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3-26-14 12:10pm Garland at Idea Village: on women in business

Mar 26, 2014|

Garland broadcasts from the Idea Village and talks about women in business with Lynette Colin and Gary Harrell of the Urban League and Ericka Lassair of Diva Dawg.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pardon me coughing for the go -- go with you we're at the ought to burn nor Billy. Former -- -- our children through week with the idea that that. I've got the real entrepreneurs with me were people. Heavily involved in. I do you village to explain what all that is. If we have book challenges here through this week for entrepreneurs one of the winners. And the women business channel is or cola through with the the doll. Welcome sure appreciate you coming in and Gary growth for a yes you. Are all working. We're businesspeople here that's correct that a business consultant here in New Orleans and I work with the overly lucrative New Orleans as well as with. As well as with idea village here so in this particular challenge we've worked through. The verbally -- in the world. And also. We've got to. Lynette. There's a column Colin Colin with the Urban League that's for doing what sure what sure ruled here. I am actually the director of the women's business resource center which is sponsored by the Europe Italy and we work we're one of only two certified women's business centers and the state. What -- what -- than me buddy do well that means that we work with not to -- -- we teach existing entrepreneur is how to grow small businesses we teach people who are aspiring to be business owners how to start small businesses. Really do that through a number of training programs as well as south personalized consulting. Erica yeah these dogs -- a lot of young people listen -- bloopers. You who were successful educated. Working. Portman refinements in in Dallas for like six years and decided to take -- -- on a follow my passion you know Novak column. Would you give the the and why. Did you -- Well I. And you learn how to cook cook for them from hearing in it was it it's in me. -- I have a lot of people when I was up in Dallas working telling me you know my -- fairly good they would barter stuff on for catering. The I was always doing most of the cooking for Apollo -- Qaeda. And he did you have this -- -- have a business they've just a you know they had it a little small parties company with this accident to make a few things so. And that's just kind of way out to think you know really good at this and I really thank violence. And so -- after Katrina at at and -- home a lot in the decide you know what let me just go back. Home in time and start my career there. Which in culinary I didn't know I was doing and I thought that that time they you know -- that just pursuit my culinary degree in went back to school. Oh sure you get a co owner group we're we're -- at I went to Delgado Alex is out battle while market born to those ballots were gonna commander's palace it definitely. Three years. And will put -- covered. -- -- that you learn how to cook you learn business do you learn you are. Yes you learn how to cook to -- some accounting classes business that's within Fahad Al that was my business degree but I have to go throughout both classes but they do offer. All of those classes seem prepared you for if you wanna go into business for yourself. So what you learned in the pudding because the credentials to go to get -- -- and -- -- -- familiar report. I'm honestly I act I went I went to dug out of until we you have to work at a restaurant south lake. Okay -- -- that the -- from my house that was something and I knew -- well let me go in the. But it's all about I went in there with heels on and you know it's interview. We're normally a -- ability to -- four at cook savvy you you come ready to cut. And so they did every interview -- me actually come back. I was very intimidated because it with all men. In the kitchen and out like they're not gonna harm me any harm humans -- And deep blue dog what is that that come about it Stephen Dodd people some people call me diva. And so that's is where they -- it came from and been active paired with a -- the dot. Now a lot of people who do and hot dog there for you. To win this division. And on for -- group we. No room won't what do you win or what's the benefit. And what separates your hot -- I ones sent out announced today but I also won the opportunity to learn a lot more about that since before. This competition on today so we've been in competition. Since November we had a a series of different classes where we learn how to do business plans financials. So -- I want all of that as well and the big prize was on today. And the what separates true but those for whom I I have signature dishes like maverick in -- dogs have a rating from fried chicken -- term carpet at Tuesday. That's a -- fives that zaps it stocks of both items all signature. So -- about and I also have a signature dark call that deep dark and it's it to me it would mean if focus on fascinates. Local companies are just happening and it's it's all the size of a soft -- crew flavors to it so you don't get the typical -- We come to deduct your key and play you come to -- that the. Okay new bureau up and address I don't like giving this. Well because I live about two blocks off of a magazine you know we keep your store for just me it's -- where it is you're where. How was a magazine stay in and right now transistor and over it's at doing before you leave a man that thing I had seen I had to leave realities and resort it was right in the street -- -- yeah that. That you can do a truck done for attack yet. What we come back and talk about that talk to business expert talked to representative currently. We're at the go on -- pretty -- rule week four I'd do -- broadcasting live from the other Euro we will be back. For those of you don't go about it this is a very exciting week Scola on from Missouri who we care what it is organs are true and I think of village. Attracts people from literally all over the world. To come here to talk about innovation creativity and pension. All for prisoners -- -- movement last year at this table were broadcasting live as we have every year for the last six years. And we had two young people from Latvia. And they sat across from -- one with eyeglasses and help win clipped. Him by leaking. They were able to type on -- computer. I think Steve Gleason it actually reps this crowd. Yuriko -- all using the device to speak to people took this we've we've just got through a long conversation. About three feet pruning of human organs. Now we're talking again Northrop ignores. We just got through talking to Erica live through with even. Gehrig rolled -- is -- -- what do you do war that you hear in what you're involved. So. -- -- Business consultant I just help people refine their ideas and make them profitable. In this crowd are hoping that the -- -- that is -- And -- what you're doing while you're here while I'm here I guess today we're here for the women in business challenge is this for the big event where we. Literally sift through a couple of dozen applications to find the most promising businesses. We select -- as many as ten. And four went on to proceed to the second phase of the competition and hurt and they pitched today Erica is the winner of that challenge so. My involvement. Via the between its business resource and entrepreneurship center was to help. Those ladies prepare for this moment build business plants built formal pitches. Are you able to approach judges know how to answer questions and things of that nature says. We give you an idea of the answer to in the evening -- mention due to pitch to an audience what would you say to. Or Corey anybody else that getting ready. -- -- well there a couple of things. First of all you have to know your story you have to understand who you -- so having a clear position statement. Who who you are what you do for whom do you do it and what makes you different that's the start. And then once you've done that went to particularly if that you you know you make it compelling filtered you'd build the case for your brain and now you need to get the task. And when your pitching you're going to be very specific what it is that makes you but it is that this is going to do what -- -- me. What -- in what he needed so putting so the first thing that we use lately that clearly defined what it is that it's gonna move us to the the next level what's moving the needle force and then once you've done that how. Will that produce a return on investment that actually builds this into a bigger and better venture. Linda Urban League what's the role. Here. Well the -- -- sponsors the women's business resource and entrepreneurship center. Mom and through that center we work with action -- both women and men. Our focus is primarily on female want to enormous and so while we do is we helped them to craft strategic plans. Business plans we helped them to find financing for their businesses. On and any of those things that they need. Most importantly we usually try to get them to think. Baker then they're thinking to go you know outside of what it is they're trying to create and to know that there's a more global market perhaps for what they're for what they're trying to. About them lit -- Erica is an example. Think -- for what what do to work with Erica -- I organization where -- -- the idea or with Erica what was the message don't think Victor and do differently. Why not -- at one point Erica wanted to fast track her food truck and it really fast tracked it. And I encouraged her not to do that too. Look at this more globally and strategically is to come up with a bigger plane. Something that was going to be you know what longer term that was going to be more profitable. And not just sort of a short time that she could do right now that would be quick. But who waited out come up with a more formal strategic plan something that was certainly gonna benefit our. Much more in the long run to look at you know franchising rather than just having one truck. Just deliberate as to what that. World you would be when we knew more than to a hot dog truck in the keys is his franchise. And -- you have the. Glimpse -- did have -- plans that definitely wanna franchise. I want not just in the city of New Orleans but another different states where you have -- the -- Because -- they appreciate that New Orleans cuisine that I bring to. And when you look at everything you looked. You think your future in fields. Sitting behind the work and on the books of a big franchise business. And are you gonna be involved in the cookie isn't federal. What stood when when. They talk about the world -- what's weird thing where adult audience that who. It's the creative side because I have noticed that the one thing -- I needs. Is soon to continue to be creative so that the creative that is definitely why wanna be on of course out beyond the business and it's well. But I don't want to be on the business end. Totally out wanna keep on create aside and keep it growing. -- help me here. Where and when you were in a stable business right with the educational background of that this -- cut the -- you say -- so. Right. That I realized I didn't like being behind a desk question over. The first thing you do you got hot dogs that are different from everybody else on the back -- and it's believed that -- your typical. That one of -- it. As of we have department sharp conference at the favorite means what fried chicken on top so it's a little different. -- into a chicken and waffle. In a pepperoni pizzas that at making it more interesting. You know when people come -- and -- really does that go together and when he tasted you know they you know everybody lancet so. Okay I'm Kate from what I hear that a concept from well OK I can do that very but they moved from there to -- restaurant. I mean you know. No history. Right no no. Hot dog business. Past. Well after the restaurant part of a I don't have been but I'd get the retro -- Howell -- go to the bank can say oh yeah you -- dig it I thought. Meaning you have a have a great day than planned you know you have to show -- this will work you have to have that projection you have to show you how is this house is gonna work. And down that's you know that's when -- show played that went out realizes is that. Complete with me myself and the concept I want it suit to do something smaller -- At jumped at them like with this Lynette said you know taking time I'd jump the gun a little bit with an African miner as should have just waited a little day -- and waited for the guidelines to. Come about four -- shots before I went over a martyr. Gary we're talking earlier young people today it I pick my Mo not at all which -- much in relation. We've -- we've been told. The economy's not that good it's can be very difficult to get something with a weekly paycheck and health insurance and retirement benefits. I think my major move would have been -- -- -- -- my thumb. Right this year operation doesn't was what's going on well I think their number. Things as we talked about earlier girl. You first technology -- and the -- Free flow of information this is me. Learning. And learning how to start a business and becoming. Connected to all the right people and resources. That's me that's infinitely. Less expensive and less arduous is that with a -- Then you've got social changes to a larger degree that that that if you change the mindset of young people but with that. With with those two things. You have a group of people were growing up in a different economic time. And you know we were much more global because of the technology -- much effort and in its. We are also a lot less stable and the ideal of job security that institutionalization. That we used to have where people went to work. The money for one case it. And and didn't take risks and you know those things don't exist in the minds of a lot of people than in it in after generation acts because we went you. I'm part of that Generation X. crowd. He'd be dating myself but. Just as I was starting go to college we saw -- people in our economy. And it it it sort of does something he does something to your psyche it says hey look I wanna be a little more responsible. For Miami you know Mike this that there won't be a little more responsible for the things that -- deeper into the world from my family. And I don't wanna go into work one day and find out that I am the next person to be laid off. -- -- -- is in this city. Minorities black brown yellow and green white -- maybe or they gonna have a chance at this entrepreneur rule. Quotable movement. That's formed your annual. They absolutely are because we are encouraging people to think bigger. The technology is making a lot more access it's providing much more access and it. People of color and just people in general have ever had com. There's just a lot more resources available now. For a young person -- right now minority. Doesn't have the education but has the the good dog idea. Is there a -- put them working and I do village to possibly realize children. I have absolutely it has you know and and I did village and there are other resources like the business resource and attitude to work with found. With young people people of color. You know because again there is so much access you know we have other forms of financing now there. Community development financial institutions it was not like you have to go to a traditional bank. You know and ask for a loan that you probably could qualify for so there are a number of resources and I think. To Gary's point you know the mindset of these young people is that probably a lot more riskier than you know people of my generation. You know where they're willing to just go out and -- Floyd you know my son is seventeen and you know his motto is go bigger. Oh. Well a little groups nutrient rich and Erica. Would give people how to get in touch with you who's whose whose whose huge. In New Orleans. -- Right here I am doing some off field catering personal -- -- those deacon definitely let me for that as well -- I'll work on the food truck. But it's -- it's. No left and that's DI VA DWG. In OLE at gmail.com. The call me at 5045334. DC five. And with -- all the competition -- -- of the winners so humans -- -- hopeful when my daughter moves in with you when she threw rocks at the trucker or just serve. Well against affair right now -- the current Gergen thank you so much taller great pinkie and.