides are saying it's it's just sad that it it comes down to. Neither side wants to recognize that the other side does have a point. And I'd love to talk to anybody who is personally benefited or knows anybody who has benefited. From obamacare. -- the other problem with naming this obamacare. And conservatives named it obamacare the Affordable Care Act named it obamacare. To give it a derogatory name. To make it seem like it it's like it's it's a joke and the government wants to take care -- -- by giving at that name. What if it works. Instead of it melting into history as the Affordable Care Act. It will for ever. Give a Democrat in the White House correct. Barack Obama. So without realizing they took a chance. By declaring it obamacare. If you wanna join our show with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about -- numbers 2601878. To all 3866889. -- early seventy. At a tech's number as they Tiffany Tiffany. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. At a school districts in New York students are texting nude. Pictures of themselves partially nude pictures of themselves. And pictures of themselves getting drunk and involved in negative behavior. Is it even possible for parents to control their teenagers when it comes to texting. -- and sending FaceBook messages. Is -- -- blog -- -- foxnews.com on the web site by doctor Keith and a blow this is somebody that I I usually agree with the -- I like the way he writes he says. A good writer like the way he expressed himself I don't always agree with him but most of the time I do. He is said his -- and it boxers don't come under the opinion section is title pull the plug on naked Twitter teams. And it's about high school students in nine Nassau and Suffolk counties in New York. -- now involved in their posting explicit photographs of themselves. Sometimes they're totally naked does sometimes drunken doing. Negative things. On this. This new site called act LI party stories. Act LI party stories. And this. Even and even included one girl who -- urinating in sync. While she was wearing a birth date Tierra. Now I have to admit that I have actually. Seemed that sort of thing in New Orleans sought after admit it was around to a morning -- a time when I walked into him enrollments all of that particular scene. So it's and not something that's pleasant to see but it didn't totally destroyed my life. A put -- you know I I can't help but think of ballots. Parents who have to -- to try to deal with it with with teenagers I mean do you have any advice. Do you have any advice. For for parents with teenagers. On what they might do to help them. Control what their teens. Send out on FaceBook. And Twitter. And what they tweet. A friend of mine told me that her fourteen year old daughter said the other day mom I know Twitter is not for adults. It's only for young people. And maybe she just -- -- her mom to be on that this that this account but if if you have any advice for for for parents who have teenagers. Is there any way I mean it's almost like a private conversation but it's something that you can actually follow up on. Is there anyway to control teenagers. What they -- what the what they text each other and what they FaceBook. Or is this really like like conversations that used to take place. On the school campus sort the playground if you would join our show tonight with your comments on numbers 2601870. Told 3866889. Is nearly seventy. In a -- number of states have needs have never for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The latest statistics. Show that 122. Pedestrians were killed in Louisiana. In 2012. -- -- 2014 but it takes a long time for the government to collect statistics of these of the most recent statistics available. A 122 pedestrians killed in Louisiana. In 2012. That's up from 97 the previous year 2011. I'm sure you're not gonna be surprised to hear this but alcohol was a factor in about 43% of the case is perhaps more. Because the alcohol content was not known in every single case but he is documented in 43%. Of the 122. Pedestrians killed. On Louisiana streets. 96%. Of the pedestrian deaths took place at night. Now what do you think is most at fault we'll we'll talk about this on the -- guy who do you think is most at fault. Pedestrians. -- -- I see both downtown. And I'm a motorist living -- General Motors and I'm really -- -- more pedestrian that I am a motorist and downtown. And -- -- mistakes by motorist -- I also see a lot of mistakes by pedestrians. And at one of the one of the of the cautionary messages he has. You have to be if you're -- -- you have to really watch out for pedestrians. Were walking around with earplugs. And it they're not hearing any sounds and they're so focused on their their music and and I've caught myself doing that sometimes walking around downtown. But if I've got my headphones -- -- -- by ear plugs in her head -- council. And I walked out into the street and I get hit. -- chances -- that's my fault. It's not the fault of the voters. So will be -- we'll be talking about this also be a national highway traffic safety administration and the Louisiana highway safety commission. Have have have come up with a list urging. -- screens and motorist. To be very very cautious -- will go through that list as we go through the shooter might. Again to join us with your comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Will be getting to your calls or shortly. A told freeing our numbers -- 8668890. Point 78. Enter text number is 877. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I'm nine year old student in Colorado was told not to return to school without a week until her hair grew back. After she shaved her head in support of a friend. Who has cancer. Her shaved head violated the school's dress code and I think this is another case of zero tolerance. Gone -- Once again. A nine year old Grand Junction, Colorado girl shaved her head its support for friend who's fighting cancer and lost all over hair to chemotherapy. And a student was sent home from camp rock academy yesterday. Because she broke the school dress coat the mother even called the school to explain why. Their daughter had -- -- net. And the school says well this breaks. The school code which was created to promote safety. I uniformity. And none and none distracting environment for school students. So here's a student that shaves her head. In support. Of another child. The girl's nine shaved her head her friend who has cancer is eleven years old. Why couldn't parents look at this and say you know what this is a really wonderful thing. And nobody should be upset with this and we're gonna break the school rules for this. We talk about it quite often on the show. Zero tolerance. I really it means zero common sense. And it it it's not making the world a better place and it is is. Passing judgment on students. That are punished it should not be punished. Did the school to the right thing. You may agree that it it has to come down to the black and white situation has come down to. Zero tolerance if it's against the rules to shave your head and no -- Conchita it or should the schools made an exception in this case. Number George tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- private company have the right to ignore federal laws by claiming that the federal laws conflict with their religious beliefs. The Supreme Court is deciding if private companies for profit private companies. Can refuse to provide birth control assistance. To employees if their religious beliefs. Oppose birth control. Hobby lobby stores incorporated is one of the big companies -- is is fighting this it's Christian known company. And they're saying that they should be allowed to. To not through their health care plan and they should be allowed to deny. On birth control. Assistance appeals or IUDs they should be allowed to deny those benefits to their employees. Because it's against their religious beliefs. Do you agree with that now there are exceptions in in an obamacare there are exceptions for. For churches and other special exceptions for religiously affiliated nonprofits like schools and hospitals and things like that. But for profit private corporations. They are required to cover the full range. Of of a woman's preventative care which includes birth control. Now do you have a problem with that if you for profit. Should you be required. To provide. Birth control. Contraceptives. For for every employee. Again the Supreme Court is a deciding this have -- it's an interesting topic there -- lot of people who are using. The idea of freedom of religion. Actually to discriminate and also to two in force. Dear specific religious beliefs. On others. To join our show with your thoughts are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Steroids every text numbers 87070. -- -- finally tonight's. Number one on tonight's list of the top -- and earnings. I don't want to miss -- show we received it was the -- the opening show of the new -- vote in cold American authors this is their biggest. The best -- of my life which is a really positive self. I was impressed that this rescinded the parish hall. Not the church are getting there's there's a smaller halls and house of blues calls on the parish. And it was in that hall holds up somewhere between 20300. People I would say there might have been a 150 people there last night which really surprised me. -- any tickets only sixteen bucks. He was an eighteen plus show. But they were something that I noticed about this show last night and I've also noticed that other concerts recently with new young groups. And it tells me that there's a lot of optimism. About the future. With the young generation. Here's our WW a pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Do you have a positive outlook about the future of America. What's your outlook about the future voters to positive and they're people who have predicted the economy was gonna collapse if Obama was reelected that it happened. They're people who were predicting that. Our society is gonna come to an end because of the acceptance of same sex marriage what is your view. Of the future. Our -- to 601870. Is a positive for it negative. Toll free 866889. Steroids have to Texas dates of the gates every also give your opinion George -- -- pretty technical people like going to our web site WW real dot com. And the student like tonight is titled pop music. And positive attitudes. You -- totally disagree with me. You can read it share it. Give us your comments if you like. It's try to go to our website at WWL dot com and we'll be right back. -- They're looking back toward showing this is Tuesday night this band American authors started out here in US tour lead singer and everything New Orleans citizens first trip to New Orleans talked about how much you -- The food in Vista being here. I like his -- I think they've represents. New trendy music this is so -- of their songs called block and will be featuring some of their songs that throughout our our show tonight but what I note. -- is a young generation with a very optimistic view of the future and and I know you might argue that every young generation has an optimistic view of the future. But when I think about some of the music of the sixties it was really very negative. When I think about the music of the grunge movement in the nineties that was very very angst ridden. Negative music people were not optimistic young people were not optimistic. But there's a young generation that it has their hands in the air and they're they're. They're having fun and they're responding to music that reminds me in many ways. Of the music of the eighties. And that's because young generations have adopted that music as their own understood what tonight is pop music and positive attitudes. Again you -- totally disagree with me or great it's so on our website at WW real dot com. And here's our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight do you have a positive outlook about the future of America. And I I sit here doing this talk show and I hear so many people say so many many negative things about America and about our future. And about power countries becoming socialist and that. Somehow that didn't catch on so now it's been anted up to our our our president's leading us into communism. And did that the economy's gonna collapse and a same sex marriage is gonna destroy American society. I'd like to know what you were. What your view is of the future is is a positive. Give your opinion -- going to -- BW real dot com right now 79%. Do not have a positive outlook of America. In the future. Only 21% say yes. Let's see if this -- changes will track it throughout our show and -- give you -- dating game coming up in a few minutes and again give us your opinion by going tour website WWL. Don't count. And from man to feel Tina a year on the stern show good evening. Well -- Medina. Harry collect that show last night American author it's off my husband and I act and I'd bet that that. We are an art. Well I'm 48 my husband is -- -- that. It's not just for young people. Well I would agree with -- -- I saw some parents they're aware that their community a surprise when you see an older man with a younger girl you think Alex is stating somebody like younger but you can tell my body like these with these were these -- their kids and there were some parents with their kids. But you know -- -- with with with by date and she enjoyed it in Georgia game where circling like kids in. -- people like you there I would agree with you it's not just for kids but they are so many people today eighteen who have written off. Anything current date or date that they're they are so clinging to the music of of of their youth that they don't wanna give any of the music. A new young generation today any credit and there's a lot of good stuff than there were a lot of things about. American authors last night to remind me of of a trend in music and that is the visual look of the band the styled hair styles the fashion the band. That in some of the music reminds me of the eighties. Definitely definitely we -- -- where you know it reminded them that despite his bank and we went to cares it's the capital city hall. And they -- I eat -- two American -- you know back then why -- seven night they have such pond that make. On you know my and I wake up with our alarm clock with -- That's an elaborately as it's what a great song it's about you know don't don't don't wake me up I mean I don't -- -- it's about love and life is like today every day is that is the best day of your life and I noticed the lyrics in a number of the other songs were. We're really positive and that that speaks to the attitude of a very positive young generation which I think is a good thing. Right and and you know and I -- six -- -- -- -- our money and you know. Children you know May Day. Because you're right it's that -- today like that she cat. And -- we need to act that I may your future. With Mitchell leases and do some. Now she was talking about it at these people are young children taking pictures of them Powell and you know things like that my suggestion that children. Each so -- Real life you know maybe pictures from a way to make them climb up in the future you know it could run you -- So you know in respect. Yet these teenagers really need to think about what they do and and trot him. Out. You don't like the best conversation that you can -- your kids today is that as a parent say look you know what I can't be with you all the time and I know that I can't control everything you eat everything you to activity you put on FaceBook but he or some of the things that you might not think about. Because you're young and what you just brought up -- a great thing to think about. -- -- -- -- At the -- that night it was just a lot. It was out of one you know type of effect I told the personal data yet told -- said. You know I've I've seen Maroon 5 indictment discuss -- right now but has seen a number of bans in release small venues that ended up being. Huge fans and I remember those times when I saw him up close and personal. And everybody I would say an American authors last night in that the parish. And house of blues -- May if they get really -- think peck on the down when they Solomon really small place like that. That's right odd that I that -- -- acting because we thought capital city and without -- and but that I'm telling debate and it took off. -- -- -- Ninety I'm glad you guys enjoyed it thanks for sure. All right pledge of listening and thanks I get to a -- you're texting or just a moment to from New Orleans Steve here on the Scotia good evening. Hastert tribunals and I that really enjoy your show and which we share a lot of pain abuse. Appreciate what you do some of these -- that the city and then bring it in light -- or. I appreciate you think Steve thanks. On -- thing I think unity talk about FaceBook and ought preparing. I think about who -- to be apparent in Vietnam you know I think to -- armed people today. Try to be currents which they cared as opposed to being an apparent inaction. -- -- on -- to deal with it. On. From -- -- draw on to say today. We can do about it Steve I've remembered my dad told me once we've we had a dog and and I didn't wanna spank the dog -- he -- discipline the dollar in my dad told me the only way this dog is gonna respect Q. Is if you set limits and if you discipline the -- all right it is -- I carried with me. Later in life it you know sometimes you you have to be tough and sometimes you have to be apparent and you can't dispute his friend. Not church member and not in you'll -- One -- on around the -- -- on little eleven -- with -- -- my daughters. And you know she's in the -- -- And keep my door it's like you know you got -- -- so on the borrower still on the my payroll. Got to deal with -- you know. And that. And and for those who listen to this show and and and hear people like Steve talking if you don't have kids yet. Listen to all of this you know you can make a decision not to have children right now don't have kids until you're ready until you actually prepared to be Eric. 'cause it's really not that easy. It's most important to realize that it and number -- you right. And then out yet they don't bring up through the obamacare. Common interest group a are I don't know not on the but it would go so it is. On the flaw C unit in the in the program and where -- I heard what you have a lot of what aspects. Are going to be. I'm an independent. Voter. And I can be libertarian. For the most part. Spezza full fiscal second. Typical -- On the Indian libertarian on the so. -- Or Nazis the biggest aspects based -- -- -- are all. Toward something. Special in mailed that your that your biggest. Group bitch -- The healthiest out there -- so mailed. And there -- in the -- obamacare. It'll be only are well. -- two dollar a year -- proper thank you thereabouts. That -- not sign up. They have in in my opinion the penalty. Should always be great enough to where you don't want to make the mistake whether it's right speeding ticket they're going to stop sign -- red light or signing up for obamacare. -- Let's just put this in your -- perspective and we were 21 years old Edward make it and you know. Darn about dollars a year if we're lucky. -- we're about same age and if financially it's in our company in that are important when google.com. Now it's sure. I'll take that actually I'll I'll spin and an -- out here are not our products the cynical pretty. Arbor -- paycheck because there are not making it are making more than what they've been amused or. Should not pull. Yet Steve I'm gonna have to get to -- Beverly glaze you are going to call and I mean that is really wanted the that is one of the issues. But whether you're in your twenties or your thirties or forties or fifties. If nothing's happened to you and your health the that doesn't mean that skateboarding snowboarding riding a bike riding a -- saying it doesn't mean simply not gonna happen to yet. And you need to have health coverage. This is this coach of your whole -- witnessed more of your calls and more of your -- are next on WWL do you have a positive outlook about the future of America. There's a talk to most I hear so many negative things and I watch the news that I hear so many negative things about America. Do you have a positive outlook about the future of America that's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll here's an update 77%. Say no they don't only 23%. Say yes they do. A young generation is obviously more optimistic than the establishment today. And may be their IE if I understand that. But maybe we should all learn from a younger generation that's what the scoop blog is about anyway get a shipping of regulatory website -- -- -- -- -- -- It's about pop music and positive attitude -- experience last night going to this concert of American authors. It the the parish shows at all. -- And house of blues. We're gonna have a short segment here and have to get to a few more commercials like a rain a little long in our last segment so it's not like we're gonna have just as much talk and and more commercials so every hour but that's just -- -- -- work out. In this segment here is what to be honest with you about that. Are the latest statistics show that a 122 pedestrians were killed in Louisiana in 2012. Latest statistics available that's up from 97 the previous year alcohol was a factor. In 43% of the cases may be more 96%. Occurred at night. Here's a text I deliver food and I see people all the time walking and biking wearing dark colored clothes at night. And here's a Communist -- working as a cornerstone chemical and wagon and almost hit a plant operator in a five mile per hour zone. 'cause his head was glued to his phoned. And as an outside contractor it would have been my fault -- probably would have lost my job. In this plan attempts called a near miss never got reported. -- I see downtown people walking around not paying attention and sometimes if a pedestrian get hit. You know in in in in the world if humans we always want to blame the bigger thing. You always want to blame the train. If a car gets hit by a train and and news stories tend to lean in that direction if you if you listen to news stories about when trains hit cars. Did the stories almost inevitably. Imply. That that the trains at fault. But the train didn't veer off the tracks. The vehicle to get on the tracks. And so I I know I noticed this with with cars and pedestrians the assumption is. The motors was a -- but quite often pedestrians just walk right out in front a motorist all the time I see it downtown. Constantly. If you wanna join our show with your -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series seventy. A text number is he 77 he also were talking about this a nine year old Colorado student. Who could not have returned to school did -- a controversy about this she was told not to return to school without a week until her hair grew back after she shaved her head in support of a friend. Who has cancer. There's a Texan reads every student that school should show up with a shaved head and let's see what happens. Again this is this coach Joan Tuesday night's breezy and very pleasant outside we'll be right back with more of your comments on WWL the schedule for a Jazz Fest 2014 the line up of who is performing -- here and win. That has been released today we've got to run our website at WW real dot com from -- rob welcome to the -- -- night. -- -- -- -- -- A little -- and all of the I'll they'll spend that. I'm going to be there for almost. And Iowa. Fortunately though. -- -- got to be both positive for the future -- cameo and got a couple positive outlook because -- -- wondered Libya about outreach much over so watch Ireland negative outlook. On the street so much to be that was. Don't you have a negative outlook about about anything in life it it tends to invite negative things not in some kind of I'm a mystical kinda way but if you're if you generate job if you -- Anything with a negative attitude you're you're just gonna focus on the negative things because it's gonna reinforce your preconceived ideas about what you expected. And that's only gonna make you focus on the worst part of it is supposed to maybe the best part of it. Well -- elected them that you global war against Obama have a baby -- reports that you have proper legal -- you can now it is. No and it's not you know I've always thought this of Friday the thirteenth it it's not that the day is -- lucky is that people enter a bad day. Thinking that something like he's gonna happen to -- and and they focus on anything negative that does happen. They elect some local law traction in my opinion a particular book and -- you you'll have to go to Israel America again. In my oh mama firstly we'll go out what they've got to. Our in my opinion a lot of analog and I cuddle and talk about America parts both frustrated but it got to leave it -- I brought you you wanna hang on I mean I'm up against induced break it if you wanna hang on through the news I'll I'll get to you -- combat deaths -- ours. Are it would just it just hang on we'll get right back to you if you're -- stay -- -- if you want an update of what we're talking about tonight you can go to our web site. A -- W dot com go to the scope patent issues schedules and check out the topic to -- hang on we're coming right back on WWL.