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WWL>Topics>>3-26 7:15am Tommy, violent video games

3-26 7:15am Tommy, violent video games

Mar 26, 2014|

Tommy talks to Brad Bushman, a Prof. of Communication & Psychology at the Ohio State University, about whether violent video games cause aggression and violence

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Argument violent video games a new study that came out revealing violent video games can cause kids to be aggressive. And joining us right now is Brad Bushman a professor of communication and psychology at. See Ohio State University as they are right -- you get. If people are very happy about that -- yeah they are the Ohio State University tell me what your research and experience is shown with video games and now just making its aggressive but does that aggressiveness. All the time turn in the trouble can sometimes be positive thing. Yeah only recently did a comprehensive review of all violent video games -- and -- 381. Effect from steady. Involving over 130000. Participants. And these studies show that violent video games to increase aggressive shots. The increase angry feelings. The increase physiological arousal such as heart rate and blood pressure. The increase aggressive behavior hurting other people. They'd decrease feelings that empathy and compassion for others and make people -- To the pain and suffering of others and they also decrease. Helping behavior. The effects occurred for boys and girls of all ages regardless of where they lived in the world. And. I've seen some there's some. Grand Theft Auto. And I don't know that there could be any saying that dehumanize is people more. Tom that devalues human life more and that makes violence seem like something laughable with no consequences and even beyond the violence bread would. I -- shocked me about this was. That you know human beings -- hated you when even you would treat an animal with more respect in this if you shot it for you dinner you know I understand -- -- Yeah I do and you know players eighteen adult there an adult and I respect that and they're entitled to. Put whatever video games they learn when I'm really concerned about is young children playing these kind of games -- talking about the. Agent appropriate gains. There's a rating system on the video games and grand daughters rated. M for mature audiences seventeen and older they're really anybody under seventeen should not be playing that game. Arms in terms of numbers do you know how many kids under seventeen are. Are planning games and is there a way to play them safely if you're under age -- your parents are right there are saying both herself of the language I don't know why you would want that but if somebody does. To say look this is not the way life really is that visited to counteract the message. Yes actually parents tend do a lot that. Parents are playing an agent appropriate video game with their child first public conveys that it's acceptable. For the child that he's so. But it firm research has shown that parents to talk to their children about. How to solve conflicts this in -- final there way. Point out how unrealistic it is. That can't be helpful. Mom are we look in as a society at. Trouble down the line somewhere and I guess I'm also wondering where the that the graphics. Count and then they come into this because it looks real and it was like video almost and especially to a kid that's not an older. Are we raise and generation because of these video games that. And -- the term would be a cycle path or not but just who doesn't value human life at all. Yeah it is concerning researchers showed more realistic to violence that they acres affected has -- Players. You know keep. Playing violent video games mean. -- -- turning -- psychopathic killer it definitely increase as more common forms of aggressive behavior. Such -- pushing shopping other people treating other people recently and getting into fights things like and in another huge concern is. It violent video games. Basically force people to adopt the perspective that the killer rabbit and empathize with the victims -- one of the best. Think for society's empathy we want to feel compassion for human beings and violent injury decency. Appreciate your time professor will we talked to you again. Okay thank you.

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