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Mar 26, 2014|

Dave talks about bathroom etiquette, bigger than Star Wars? And What is Wrong with People?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the 26. Of march 2014. Every day for some reason. I'd I'd just amazed by that time yeah and the date in the that the speed with which. It is passing IE yeah we love remember the late Mardi Gras and tidy up the early part of march and actually you know we were in saint Patrick and -- justice system here -- -- almost on a mark Toney says. Out of the south is an all yet this is it's on day. Everybody is out today fast. -- -- -- Very progress. Magen David halfway there and -- and and and -- -- -- -- -- -- It's cool to let them down. That is ridiculous yeah yeah I -- -- regulate their feelings about them like. Fourteen miles. And at -- about a veto on them -- do it alone did. We're gonna -- Okaloosa. Yeah. 330. -- This case. -- -- glasses awfully late in the season brother yet another -- but I'm glad I'm not February. Feeling like -- yeah man that's probably gonna get down there to get it to -- your hours. Com Wednesday Thursday prime frost and assures him into that yet that the deal. An odd situation to deal with. Yesterday and it happened to me twice. And eyes out just tell you that. I was going to the restaurant. And I had to use a stall. And guy used the stall all the way this three stalls in the restaurant. I used on all the way to -- There's ones that are one on the right guy comes in a few minutes after me. Because in the middle. If it were me if I walk and arrest him as someone. In one of the you know -- three usually most math -- history yeah you're gonna try to go the first -- -- -- skip one yeah that strategy a little little room a little room there for obvious reason. Side dot but whatever -- -- just -- -- business -- off and I cannon noted we go to the other. So that happened last night what the movie -- about it and sneak preview varied. And after the movie I am going to use the and I use the one all the way to the right nobody else of the -- Only person. Jack comes in and there are like six -- uses the one. Right next -- Is there an unwritten rule. I don't know if there's space. That you leave yeah. That you just you know it is for you know personal -- issues than in actions -- it's it's nice to have little elbow room in Baltimore to try to limit my elbows I've just are now. I just feel like. Why would you stand right next to me. Or sit right next to me now. When you have options to be further away. I don't. Is an -- there's an unwritten rule. I'm I'm Mary what would you maybe it is a guy in the is that all the way to the right guys -- Rob I know my nominees sometimes these things you got a -- undersea -- and -- I don't. I don't know viola but I'd like I'd say Davis if I get a courtesy it's. You know medal no doubt yeah -- -- I want to end at the courtesies ambivalent courtesy flies. A stimulus week they're shoe -- just put them and I -- -- to CNET. So I would look to take the -- that you know you walk in there's no doubt see the guys get in there at the journal. You little one right next to every you know couple Obama to go coupled at least one -- share. And the same thing with the stalls. In some distinctive identity identity definitely against code what are they even have middle stall. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And what do you do when you go in one day and like they are all taken. You know it's like you're a jam packed I don't know I Tehran while I don't stand IE in less it's an emergency I I can. Yeah like understanding that you look like the goof ball standing there on the map in Buenos Aires and obviously your weight in on the next available sol and good yeah I don't want to just stand in the bad because we used used him by the thinks the near the way people coming up to wash and -- -- people there. He -- -- and -- Arnold is on your uncomfortably close to those people. Reelected. To struggle. If I have to admit that -- news here and definitely near death and I'm reading it -- here on WWL. Am of them and now. Definitely an unwritten rules went sharemarket text messages and 877 your forecast in sports coming up after this WWL. AM after amend count 5:18 good morning nine days ago and it's the early edition of WWL -- -- -- -- -- 787 he says -- issue yesterday with. On two different occasions once in the morning here in this building and then last night. At the movie theater. -- at -- stall in the bathroom. Like yesterday morning and some payments at the -- even though the third one was open and I think it's clean in the coming d.s and almost all Oregon and it might. Favorite choice and I. I don't know why guys sat next to me and then why the guys stood next to me when I was at the journal the movie theater. Some -- that that should be and people come on man and it will put it there. Another one says pastor -- doesn't sounds like you're being stalked another text message at 878 that he says it was the same guy. -- -- I don't know if it was it would be very weird word because. I don't think. Again would be the amount possible. I didn't see the guys sitting next decides one of the issues in detail and attention to mark -- and I didn't really look at the guy I was standing next to me because you don't do that you don't look at the guy in the next -- and you'd never. You never. No eye contact that's for sure and please don't talk to me. God I hate when people stand at the journal start talking to each other or even worse when they're sitting in salt and -- talking to each other you don't talk to me in the -- that's no talking -- We'll learn more about they'll talk about the forecast. A cool day ahead with thirties and 40s this morning and sixty's for highs this afternoon that really just low sixties it's increasing clouds continued in the event. Al keep those clouds around tonight and cool temperatures in the upper forties to low fifties rain chances start to move back and Thursday at 30% highs -- 73. We're close to eighty on Friday but there's a morning rain chance -- showers Friday morning. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark knocked out. Get text messages once this frost east of content to allow another says frost and vote elusive very cold the monitor says 32 but another -- it's as cold but no frost and broke loose and so part of -- -- frosty. Part of it is not officially it's forty. Nine degrees outside 48 degrees at the airport in -- 49 on the lake front slide out clear and 39. Degrees. To start your morning. Start your morning it is gallery -- sports -- -- -- -- I hope I can see over the wolves. Altogether but the -- themselves that the that's that I was placed over the I don't know and don't do that either. What -- that I it really tall guys in the battle -- you get to their head over the -- is at them. I've never noticed that I really like guys over sixty usually. Anyway thank you -- over the -- you mean like of the week we're getting too bad at getting closer to sorry -- from the prison that is Monday and Tuesday. That argument exactly and I will. Sports we'll get right into baseball here in -- -- left fielder Richard Kerr thought came up with a clutch. Hit with two outs in the bottom of the eleventh inning to lead the green wave -- 832 victory over LSU. And here is the 01 pitch swung on there's a line drive into right field rounding third base here comes out of the play. Is going the Marines like it's long. The loss ended LSU's six game win streak over two lane. Well you a -- yet has now won thirteen straight games on the diamond cruising to a ten to one win against Northwestern State. Senior Ryan Leonard had a perfect night going four for four with a home run and two RBIs. NFL owners have passed the rule allowing ref Rees the console with director of officiating -- -- you -- and his staff. To help determine whether a -- should be upheld or overturned. And if that NFL officials said the change could speed up the process win Dino and other staff will be monitoring the gains from the league offices in New York. And -- the immediately begin reviewing challenges for the -- for re -- gets too is monitor. Well we go to one official word from the pelicans that forward Brian Anderson will miss the remainder of the season. Because of her needed cervical disk that has sidelined him since early January. He's scheduled to have surgery on April 8. The LSU Lady Tigers have advanced the sweet sixteen of the women's NCAA tournament after beating West Virginia 76 to 67. Guard Daniel Ballard spearheaded LSU's offensive attack with 22 points along with pulling down fifteen rebounds. -- Shaquille O'Neal Grant Hill and Darrell Griffith headline the 24014. College basketball hall of fame class. O'Neal averaged 22 points and fourteen rebounds during its three year college career at LSU it was a first team all American his final two seasons. Four on sports talk here from saints coach Sean Payton that the NFL's owners meetings. Then at seven you have a choice sports talk continues and the big 87 the AM. Or catch the pelicans vs Chris Paul and the clippers -- 1053. WWL that then. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at. Or five point three -- on Steve Geller with you on your radio hasty some movie. Yet -- sneak -- of draft -- Very cool Kevin Costner Jennifer Garner. -- beautiful. And cried constant fantastic his best movie. Since field. At bat that says a lot right there to support the dreams is definitely up there in my aunt might hear movies as well I was at his best performance since then. Great great sportsman. I'll look forward to seeing and not field of dreams great in terms of where it stacks up with all time sports movies but. Football fans. Particularly those who really kind of follow things like drafts in and them personnel issues in the salary can happen. Fantastic and ladies room and my wife and daughters loved it too there's a love story that's intertwined in some family issues. They do a good job of making it a good movie -- pleased you the GM of the Cleveland brown -- GM of the Cleveland brown and dad was the longtime coach of the there. Only problem and I'll -- New Orleans fans. About the only person who plays himself in this movie. Is commissioner Roger Goodell and there was some audible -- -- in the theater. Went to doubt him on screen several times and he browns footage of playing the saints are now now but if you stay for the credits there's one saint that is. They did put up a bunch of plays during the credits and everyone erupted into applause during the credits when they showed markets -- a bigger. Anyway there's that. I was gonna ask you now but off the -- -- view to -- and play five minutes of what we're taught us some wrong with the LT baseball team to -- not very good this year. And tigers' bats are definitely struggled gas they. -- -- We're only able to tie in the final game against Georgia which. Now big deal they want you tied one that's not horrible but there was the writing on the wall now they lose two lane. They struggled against what Vanderbilt they lost -- there up to a three -- -- it's still very good team but is there something wrong with -- -- you'll answer that you to back in -- with more sports -- 25 minutes. Your forecast is activists. Let's get your forecast from after this -- forecast that aren't as meteorologist Laura bust out. We're looking chilly this morning in the thirties and forties and so even as clouds begin to increase today -- this afternoon only in the low sixties it's going to feel pretty cool that tonight cloudy and cool lows around 47 north of the lake and 55 on the South Shore. -- a -- chance begins to an event on Thursday 30% with highs of 73. And Friday's rain chance at 60% mainly for the first part of the day -- later at -- From the eyewitness forecast senator I'm meteorologist Laura. Sell 48 in tanner 39 inside -- coming up Margaret text messages and 87870. May be surprised what movie just surpassed Star Wars in all time grossing. People and -- text messages about. Here at WWL 36 minutes after 5 AM this is the early edition WWL first news this is -- this is the 26 at this point fourteen this is hump day. -- -- -- Everybody. -- on him. If you're driving through a very mild a mild. It's gonna we're doing on the seat maybe the shoulders a little bit hot and keep guys on the road and hand them. That's another saw him. That is. I just I don't wherever it nice smooth traffic morning yesterday was just -- -- -- to -- anything at. You know it's like -- Sports announcer I did a knock on war over that's now everything. Accidentally today that you -- it's funny how often sports announced this guy hasn't missed an expert pointed seventeen years yeah he's no argument. Now that we could. That was give this that the unbelievable stat they can never read and then -- it changes -- birdies on the best record him anyway. Com I was mentioning that I side draft -- last night all of obviously you're UV OK of drafting with Kevin Costner and the dairy period attractive Jennifer oh boy while yeah she's pretty darn -- -- some movies she's just. Welcome reasons but this one slow news bully you. Varied varied as sports movie I've seen in years is Israeli oh fantastic. Sports fans love it. My wife and daughters love the town drama not only of the draft in the that is the twists and turns of all of that but the human element is that. Great love story other's family issues that are very human. You know issues players waiting to be drafted it's I thought it was yeah. Not knowing anything other than drafting and what it was about I thought it was I am one of those cheesy things trying to take advantage of the timing and having cast his best performance that field there you go with knives. Good stuff yank recommend that after a few weeks we have Nolan this week in Cesar Chavez I don't know what that when that -- you know on the Internet -- that -- that things. Stock has risen huge all the reality yet okay Captain America and command that says that we got a bunch of moving between now and that pretty good run. Speaking of movies. I was surprised to see this yesterday. Frozen and is now bigger than Star Wars and Jurassic Park. That's the headline. From the Los Angeles -- well remember. Week after week. When we were doing our yard guessing like we do Fridays on the movies and and throws and -- prices over and over. It was just one number one number one marriage I have -- I haven't seen how -- I've heard the music front -- on the radio. It's huge hits. But now frozen has moved into the thirteenth spot on the all time list. Grossing a billion there a billion dollars. 1000000032 million dollars -- IQ. One point 32 billion that's how it should be that you load I don't know yet to bottom million more than Star Wars and three million more than Jurassic Park. If it brings another thirteen million which I think it will do this week in a move ahead of pirates of the Caribbean. On stranger tides and he gets another 31 million it'll out it'll. -- Toy Story 3. President table I don't think you know now and I and I I think it's a dvd you excel and be the highest grossing animated movie in history. It brings 31 million dollars. I have heard all the buzz about that is that apparently is huge trial guy movies cost more than ever to go see it but yeah. Still got a ways to go to be the top grossing movie of all time that a number one movie of all of all time all time I don't know avatar. Two point eight. -- -- -- -- I'm not in -- users are prime time era where Agassi and I think they're working on a sequel. By you sort of knocked off all the Star Wars all the jaws on you know idea now I just moved and it's important drastic part. It's in inspecting extant pirates of the Caribbean tourist. Yeah they be better to -- frozen I guess or by other predators on the you know. -- thank you -- documents and twenty minutes more prisoners Chris Miller joins us. He had he had a problem with teachers smoke in and out of that of the school and yeah my high school at dismissal time. And you see kids. Walking out as soon as they get past the fans are off the sidewalk the school property they light up. Now the legislature decides maybe that should be illegal maybe -- to be 200 feet from the school. When you talk about that. Come and appear on WWL. Threats to my my guy said oh god you could hear because my wife wasn't. I pushed the wrong but missed. Meteorologist Laura but now. You now -- yeah yeah. Once it's. Out of the -- yeah. Wasn't here on the -- 48 in New Orleans that Washington appears to add about thirty tees different frost in the hunt -- and -- loosen up yet. Told about. That -- -- freeze warning continues for in order to it appears Washington saint Tammany and the Mississippi gulf get a couple degrees colder before and yet that's really the cold hard days just as the sun starts to rise I would expect temperatures drop a couple of degrees how much three warmup to. You know we don't warm up a whole lot today and it's because we're going to see some clouds increase seen. Pat blocked -- that sunshine a little bit so high leader only the sixteenth. -- Three right around there. But school our average high temperatures -- -- that before and now below well bullet that yet but we did not break records this morning had a question for a couple of people. As the old are mourning him is not the morning every -- actually several degrees the way we're not even close to it -- With the upping its progress in the morning -- I I would expect -- to -- -- -- all we have anymore roster freezes the rest of the week yet that did this week or be warming up tonight with the same clout that I've mentioned it coming and today -- can keep from the forties and fifties overnight -- don't have to worry about your plant. Tonight until we're covering and that sort of thing. And the rest of the week kind of overnight -- 40s60s. I don't see any theories that cold temperatures for the next seven days time maybe after an act under the -- -- do so well you know our our latest to have -- that we can see usually the first week of April. -- warning -- no I you know I don't. Put it to bed right and it's not you know it's it's just. That kind of thing yet sometimes right -- -- the cold temperatures have yet they're probably will be more cold front on the way. Right Diego folks there yet haven't missed meteorologist Laura but now some weird yesterday. To hear about this announcement Drew Brees allegedly made on the show Chelsea Lately right about having a baby girl yet. That that they have found out that girl is baby right oddly Chelsea Lately and eat it worked out any video -- that it would have any video of this appearance. And anybody who posted to YouTube YouTube pulled it down. This year -- so ESPN did report that Drew Brees said that. He won there indeed having a girl but I can't. Well if you're the only thing I can think up. Do we know how far along Britney is because maybe this is do we neutralized. Well. And I believe our kids not -- -- the works that maybe maybe they weren't sure it was a girls night out on -- I don't map. -- that. I don't know -- but anyway -- -- I don't outlets that Chelsea Lately episode -- delivers his -- all wanted to be a -- so yeah that is indeed true no I don't want -- -- maxed -- -- -- on too late for me and she's a little too much made it must be some kind of copyright -- with with her show where civil of people -- take those which -- -- videos and everything -- senator -- it is about that for some topic again that maybe maybe. In the meantime I have with people Florio the US Secret Service -- three agents were sent home from Amsterdam. Or disciplinary reasons. What they -- they're preparing for the president's visit to the Netherlands. Hotel staff report one of -- was so wrong that he was -- now unable to. Walk really. And that 82 other agents were complicit in his behavior. And according to the Washington. Post. All three of them had to be sent home. And this comes at a time when the Secret Service is also under the microscope remember the hole yep hooker incidents -- -- bring in prostitutes in. When the and these are the guys on the team that goes out make sure I don't care to hear it out and they like their first -- of the what is wrong with people why would you go get drunk GOLF Magazine you're in Amsterdam -- but you're still Secret Service agent charged with protecting the president of the. -- finish -- out well may you know let navy unfortunately a couple of maybe that's -- that too bright Apple's kind of made it into the barrel I don't apparently and especially after everything else they went do you think that they'd be we're warn people happened. Actually we just don't know maybe it's like of all planning gains if your Secret Service agent now. A gun deer initial search get drunk off about the -- the president you know I don't think that would. Thank you good morning like now -- direct from the Eyewitness News forecaster Steve Geller is in with sports coming up after this. -- text message today's FDA Sony says Izod Drew Brees on Chelsea Lately he said it baby girl forward drew and family interest Miller. And I told me that he has found a link to the video the Chelsea Lately finally posted so I'll put that up on our website on my page at WWL dot com. Coming up after the shows so congratulations to drew and family. For. Getting what they -- they said that after three boys that we are ready for a girl. A snap it -- breezed him. I have 44 is a good number my wife would have had six -- we can't go one bit. But senators up for so anyway but they -- congratulations to the -- The -- so Lady Tigers. Not congratulations theology -- baseball team but congratulations to Tulane baseball team as we hear from Steve Geller with sports on this home. Good morning everyone and Richard's car Bob wouldn't -- to -- six game losing streak to LSU with a game winning RBIs in the eleventh inning. To lift the green wave -- 83 to two victory. It's struck out three times tonight. Dropped one just over the head of Robertson the throat of the blade was a good throw but not in time to get Wellesley and do lane when. At tooling closer Kyle MacKenzie earned his third win of the season pitching for -- scoreless innings while striking out five. While the raging cajun remain red hot winning ten to one over Northwestern State. Further thirteenth straight victory Ryan -- went four for four for you a lot yet with a home run and two RBIs. And it L owners have passed a rule allowing ref -- the console with director of officiating. Being blamed -- and his staff. To help determine whether -- should be upheld. Or overturn. And -- -- officials -- the -- should speed up the process. Wind you know and other staff members will be monitoring the games from the league offices in New York. And will immediately begin reviewing challenges before the -- even gets to his monitor. Buffalo Bills owner and American Football -- co-founder Ralph Wilson has died at the age of 95. He was instrumental in the AFL NFL merger and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame back in 2009. And the Lady Tigers keep on Davidson as they advance of the sweet sixteen of the NCAA. Women's tournament after beating West Virginia 76 to 67. Seventh seed LSU overcame a late seven point deficit as well as foul trouble to upset the mountaineers who were the number two seed. Today for a sports talk here from saints head coach Sean -- at the NFL's owners meetings that at seven you have a choice sports talk continues in the big 8:7 AM. We can catch the pelicans vs the clippers. I'm 1053 WWL left them I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sport I that it -- -- -- -- go with -- on your radio what do you think about the note dunking over the crossbar. I think it's a bit silly that they had to enforce it this way instead of just saying hey. If you do -- and roe VV. Goal post off kilter and it needs to be readjusted that should be a penalty but. Saying that now the football as a prop and you cannot you know dump over that things a bit silly. -- -- immigrant Sweden yet he's gonna be the only looks he's gonna lead the league and violations of that -- I'd get the most penalties for -- -- I don't think coach wants to hear that now they also. Screening -- used Photoshop. Could put a referee. In the pictures denying him as he went up for the idea that's enough to go back to his feet pretty funny. Maybe some creative ways out there. Is probably the -- baseball team lose and -- two lane. Struggling in the third game -- base runners everywhere against Georgia. Now they've lost five times this season line out of 27. Game but it is not wrong right now. -- somebody concerned about just because there's been a few extra inning game so now over 33 innings the -- only have put up six runs. Laws of the ratio higher yen got a tough team like Florida took they're going to Gainesville this weekend Florida just be one of the top teams in the nation of Florida State. So it'll be pitching matchup in the SEC this weekend. I'll see -- they can regroup and get their act together. -- still strong defense absolutely. And I asked me to wake up. Wake up the -- you go back and fifteen minutes or sports on WWL I am them and that I'm. Polygamous meteorologist Laura but elegant for your forecast for -- activists like 55 forecast time. Or -- Wednesday clouds will be rolling and so unfortunately saying goodbye to some of the sunshine after this morning and it's gonna stay cool all day temperatures starting that -- thirties and 40s this morning. And -- about 63 later this afternoon -- cloudy and cool tonight lows dropping to 47 north of the lake and 55 on the South -- Then by Thursday hitting 73 but we do at 830%. Rain chance and by Friday morning. Some showers and storms possible with a high of eighty. From the eyewitness to news forecast center I'm urologists Clark -- Out dramatically different temperatures across in the lake it's clear and 48 at the airport in -- In Bogle who say it's 32 degrees right now that the sixteen degree drop we do have some frost on the North Shore and gave -- -- at the early edition. -- WWL first news -- be the program. Talking about yesterday had -- odd experiences that one of them alone I would have really got me riled up but both of them together yesterday morning. I went to the restroom here in this building and I had to sit down so I went in the saw all the way to the last. Acumen shortly after me and there are two other styles he set the little one right -- thought -- was -- -- -- -- he's got one all the way to the right. There was nothing wrong with that I kind of walked by -- my way in so I knew that it wasn't dirty -- -- -- says why you know we've let's. A space there. But that last night after I went to see the movie draft day that's special sneak preview great movie. I'm at the -- on the bathroom. I'm the only guy in the basket. Nobody else in the entire basket is in the journal all the way to the rice. Guy comes in and then the one right next to me that's like six on that -- Some attacks made -- 78 Celanese as I've got a website for seven rules to men's bathroom etiquette rule number one. Both for -- journal yeah the -- this space. Official word text messages and the one -- next may obviously those guys are familiar with the universal man you know time to turn in their man and it's. About that. But with not as this is opened up a whole cavalcade of text messages and scores of people texting me with their own personal bat through Macy's. Number the I hate it when the guy in the bathroom wants to give you hand -- and Cologne. Yeah I've only very few times in my life in the bathroom the bathroom attendant but I don't like that at all. Finally it was talking to me at about him at a Beverly don't meet them and helping me wash my hands and right. Another person says there's also this thing called your comfort zone most people in your situation would've felt violated. Feel violated just a little cup only a personal. Bubbles. Numbers and I hate the doors installed but don't lock yet that's awful when he got to hold the door with one hand so it doesn't swing open. Because a lot in the distance -- common problem basket with a lot to doesn't -- to. The hole anyway.

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