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3-26 6:15am Tommy, cigarette butt fine

Mar 26, 2014|

Tommy talks to Kurt Weigle, the President & CEO of the Downtown Development District, about a bill that would make it a $300 fine to litter cigarette butts

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It seems like there there always around when you don't want them they're disgusting and they always need to be picked up no I'm not talking about in laws I'm talking about cigarette butts. And representative -- tonics and a have a bill heard today in committee that would give a 300 dollar fine as I understand it. And -- Michael joins us right now. A friend of virus is present and CEO of the downtown development district. 300 dollars each cigarette but not only if you from a new car window but he if you're just standing down in there in the CBD and dropped one is Aaron. Then that's my understanding. Khatami. And you know to be clear -- that -- -- a minister spill. But you know and let you do in an opinion on it. Yeah yeah absolutely. I think that -- What -- we know for sure that there is problems. You know it -- better but he -- a couple of years back we wanted to single day. The number cigarette boats that were taught that our folks are the cranking picked up a single day. It was 6871. In Wednesday. Heard I heard you say that I Sullivan happen aside -- channel four story on it when when this bill -- introduced and and not to get this loss in the weeds here but the only thing I can think of his. Hutus drew the draws is short straw and had to count 6000 nasty cigarette box. I'm sane and I could get anything more unpleasant and then I would but that that would just disgust me. I think it is sure that the dedication of -- -- -- -- -- Chaka. Well but yet it's an amazing number and in you know that is. You know art clinking on the job literally 24 page 72 weeks a -- and it at Oprah Oprah -- and this is what. You know what happens with a single thing we've got 120000 people and ever -- -- And when everybody's not everybody but when people some people stronger they're by on the in the gutter sidewalks and streets. You know it and that being a problem and that that's what this does it become one of the issues. -- outcome -- campaign that we try to bring focus you know in addition to such things like every people pick up -- underdogs when underdogs who wore out. I'm walking your -- to -- and as we call it hasn't been an important issue or so interesting you clearly that the court. It just weekly -- argument on smoking now. No because that be a different problem altogether. Well what we're having some fun with this but seriously I think it is a problem and in terms of what -- but in The King and I I guess they're suppose extinguish cigarettes first and and now having given away cars that casinos where they had. Just watch and patrons exit Libya for awhile while emcee the event they and a trash receptacle on one side now. And straight on the other and inevitably people with little its cigarettes in the trash can and -- -- fired you guys have any trouble with that little. But fortunately we have net recently. You know -- we we we have -- -- -- insult some additional cigarettes perceptual. There's actually a law on the books that we put on the books that requires larger building a child well install. Sure that -- so we. Bit of an increase in circles and then you know a lot of people use them so we haven't had a big problem. -- and you're announcing that would point out I mean you'd mentioned 300 dollar -- that. I think one the most important this bill does as I understand it. Is that defines cigarette litter -- leader. It. In a major mean has been -- to tighten that up until this point I'm in Louisiana law so. I'm -- to find that litter so that you only could be fine by signing has really not sure this and that it in my discussions with the representative. Is not meant to be punitive it's really meant to send a message to everybody that hey you know -- you know everybody has a role to play. This is in -- -- and please you know play your role in -- you consider parts you know in your car or you know what -- -- -- -- walking downtown are there any other place and then dispose of them are. And I heard people say it is an attack on smokers but it's really an attack on glitters is not. Yeah absolutely absolutely this -- You know markets that we all have our our role playing and and and we all create litter and the Detroit. There's numbers that that are right we operate refugees or should shame to waste. Important step in the folks who who do smoke. I'm certain there's cigarettes you -- that Cuba wasn't properly. I know your official originally from Michigan and and year a new millenium now you're native but. Is is is now is wonderful it's the money grow mentality where we throw things in the -- -- moderate growth so we think well with maximized to pick him up just. And they get up just throw administrators this happen and other areas like Michigan's of. You know I think my my experience is that there have been other states that have been earlier to the scheme of encouraging all citizens to it to not letter and I hear -- -- in Michigan. Of market reduction in the amount of -- chew public campaign then. And you know I think luckily we're we're at that point right now where the mayor as as strong campaign and into the market in the state is is it moving that direction is a very strong like collection. I think it's just it's kind of reminding ourselves you know as the community to pick up after ourselves the that you know they're -- do their part in the united I think we're going to be there -- it's just. You know it's just that we all have to. Realize that we are our brother's keepers and in the -- keepers in the. -- appreciate your time albeit a good day. Aren't -- vital presidency -- downtown development history.

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