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3-26-14 11:10am Garland at Idea Village: on partnering

Mar 26, 2014|

Garland broadcasts from the Idea Village and talks about how to find an entrepreneurial partner with Victoria Adams of the Idea Village, Kurt Weigle of the Downtown Development District, and Damon Burns of inNOLAvation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What about favorite days in the -- today in this salt -- and at least -- live buddy your go to guy but the name Tim Williamson I think with a couple people. Came back to New Orleans after three units sided board to help you open something called -- -- built with the thought. A pro -- on where new words in particular young people with. I -- and education. And in a yearning to VO two doors and up probably told him that would never work. And I told him that for the first couple years and then after a couple of years that the UNC -- would work -- become extraordinary. And now there's an entire week of attracting people from all over the world were at boat go through all. What we have presentation. Removal as Hughes you war. With a group here from -- can -- Latvia I think in in Europe. That have the collapses. That we deportable and you could height. But blinking your as to whether it's just extraordinary there and once again as we do almost every year under Victoria and with that. I do believe she. Public program. -- while back to show thinks the track. At the plastic and and vice Versa we're gonna hurt black hole the -- and it is built -- -- district and Damon birds. In no -- vacation it is whose company you're on the through war tell us about -- company Telus would you do with you. Yes sir thanks for having me first and our political event. -- innovation is a nonprofit organization that was started by a group of local management knows it's. Focuses -- to increase on. Encourage innovation with in the minority community. So with it's been a support group for the most what was photo vetoes we -- him come out talk to us last is -- -- -- we got involved in Oxford or we. And this is our second go around there are no we this year we we had at an event for. A few local high schools. So essentially we wanted to focus on helping out the younger demographic much -- knows encourages them to think about. Innovation and technology. Bill and out there ideas and there are ways to you realize how important is to throw me. -- -- -- -- -- -- Worked for about 78 years with a few banks. Won't Texas. Left about nine months ago so my own company. So when that process I got hooked up with a number of other for those looking to do about the companies as well so. As I mentioned we sort of formed a support group for each other and it's thought so well and and that's why it innovation has. Grown into doing events or. Local high schools in addition to some of those things that involve. In the good -- I think you several 100% though. You go to -- -- and use the right want to Texas southern university in Houston and came back home progress through it you know. Katrina. In -- that little bit hopeful also a couple of local knowledge that is about it and did you get into thinking. Yes yes -- bank and that progress who photo -- a training ground for us but don't ship them. So far been right and good. Good learning process for our a broad but -- new book when I was like human mind when these early thirties. And and basically kept promising throughout the book. To give me -- everybody else that guaranteed success to what are we were doing -- -- if -- -- read through it. That's -- which carpet got to the end of it in the through you provide the bridge to security behind -- So when they -- you -- that Brit you're right you walked away from thank you. But it's satellite. It was of this area first that -- family out there are no. Saying when I have family supported me throughout the process that I was helpful. But it was definitely something that that took me a White House. To become OK with so and my idea for a very long time -- Certainly have to go through the process of understanding that it's a wrist and I have to be okay -- -- had to be OK with leaving everything behind. And so far. I'm pleased that decision. If that somebody people that talked about the move and yields in particular at the -- reluctant. Always have criticism. What I see in the new pit road -- use the urge to take the troops on the road and fail and get back on their feet. What we -- look at everything that's happening here Victoria. It's a really think united salutes it says the -- on Purdue's ability known -- that the one of them that want them -- prize here a couple of years ago seven years ago. Well what do you say to them when. When you talk about being there. Usually aren't about to meet you talk about failure it's actually have a big piece of what we do -- the -- -- wells in New Orleans -- partner we try to encourage people. To understand that failure is OK let me hear a lot of times -- -- mean he's still fast the fast the failed you failed -- fast you can get back up and try to fix that you bailed on. Is actually host of the session Monday afternoon cult failure that's it actually featured five local want to -- arson the president FCC's copy. We had became the cocoa up at the interactive will Scott from search influence all of them came in obviously big recognizable names great local -- But they are talking about their failures they weren't talking about -- -- tell you a magnificent green -- succeeded. They want to tell you about the road bumps along the way. The year from entrepreneurs like -- Tom with Playgirl rep who knows born time accidents rejected for the I -- those programs to apply in 2009. And that was the big personal failure for her but now she's -- wild success has come back the record and in numerous ways actually mentor this year's accelerator classes for us. Failure is a part of entrepreneurship that's part of the journey and you have to accept this you do the more success we'll be. -- probably have this mixed up. Flirty girl who's that lady. Came back kept it trillion. Couple thousand dollars to to back -- that a couple of kids. Yes that in the interview that she in her home she started her business in her house at least has three children injection site of the 2000 dollar tax return. Well and has built that now college that multi million dollar chain multiple locations across New Orleans and is doing great things. Her boy go downtown development of trick outside Rome. Downtown. Looking a whole lot better economy expanding routes and we're like prison if you've been pretty much failed. Pretty much I hear that a lot. It's you do you remember after creative much through was apparent when the beyond because that was a true -- and everybody in sight that's why I've -- -- total player throated laugh from the people. But I can't I get a -- then to kick it right at me from then the sleep with a better. You know in in almost every way were riding a big -- right now in -- residential is just through the roof we've built we doubled number of units downtown the last eight years. And reds continued to increase which of course is is a sign of demand -- we're at 96% actress either a lot of new units. That are in the pipeline right now. And we attribute a lot of that to this you know we've talked about this week is the the brain gain and partnership. And specifically what the DD is supporting it is no way this year and last year which is arts based enterprise and not partnership. Oh really yeah this. All right we -- we take a break -- A dual ward who -- talked about that. Governor I expect governor you know they gave 78 at moral -- went through looking for good news and excitement look no further than right here. We are broadcasting the they take today from Chicago all. It's New Orleans entrepreneur who were weak then they'll start calling the world. Onto the -- we could hear people here. From all over the world that are build the businesses a lot of them we just got through speaking to a lady. That I've been viewed for the past five years in this program trio -- talked about working we're moving good looking California. Now who lived there. And working for Google a little bit longer but coming here from. -- we -- -- people that have had a poll this Victoria Adams head of New Orleans or to guru re a cute looking acronym. The conflict at sound now we. Your head -- public program. What's most important thing you see happening here we kind of that's very broad question. So what do the shows we've done in the past so the -- entrepreneur can bring to this people refuse to shorten. Yeah I think I think there's two different things they're really excited to be taking place during the week. The first thing is at -- top not content so we're bringing in. National and local speakers through it delivering amazing information tactical things that much there's the planet is within the next day. But -- right clothes -- our -- -- all their eggs and those that aren't more than a hundred people so. Until there's an audience actually get that one on one time really -- detailed questions and that's not access that you really couldn't get the Koch reports especially about paperwork because everything history. Additionally because there are so many events happened during the week to the -- not connections that are taking place and -- Hollis. And complicated conversations you know I think that Hispanic I was gonna built right after oh you know what I think am I just AMOCO they were working on the same idea we're gonna combine these ideas. I think it just nominee next mentor. But the that's the biggest thing I'm in the hole odds for nearly fifteen year. Out here act out your heart having all these events and at this would you really want do is -- trying to see happen in the city it's where you need to beat this. They're good birds from New Orleans -- -- taxes it and if Hulu. If you could go back to you know. Violent your kitchen getting the banking. Someone that you say a minute take all that security. Lookup card. What -- prove -- -- the reform in the oval station. And what would you do what that feels like what did you sleep what you do the you have to be comfortable with the decision want to make it so it's is probably. More gut wrenching. On the road to making that decision because it's something really want to do. But you don't know if he should and think about it and probably over thank you so. Eventually does get comfortable with it and and want to do is concern about group for the young people listening what did your company do what is going to do. And what did you have to do to at least give success so far. Well. It in my company. -- justice founded in my experience in banking. So I think the key thing to do is to learn something to learn as you take -- intimate knowledge of some industry. And opportunities does this present themselves some. So what do I truly believe that if you prepare yourself. Somehow opportunities will come about me to set to take advantage of them there with regard to innovation. We wanna continue to focus on. The younger population of this community as we do realize that. Is very important to nurture the pipeline talent in the city. Otherwise for no we won't exist 1015 years from now so -- we have to really invest in the young people. In this community particularly those that elect expose it suits and things like gosh no we've Saturday was a great example of it. -- great events going on at once and you could see the students. I'll probably go with excitement just because they were they were received a total of about that -- then with what what happens what what with the bubbling over. Well it's it's it's you know with innovation for example. Was -- student in the hallways. Showcasing the mobile applications they've been working on for about six weeks. And at first they were a little nervous because they're adults walking up to them maximum intrusive questions and have been intimidated but. After about two -- -- conversations those to get really comfortable and and I'm talking about students from ninth vote very. And it is the adults that we're in the room they were really surprised at the age of the student because that would deserve mature. And they were able to handle having adult conversations about whether the market of 1418 while they have 1418. But natural -- who knows very natural and they came over these ideas. Got some help for some localized but analysts bill tomorrow. And they present them on their own so we made sure to tell the violence astronauts to step back and let them. -- that is on their own and they do really well it's going to be exciting it is very excitable very group buckle notebook filled them with Goldman. When you listened to they -- when you -- from the Victorian. Voices to -- this city. It's guys I think we're really not -- can understand that for for many years down the road where we're starting to see it play out now what do you sort of see. Well what we're starting to see is a different way of approaching problems I think it to me that's that's what's most support is this. This cultural view that we can find a way oftentimes will make combined make money sometimes do social partnership. Mean make a lot of money but will solve a problem and at least support people in jobs and so forth. But to to find a way to to bring it. Much more creative approach I think that -- we have to solving problems because this is all about -- probably -- and -- to -- all these ideas come from. Something that was not being done right or enough or what have you. And I think that in the reason I bring this up as it's not just economically. But it civic what that I think it's gonna pay dividends for for this city along. You know it's with that with the with the downtown no -- his pitch. Our our intent there was to tap into something that you are intimately familiar with. Which is that the creative wellspring that we have -- world. We know that our bread and butter our heart and soul is the culture the creativity. Much of that in the arts Potomac and architecture related to things that. People may -- -- his art but they're still very creative industries. We we saw that as an opportunity to start to pull from that rich rich heritage and create new businesses. And and I think that's an area that we probably have not done as good a job and hormones as we could have. We focused you know a lot of us that the -- included. Have focused on digital media and you've seen the gains there we've we've we're very we've been very successful a short period of time. But that was really starting from almost zero right in digital media here. We've already got like this this this this rich your -- to build from in the arts and we think that this that that mix between that the creative industries and entrepreneurship. May in fact be the biggest gain overall for -- -- it's. Do Victoria who heard one of -- do we see anything from musicians on these if you tell me here at the -- deaths of political office than. It makes me a little crazier than I usually because. They've got -- a beautiful place in great musical whatever but it's nothing compared to be here yeah. In the Indian -- -- -- link definitely sad to think that I actually want that ties directly in with but the DB's that occur it's been telling you about. This past weekend. And on Saturday we actually host the music industry summit -- out Marsalis center specifically for musicians trying to link her to understand it even as a musician you're also an -- -- -- -- business owner. As empowering them with those business deals some elect -- we're saying with the art for north of just being in the downtown all of it. They might have an FM FA they've never taken a bit of scores. Don't have an understanding of how to me as a pioneer it is as they do you have an employee or manager how are you managing that relationship from a contract like. The public empower them to realize you're not just an artist you also watch for -- But it just only one of the art for north -- -- participate in the -- the -- did over the weekend is also pitching today contention with dvds downtown -- our -- this is that. If the company can't -- here. On the entrepreneur or Patrick really is actually an alumni have -- music industry program. And his whole idea is really around bringing this great music culture that we have to the masses so live streaming it in pairing that with. All the great social media activity so. If I'm on Frenchman street and treating these pictures out. You'll also be able to see my pictures in here than music experience it regardless of where you are. So we're seeing music come into this technology space and if they're really help -- cut export its culture to the world. But also a lot musicians that happens to a lot of entrepreneurial activity you. -- and Kirk couldn't do without should thank you so much with the time and thank you what do we. Thank -- talent coming right back to the -- picked -- you know.