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03-25-14, 11pm Scoot, Girl shaves her head, Media

Mar 26, 2014|

tonight Scoot talks about: Media outlets: perception of what is broadcast vs. reality; a nine year old girl in colorado was told she couldn't attend class in school, after she had her head shaved as part of a fundraiser for a friend suffering from cancer.

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It's a chilly Tuesday night I don't know who is in town and I know there are spring breakers in town this time of year but last night the French Quarter was really crowded about 111130. There was just like a log jam of people in suits -- standing outside of the old absinthe house between the old apps in house and I think -- suburban cowboy which is -- ran across the street. I'm Barbara street for me from Monday on me for -- at least it was Moneyline for Monday night it was it was grown so. A lot of people are in town. -- if you would like to start to plan out your -- Jazz Fest a schedule. You can find out who is playing on what stage exactly when this schedule of this year is -- performers has been released. And we have that on our web site right now. And WW real dot com. -- -- sometimes you have to dash from one stage to another they they really brilliantly try to work it out to where if -- one. One band that represented one genre. And one age group they they have that at one end and then have another band that represented another genre and another generation at the other end. The problem is there really is a lot of crossover. There are a lot of -- of people my age you like a lot of stuff that younger generations like -- find myself kinda torn between. Two stages sometimes a Jazz Fest. And then there are there are younger generations today it's big love some of the older groups like Colin notes. Bruce -- everybody was crisper when not everybody but there. Bruce Springsteen. Attracts many many generations I think about Holland notes and on Fleetwood Mac in and groups like that there are a lot of younger young people who. Of might wanna see a group that has been. Signed Jazz Fest for them but yet they're torn between two stages. Here's or WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Do you have a positive outlook about the future of America. Only 76%. Are actually only 24% say yes they have a positive view -- 76% saying no they don't have a positive view. About our future. And I thought about this last night had a chance to go to -- concert last sides have a small hall called the parish apart a house of blues. And maybe they were 150 people there in the band American authors play. And it sure you'd recognize their their big hit the best day of my life it's really a positive song it's about the kind of like every day being that. That is the best day of your life. And I just I noticed once again and that -- -- a young generation that is responding to really positive music that is. A very reminiscent in in several ways in terms of the sound and the -- some of the bands and an enriched attitude to the crowd danceable fun music that reminds me. Of the eighties. So I sort of thinking about it how. It seems like older people and I understand that when you when you mature you go through things in life I've I do understand that. You know a year in some ways jaded by things that happened to you but that should never take away your optimistic attitude. And while young people to some degree are naive because they haven't been through things that. That others have been through there's still there's still no reason -- still reason why we should be more optimistic and people sold well. In the dismal in negative things that are said about about this country. Especially if you're anti Obama. In the same way that if you anti bush you had a very negative view of America. When reality. Presidents of the United States. Don't control as much as you were led to believe. When it comes to your personal life. If -- give your opinion on our -- if you are pretty general opinion poll go to our website WWL dot com. And if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601872. All 38668890. -- Saturday. In a text numbers 870 -- for Metairie Charles -- on the -- showed good evening. Hey I don't include Charles. What I was I was just jumped in my car work in the French Quarter and on throughout I'm. I was just wanna make comments for the gentleman with all of its own apps without. Got some -- knowledge of its -- quality out. So how we feel the energy conference which is the largest and -- in the country and it's crammed into today and it's only in the wall. Bunkers there were they were I've never. Seen that many suits especially like on a Monday night so I knew that are to be some some -- group in town so this is an NLC conference showed DG DG do good to. And what isn't there yet. Well I've been thinking of these people a year he has now. You know seventeen years much -- my dad and uncle we dollar -- -- -- -- -- -- and we all they've been coming on and happened at -- after the at least see that. But as far beyond the ounces in -- It was definite spring break which is pretty silent too. I don't -- the spring breakers go to and wants to. He would make them do -- kind of like Alabama. You know at Tulane that type crowd really on blocking happened right after carnival. Early yet you know spring break is not just about going to the beach you know most people think -- spring break is being a South Padre Island Texas or Panama City year Daytona or Fort Lauderdale years ago that was the hot spotter or Cancun. But I see you know living downtown nine IC buses unload. Every weekend this time of year and it's obviously spring breakers in -- Yet certain that and we get them every you get to spring formal and you know young dominantly calm down and have a good. I'm gonna wanna make a remark about which he did say earlier about the you know that the people that pedestrians to get -- yeah and up I mean. -- -- in the course of seventeen years now. And you know that's street in the current quarter it's not live as it should be writing and you can be coming down the street when it does stops and as someone has been party aren't. You know and you don't realize and common and they get etiquette cap on the caught. So it's now -- on the people you know that entry into. You know the one that walked in the on the street they've been party and it's not someone's -- in the cause. At -- -- out and be you know they are the instinct I think is to blame the motorist because they are protected in the car in the same way that winners. A train that hits a vehicle owners seem to be this instinct the way stories are are worded and and told in the media seems like the instinct is to. To blame to train. It's the big -- it barreled down on this well the trade didn't go off the track the car had to be on the on the track for the trying to hit it. Right no doubt end up and it seems like expressions -- You know you get and blame won it in of people party in and -- you know you live in the quarter. And you see him in the walk across street not gonna business stopped from that pedestrian. You you know I don't know apps on from that -- Yeah and and this this idea of you can walk in the streets in the French Quarter transcends to canal street as well I see that quite often people come to New Orleans and they just think that. Bit of pedestrians have the right of way everywhere and they they've really don't -- -- more pedestrians not paying attention and I do motorist were not paying attention. -- I don't. Opt out can I join our conversation I'm going to listening to WWL ignites here's attacks that reads Foster the people will be Jazz Fest. And they came out with their new album supermodel last Tuesday. Ethos to the people -- their -- let's go to let's go to break we go to break John let's go to the break with pumped up kicks. Vince Foster the people here is a text don't leave out those of us in south Alabama and Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. That is and other very hot spot for. On spring break and again you know and I know it's a little cooler. This time of year than you might want it to be if you're on the beach that. I mean do you really care if your spring break you're just there it is to have fun and I've just noticed in the last two years I just noticed that balances. Is a very popular spring break destination and -- and think about it. It kind of the -- last night made a comment it was an in the eighteen plus show. In house of blues and the band made a comment about oh actually one of the guys in the band within which a school in Tallahassee. And he said that they used to come to New Orleans because you can drink it's 1718. In two -- a problem well that's not supposed to happen. But I guess we all know that to some degree. That does happen it I'm not saying that it should. But I would be hypocritical of like torches and I didn't do that when I -- -- I'm not. On endorsing that behavior but it is something that does occasionally happened. If you if you're under age and you drink you're responsible for your behavior and bars to some degree -- responsible to make sure that everybody is of legal age. But if somebody is a really good fake idea how how can you hold the bar accountable. Here's a text -- commenting on a comment that I made about obamacare. The -- three's I think your comment about Obama cares very interesting. We don't call Social Security FDR care and we don't called Medicare Johnson care. The motive. The motive of calling the Affordable Care Act obamacare. Was to give it a derogatory name. It was to. Make it seem as if the government needs to take care of you obamacare was supposed to be derogatory. Well since nobody knows if it's gonna work 88. You can listen to your friends you can. Read all the emails and you couldn't get a social media you can. You can find all the information you want about how it's not gonna work. But you really don't know -- nobody knows. If it's gonna work. We should hope it does. Because since it's in place. And it's part of America right now we should hope that it works out for. The country in general but we don't know. But if it does work out by labeling it obamacare in the beginning you're gonna for ever give credit to president. Barack Obama. -- in reality it would have just become the Affordable Care Act is the rhetoric come down over overtime but now it will be for effort. A notice of obamacare and if it works that's gonna give credit to a Democrat to in the White House so that might not have been that this -- tomorrow and Angela. Our newest member of -- WW a family and a woman we all love Angela hill tomorrow at 1 o'clock we'll discuss what happens when we die very interesting question. Who takes center stage. Various. Is the question now -- of the American experience. It is for his spiritual revivals concerned. On the question is how to nurses and hospice workers and counselors and psychologists. How'd they deal with dying patients when they asked the question what's gonna happen when I die. Doctor -- Mendoza. Has done some research on deathbed visions so you're not gonna wanna miss Angela tomorrow she's also written testimony book titled. We don't die alone. Jesus is coming to get me in a white pickup truck says going to be part of Angeles discussion tomorrow don't miss an open mind with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow and weekdays. From one to four here on WWL if you wanna join us with a -- tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 in a text number is 87870. -- blog tonight is titled pop music and positive attitudes. Maybe something you haven't noticed but you know you gonna start to notice a lot of positive up tempo music is out right now a lot of stuff with really good messages. And -- a lot of serious contact as well but I see a lot of positive things in music it is reflecting a young generation today. -- blog is on our website at WW known outcome. Here is the band Foster the people and this is when they're here it's part of volume. And it can be against us this year again we've got the full schedule of exactly who is performing live and on what stage on our web site. -- -- -- Dot com. And nine year old student in Grand Junction, Colorado the very western part of the state near the Utah border was told not to return to school without a -- and -- actual hair grew back she shaved her head in support of a friend. Who lost her hair with chemo because she is dealing with cancer. Our head was shaved it violated the school's dress code. Another case of zero tolerance just going crazy. -- here's texts. Parents parents parents school officials. Are afraid. Of the parents afraid of being sued. Why do you say that I drove a school bus I've been listening. All night and was glad to hear. That text my thoughts exactly. Without the curse words against that is. Comment bouts. The the text about the news that whole student body some people have sent -- tonight suggesting that the whole student body. At the school cap rock academy Grand Junction, Colorado. The whole school should shave their heads I don't understand why it's it's okay for a -- to shave his head the descent looking for a girl to shave her -- And that seems to be unfair when you talk about zero tolerance you talk about. Reducing issues to very definite black and white issues. That. Does that does that make sense to me -- less. It's okay for a guy but it's kind of freaky it's kind of out of the ordinary for -- -- and again I think about why -- -- was shaved her head. It infuriates me to think about -- zero tolerance is so punishing. So many people who do not deserve. But to be punished this girl should be. Applauded she should be congratulated. She should be admired and looked up to. She shouldn't be told she has to where we'd. To school. -- here's a -- about Jazz Fest the revivalist a popular local band will be the best part. A Jazz Fest and a better than this will be performing and I'm assuming they're gonna do their their new song we just played a sample of at a few minutes ago crazy lucky. Better Than -- -- stuff out to supposed they released last month but apparently it came out today it's gonna be a chilly night there's a possibility of frost on the North Shore. It's it's cool and and breezy even on the South Shore. British you know it's gonna get to warm up fast enough around here so let's enjoy this while we haven't. I hear is attacks that read scoot did you know David duke hangs out in shell met and no I didn't know that. You know God's country. In any time you talk about Obama do you know that I have to run to the bathroom. No I was not aware of that we're talking about. Several of the anti obamacare TB and the campaigns designed to help Republicans candidates. Have been proven to be wrong again. What I find most interesting about this is and look I don't know what the outcome of obamacare is going to be. I'm not defending obamacare. But there are two people very close to me. Who have benefited tremendously from obamacare. Not because I talked him into doing that they did this on their own. But there are people who actually are are benefiting. And I don't know what the end result is going to be but if the two people closest to you. Benefited from Obama care. What was your opinion of -- But I can't let that affect my opinion. Although I can talk from first hand experience about a couple of people who have benefited tremendously and I know there's -- a TV commercial running here with a lady was long blond hair. And it's. Commercial. Against obamacare. And she says. I don't know what her exact words are bridges that obamacare doesn't work. Well that's that's not what I've experienced now. I don't have it it's not it's not for me. But -- for two people who were very very close to me. So there are people who -- benefited again I don't know what the end result is going to be and and and nobody knows. In spite of those who seem to be so definite about what's gonna happen. Here is Texan read Cisco and our employer has told us that our employees told us our employees. That would obamacare is implemented to we're going to cut back to 28 hours a week. This is an attorney in Alabama. Sheriff's department has already cut their part time deputies. -- 48 hours that was effective. -- January 2 2014. If -- people -- are losing their jobs if their losing hours because of Obama care I'm not gonna say that's a good thing that's that's not a good thing. But there has been because. Health care is so out of control it has been for so long whether Democrat or Republican has been in the White House. Because it is -- a lot of control there are companies that. Have hired part time people and not wanted them to be full time. Because. Of the benefits that they pay. Militia member America's all about the bottom line. It's all about it's all about the profit doubt there's no profit from the senate. Sheriff's department and accounting in Alabama that some of the government agency. But the businesses that are saying well -- the price for this goes up then I'm gonna fire a year are gonna cut back your hours of course because business does -- want a ticket hit. They don't want have any less profits that they can make even if it would be at the expense of of an employee I mean that's that's the system that we have. The Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler. Has looked industry commercial sponsored by AFP. Americans for prosperity. And no one of the ads claimed that senate Democrats. We're gonna lose their health insurance. And they were paying more and getting less. Well as a fact checker he found out that that wasn't really exactly the case in a present a very misleading picture. There's another Americans for prosperity and hey it's initially got a lot of attention it featured in Michigan Michigan cancer patient. Who suggested that under obamacare. She lost -- old plan. And her new wind was unaffordable. Well it turned out that that wasn't the case. And she actually save money. Then there was a second and about this and Michigan cancer patient. They claimed it Democrats. We're attacking her credibility. Meanwhile. If featured her. Dropping the unaffordable claim. And -- changing it with doesn't work for me as a way of kind of getting around that. The point is that some of these -- are are misleading. But there essentially politically it's so why would you expect them to not be misleading. But the point is also that that people don't want the truth. People don't wanna know the truth about obamacare that reporter no. There are a lot of people in this country who don't wanna know if it works they don't wanna hear. Any of the success stories about a possibly working. Because that doesn't that doesn't feed into their preconceived idea of this administration. And it really should be what's what's best for people. And what is your what is your child. What do somebody that you were really close to benefit. Would you be happy about that or would you be sent. Mean you you might be personally happy but you might be said because you'd -- you don't want to work what bothers me most about. Of about the assisted of course these answer political ads and and of course their ads that that are gonna be misleading because a political ads. But they -- the political as they're not factual statements. And so you need to see them as such. And not assume that it's absolute. Fact because nobody really knows exactly how all this is gonna play out I. I I hope that there are people close to you who who benefited or if nothing else I hope their people close to you who are not suffering. I don't want anybody to suffer. Because of obamacare. But there but these ads can be misleading. And its people will focus on. What they want to believe rather than try to figure out OK -- what's really the truth here. And came up earlier about two. Somebody said did anybody who watches have Fox News all the time is not well informed tires or something to that effect I don't remember what his exact words war. And a stroke. You can't watch Fox News only or MSNBC. Only. And think pitcher informed. Because both of those cable networks more so in my opinion then CNN. MSNBC. And Fox News. Feed. The audience. That's watching. And there are so many radio talk show host across this country who do exactly that they feed. The audience. It is listening they tell the audience watched. They think the audience wants to hear. And the audience buys it because it's what they want him. Believe they didn't just scanned the dial and go oh we'll see what the skies reader that spring -- to give -- the -- they ski in the title but it. Okay -- -- police -- I believe. Without even trying to think whether or not something is right or wrong. It's just something that echoes. Their opinion therefore they cling to it as support for what they believe. And you know changing your mind I guess is something that comes as a very unsettling thing to a lot of people. A popular join -- -- with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free numbers 8668890870. And I text number 677. Here's a Texan reads. Nolan is a rocketing ahead with jobs. Recovery construction. And it's the many spinoffs of that despite the Republicans very land through broad 300 billion dollars to. -- -- when the Bush Administration looks the other way and didn't care. The argument can be made that the Bush Administration did not pay as much attention to. New Orleans and the Louisiana. As we might have liked that I think it was very apparent to him right after. And right after Katrina. Hopefully that is changed its a shame that it took Katrina to. Make people in Washington pay closer and immediate tension and to disasters. From Memphis pressure on the -- -- beauty. Omelets and indeed talk about this not it's when the late jumper and it -- of guy. It and in 1980. Nine. I was working for turning company and Charlotte, North Carolina -- And you know back -- there wasn't -- safety now and whatever so anyway up there fifteen feet and yet. The concrete floor and broke until that -- him and sent out an 89 in 98. And a change. Fist. Calcium -- they came up all my elbow on and it got in the point skate to where I couldn't. Now. And bad time in 98 I work for a restaurant company which I will leave and saint. And so we signed on this group planned you know for insurance for healthcare and everything like that. And so when that happened to me. What happened was that the -- -- built. And what happened and he changed it came up all my elbow and it got -- couldn't. -- caught -- the insurance company an -- animosity you know I got this problem it's really gotten. More Canadian -- where each. You know I need to be talked about this. And so as. You know a couple days went on and mimic a magnitude of injuries. -- in and -- I told them about what happened to me about our sport who kept on either you know Portland. You know seem to have. You know -- And if I would -- that's a pre existing conditions on Cutler. So let me tell you what happened -- I'd like to -- personal pot for that there're. That I had been like -- C Utley had been and it -- chocolate and back from Charlotte back to Memphis. Personal Doctor Who had been to hear me away until age that I debate in eighteen years old. In the end decided -- take care of me you know and. Toting what the court said we got two choices you can design it -- -- We -- right now -- -- I can't even walk right now I guess I'd just crawled in your office what are we on days. He'd sit well Churchill. That's -- the Vietnam via -- -- open any. That can't insist all about my elbow -- Okay and I'm not on the -- need to do whatever it opt out of it dollars. Hatch a hundred dollars cash. I'll wonder what it would a wonder what the doctor would have charged insurance company. -- -- -- -- It's because. I. Thought that my insurance is not gonna cover this -- that what Iraq needed days. -- figure out cash. Then the insurance company. -- -- Took care of it. I'm canceling my insurance which I'm getting there. Group -- and -- -- you're not get in the 1790. Wheat from me you're not gonna do it anymore apply. It's not happened and then -- -- at that age. Can you might perk on doctor's secretary call me and -- let it sure that we from your insurance comic actor -- drop them. And the and so called back and I said what it has checked if she said that doctor. And they said what are we we it's real that. -- -- -- -- Now you'd try and what do you do -- and it -- And you. Have been. Soundscan this -- -- too bad that everything cheap and say okay. Insurance scheme and it's miniscule it's been a lot. Insurance -- him. In this country and educate and. Everybody has messed it up that doctors the hospitals the pharmaceuticals. And even the patients have contributed to the system the way it is. Exactly. What -- when a patient needed when you know. As a patient needed some two year and I needed immediate junior. Insurance company did not meet -- as I was honest with my insurance company and I told them out yeah. A lot about back in 198089. And then decided -- -- we're gonna do the easy way on the -- okay so that's why -- domestic. Debt swap. People demanded. Clear and that's why they demanded government. You know I intrusion. Into health care system and that they -- the private citizen that things that are good. You know they -- and everybody deals scale. Well. It's bad for a long time so it doesn't work. Outside of the board draw and if you grew at an insurance company in out. You're gonna get screwed again the government doesn't matter they. Think it's met. Great story Chris I appreciate you were listening in Memphis tonight and thanks for sharing that to a story where this if you wanna join as -- your comment tonight our numbers 26 so. 1870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy and it takes a -- 7870. Yeah I heard stories that if if so why does have insurance. The bill they'll get a certain. Charge from the doctor. But the doctor of the hospital would charge the insurance company more. -- that's contributed to the problem. And then there's a frivolous lawsuits. That comes from patients and and there are people who. Use the emergency room where they don't really need to use the emergency room absolutely. Every facet of society has contributed to the system being totally out of control and it's all been based on American -- I disputes it will be right back on them if you will. It's good luck tonight is titled pop music and positive attitudes it might be something that you really haven't thought about. One of the responses to the blog at WW dot com is at today's music as we bring back Leonard Skinner. Boston. And The Doobie Brothers. Well it -- those -- all of classic bands that very important in their day but I think there's a lot of really good music out today. And you might not have opened up -- your mind to accepting new music but there's a lot of really good stuff and music that is becoming popular analysis said. He's gonna define this in this decade so you can read the blog he might agree or disagree it's on our website at WW -- Dot com here's a text discovered a blood test was a 112 dollars when my insurance company was billed. I lost my coverage and the cash price drop to twenty dollars. I'm from Baton Rouge Richard you're on WWL. Yes good morning temperature. I got humans to go you've mentioned something about short differed torture was only except ethical people would call -- only people agree with them. It's gotten a lot of people -- you disagree with you must sell well that's that's what I actually that. Well I want it let me clarify you know what I said I you -- I didn't say that that they only accept calls with people who agree although I I can't speak for for any of the -- on the talk shows are on the country. I can only speak for myself but in in general. I don't think that we seek as people I don't think we seek media generally speaking we don't always seek immediate to find out. Both sides sort of find out the truth we migrate toward most people migrate toward a media outlet that. They're already reflects their opinions about about issues. Well maybe so but they review when you listen to an -- in view it well at night up until Midnight Oil security job that there. And during the daytime glove and pollution to global policy to. Well. Assure that all citizens I think for the most what they introduced as the level because they're conservative and patriot with the Euro -- -- they have a lot of people would call him. Have a difference of opinion. And I don't know the state should make an understatement and I -- -- by the socialist but. We beat people that will will disagree but that they they do that. -- they do that to enhance the entertainment value of the program to some -- him not being critical of that because I don't know I don't I don't I don't listen to those shows. I know with your doubt. But when it comes to the direction of a show clear there is some shows have a definite agenda. And and people buy into that agenda without always considering. On another side. In other words if if I would present a particular agenda I might have people who disagree with me but I will find. The facts and I will find -- guests that support the particular point of view and and it was it was something that was that was obvious with a Malaysian airlines flight 370. I'm in the year were a couple of fox hosted an you know it may be all of them maybe everybody did this on the different networks but I notice on fox. Even today after it was announced that the plane went into the Indian Ocean. And there were no survivors. Fox and a couple of a couple of post had on guests that said. Well why you know I'm not convinced of that why are they looking to the north and I guess that's still a possibility. But if you wonder if you wanna keep that story alive about a conspiracy theory they -- you can find against that would support that. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. That's. That's the nature of of the news media it's the nature of of of talk shows quite often too. To have an agenda. And that's OK I just times I'm frightened by people who consumed the media and don't realize that they -- origins. Then. Enemy that there's there's there's no question that there are conservative talk show host on the year across this country. Who Daschle bombing every day. I'd be promoted bush every day today he promoted -- me every day and yet. Obama got reelected. So I don't know that the media. Has the power to change minds the way some people seem to believe. No I understand but I think that. I think that if were you when you get involved with with the president right now initial talks -- -- -- think that. I think from conservatives on the radio city like bush was more on the social Democrat -- it was a Republican I've heard that you because of this spending. You know the way he's been increasing doubts -- -- Jewish ritual for. A conservative all but wanted to -- Well Daryn that there are conservatives and there are not many conservatives are not many Republicans who are conservative enough for some conservatives and and there are a lot of conservatives who are very disenchanted with the Republican Party in general. The you know which really get back conservative web. I didn't this gruesome than he did but mainly he -- monitoring -- -- forward -- bullish bet on it. Heated heated and escorted trip that. That the instructional. Well so many of the problems that are. Complained about today are legitimate problems but they've been growing for years while Republicans and Democrats have been in the White House and and there seems to be is this. This temptation to define so many problems -- new problems just because of this particular president and they've been going for a long time Richard I enjoyed our conversation thanks for listing I'm gonna get to break here and we'll be right back with more -- showing to be a -- there's a final update on IW a pretty general opinion poll tonight's do you have a positive outlook about the future of America. 76%. Saying no only 26%. Say yes but Gonzales Peggy you're WL. Outline. Update on the Obama care ID and the home and -- play and that thing what in -- I don't -- and gap rush production would go approximate forty Alexander insurance. And I a couple of those ranks bridge connecting cards. -- Al exclude only seven -- -- Honestly you benefited. As -- -- you don't Peggy. Our -- I appreciate that taking you call us any time. All right take care yourself here's a text about the NFL banning the dunking of balls after -- after a touchdown. Would it be interesting if every touchdowns scored in the first week of the season was followed by a dunk. When agree wait to for the players to show the NFL how important the fans are don't go way I would cheer each and every one of them even. The falcons. A torrent sites on the show we're gonna talk about today's establishments. The baby boomer generation. Very critical of anti social behavior. In today's young generation. And yet and Woodstock. At the big festival in 1971 celebration of life here in New Orleans they were young people getting naked. In the river. Playing in mind. Doing drugs. What do you remember about your outrageous passed from your generation of talk about that on the show tomorrow night. When they John -- studio producer also reject -- helping out in the other studio thank you for being with us tonight we will be back with a -- dispute showed tomorrow night. Where's a good night to those of you who have been listening at work those of you have been posting at home and those of you were in the car or the truck. On the -- somewhere tonight have a great evening let you do parlance.