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3-26 7:45am Tommy, violent video games

Mar 26, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Kristopher Kaliebe, a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist at LSUHSC, about the effect of violent video games

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Iconic -- 748 well the way talking about violent video games and the effect they can -- On kids new study out says that it definitely does affect their behavior we and a doctor on from the Ohio State University earlier than -- Every study confirms that we talked to doctor Christopher co lead right now child and adolescent psychiatrist. At the only issue Health Sciences Center a frequent guest and a friend of -- morning doctor. -- -- -- Tell me about video games and kids and there's some more egregious gains and others in and what have you seen. Well yeah I mean we have a lot of concerns about video games and kids he beat amounted kind. He would spend playing these games is is pretty large. Much larger than most experts recommend. And I'm. Among the gains some -- content -- it being you know on most. -- -- Stein you know unpleasant or. You know offensive war. And we worry about them also being -- -- and so yeah there's a lot of concern. I think TV. -- -- -- big debate about you on how much of exactly what that what the facts are. But I think common sense tell everyone that there's there's so many contend that. In on just think in that. It back in the day on members of Bream cold on a coat or what they called it but. He put a show on TV and there was a crime and always had to be solved the standard Skelton at a time that. That the crime had to be solved in the person had to be punished as did you you -- in essence doing it shows an -- -- -- -- -- get away with it. It when it comes these video games is part of the issue like we had a caller earlier. Told us about one ways that the terrorist in and volley game calls for you to play the part of a terrorist in chewed up and airport. And yeah at any point should the game somehow tell you this is wrong you shouldn't be doing analysis is just. Pretend dollar wouldn't even make a difference. Well yeah I hit -- good news. I think you're right CE. Eight which we. -- there original attempt. To monitor. On television that the cut people were concerned about the content and you know that problems -- human being only once in -- monitoring. You know that. Bring in all a problem with it but the concept is we ought to be concerned about what goes in people years in their allies. And -- And what they acted on a daily basis. And so yes you know going year crack it means something that you know an aggressive act in the a daily basis Ian. Of course you gain on core independently not at the center. All you would mean that the light up when we feel like work you know taking revenge nor. I'm -- army of good arm that there in them or bring that bet that. Appeal to -- -- Israel concerning make it they're acting. In terms of mom. In the brain and and what it. -- -- loses Romney's video games is there any case being made it allows people. Com. Vicariously work on a stretch in -- -- surrender and you know -- and traffic where it's like it was it blows guys are -- here. -- items and go ahead is an agent or. -- -- -- Exactly mentioning our point which which at the validity of some of the -- eight kids and on line would be gains and deep threat. And old are most that it did most of the time. It is that opposite that they get their mind are where were going on and they come in and a lot of luckily from that came calmer. Right so you know there is April lot to kids there's some positive in either -- urban east acting might up that thing -- If you could say get get some of the without. -- that again. It doesn't have to be filing -- -- right Internet that would be bringing it specifically about game. You know they can be strapped it up without playing games that don't make -- car. Generally speaking you're advised apparent generally speaking when it comes and video games and kids and. Well the rating on the label. Well my -- -- different it was. And it would go over all media had not yet videogames and BB terrible about what goes in the years and -- In it and it pertains particularly in the game. One monitor what they play but more important how much they play uniting that I think people -- -- -- the clock keepers call. In the deal but when these kids they're playing two hours today. Is. I appreciate your time pleasures always thank you sir no problem.

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