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Scoot Show 3-25 9pm, Affordble Healthcare

Mar 25, 2014|

Time is running out, but it’s still not too late to sign up for health care insurance and receive coverage this year. March 31 is the last day to enroll in a plan for 2014 coverage, something 80 percent of uninsured adult Americans are unaware of, according to a recent Enroll America survey. Have you signed up yet and do you plan to?

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Additionally through tonight he gets -- -- forecasts of possibility of frost on the North Shore it's Tuesday march 25 possibility of frost. -- -- -- Well again let's embrace this whether it's a comfortable this time of year it'll behind but he soon enough. This is the bad American authors Zorn is called hit and I have no idea what that means is probably about their baseball or something like that. It anyway they were they were opening their tour in New Orleans last night. India the -- known as the parish which is the small hall. And house of blues -- it was a an LSU game on an -- as the game on both or stations last night that there was no -- show. So like I had her a chance to go to a rare we -- concerts are I want to the show last night. And a small a small venue really impressed with -- band and you know I'm noticing this this trend with music and with styles and and and with the a young generation. Just. Embracing music and and having fun and I know you could say that of every young generation but I see a lot of similarities between. The sound of the music the styles. And the way young people are acting. Now. As. What I notice when I was senator doing music radio back in the eighties and the -- like tonight is titled pop music and positive attitudes. And again you may totally disagree with me but you can read it and they share with your friends it's on our website at WWL dot com we're talking about that tonight. And here's our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll a do you have a positive outlook about the future of America. 81% say no they don't only 19% say yes they do. Give a shipping by going to our web site WW real dot com and also tonight we could be talking about why do you have such a negative view about the future. It. The social media. Feeds. Into the negativity. Of Americans. And there's so much negative and again as a talk show host. I hear it every night mayor during the day when I I I feel it almost any show you could hear just such deep rooted negativity. In America. And yet there's a young generation that may be a little naive because they don't have the problems that that we grow to have vote later in in life. But there haven't thought. And they're optimistic about the future. And maybe we can learn something from them again give -- your opinion about our opinion poll do you have a positive outlook about the future of America. At WWL dot com also before it affect your calls ahead attacks that wanted the name of the student -- -- are talking about a nine year old student in Grand Junction, Colorado. It was told not to return to school without a week until her hair grew back. She shaved her head to support -- friend. Who has cancer and lost her hair because of chemotherapy. On the nine year old student is on Cameron renfro. And her eleven year old friend is still Laney Clements and the school is cap rock academy. In Grand Junction, Colorado. And yet if you wanna get an update on any -- we're talking about. Every night we have post the topic to date we begin our show 8 o'clock with a top eight things we'd like you know as we begin our show and and it's it was the donor there's a FaceBook page on our FaceBook pages -- web site. And -- W dot com under shows and schedules it's all on the -- page and -- abort your text here in just a moment. Also we've talked about it several anti Obama care TV commercials designed to help Republican candidates have been proven to be false. And it just reminds me of of how people don't really care about the truth. They just care about hearing whatever it is that supports their point of view. And they really care less about the truth. Because the truth is a lot of people have benefited from obamacare. And not everybody do you know anybody or have you benefited from obamacare. There are two people very close to me who have benefited. But yet there are some people who don't benefit. And one thing that I really hated about this whole debate was that neither side would acknowledge that the other side. Had had points. Don't left with one who acknowledged that the right had some points that obamacare is not perfect. And the right did -- knowledge that there are some people who are gonna really benefit from obamacare. Also we've been talking about the latest statistics showing an increase in the number of pedestrians killed -- Louisiana streets 96% of the pedestrian guess I'd guess take place at night. And were also talking about -- Supreme Court was dealing with earlier today. Should a private company have the right to ignore federal law despite claiming that the federal laws conflict with their religious beliefs. The Supreme Court is deciding about private companies that are for profit private companies can they refuse to provide birth control contraceptive assistance. Two employees if that goes against your religious beliefs. If you wanna join us with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text -- receipts every case every I before I get back to your calls and are your tax who -- finish up with rough from home. And rob we were going into the news I want to give you chance to continued talk about. Positive attitude for the future and or obamacare. -- -- It is exit that goes from point. Or maybe one about love black community where -- Smart guys were Smart oh but he's completely ignored so a lot of action Melamine. He gets it should with a 11 particular source you here is -- Pretty much fox movie that it's brutal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So what I say and that. When people usually be made to move any -- -- old particulates in the -- and opting to elect a different pebble taught them about. -- the doctor cannot that would look. Would go to that than usual but by the before you buy -- -- -- -- if you look at it this they'll want Obama. Stipulate that he leave him on that fact that -- that they came Republican that bill bill from the there -- Islam aired its opposition. Upset about it that it monitors -- big Republican support in the gospel. But also about -- -- of the and they give him. It don't want that they want. Want to be as we have yesterday that your company is cute at that -- and Nadia tactic that would be -- we should the public option for -- -- -- -- in the body and to the same. Tokyo that the senate took that same token that the public. Are you are you covered -- you covered work rob. Yeah what is because people who haven't been recovered or are benefiting from this and again as -- say yet to be very close to me. Have benefited from obamacare that doesn't mean everybody will put these in these ads promoting that that Obama care doesn't work period. That's that are very myopic view of it and it's it's not true in and many of those boys have been proven to not be true. To that topic to get here in the cable players on an outstanding facility leaders people. But it was meant that the group -- -- -- America. Good to talk about. I simply get on the -- as to what the problem of a political problem -- -- the definition of the -- percent momentum they they are. -- -- -- that they all. You know we all chemical audio went to our company they even realize they don't want people to help. They don't care because humility mutually benefit from people and not have an OK I mean I'm not senate you know several million at -- it would split. -- delicate bit aggressive interest or keep the pupil. The talk about the group that we mentioned earlier Americans for prosperity. Yeah it was a cold over there airs at the Citizens United in the right that's an enemy you at all. Look at whether -- that Coca. Problems and that I'm humbled by the U understand that you noted in the -- -- and a but get well and take video award is valued at one -- a lot of the so. He beat you thought you know -- visited -- vocal some adult cattle were mentally awhile for people. And get investor interest in Ottawa development I'm absolutely you're a Republican the widget that you either of them Democrat. Where you're tried setting straight robbed of any anybody. Who uses Fox News or anyone. Station MSNBC as their only source of news. Is it is is a full. Got a -- to let you when you get you a lot Bill Maher got it on the he got to stop watching other that other sources in the lobby loose. A lot of this sort of legal -- current TV rob. Our philosophy. That philosophy makes people think and people don't want to think they want to find the things that reinforce what they already believe which is one of the truly negative trends in this country. Love that and a plot that a lot of people are probably collectively the cute little the guys did go considerably on a lot respect them -- they. At the saint W were Smart nobody's very ignorant. Sexed -- try to -- give him any of them want to listen. I'm going to coshow priceless into -- -- -- -- -- night here's a text the reason musician that was speaking that was Doug potter. The first quarter musician who was beaten and sent to the hospital a month or so ago could sign up for health care and still be covered. -- being unemployed. I he may well be able to get on the subsidy. If you could interrogate him this might be a poster child after the success of using it to rehab what. I'm not saying that there's. There's nothing but good about obamacare. But I also know that it's not all bad and nobody. You don't know the people who voted on I don't know the people who criticize it or praise it don't know. Nobody yet knows how this is gonna play out. And when the conservatives gave at the name Obama care. Two. To give it a derogatory image and negative image. -- at some point it would eventually. Just blend into history as the Affordable Care Act will now it will always be attributed to Barack Obama as president. And if it turns out to be good thing. If it turns out to be good thing for more people than it was a bad thing for some people. -- this rule for ever be attributed to Obama and that's not credit debt. Those who have so vehemently oppose it they don't want that credit to go to Obama's so. Again -- if this is what is derived from they hate that is part of the political debate that we have today. If you wanna join our show with a comic tonight our numbers 26018. Saturday. Toll free 8668890. Point seven at a text number. Is -- 7870. Here's our -- WL pretty -- opinion poll tonight do you have a positive outlook about the future of America. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com we can also talk about this if your negative about America. Why. Specifically why are you negative. Remember how in 2012 we heard that the economy was gonna collapse if Obama was reelected. Need I say more. This is that a pro Obama comments this is a fact. The economy didn't collapse in many of the people who were hoping the economy would collapse and actually benefited tremendously. If you enjoyed -- shooter right on numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688908. Said he -- state 77 he will be right back with more description -- DaVita QL I really surprised at the results of our WW all pretty -- opinion poll up to this point -- this is an unscientific survey assists survey of those who were listening to the show in and responding to the poll. The question is do you have a positive outlook about the future of America. 82% saying no. Only 18% say yes like gonna tell -- I'm in the 18% category. If you would give us your opinion go to our website WWL dot com we'll have an update on that coming up just few minutes we'll track that poll throughout our show tonight. A 2 -- morning under the W golf pursues with Tommy Tucker and they're gonna talk about this in Baton Rouge a law that would fine smokers 300 dollars for throwing their butts. Out of the car window is that the best or worst idea you've heard a long time. And also there's so another study revealing that violent video games can cause kids to be aggressive but. Is that necessarily a bad thing. If it doesn't lead to violence those are two of the things that Tommy will talk about tomorrow morning so wake up and feel good with Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning six to ten under BWL first news. The latest statistics show that 122 pedestrians were killed in Louisiana in 2012. Those -- the latest statistics available. And it's up from 97 the previous year alcohol was a factor in at least 43% of the -- 96%. Occurred at night. On it's not always the -- faults it's a pedestrian get hit. And this is something that I received at downtown and I'm sure you've -- your life as well. Quite often pedestrians just block out there don't pay attention but it's it's human nature to one -- 21 of place the original blamed on the big bad thing. The car it's the car's fault. And I mentioned earlier that it did a quite often when I hear stories about trains. Killing people in and hitting vehicles. I get the impression that the instinct is to blame the train -- train barreled down on the vehicle killing two people. Will the train didn't you're off the track. The vehicle had to get on the track. Here's a Texas -- I went around to train barrier I barely beat the train did not realize he was Amtrak they traveled very fast. Would I totally have been my fault I will never do that again. Here is. A text that reads I wish I could sign up for Obama care I'm insured through my work. I pay 111000 dollars. A year. And here's a text. People by nature. Are just not very open to change. It's human nature to be against change obamacare will be just fine we will learn to thrive on any system humans under estimates their ability to deal with change. If you wanna -- Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 260. 1870. To all 38668890. Point seven or text or receive 7878. Ross are talking about something that was discussed at the Supreme Court today. They're deciding whether or not. A for profit company a private company has the right to ignore federal laws. If the federal laws conflict but their religious beliefs. And specifically this is sort of being brought up by via hobby lobby incorporated company. They don't want -- health plan to include birth control. Contraceptive. Assistance to their employees to their plan because of their religious beliefs. I should the company be able to denying. Birth control to its it's a place based on religious beliefs -- for New Orleans -- -- under the WL. Yes so are you doing stating that I don't want to tell you that I had had something earlier that -- -- about the happy about the I -- it and didn't act like again. Better control. That -- -- -- that they claim it would include abolishing. Well and I've read those and those those claims are just scientifically inaccurate. I don't think that. What one of him I did they're opposed to IUDs are also opposed to the emergency. A contraceptive a video that I guess that would be the morning after pill plan B. And -- hill. Does not allow fertilization so. That. I -- -- -- -- thing is because it like being right. Exactly and there there's this widespread panic that. -- it causes an abortion because it's done the day after but right. Yeah we advocate great at keeping it exactly that balancing act there. I don't think I mean I really don't think anything has developed that that that -- pretty -- I had I do it's like yeah it's my understanding that nothing has developed because the -- hasn't even if fertilized yet. Yeah that's what I might be thinking that may be too similar to be considered the question. They've made the paper about it and -- my -- you didn't -- -- -- time. I didn't I wasn't married I didn't want to China that I -- -- -- and so yeah and I'm not check. And genocide I heard today there was one poll released that it showed that 58% of women use birth control for medical reasons not just to prevent a pregnancy and have sex. And so I had big dot hobby lobby did that there are a lot of people who have opposed the the plan -- -- the morning after deal. Because they have been led to believe it's practically an abortion and it's it's not technically an abortion. That if anything has set the bar and even kids that -- I don't believe that could be he is like. -- to you and Matt is there is nothing actually performing an already locked. I would necessarily consider that abortion I would be against the abortion -- myself. But I mean like I think about panic I -- did it with -- about it -- need to do it. -- not to do it I feel that that the child that you can't apparently you're not married. No I and I don't need the parent telling you haven't that I have my relationship if we see -- happened to any particular. I didn't say -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- are glad to -- the specialists into the B of Hewlett night from Henry Brian year old dispute should be leaving. It's good this whole portable health care -- apart is me and I'll tell you law. -- home. You know. In important for a candidate based on whether or not you agree with that platform or that policy. If you agree with them all that he don't he -- you take you vote hopefully. Don't want trial that the debt maturity people went to the polls. And said they approved of the job Obama was virulent anti Israel. Makes sense to many. I don't know for vast majority of Americans went to the poll but -- I I understand the point you're making about people who went to the polls the majority voted for President Obama to reelect him. And then come up export to about eight months ago we CDs rigorous affordable health care commercials on television and radio. And it makes you wonder so many people supported it joppy was still in. In the cell -- like that this -- wait -- does that make sense to me like. If it was such you know. Clear cut dropped right in -- -- sparingly in the -- advertised that. Mean to to promote the acceptance of obamacare or to bash it because it could we see commercials for votes. -- to promote it. It sounds like it's gone now that analysts. Whether trying to upgrade the government's trying to sell the idea that you need to sign up for Detroit I -- this a commercial with a mother. -- talking about her son. And she's worried about are signed and he says bummer you'd ever stop worrying about me. And she says not to you sign up for obamacare so it it's kind of like with it in theory I guess and correct me if I'm wrong Summers was correct me if I'm wrong but. It in theory it's is similar to think the concept of if everybody had car insurance. It would it lower the burden on those who haven't. -- -- the one thing I'll say what what what are not been determined that this is successful or not and it -- and I'm looking portrayal. How many young people under not because young people are expected to pay more until it. There at bat committee it's what's gonna determine if this is successful. Orbit failed what young people bill. Yeah and and Brian I agree that is something that we we don't know yet and -- -- a caller brought this up earlier we we certainly notice from from our pass sweeping nothing's gonna happen to us. But everybody needs to realize that you know if you if you wanna be part of this country and you need to be responsible citizen and part of being -- responsible citizen is understanding that. You might be healthy but. If if you're young and you. Snowboard or use skateboard or you do stuff on a byte or -- a motorcycle or you just have fun in life. Is something can happen to you. And if you don't have any coverage that you placing a burden on the system and the goal is for you not to place a burden on the system by having coverage it. But none of us ever want to use our health insurance. Analysts is for. -- preventative stuff. And nobody wants to use it by if you needed to it's it's certainly good to have it I think that's the message that needs to go to young Americans and I think the last I heard was about five million people have signed up so far I don't know how many of those are young people yet opera mobile David -- on -- VW well. Quickly about pedestrian number studied. And it Google's story from the robotic. The they're going to be near the bush. And because of the doubt now our job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doctor costly new light on the I was -- by -- -- -- -- to you from getting you know news that thankfully. But it's. Yet -- you know it would have been -- and he read it right. Bob. Yeah I -- I see all the time and I see people so focused on their phones or they've got -- earplugs or headphones on and they're they're not take attention. You know I I think we take for granted how much we depend on focusing on our surroundings where there were pedestrians or motorists. In order to to be safe. -- now about public that would adequately. Really turned out to step back to Obama here. Really that's really going to hamper the public access really gonna continue to heparin -- first 11 outside the approach of that is late now. Requirement that every health insurance plans have to cover -- be legal. -- just don't specially in America where everybody needs are different. -- but it under major circumstances. You know you're at least act like people like reporting a twenty forego college student. Going to be catastrophic health insurance where he all of the skateboarders. Gets. By sort of our board. He's got back outrage. Joked about it that's the you that your goal Mary with you know Eugene -- -- children. Their health insurance is going to be different. They need to back in the changes. Changed the requirement. That they were -- help insurance plan require by example. I'm going to be required. Out of control coverage model chart. -- mail that kids don't plan on getting. I don't need to talk of urgent huddle or. Get out and the other thing is that -- Hillary people to buy health insurer. Is that you know so America evidence. Well I -- then David if you if you don't have kids in public scolding you should have to pay taxes to go to public schools right. Well. It's completely different thing isn't yet in theory. Because taxes go to. Let it attacked government but it's going to provide a government. But today. Insurance plan that is being made me trick by the -- mistress. I have from the beginning -- I've I've had a problem with. The mandate but like with the -- to the car insurance theory I don't know how it would work without the mandate. Because right now we've got people who don't buy it because they don't think they needed. And then they end up putting a burden on the system which is ultimately UN meet if we have insurance were ultimately paying more into the system. If if if those people choose not to buy it so if people choose not to buy it and needed and like David you know there -- young people unfortunately they'd get. A terminally ill they're young people who get cancer night you don't need to just if your twenty years old did more to happen to you than you just fall off the skate board. Yes that does the analysis of torture. That -- and that the fact that domestic requirements the minimum requirement. Course so there's. That you can tailor your hard earned while. The street and York but in theory you still have divide and I realize there's a difference between living and driving because it driving is is an option a privilege you don't have to drive although some people would argue that you that you have to. That is it's a privilege it's it's not a right so you could if you wanna buy car insurance you can choose not to drive. -- Yeah. It may be a problem -- the problem but it the other but huge bubble. They were changed the requirement for each publisher did have. -- in health insurance ought be to the endorse specific needs. That require. Aren't there but there are options I know somebody -- went to the processes and got obamacare and and and she had a lot of different options well I don't need this and I don't need to have that this is what this is what I do need. Yet would be. Situation. So some of these health insurance companies the policies does it was -- Before -- to spring how has it affected you. Well it's just that's what it before probably terrible diplomatic -- they let the notebook pressure. Now -- -- around -- around Jupiter per share. Now is this -- through your company yours assistant U personally but it didn't. Yeah well there are winners and losers and I'm not saying it's good for the losers. -- -- -- system overall again there's so much that we don't know because it's only gonna it's only didn't. Be a matter of time before we can determine whether or not it was a success or or not. You know it's you know why there are people like you everywhere who are paying more David and that is really unfortunate. Then I know people who we're paying a lot more now they're paying a lot less. And I know people who have never had insurance and and now they have it so again there are. There will always be winners in -- As I've got to get to break David I'm going to call if you would join us with your comment tonight about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seventy and a text number is 87870. Scoop like tonight is titled pop music. And positive attitudes. Survey -- at a concert went to last night a seated concerts recently and I hear in the music it's becoming popular today. This popular music and they were some positive attitudes and young generation. The question is how positive are you here's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll do you have a positive outlook about the future of America. Give us your opinion -- -- -- -- -- will -- -- coming right back with an update on the -- And more of your comments. Whenever WL there's already some controversy about the movie no -- starring Russell Crowe you know -- know it's a story of -- from the Bible and does some people are critical of it because it might not be totally. Biblically accurate. Associate did not go to the movies -- in this or is an article somewhere that asked the question should Christians support no. You know movies about the Bible should it be really accurate or could you just look at it as a movie. That's based on a story from the Bible talk about that on the -- show tomorrow night. Here's an update on our -- W a pretty general opinion poll tonight do you have a positive outlook about the future of America. A change in our poll still very lopsided but it changed now 76%. Say no they don't have a positive outlook of future. And 44% say yes they do. I'm seeing a young generation that is very very positive and the music you're listening to is positive. And it's very reminiscent of the eighties and I noticed this again last night. When -- had a night off because we had games on -- -- -- and went 53 -- dual FM. And as crucial as I said Jessica OC American authors. Died after house of blue receptive the small hall called that the parish. And I noticed the same thing and to another concert with the young band at house of blues two door cinema club and it's something that I'm noticing with a lot of of of music for a young generation. Very positive very upbeat on -- force in music's concerned. I'm very similar in some ways to the eighties I love it or receiver positive attitude and that's -- the -- blog is about it's on our website at WW don't count. If you wanna join us with your -- tonight our numbers 2601878. -- 3866889. Certainly seventy. And a text number is 87870. Here is taxed. Than senator Reid says -- how are you. Denver is greats listening. To tune in radio app who'd bet some housing in Denver -- the glacier a graduates this is that -- -- you live. They moved to us four on the -- as you live in Denver I leave today in downtown Denver offered Tennessee day tenure on the -- good evening. City agencies that report called back and I mentioned -- to -- -- to two point 1 -- I -- away. I don't someone who earns 513. Dollars a month on Social Security who. Is it probably -- mutual security. And that's always. -- at -- And day ago weather today. Told about. That they -- 300 dollars a month pregnant or Obama care for the person. And that was quite -- -- we think that would be a mistake because if you fall under a certain level you're not required to bio obamacare. Wasn't aware of that but it -- neither country. I about the positive outlook America yeah you know what I used to do it and coming back our department a -- -- the same thing all station. Only in the house I was in radio and television -- career. A talk show host my -- of -- equivalent -- Yeah were all formats except the dirty. Yeah I. Anyway it's if I can be -- positive -- in America because people starting to wake up. They're starting to pay attention let's say hey this is right. -- our freedoms are being taken away a potential of the future of about it. I can see that happening however at the same time you -- say we're friends next door -- shorter. And every time ago would you -- idolize you repeated it one day after another one after another one Korea and other you get to -- -- And that I think is happening. Fargo like prepared -- hope that people marketing they destroy anything that the government plural. -- us and this is nothing new. This is growing on Ford decades this is that they are people who wanna assigned this. New idea and you can't trust the government to President Obama win this is something that there were there were those on the left -- didn't trust bush. -- I can recall hotline set for your outrage. And I or somebody says the reason that knows so much about history. It's that. But who are saying is yes people are starting to become aware. That they do have a job to do as citizens. QB responsible citizens -- earlier. We have our commitment. And obligation. To our friends that loved ones and neighbors. Not only just in our local area but across your tires -- we have an obligation to be good citizens and to be aware -- going on. And to do more than just vote complaining. Now we -- and appreciation. Of what. We have to do our fair share we have to contribute. You better believe. So while I think actually apology. Awareness. Coming to blow like -- comes out of the ground after -- But I don't think it's going to be there anytime shown that people are once again restored to like it used to be. And -- I'm going to call the show and their good look coming out of retirement here's a Texan -- what happened to freedom of choice the government should not be able to mandate we by anything. I'm gonna answer that -- come back after the break and you might totally disagree with the answer it might be the -- LeRoy answer. But this is a common question about obamacare the government should not be able to mandate we by anything. Or try to answer that we -- back -- you can react to it. This is -- -- -- we'll be right back on having -- bureau so how do you feel about the future of America I hear so much negative stuff is a talk show host tonight. I watched the cable news channels that I hear so much in negative things I. I hear about the things that are. As some of the things -- I get -- through social media and the Internet it FaceBook and in emails so much negative negative negative stuff about this country. So what is your outlook about America the future is a positive. That's -- -- W a pretty general opinion poll tonight right now 77%. Saying no it's not positive. Only 23% say. Yes it -- If you -- -- for the comment about why you connect calls at 260187. Toll free 866889087. Texas 87870. Will give you an update on that coming up again. In just a few minutes so here's a here's a Texas -- what happened to freedom of choice this is about to obamacare. The government should not be able to mandates we buy anything. And in theory I agree with that. But what about car insurance. -- realize that you don't have to drive you can choose not to drive that's not really of a practical. Thing to choose not to do. So if you don't wanna buy insurance. Then if you get sick don't go to the emergency room. I would respect you if you don't wanna buy insurance. If you don't if you just die in the street. If you don't ask for help from the system. If you have kids. They would have to die to. It's hypocritical to say I don't wanna buy it. But then you might use it. Now if you don't wanna buy it and you don't use it even if you're dying while we should not hypocritical. Dead but not hypocritical Sam here on -- WL. Hello -- All use today. I'm calling because I have a question about the -- time. I signed up for the insurance than. They gave me a still. Is set to start date over. -- -- Does that mean -- more takeovers what does that mean. Sam I'm just I'm not qualified to to answer that question either I wish I could I'm not an expert to obamacare and -- the regulations. I'm sure there's a number of the year or. And as somebody -- you can contact but I wouldn't -- tried there to answer that question because if it's not the right answer than that might which you and bad position itself. -- I appreciate you calling me but I believe I'm not an expert on all the details of obamacare so find a source and find out in June pitcher question answered. This is this coach -- hang on we will be right back after this news updates.