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3-26-14 10:10am Garland at Idea Village: on IdeaCorps

Mar 26, 2014|

Garland broadcasts from the Idea Village and talks about IdeaCorps with program director Sara Thomas and team leaders Blake Stanfill and Emilia Anderson.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well welcome back this. Is my most -- day in and running we think tank. Separate music is. Go on that -- -- -- Tim Williams. -- early in the -- who came back at the trinity had an idea of setting up on -- new -- senator. -- -- -- -- At a longer public felon who we've grown into each other in this city via. They're reporting whatever. In the UQ what do you think we're doing and -- -- -- you that we and that would. Lived in New Orleans called wildlife. I know who we are we're we're different we go -- Cultural differences -- a lot of good things but to have blonde thing just you never can change and they're not that good. So about five years grows their running through me tea parties do it and how we doing -- I would say I can't believe you're doing it. And that's what we're doing today talking about what to him and others who brought about. This is New Orleans on proposed rule we put on why I do know. And basically what to do distract people from all over the world petroleum the technologies side to meet here in New Orleans and talk about. Innovation creativity and been tuned in in corporate ownership. Sitting at the tape boy three such people. Sir Thomas the guys do -- rector of -- do you course program through that he did it every year we do it regard. Public infield native New Orleans just happened they could. If they'll let you know mediocre school yeah yeah. And Emilia Andrews in two ways. -- -- The -- that what's the ruling team lead what does that mean. So. On the idea core. Challenges sort of have a program around ideas villages you know and it recruits. Six and beat teams from around the country and there is one team leader -- so this person. Sort of applies for the role. And then from there or whoever's given that given a roller that role will then choose 65 other classmates from -- for their program either first or second -- -- To be part of this team and so as the leader of the team -- sort of you know the organizer you handle it just sticks you interface I was there and I use -- you know handle emails but you also are really. The driving force behind you keep your team on task in new organizing means that the -- -- you know aren't. In making sure. Everyone's on the same page in and really just you know keeping the team focused and so I think it's an important role to fill and certainly. Everybody on the team works equally as part of output -- him out of time but I think as the team -- he really. The the finding that that keeps everyone together and and working hard in driving towards the end of the week -- -- -- the final presentation at the end of the week -- a little -- from -- Cincinnati right correct. White people. So I am originally from Cincinnati but I have I've lived all over the country I went to school on the West Coast was in San Francisco for -- That was in Chicago and actually had a coworker. In Chicago I was from new -- islands and you know the first time that her. What struck me was how ridiculously passionate she was about her hometown and I I really thought she might be crazy yet I've never been to New Orleans and I didn't quite understand it. And so you know every time it's up Baghdad's talk about New Orleans kind of you know tell me -- -- the food as the people they're so much stuff to do so she invited me down one. One year -- LSU game that we spent some time indoors with her family and you know -- I started to get it -- each time I came back if I came back 45 times before -- coming up to two and it. Really started to feel the energy in the I've the passion I had seen in her it was a real and I saw that in. Almost everyone -- -- it was really really infectious and I I just wanted to be part of that and so I sort of looking at business school programs. -- just kind of jumped to the top of the list and I thought this is different this is. Really outside the boxer -- never -- that you know five times New Orleans but why not you know take a chance and see what happens it's been I have to say. One of the best decisions of government I love dogs I wanna -- a year after school and you know programs like you know the idea core and idea billions. -- really are are huge a huge drawing point for people like me -- coming from outside and and really. You know wanna keep keep us here so it's it's great. So like music -- years. Blake you know everything that million votes and you will quit or more you study what you do enough. Right so I'm studying entrepreneurial management. And right now what we're doing we're working what aren't for an hour which is and at tech company on here in the city -- with the accused itself. A technology that allows that students to improve. And if -- great and so I'm facing tremendous. Performance -- -- with that with that program. And it's something that we're open them really understand the best ways to go to the different school districts in charter. Charter schools that are conducive to. Art lunatic brick and come back get -- two octaves are homeless. About the worldwide will roll -- -- war. Come right back Bill Gates that podium by -- it. -- welcome back one of the most exciting days media every year. On property -- we -- village puts the -- you all. We have got the -- a great parties at the end of the week -- the attract people from all over the world and the things that or discovered here. Things -- given birth you're really Troy there. If sir Thomas with the CI -- rector of the idea who were program what it would you do it. So idea or it was really it was attack that he'd be at its corporate is that we -- -- every fired their talent and they're fine. I'd give to really give back to the city of new lines that actually. Started immediately after Katrina by -- group of -- MBA is that we're the first group to come back after the storm. And they -- they receive so much happening on the city they thought if we don't do something to give back to run that we don't help get businesses back off the ground. Nobody will also -- started at 2006 it really was a way to help rebuild New Orleans what's happened now -- it's become one of the top hands on. Entrepreneurial learning experiences in the nation -- we have teams from all around the country that apply to pay to come down to New Orleans spent their spring break here we -- -- each -- with one aren't bringing our. -- that we that we really have invested a lot of time and resources it and they have a specific project they work -- over the weeks they spend one week here on the ground in New Orleans working intensively. Each team for each school works with their own entrepreneurs we have teams this year from two to wait and oil here locally. -- both teams from by the University of Pennsylvania Wharton school from that Cornell Johnson school of management from University of Chicago and from cal Berkeley for the hostile business out there. Public refuse to let -- and yes they're coming home I am absolutely coming home so what are you working on a meth project and tell -- about right so -- school again as a as a platform through its students from grades three through about ninth grade can get supplemental. And core learning in the math department so what it does it takes a bunch of different software programs and compiled them together. It can adapt to each student wherever he or she is so let's that you have a student that in the fifth grade but maybe injured and on the third grade level in math. It was this program does this -- to approach that student where where he is he can catch him up and a short period of time. To catch up to waiting to be in a certain class or if in the fifth grade the student is maybe at math than the seventh grade level. That would give him or her problems that would suit they are learning style there. So it's really really really dynamic program and in school was something that's -- in the way. They lose your team leader. Something like Blake -- working -- -- -- the things to him and I've talked about over the years it is. We get -- -- brewers and older or where it was got a great idea if it gets to put oval. Which always had fun that Angel investor you always got to find out the funding to expand. -- is that a problem and what we're working with Thursday that even part of the project. So from the company were working with this called crude optic it's sunglass company. Starting here in New Orleans and so slightly of slight different than maybe flakes company has a little more tech base ours is canceling more for retail. Fashioned -- company. In terms of investing are finding investors for these companies you know that. Isn't really the focus of our project our project -- more you were given sort of challenges that the companies facing in and we break isn't like Clark. And so yes -- for instance. You know as a company grows. -- learn how to manage inventory you know they. Had a really popular pair of sunglasses and the sunglasses are featured in a magazine article and all of a sudden they sell out in a month and now they have. A lead time of three months to re order of those and now people want those losses because they've seen in a magazine they can't get -- so you know that those are -- sales so. As a company starts to grow they really need to manage that in and -- properly how to be able to track it accurately. And and not manually you know these companies when they start it's all done. You know people wearing a lot of different hats it's -- paper pencil maybe some it -- -- excel but. We're really trying to give -- man a more scalable option for manage inventory -- and so while not actually a very sexy a sexy objective it's it's it's a necessary thing for this company to have to really grow the way they want to -- That's more what we're focused on it's really putting the pieces together so that then they could go in and try to get funding or find investors and our job -- -- you up for them but it's to set them up so that there in the right position that when they do go to find that funding. You know -- they can answer the questions that they're going to be asked they they have. You know the policies in place in the solutions in place so that investor would want to invest in the company itself. The survey who comport to a sitting on review we can -- to come up with the every increasing question. You were talking to young group vocal on for new work. What are the most important thing she would tell them about what's going on your -- I mean I think. The most important thing over out front for -- that that we really focus on is is for -- -- passion for somebody to be receptive to feedback. -- so that's one of the reasons that we bring these teams and we give entrepreneurs a lot of a lot of coaching. Around what does that mean it worked with and -- out all the sudden have sixty expect that show up at very intense and they're really really Smart. And they don't know as much about your business that they know but as much a lot about a lot of other things. -- and so training -- -- to be receptive to that he got into with your team to kind of build a trusting relationship that trust is really at a at the core of of what we -- per -- when we hand in -- six amazing resources for the week. What Portugal but like what Blake who were -- -- -- about it. I have on paper because we humans victims who actually met Ken Norton. And -- it to me is doing extraordinary. Things and -- it. And I keep asking him you over the years if you give me 2000 idea of where are there. Art or or that or their vehicle went to young people rabbit if -- -- -- to move forward with this or at these little program -- it. Yeah there are tons of resources available at the idea Phillips who we brought -- partners he's and it's nine months long. We propriety of education and strategic consulting and capital access programs so in July we want the new season at -- for -- kind of rolling through that door. I'm sick just this week for instance it over 15100 people registered to attend some event during aren't -- a week that's just one week of a full season. So we have programs that will provide direct consulting so much for -- comment. Think that there are idea accelerator program for instance -- we spent eleven weeks with them and we are we really the goal is to move their business forward. We also have weekly workshops caught idea institute so much partners can come and they can learn about different topics from. This is basics all the way through something that would be more kind of an experience a topic like. What happens when you fail Heidi bounce back from not. -- so we have classes workshops. Consulting so tons of resources and everything we do is is free for -- viewers that we don't charts. Which is great you know ways of anybody have an idea they wanna come to the idea pellet they're really our resources -- -- move forward. Split with the -- education companies working group. Once they get this product of an appointment with the already. Is the view is there room to grow or is that it through three. Person operation. Well -- -- who were working on finding wasteful and would have grown now. So is right now -- by the founder -- and the Seale and another person as well but the idea is to get -- to be a premier company. -- -- -- -- -- and do well on the way to doing so so part of our strategy is understanding what are the major school districts across. The country. They'll be receptive to having this type of technology would with a major charter management organizations that would need. This type of a software for their student -- -- looking at some of the most innovative. Districts and charter management organizations. I'm in the country in order to do so I'm. Well over the years. Become convinced that the warning given in the education. Is that nobody agrees. With what we talk. How do you take a new program and convinced -- we're we're having a a war over column in court. Will take him yet but you why he is. Where I think one of the beautiful things about New Orleans right now is that it's that is truly look that across the country. As a laboratory for innovation particularly with an education states everything you hear that there. That's what brought me here and -- friends -- -- 2009 it would you stop somewhere where you heard you know. And I love New Orleans valleys of summary of everything gets broken town beat out and so. It was a lot of opportunity to pick. Have to for a decade taking refuse and I needed some help us. That's up against so again New Orleans has looked up upon nationally as as a laboratory for four and -- -- and in the educations they spin it in these. Opportunities. Are really really care for the in schools for that the -- -- for the other as far as to companies to gain traction in this very special place. I'm and then take that and move that across the country constant interruptions what so. -- -- I mean -- and to don't be -- actually bought it brought -- in getting it wrong. But there there are there ought to open to -- pockets all of the news conference San Francisco which you were in particular. Chicago's got a New York's got it. So forth and so -- -- here. Lot of grow and. -- might -- on fears of it and there again. No I think -- -- and I came from San Cisco which is -- that is you know it's it's you know Silicon Valley they're so much going on but. You know while there is I think you know what what I've learned is you know there's there's always a lot of people applauding your ideas but I think. You know. Kind of to Sarah's point coming down here there's there's there's different types of -- companies that are being started in and the really trying to solve big problems and I think. You know and by doing that they're also really gonna help the city growing drive in enough to say that the ideas coming out of his nemesis or Chicago or New York are. Trivial or not you know not -- things there are great at its -- but. I deceit that some of that is coming out of here in the you know education space -- in that your social partnerships based. Really there are solving big issues and you know creating jobs and creating you know building the economy here I think. -- from there come the kind of cooler tech ideas you know come the things that just her fun and and so I think that the this sort of building block for that and and -- I really just see that is a great chance excessive for opportunity and yet to fix things and and not not everything's broken but but a great chance to really work on things that matter and that you can get passionate about and he's really helping people in -- making an impact. On the people here and elsewhere as his company's expansion and on your city you know so I think that's it acting. To me that's a valuable thing in -- and he can get in every city. Run out of time look thank you vote for all three -- you so much. It's. Real exciting I think for anybody enlisting anybody and live here to hear your own people. Involvement on for -- worry in business gonna help us all thank you so much -- -- good luck thing and you know.