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Mar 25, 2014|

A 9-year-old student in Colorado was told not to return to school without a wig until her hair grew back after she shaved her head in support of a friend who had cancer. Her shaved head violated the school’s dress code. Zero tolerance gone awry - again? PLUS: Last night, at the opening show on the tour of a popular new group, American Authors, I heard upbeat music with positive messages and a crowd of a young generation having a great time. Obviously, a new young generation is optimistic about the future. Are you? Is optimism reserved only for those who are young and unaware of reality? Or - are you optimistic? If so - why?

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It's going to be a chilly night and now. I know it's march 25 and you're expecting it in this part of the country to be a little warmer but let's just again let's embrace this cooler weather while -- here because it will be hot and sticky soon enough. There will be a point this summer when you were going to be banking. You're gonna be begging for a night just like tonight this Tuesday night. Marks the 25 so enjoyed and once again the northeast is getting. He it would snow so it has been a brutal winner for a lot of people for us it's been a tough winner. And maybe it's not as warm as you would like it to be but again it's going to be warm enough when he soon enough. The schedule is out what -- -- so they going to be on when they have to be playing are you gonna get -- see everybody you wanna see are you gonna have to dash between stages. This schedule is out for the line up for Jazz Fest 2014 and that right now. Is treading on our website at every WL dot com also are divvied up to a pretty jaguar of people tonight is do you have a positive outlook about the future of America. I'm -- it's a ridiculous country are very very negative. Well the economy. That of the world politics. In a very negative view of America. Here's an update on our poll 75%. Say no. They don't have a positive outlook about America's future. Only 25% say yes they do. I give us your opinion by going to be W real dot com it's the WWL pretty -- law opinion poll also on our website today and CIS. New Orleans. -- -- take center stage on CBS tonight it's a possibility that's gonna become. A spin off and we've got the story plus the latest on Hollywood sells record setting year. And at my friend is working on the new publicity would terminator movie and -- Jurassic Park is in town and then there's other movies as well so it's just really. It's just been an amazing. Amazing year. And more more big movies are coming to count all of that is on our website at WW real dot com. I'm sure you've heard by now the NFL is banning the slam dunking of the football over the goal post after touchdown scored. Jimmy Graham did this. And I thought it was cool like Drew Brees actually banished intuitive he'd been. Missed a couple of times but he actually I think he actually did a couple of times as well. The NFL continues to have to crackdown on players showing any sign of emotion after they score. Now players can still jump up in touch the goal post but they can't use the ball is a fraud. A Steve Geller has an interesting. A blogger apart with some comments on our website -- it's titled the NFL the no Fun League. As is noted dunking and there are some comments. Even for Tony Gonzales who most recently was at the Atlanta Falcons and has retired he -- -- between this is on net. Steve gossip column under our opinions. It says says the NFL says no it's from Tony Gonzales the NFL says no to dunking. Over the goal post this one I don't understand looks like I got out in time. I'm so. Again. What's the big deal I mean it's why it. You could still spike the ball that's still allowed because I guess that was kind of grandfathered in but. You know I guess in a -- being kind of hypocritical of me if you're not supposed to use the balls a profit you're not supposed to do anything that -- while -- -- despite the ball. Or or or spin the ball on it on -- at what why allow that I mean I'm I'm for the players doing that. But if you're gonna cut out. Of what what's the problem with -- the ball over the how is that really any different then spiking the ball. -- I realize that there are a lot of people who don't like the flamboyant. Displays of emotion after a touchdown this is scored. And I do agree that -- some of them have got a bit out of control put. You know the world can be a flamboyant place and and football is it's entertainment. I don't have a problem with some of the celebrations in the end zones again many people do we've also talked about a couple school districts in New York. Where students are texting. Pictures of themselves in various stages of undress including. Nude pictures. And pictures of them getting drunk and is it really possible for parents to control their teenagers when it comes to texting tweeting and sending a FaceBook messages. The latest statistics show that 122 pedestrians were killed in Louisiana in 2012 that's the last year statistics are available. Takes them awhile to gather up the stats. But that's up from 97 the previous year 2011. Alcohol was determined to be a factor in 43% of the desk could've been in more because sometimes alcohol. Blood level content was not. Included India the report 96%. Of the pedestrian deaths. Occurred at night. And this is a part of a national survey that has been taken. National statistics gathered about. -- the number of people who live in here and -- -- killed as pedestrians. -- in a state of Louisiana in the year 2012. A 1343. Pedestrians were injured. And that is also an increase over the previous year and and who's who's to blame here is it more than -- fault is aboard the pedestrians fall. I gotta be honest with -- I'd see both sides of this. And I mean I was ticketed I was out it's the motorist -- that it's the it's the pedestrians but quite often it is the pedestrian. And as I said earlier is is human beings we've we have this instinctive. Tennessee to wanna blame the the the bigger object. In this in this case the car. Do you automatically wanna blame the car you you instinctively think doubling the car. But I I see people walking into the street paying absolutely no attention. To what they're doing and if you're on your phone. And you walk into the street if you wore. Paying attention to. -- year headphones or your ear plugs in you're not hearing anything and yours your focusing on that rather than the sounds around -- the ambiance of the world around you. And you get hit -- she is your fault it's it's. It's not the voters ball to the motorist is it making a mistake. And again quite often we want to blame the big bad machine over the person but quite often it is the person's fault that I see it all the time. If you wanna join us with a comment about anything were talking about on -- -- night. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. In a text number is 877. Also -- we're talking about a nine year old student Colorado in Grand Junction, Colorado. She was told not to return to school. Without a week. Until her real hair grew back after she shaved her head in support of a friend. Who has cancer. Her friend who lost her hair. Through a chemotherapy. On the nine year old student is Cameron renfro. The eleven year old friend who has cancer is still -- -- the school is cap rock academy in Grand Junction, Colorado. And this is just another one of those cases -- zero tolerance. Has gone -- The school says that the dress code calls for. On students to do -- for the dress -- in general to promote safety. Uniformity. And a non distracting environment. For the school students. And so they -- they're having a meeting to figure out how to deal with its. What what meeting. Why shouldn't this be a great teaching moment there may be -- a few who actually agree with zero tolerance policies. You may actually think that we have got to have this it's got to be black and white students have got to listen to this and if you shaved your head you shake your hand if it's against the dress code it's against the dress code period. And the conversation zero tolerance. War. Human beings could look at the situation and say. What a great way to show support. And if this is a distraction. If somebody shaves their -- For this reason to support some friend who has cancer. If that's a distraction. That's a good distraction. That's a distraction it should be celebrated. Not criticized. If that creates a disruption in the class. That's a good disruption. The reason for that. Disruption. Is good the reason for the distraction is good. I think you -- -- terrible for the school to tell the mother even called and told the school why she did it. I'm not exactly sure why -- practiced just not go for boys but just for girls are not exactly sure why. A girl's head being shaped as a distraction although I will tell you Grand Junction, Colorado is in. The western part of Colorado very close to the Utah border is a very very conservative area. A cholera. -- I guess they would want the other girl with a shaved and as being just too rebellious and distracting I guess it would feed into the the very traditional. Norms. Off of of that part of the state. And you know there are so many young people so many people with your eyes I see people all the time. With with no here. Or there -- really short it's just just going back. And -- automatically say a prayer because I am assuming that they're. They dealt with cancer and -- dealing with with with team. And that happens to a lot of people and that's not something that should ever be criticized to ever be considered for billions and this is another example of how inhumane. Zero tolerance policies really York. If you rejoice with comet tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And our text number is 877 here's Texan we hope every kid at that school shapes their heads. Good idea here's a text the judge who sentenced. That little dog must be repelled of this -- of a sudden it came up in the news site I -- -- I don't I had to run you know sometimes I have to. Rundown hall if you don't mean when you boosts and so I must have missed this story but the Texas about it. A judge who sentenced to dog -- must be he Republican. -- here's attacks it reads I love the television show and CIS and would love to see an NC -- S New Orleans spin off. But no this about new world ends would compete with out. With out. And the shoot so currently featured as a forensic scientist on the show. It is from the world's again sometimes these text or just a little bit jumbled suffice it to say that you just right I apologize for that. Here is a -- reads what about freedom of religion. Christian scientist if for example rely on god for healing. And don't use stocks or methods. So if they are forced to buy health insurance. Then they don't truly have freedom of religion. And I think that's an interesting point. If you enjoy pressure with a comet tonight our numbers 260187. In total free 8668890870. A -- -- -- seventy semi hard last night we had those Puccio. Because of a baseball on what station and basketball knows -- knows best on both stations relishing in the ninety tournament and also the delegates played last night. Pelicans actually do -- what -- did you know so there didn't like they're looking pretty good right now. So I had a chance to go to a rare week I concert I went to see American authors the -- does this song best days of my life. In the small halt the parish and counselors. And I I noticed something about this concerts not only demand but also the audience that I've I've been noticing at concerts recently. And I want to share that with you when we come back this is the -- show -- -- WL. It is tattooed on -- home -- remind. Second of where I come from men voted. The only. -- This is the grand American authors stinger. A relatively new young man from Brooklyn. As a song called home favorite concert last night in the small holes called the parish. And house of blues and since we didn't show last night had a chance to go. And I was -- I was really impressed. -- Last night eyewitness conflict confirmation of a new trend that I IC and in young bands American authors and get relatively new band. The new music video for the -- big hit best days of my life which he played a few moments ago and -- -- it going in and out of breaks sometimes and show. I its recently -- Featured in VH one's a top twenty countdown on on Sunday morning as being played on radio stations across the country including of the -- seven. A best days of my life is from one of those groups American authors that is defining this decade of music. It's upbeat it's it's a positive song. The melody to me is is somewhat reminiscent of just the the overall feeling of the eighties in fact they have a guy who plays banjo. Mandolin and banjo. -- remember the other big band in the eighties did that featured a banjo they had one hit. And they featured a banjo and like you'd look at this video see this guy played a banjo and it was really quite obvious and in the song to. You might not have thought about it but -- -- midnight runners come on Eileen. Featured a bench. And by the way via the band American -- last night. Did this acoustic version of of a country song. And every young person in their seemed to know the words. Just shows you how much crossover audience arrears with country. And pop rock today. Anyway I -- I was really impressed with this concert last night but what I noticed something that I've -- I first noticed -- I saw a young band from Ireland to door cinema club. When he played at house of blues so last year. There's a young generation to his dancing and singing their hands are in the air and their energy is very positive. And it reminds me of the eighties. In previous blogs and on the show I've talked about how old -- young generations have adopted the music of the eighties as their -- Crowding nights that are eighty sites -- clubs around the country including one eyed jacks in the French Quarter here in New Orleans every Thursday night. This has been going on for about the last ten years younger adults too young to have been born when the songs that defined the eighty sound hits on the radio. Songs that I -- playing doing a morning show is skewed the morning on on B 97. These songs. -- These -- were out before the speech and people were even born. And yet. They know every every every line every song they know the words and they're dancing to the songs is if there. Their own songs and the music of the eighties was generally upbeat it was very danceable it was positive. It reflected a good time in America the economy was booming America's feel good about the future everything seemed possible. I don't can be argued it. Every young generation is positive because welding at a whole lives ahead of a amended date they don't have the problems that we have. But you know I look back -- and much of the music in the sixties after the initial surge of the British invasion. With The Beatles and some of that happy pop groups a lot of the music in the sixties carried very very heavy messages. Abouts. About politics. About social issues. About equality. About individual freedom very heavy messages. With a negative view of the future. And I think the same could be said of the young generation it was into the grunge music -- the grunge music spoke to a young generation in the nineties. And that music ways it was it was angst ridden and very negative about America. But there are new artists like the group -- -- last night American authors. Of bands like to -- McCullough. Imagine dragons. Bastille. Even Bruno Mars. They're creating new music for a new generation that reminds me of the eighty sound. And it's obvious that a young generations appreciation of the actual music from the eighties has inspired new artist. To make new music that sounds like the eighties. And this is the music it's gonna defined this this decade in terms of music. And there are also some similarities between some of the hair styles. And some of the fashions from the eighties and the new look and sound. That we see today from bands like. American authors and the the -- Bastille. Best deal was on. I think it was this past Saturday night Bastille was on Saturday Night Live for me it was last week -- -- voluntary nightlife very recently. That's another really talented as young band. But -- right. When I think about all the negative things that are that are talked about on talk radio -- the job market to. There are negative things to mentioned about a young generation finding jobs negative things about the economy political debate has become so hateful and America. There's the ever present threat of terrorism which were reminded about on almost a daily basis if it doesn't touch you personally. When you go through an airport you see things on the news and there are still lingering thoughts about Malaysian airlines flight 370. As some people are still thinking no it's it's not in the south Indian Ocean it's it's somewhere it's it's part of -- conspiracy theory it's it's being used. It's it's it's been prepared to via. A weapon they're a lot of negative things in the news. And yet I think it's incredible. To see such positive signs in such a positive attitude coming from a young generation. Music is reflecting the attitude to remind me of the attitudes of that young generation the eighties when. When the music was hot and and and it was a positive view of life and we. As a young generation while I was -- that young at the time but young generation. -- stance. But I hear all the negative things that Americans say about this country for same sex marriage to obamacare to the economy to the future of this country. Approaching life with a negative attitude. Is only gonna invite negative results. Not in any kind of magical mystical away like -- Literally bring in negative thoughts by being negative. If you're positive whether you go to a job where you go into any situation you just look at life in general if you are more positive. And if you focus on focus on the positive things and not just the negative thing that's is that the the the dismal things. And you will -- focus on those things and those things will be accented in your life and for everybody around you the positive things. Without being naive to the realities that we all know because of what we've gone through and our lives. I think we can start looking for reasons to be more positive than negative. And that's gonna help this country. There's so much popularity having such a negative view of -- of the future. And so much of it has to do with what political party you're part enough. If you're liberal and bushes in the office. America's future is terrible. If you're conservative and Obama's in the White House. The view of America is terrible the future of this country is horrible. And I realize that you can make that argument right now. But you don't know. We have no idea. What will happen and if we if we continue to tread in the negative waters. That's only gonna enhance. The negative thing it's not that we should accept them and deal with those negative things because we should it. But the rhetoric from the right about certain things in the rhetoric from the left about certain things. Creates such a negative view of of America we just can't seem to come together as a nation. And be positive. When it comes to obamacare for example. The right would never concede that there are any good things about it and there are good things about this Affordable Care Act. And the left. Would never concede that did the right is right about some things that. There are problems and so people aren't gonna pay more and it's it's not an ideal system I don't know of any system is on deal. But neither side including U. Or me we don't exactly know how all of this is gonna play out. Only history will tell us. But the attitude of Americans even though I think it's changing and we addressed that on the show a lot I think. I think there are people who -- tired of the far right and the far left and and there's a there's a new voice. That is becoming a little bit louder and we'll get louder. And louder and it's a voice that's going to denounce the far right and the far left you will see that happen. But we've been so deeply divided along political lines stated that both sides seem more interested in advancing their party's agenda. Rather than doing what's in the best interest of Americans. Now it is the Republicans do have a an answer to obamacare if they have a better plan. Do you think that we're where where's the plan. Do you think it's gonna come out now. Or do you think it's being saved. For political campaign in the future. To help Republicans win. Or maybe to help a Republican win in 2016. Maybe there's a perfect plan that the Republicans have. But we don't know about it because they're saving it. Well there's a better plan. That's good for America. And if it's being saved. As political equity to be used in the campaign. That how was that good for America. How can anybody claim to be patriotic if advancing the party is more important. And doing what's best for America. If you have this. Common mentality that they're still good music today you know I think he's -- seventies and sixties -- nothing -- better in the eighties or whatever whatever is your show on. If you're not paying attention to music today. The year robbing yourself of an opportunity to embrace. A positive -- It's really rolling across young America. They were not many people my age who one of our first callers on the show tonight was from Somalia the -- Pristina for Amanda hill. -- she and her husband -- their last night made -- -- talked to me that there were that many people -- -- I would say this -- holds 200 to 300 people and house of blues and maybe there's a 150 people here. Never -- For very talented young band American authors and again I'm not trying to blow this out of proportion at all. But it was just a very positive experience and it's also it's not a trend that I'm starting to see. And it's a trend of of upbeat positive music with good messages fun messages and a young generation that just wants to have fun. It doesn't mean that there be responsible doesn't mean they're not taking the life responsibly. I'm not suggesting that they don't pay attention to school or their jobs or anything like that. But rather than be burdened with all the dismal negative views of the future of America and all these dismal predictions many of them never come true. For example the dire prediction. That our economy was gonna collapse. If Obama was reelected. I was 2012. Our economy has it collapsed. So all of those people who were trying to scare everybody. Into voting for Romney. Because if you don't the economy is going to fall apart where are those people now. Now this doesn't mean that your economy is good. It doesn't mean bats everybody's economy's good does that mean that everybody has a job. But it also means that those dire predictions of America falling apart if Obama gets reelected again it's it's a fear tactic. It didn't happen. So I don't understand how those people look themselves in the mirror. And don't wanna explain. While we were wrong and it didn't happen but that's sort of the dire predictions that focuses on the negative. For the very beginning. Flight 370. It's being used as -- -- that they're gonna get us. OK I think we should be realistic. But that was the effort that didn't negative view of that was the first thing that was considered. As opposed to maybe it was just a horrible catastrophe. As a few more more like that's the case we don't know for sure maybe it did hide somewhere. I don't know. But why do people. Why are people so quick to focus on the negative. And again I'm not talking about being ninety. So many people who predicted the economy was gonna collapse trying to scare people into not voting for President Obama for re election. Have benefited tremendously in the stock market. That SLA opinion that's. A fact. So there are many signs locally and nationally that the economy is improving greatly. Right here in our state. It doesn't mean that somebody's gonna come knocking your door and -- you would jobs. It assuming that everybody has a shop. But I see a lot of help wanted signs all over. And maybe you maybe have to start over your life in and I mean I had to. So there's no guarantee that you could always have the job you want it sometimes you do have to just do the best you can with what you have. You can't control sometimes the things that happened to you but you can't control how you deal with. Don't ignore your responsibilities. But maybe it's time to stop living. In the past. Maybe it's time to stop buying into all the dismal predictions about our future. And learn from the music. Of a new young generation. About being positive. Are you positive about life in America. Why. And if you're not positive about life in America why are you not positive. If you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in our text numbers activity it's happening. Music always reflects. Life reflects society. And new music reflects the young generation. Of the time. And positive. Upbeat sound is is emanating from new bands today including American authors which as I saw last night. So maybe the establishment should learn from the younger generation and not be naive to reality. But maybe realize that. We should be more positive that we have to. This could like tonight his title pop music and positive attitudes. You could read it and share -- you -- totally disagree with David it's it's on our website right now. At WWL dot com and here's a song from American authors called TP dream. The other thing is that many of the songs are are short they're not dragged out and again they. For the most part a lot of news account today is very positive. And that reflects a young generation and I think that is a really positive thing. If you and join us tonight are numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy and a Texas is a seventy except this is dispute showed will be. Back on WWL. This is the band that I saw on -- Saturday Nightline the other night to Bastille song is called apartheid. What thing also that I noticed about the lead singer of Bastille and the leasing of American authors which I've bacillus night. Both of these guys have a drum right there at the at the end of the Mike there at the lead singers and have -- a -- there and they. They beat the dramas. As part of the show against event it's an interesting it's interesting new trend here's our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight. Do you have a positive outlook about the future of America 76% say no and 24% say yes. You can give us your opinion by going to our web site WW well. Dot com. Here is a text taste do if you wanna enjoy a -- most positive five. And -- show make it a point to go to the next 311 -- show in no -- A better yet book a room on the 311 -- 2015. Time of your life sir. Here's a tax increase going to -- kiss and Def Leppard together in Nashville and I'm sure that will be fun here's attacks I'm 34. And I know every Frankie Beverly and -- song. By heart. I here's a text about the the young girl who shaved her head and was told not to come back to school when she wore a wig. -- or -- hair grew out to where we can -- here grew out. The text reads the reporting that the girl. In the Colorado school who shaved her head in support of her friend who lost her hair from cancer. Has been told she could not return -- she wears a wig. This does not apply to male students I think this girl should be praised. And a whole damn student body should shave their heads in support of her. A schools are going overboard with his zero tolerance. Blank. They have too much damn power. How we talk about zero tolerance on the show quite often because things happen and zero tolerance. -- means zero common sense but it is zero tolerance. Policies whenever they're regarding. A dress codes or drugs or weapons on campus. The they ignore. The possibility. For human judgement. And most recently there was there a case involving -- I could on high school senior. And he was suspended and spent thirteen days in jail. Because he had a pocket knife in his car on the school campus. OK I understand that a knife would be against the school rules. But the student is that he emptied. Student he's he's -- in any empty training program. And a pocket knife which part of his Ian T. Training kit. And a -- issues to cut somebody's seat belt to help them. Get out of -- a car -- So again if if human judgement can't be used in that situation then. Then why do we even recognize ourselves as being humans. Zero tolerance to fires. Human judgement. And that's something that really should be part of of all of these equations and is this nine year old girl and a Grand Junction, Colorado. -- Cameron renfro -- and supporting her eleven year old friend Delaney Clements. Who has cancer and lost her hair because of -- -- shaving her head and told that. It it violates the school regulations. The school dress code was created to promote safety uniformity. See this is actually ridiculous because of it doesn't apply to male students what's what's the deal with uniformity. So a male student can change his head but a female student can't shave her head again. Grand Junction is at the western part of Colorado it's. Rather it's it's a relatively big city for that area it's not a big city like Denver Colorado Springs report college and maybe its about size four -- Anyway it's it's in the western part of the states have very conservative. An area so I guess in coral with a shaved head while that's just too outrageous we can't tolerate that and our schools that's gonna lead to disruption. As I said earlier any disruption that would result from this -- shaving her head in support of her friend would be a very positive disruption. And agree to. Teaching moment. If you wanna join our show with your comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 260187. -- Toll free 86688. Ninths -- weights every -- received 7870 it was not supposed to be released until April but apparently came out today. This is the latest from Better Than Ezra. The song is called crazy -- Listen to a little bit of this as we go to break our schools and we'll be back every WL. -- Did happen. And don't know. And that's -- Hi this is this a good song that apparently surprised released today I think it's debuted fifty in the billboard charts. Crazy lucky do better than it was supposed to be released today are credited his cabinet Tom. And it's don't want to try to -- portico it was just wild scene and they sent him excited about his new album which is going to be released this summer and -- -- was coming out next month but apparently came utterly crazy lucky Better Than Ezra. As sounds good -- there are some things about -- and American authors are provided me you Kevin and Tom and inventiveness. Last night so looking forward to hearing more of that -- -- back with this with new music. This is the -- -- with his -- is a chilly Tuesday night in fact frost is expected as a possibility -- -- and as a possibility in the North Shore tonight. It's Tuesday march the 25 that's a little bit unusual. I hear is attacks about the a nine year old girl who shaved her head in their Grand Junction, Colorado was told to come back to school. The text reads why do you assume the school is conservative if you don't know that. Is that if you don't know that is a fact you shouldn't say it. Well I didn't actually say that when I said was Grand Junction is a conservative part of the state. So. I can think about the possibility that the conservative part of the state. Puts people in the school board and it charge at school district don't know for sure simply speculated that is a conservative parts of the state. And it's. You know it's not just I think this is an interesting thing to bring up because it's not just conservatives. That divide by zero tolerance. -- Having spent some years living in Denver and understanding a little bit about the state and and and Malia -- different parts of the country. Why would their be rule that a girl can't shave her head but a guy can shape his -- It's -- at the relief freaky about a girl shaving her head but it's okay for -- guide to shave his head. To me and and I I could be totally wrong but that is more than view of a very very strict conservative. That it is. A moderate or a liberal. I we're gonna -- -- break but we are coming back with more do you have an optimistic view of the future of America that's -- WWL party general opinion poll give -- opinion at WW real dot com.