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WWL>Topics>>3-26 8:15am Tommy, Common Core

3-26 8:15am Tommy, Common Core

Mar 26, 2014|

Tommy talks to Barry Erwin, the President of Council for a Better Louisiana, about Common Core

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's only soccer 818 taken on the topic the subject of common core which is not a curriculum and is set of standards and there as a a story make in the Internet. Go crazy right now gone viral from an electrical engineer. Who writes to a fictional student and uses dear Jack don't feel bad -- a Bachelor of Science degree in electronics engineering. Which included extensive study in differential. Equations and other higher math applications -- and I cannot explain. A common core mathematics approach -- get the answer correct. In the real world supplementation is valued over complications and -- 427. Minus 316. Equals -- 111. The answers solved in under five seconds 111. The -- use is ridiculous and would result in termination. If use sincerely frustrated parent I don't know the com the problem of which is gentleman speaks I don't know if it's an Internet problem because a lot of things have been -- ground that are not true. And ready jaguar opinion poll is asking you when it comes to common core you more concerned about academics. Politics or not concerned I support common core. 20% are saying they supported 27%. Say the academics. Com concern them at 53%. Are concerned by the politics. Barry Irwin joins us right now president of the council for battle Louisiana good morning -- Good thanks to take in the timeliness. On this hole is unscientific. But I think it does point. To the common core set of standards and some of them I guess political concern that's attached to it being right or wrong. Well I mean I think you're right and you know I think there's there's still a lot of misinformation. And misunderstanding about the standards and you mentioned the Internet there's there's a ton of stuff floating around out there. If people look at some of that stuff -- it's pretty scary about it sounds very. Political in nature and it does create confusion out there -- I think it's as a group that supports -- part of Russia to try to straighten some of that out. -- mum I'm looking at a question here from the department of Louisiana. Education. A Department of Education grade five math. Mr. Redmond shared twelve pence among his four sons as follows Allen received a third bill received a fourth car received more than one. David received more pencils and Carl which sounds like -- traditional. Math word problem it would all -- school how does it differ when it comes a common core. Well I think in artists as an individual problem I think you're right it felt like a pretty common type of question need to to. Right now but I think the main thing with man. And it really with the English and reading part two is it's more focused on problem solving and critical thinking folks. And it's not just memorizing. Things and I think a lot of times we've been used certainly people of my generation of more of the memorization approached a lot of these things in common court it's really more into a problem solving in areas in the tournament. Sold more difficult for students in and actually prepared to sometimes -- think that helped create some of the confusion that. You know those questions like you just read you look at a lot of simple questions -- pretty typical. Public -- got a part -- this nine million outlook and it -- Berrian and hard for you to visualize that it says. On the number line represented a fraction of the total number of pencils it was given to both Allen and bill combined. Use the buttons on their right to increase or decrease the number of equal sections on. The number lines so it -- remembers -- -- the same kind of thing that you would have in traditional math the so called traditional map there is as part of the critical thinking. I think it's part of the critical thinking -- -- -- liberal arts based technology as an -- talking and one there. So that could be part of the problem very good in its army in terms of up. Deeply opposes this and have signs on a yard that they stop common core they talk about nefarious efforts by bill and Melinda Gates. And also is local politicians who stand to profit from this. Did in -- others even that say this is part of the Obama administration's plan to indoctrinate children. Well you know first though let's face some of those folks in the ones that have -- -- -- York I just don't think we can convince them. We've talked to a lot of them they come down here that the capital that type of thing. And you know that -- they feel very strongly very passionate. However I would say that there is in the other group I would say that the majority that. Either do supported or that it is confused by and I think in that case we just need to kind of explained. The real things it's not control by the Obama administration has not a federal. Intrusion on public education we will lose our State's sovereignty and it is just a higher standard asking our kids stepped. Be able to know and do a little bit more than were asked them right now in the world that the requiring. And wise is so important to the council for better Louisiana. We have been big on education reform for years obviously for our state we're going through. The beginning of the tremendous period of economic growth in and in expansion. The job workforce needs we have in our state our great we need our kids to be better prepared. Out of high school for either college her other training what -- it may be and we need to be able be competitive with other states in the world. Respond to attacks forming real quick that comes in it's as common course -- ploy by the Liberal Democrats to dumb down our kids and I guess that goes to where the -- of standards came from. Well you know it it came from the states and you know governor Jindal was one has signed off on -- participating in common core. A lot of conservative Republicans still support -- so. You know I think that just kind of blurs the entire you know debate itself. -- don't think it's a dumbing down when you look at. Outside groups nationally that that say these are higher standard that we have their internationally benchmark that's not something you can say about our standards and out. Really truly they're there to provide more rigor not a dumb things down. And the reason I brought it up there is it that you know a lot of people think that and believe that. Well they didn't and it's kind of hard to explain why because on the one hand you talk about some of those questions which people say look how hard that it -- And then the other terms were saying that we're dumbing things down actually we hear from people and say it's too hard we hear from people say it's too easy. You know it's just kind of hard to say you're just talking about individuals looking at time of sample questions in and what they've heard others say Mary appreciate your time -- day care UT.

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