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3-26 8:45am Tommy, Common Core opponents

Mar 26, 2014|

Tommy talks to Sandra Stotsky, a Professor Emerita of Education Reform from the University of Arkansas, and Carol Burris, a high school principal who first supported but now opposes Common Core

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Today on sports still at 847 Tommy Tucker talking about common -- standards. And get a tech Sears says -- common -- was originally drafted only had two educators on the board when they saw what the standards work. They remove themselves from the board -- been staunchly oppose a common core -- cents. One of them was in Baton Rouge last month that enough they're talking about Sanders not ski or not -- find out she's. A professor emeritus of education reform at the University of Arkansas. And Carol Burris joints is is well the principle of self signed high school. In New York I think it issues initially L -- common corn and changed her mind so to assign a who's to Sandra good morning. Good morning. It you -- welcoming Carol good morning you. I think. -- -- Andrew were you in Baton Rouge or use the educators. That are. -- we identified. -- had a good time. Tell it. -- -- Allen Mike the -- like that he Lara I am a man at a time tell me about. From being on the lord about the approval of the common core curriculum and but it was it changed your mind. Actually I didn't have much to change because when I first began to see what ever. Kennedy. Drafting standards were coming out that I'll college readiness and the split during the summer 2009. I knew that this was not legitimate attempt to. Grade American Public Education. I was on the ballot committee let's get back. Suggs is gonna ask -- if it's not a legitimate attempt what makes it illegitimate. It was rushed through. And they process it was totally non transparent it was done by private groups funded by. -- private group the gates foundation. And the only three signatures that would require it. But -- what they thought it was a state law on the matter the governor's chair of the board a bit and the commissioner bit. Were all that basically got it through but. State legislators weren't involved. Parents weren't involved teachers weren't involved in local school boards weren't involved. So how -- vote by an informed state board of education. Impose. Eight total change -- K12. And above. Without the informed consent of all the people whose children go to the schools -- paid the money for them. Sandra don't take me wrong here because I'm not for -- against common quietly and know enough about it we've done. A dozen different segments on this and and I'm still trying to get a handle on its money said once is like -- and yellow dual wall an entire field has. Right it has its supporters. Keep changing. What it is they see as the value in this and what is there actually because they're looking for political ground. To justify what they did that. It was never about education that the vast social engineering scheme on national level. So you do what you say has an -- again I'm just trying to understand this bill and Melinda Gates do you think. Are somehow influencing the governor of of all of the states that approved lists as socialized education is that dimming and -- Asian gave them money to support to groups. Three actually achieve incorporated National Governors Association. And seep yet that though council the chief state school opposite in Washington DC to develop. These standards three private groups together. Which it included governors at that time of the states that have that as governors. And the cheap seat yet that though at the superintendent their commissioners and education. At that time who are either appointed or elected in various states so that they were all private groups that trade groups in Washington DC. The governors of each state what -- -- each state is separate from what they're doing is part of that group which is not accountable to the public. -- private group. So these private groups we're developing the standards that the gates foundation supported they were all based in Washington DC. So it's not being. Is it because. The gates foundation one and that trying to make on -- just curious that they don't want kids to be as intelligent as they used to be equally remote. -- don't really know exactly what the gates foundation motivation is we can't psychoanalyze them. But from a distance. -- is that they thought they were going to be able to take control of public education. From the senator they are. Are people who believe in central planning war having control from the top. To what they believe is at very least set at fifty states now. Sandra. I don't had to -- to we have nowhere near enough time for this I would like to invite you both of them would get maybe if he would spend an -- winners and discusses -- this -- of intense interest. Everybody in this area as I'm sure around the United States -- Burris. -- principles Southside high school initially you were for this and any changed your mind. Outlets but the standard pretty. -- enough and they -- Q. The council. What it is that we do -- her high school anyway that we get very very high expectations for yet. But you know in the canary in the line in India in many -- because. We probably pushed it out quicker than any other people off with the content along with the -- teachers by the court of the quartet. A long -- -- curriculum that suddenly appeared it was created by -- which is that -- scripted curriculum. Telling teachers what. Days they teach. You that in total cancer. Com I have a lot of young teachers -- -- guilty of high school principal. Definitely. Or we -- -- materials especially in. At your target they're bringing in all it's a crying need to go to school anymore. Essentially immediately -- to deport. Tan. And quickly -- for those who don't know what that is. So I want. Black our finances and day out curriculum of Singapore which is now a small city he can eat where one in every sector. Folks in millionaires. Com and idiot named after a perspective on me out that attempts to teach very deep understanding and that's the attic. On the hill added it's a very very different need to change opt for example it if the political accurate telepathy the fourteen. Columns to not only dated fourteen but they should also -- at and amp -- one intense for. All the bad numbers they're composed can be composed -- what happened is is that for example symbol proxies like addition and subtraction multiplication. Have become extraordinary Italy a couple of and he are standards because they're currently done a lot of research now that he did teachers can predict what all of the problems with that is currently parent. Is no empirical evidence that rhetoric of the international standards -- high achievement and. Ladies we're out of time and and I again I would ask you the facility may -- get jordans and can contact to where is an entire hour to get it would be up for that. I think that's great there is a complex it out and it's very important extremely yes plessy motion enters into it and. When a player Elena thank you so much ladies.

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