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3-26-14 10:35am Garland at Idea Village: on education

Mar 26, 2014|

Garland broadcasts from the Idea Village and talks about education with Tara Canobbio of Google, Jack Brancewicz of Junior Achievement, and Matt Candler of 4.0 Schools.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back this is my phone video of the year. Or entrepreneur who were -- week and it's so organization called idea village started by Tim Williamson couple other people. And he years ago when first met Tim he's totally what -- can do it's that you have chance in hell never work. First couple years we've run into each other in detail how we doing it I don't think you could do it in about five or six years ago there were -- -- -- ago. Incredible. -- the changes brought on by the village young people. Ought to put into words creative types have been extraordinary. Over to test my pronunciation. Terry terra colonel via -- should know by -- alive for -- -- you're right. And Jack ran to where it's perfect day all right Matt and or the last name is. That. That's. That's I don't know man my ancestors made candles I give they're there's your. I give meadowbrook could -- He made the mistake and move again next door to me. She's got him rides Terrell limits are up with you who. You're hoping that -- -- me. You're with Google -- And the first couple years. Can injured you came here from who who California and absolutely six years in the -- -- got to you know you're a Louisiana and. I am six months ago and I love it -- have no intention of ever gone up what what Brooke. I'm honestly it was the community a lot of work that I've been doing with the idea village and the people at this table along with. Nonprofit leaders city leaders and just everyday individuals just got to me cents a place a sense of responsibility for what we wanna do any sense of really moving towards greater goal collectively and you know the food and music doesn't -- that. Which you worked at who who you fun. That much or renewed spirit here -- right. I'm here if you do there absolutely is something that Google now imports are entrepreneurial spirit allowing each Google employee to do. Other things on the side which is what brought me into Ireland's. And when I came here I felt that it would. Even more and every person that I -- regardless of who they -- and what they did. They wanted to do something else to pay back to the community and make a difference. Jack you're rule would you do. Well I've run junior achievement here in New Orleans and we were introduced to New Orleans want to be your week this year as one of the players. For a first ever used to launch your day which was this past Saturday. -- Before we get it through what you do with four point oh. The two young gentleman -- interviews with two tell people about this so Tony's Tony's Sanders is in New Orleans native. He has spent the last six or seven years and Silicon Valley and Boston in the start -- scene. And he started two weeks ago as our new communications director. So this is an example of a young New Orleans man to. Has made the decision to come back home because of what -- said about the community we built. He's got young kids. Married to a woman from New Orleans and he said now's the time to come back to town and contribute to what. Is the most exciting chapter in new wants history. And roster -- is in town for dawns on her week. Graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta and the co-founder of something called million dollar scholar. And this is one of the many ventures that we've gotten -- -- from around the country that is coming to New Orleans to expand. Their young start up this is the -- that focus on giving kids. Access to college. Scholarships teaches them how to get to college without any debt. Of those listeners through Tom Tucker -- through -- true today. Talking about common core. And yet I think some of the people that started it saying that so it is accurate. The head of -- package here statements great. Wolf what I hear about it you can see. It it almost sounds like religion in this it's a constant battle all. I never hear. Here's an idea educational community thinks it's great let's go with it. With the view which is the that you work -- doing what chance do you have blue book getting hit adopted. Well -- you you make a great point with what we've done in New Orleans is because we are part of this larger community. Four point oh and what we're doing here in New Orleans is as much a part of the landscape of this city's future it's not about quote reforming schools are making them in my framework. Suck less than they used to. The idea as we can re imagine the entire equation. And part of that is because we've never step back and said OK a hundred years after the industrial revolution what is school for today. And that's what we're doing our partnership with Google with the idea village with all the other startups and New Orleans. We are asking hey let's to common core and raise the standard from where it was in the basement. Among states we're saying no let's re imagine the whole system and how can we equip kids to be creative confident. And capable of dealing with a world where they're gonna carry all of the information. In the planet in their pocket and access it for free. And we've we're willing to rethink everything about school and that's allowing us to transcend that noise about common core and other. Small incremental -- chiefs of acceptance. I think we see tremendous acceptance we've got. 3000 people involved in our network that wanna be apart of our efforts to try new things. And we've launched 25 start ups in the last three years. And this new future of schools project that we launched this week is a worldwide. We've received requests from around the planet. To come to New Orleans and build new schools and 2016. And and that's I think that's resonating with people we people want to re imagine what school can be an optimistic. Bright future. And and that's possible in New Orleans it's not really possible in other cities. This was local entrepreneurial -- that's where we're Allred out hole today or the beginning of entrepreneur or -- we. Will come back with more details stay with us. Welcome back we're at New Orleans on Britain to -- -- week and it's extraordinary yet people from all of the world here. New ideas new creativity and mention an ovation you name it. A lot of dinner party around town that when you go to them it's amazing you rendered to. People from the biggest company in the world -- people from. Foreign countries all here because you all you can become a magnet with this type thing. I'm talking to three people here and been taken up all the time introduce you had to go to Jack -- Brent where. A bureau with the junior achievement -- All right a young person in this city in this organization come through with that up with a nice view it it's godly. If you good example. Jim we're going to and brought some young people number of years ago. And they have decided that I told them that was -- -- of whether it will work all the pizza. The stores -- all we all over the world so that's still pulling out right they just got pretty good at art. Where do you get the the financial that they -- the Angel investors. To get these great you talked. But you know we we work obviously with school -- Youth that grades K through twelve and with that the junior idea which was the program. That participated on -- -- your day. We focused on high school students. That program really led in. It any direction that was student driven as opposed to adults driven. And that self employed a process where the students themselves stepped forward and said. I think I'm an on chip -- you or can you give me some additional help and let me decide whether or not I am or not. Because I'm pretty confident that in our schools today we could look at in the classroom and it be difficult to pick out that one student who is that on to the new word that second student that's not the New York so it all involves self selection. And it was all local high schools so when you mentioned. The issue of financing and our winner did receive a 101000 dollar scholarship. The business community which is the basis of junior achievements. Support. Came forward was generous and supported the junior idea and it's winner quite a quite nicely terrorist. You are still with Google you come her permanently what what are you doing here now with what you -- rolled through. Share what I what I came -- -- part of my job is with Google for education so it is with not a with Jack -- doing a lot of work to survey the landscape. And bring Google's innovative ideas and our resources 1% of our time our money and are individuals. To help shape the movement Matt talked a lot about that you mention common core. We feel that the -- common corn innovation are not necessarily mutually exclusive. It's something that can be done with extracurricular programs like -- idea it something that can be done with teacher training programs it's something that can be done with. Local entities like the -- institute for the city of New Orleans are organizations like four point oh. -- are all working in the same direction that regardless of the state of education as it is there's still ways to assimilate and give students the opportunities they want -- what I've been focusing on. As the lead sponsor for entrepreneurship -- Matt what's the most exciting thing you're working. Four point oh when it comes to the few -- it. The most exciting thing in the last. Few weeks is a partnership with my old organization new schools for New Orleans and -- -- himself. The founder -- academy as it was on your radio show way back. Before it blew amazing New Orleans an amazing and native. The future of school project is a worldwide competition. An invitation for anyone on the planet including people in other countries using comic out of me as their primary source of education. To pitch ideas to us. That we can then test here in New Orleans that within two years become new schools open to this. To the public free for every one. But radically new visions of school. And and the response to that has been tremendous application for that is due April 11 and it's available -- future of school out of work and and when we we were scared that when we put this out would anyone care what people care people have great ideas about how to re -- school. And we are creating this ecosystem that you can land in New Orleans. And be encouraged all the way through the process to becoming. A notch partner that runs a school -- you might start the next Google you might start the next -- academy. Creating a structure for folks to land where everything on that process and move them for the same way that Jack that's what this high school kids. That's really what we're trying to do here is open the door and say we trust your great ideas -- yet. When when we first talked who have so colony was just. But New Orleans and try and help a couple of -- -- here and was very interesting balance it and found that we had a long. Next thing -- know watching Pitt does come with he and Bill Gates -- talking about it broken. This four point oh attracted. Well including press leave the big money in to. Well we've been very fortunate. Bill Gates has been thumbing -- for the last two years as has the Walton Family Foundation. And you line you Rhode. Aside from that notes and then. We've been pretty fortunate that those guys -- -- have stepped up and again I think these are folks that in many ways have been trying to support change in education haven't seen the did results they're looking for but with four point oh. There's real leverage here because we're plugged into New Orleans they think that we're gonna stick around. Because it's not just about their money we're wired in now to what everyone else in the ecosystems doing. So that what we're doing in schools is as important and it's tied in with what we're doing in water. And tech and other start ups and that's to me what's so unique about what New Orleans is doing. When it thinks about rethinking schools it's not just making the schools better in isolation it's let's we've. The future of our schools and with the future of our city. Tara and I know you can't go into detail about that sort of thing. When people here who broke. They're they're curious about two things in particular the driver those cars who who's been testing for years and years and years. In California. Now or in several states and Google glasses do you use the -- that. As commercial enterprises that becomes part of read the news life in the future. We'll share Garland -- wave we generally look at it is Google is we. Bring all of our products to the market in two ways one to push the boundaries of what has been done before. And really predicting the needs of the market before the populace even decide that Watson. And also this idea of open source of a lot of times what we do is we bring a product partially baked it's. Functional it's interesting it's fun but hasn't really seen its limitations that's what we thought up against some of the issues that you and I -- talking about -- around. Privacy or safety of those types of things. All the safeguards are put in place all the legal requirements are being Mac but that's with any good technology. You're pushing the boundaries and it's important that the dialogue that's currently going on in the world. Goes on because actually form the opinions of the developers and forms the opinions of these secondary users who are out there and building more technology on top of it. Both of those technologies have been around for years but -- by the military. -- -- private sectors in different way and companies like Google and other tech companies are about getting in the hands of the everyday person. And seeing a lot of the revolutionary things that we -- become accustomed to. Now in our dignity -- lives. We've we've we've you go to with a how quick Google would Bill Gates. I've got to Saudia found out about -- cold hot dog. Do you think they might be interest that this bill be there. Never. You're seeing on the way we would we would take a small baby step with your crazy idea you you try something without blowing all our money on and hazy hot dog that didn't pan out today we throw some kids at that idea their area you -- Government right -- of -- would remind you down Angelou show would just the junior achievement people. There -- show from three to 4 PM with the finalists and winners of the junior idea.