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3-26-14 12:35pm Garland at Idea Village: on the Big Idea program

Mar 26, 2014|

Garland broadcasts from the Idea Village and talks about the Big Idea program with Tim Williamson of the Idea Village and last year's Big Idea winners Lorenzo Castillo and Spencer Gray of Education Everytime.

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Are welcome back court we are continuing. To or this is two and half hours flown by. Ought to Britain -- week in New Orleans -- -- Purdue were weak in that it's the bring trial. The creation at duke village Tim Wilkinson. What are the creative there. -- this -- please get more more amazing every year. We should we just had a conversation about 3-D printing. I've done. And those separate non chose over the last six months on the review Primakov -- fascinated -- that. And the things they told the works progress to. Just -- impossible. Garland as united wouldn't talk enough for -- over ten years about this but this this week -- just been. So remarkable to see in the world's community coming together. Starting Alan fry -- in a world -- in the with the tourism industry on Friday there were. Thirty different hackers working with a new laws to help you -- actors aren't they always have been here that. We always think it's people that it's breaking into people's private accounts they're programmers these are people who know a program. Called act upon. Pack up on so they'd be you're right there -- of fonts that they. You know mark -- make from the -- -- in terms of commission challenged in the column with new ideas. To help draw terrorist in port city. So the creating new tools for the tourism industry. That on Saturday we had fifteen high schools fifteen high schools over 350 kids great -- -- hall in three different pitch competitions. Then on Monday you have the water industry in the water challenges you have -- -- community thinking about the future of water. And we showcase for the best new what are ideas. On and on Tuesday at Tulane University coming in with the university students in new ideas on Tuesday. Today you had the Urban League and there are new ideas of one of the business challenge and the downtown development arts district and art community is coming. Tomorrow's -- and it culminates on Friday but. 3-D is the next industry that's just awesome so was great now is that is that you're seeing that it is that different crews in the world's come together for partnership. Should tell people how this whole concept if you were were -- Chicago. Roots -- Chicago. -- an -- for Katrina and but most of from the world has been -- I don't know but I mean I came back home in 98. And started inside the -- dot com and literature and with a couple other of my competitors the guys start know what dot com Alan Bell and there McAuliffe who started nor was dot com and -- for -- -- We collectively got together in the bar about in 2000 inside that the world's wasn't too well. And how do you reverse decades decline and we felt we need new leaders -- -- leaders to go beyond the oil that we could find those entrepreneurs and support them. Those entrepreneurs would create jobs and revenue change it. Here we are fourteen years later would start to see it work you've got to be surprised. By what's happened that I have. Physicists on my -- few months ago and -- Paula talking X the neutral theory in particular with computers Moore's law. There at the doubling -- power at a computer every. Twelve to eighteen months and the fact that everything is moving it excluded from -- when it comes to technology. To his four reports say it to succeed. Doesn't it feel like you you hit warp speed and there's even Wear what you intended. And no use to what can you played was. The world is competitive advantage in this could you really that analyze it when we start this we didn't have kids. We you have a lot of challenges and problems within have a lot of resources in all the crime and corruption education issues but the -- advantage. Is the way we connect. The way the city could necks in rhythm and rituals in the way we organize ourselves. Is remarkable and it and -- would be the think about Mardi Gras and you have these hundred point five different nonprofits that. May not like each other throughout the year but they organize themselves are on the season and each year we started off of Coleman a start on no Marty -- But the with the the rituals about the way we connect Jazz Fest you have all these different. Vertical stages coming together one big field that creates the I'm convinced that more lenient connect connect better than anyone else in the country. It's with a entrepreneurship is is a connecting networks. And there's a rhythm of the ritual. We have an entrepreneur -- season that starts in July and we've had over 4000. Local entrepreneurs. Apply go through programs. But we'll have my. Team partners. Urban League down on the from a district was marketing commission you know week. No business alliance collaborating. All throughout the year and this -- what inning during this week. We're great at this we -- great at connecting so I think what the war -- has become is a great place to be a partner because of community is collaborating and working together. This figure out through -- this -- break come right back and talked to a couple so blues. Well election I can honestly say this is sure which of broadcasting six hours ago we do this every year. Live from go to all of New Orleans onto -- week I'd do bill which funded the young people. And some not so young people from all over the world like New Orleans is never seen. With brilliant do you wise use things that have the potential not lift you always put the country. As we come up with a brand new platform to implement them they turn out to work them we sell worldwide. We've got a couple of entrepreneurs with -- so -- goes to Euro it bit us in the right. Education. Every time is that true or organization and -- -- you also have Spencer great with. Allotment to book that the show racetrack as far as what is about post reports from -- A -- actually attended the first skip school ever I've used in Texas so. When I went back to teach there after college -- kind of became. Nice poster child for them. Underdog and you woman's. The the big competition lives here yes when big idea last year should you get so much money you can give me a loan from have dogs and 50000 dollars. And let him run a long way when Travis Arab country I -- 45 that hope she. So to tell me. Education every Tom what is this what you're sort of what to do basically we make songs for school activities obsolete so -- songs for school activities though. Not to teach students specific academic content but to do things like transition into the hallway they have and -- their homework and come into the classroom. On things that take up a lot of time during the day and every difficult for teachers to manage we make songs to go specifically with those things Spencer ideas that. -- What do you make so all. Yet the idea behind it is that he's like learns -- that these activities take longer than it should. And so by. Playing songs with them it is it definitive amount of time for those activities happen to that they happen quicker and teachers get more time to teach and and students have more time to learn. So is this is -- that come to over the PA system or George -- a with a guitar. Over 70% teaches values what's called a Smart board so it's like interactive -- that has speakers built in. And a lot of -- the teachers who don't have Smart -- they all have laptops and they play through and toughest because that they have got to their computer or Bluetooth speaker. That they connect my -- at a given time. The display it just comes on so for example. Teachers to start their class. Before students commando play a song because of coming to the song by the end of the song they'll have. A number of things -- there have -- homered renowned they'll have an assignment that they've started. And a couple of things will happen in select Spencer said going to the store them on time that these activities take. It also makes you way more fun for the students yapping about they're doing this every single day that it's really boring and mundane. And it makes it much easier for teachers because within these activities were -- -- can do just remind you it's constantly with their voice of what to do and redirect him every single day. Which gets tiring over the courses. -- has been dramatic and make sure I get this right you're from Connecticut right answer your education is. I went to undergrad for psychology but I learned tonight both that they Teach for America program. So you've got a masters I've -- in that case and their issues -- you turn choose that this. Okay occurred trillion dollar emancipation thank you so much about good New Orleans -- and work with the rent though. And we makes -- through its transition from -- yes. Stating give you saliva test. They love it. They let me do -- they know how much it helped me when I used it last year so that -- when I taught together last year. And I was going from high school the middle school and when I got into middle school. The kids are crazy in the -- so I was asking the -- a -- class so much better than mine and some guy he's the music. And so we started making music together and it really changed my life it it helped me stay in education I don't know if I would I think made -- new year last year without. The -- to -- There's this sues the miracle of idea though. I get this great idea that a -- music for print that you were little kids in school. That I come -- the ability and say why it in the end up winning 50000 dollars. When that when I first time with them I just had about these two -- music thanks for different activities. But really what they do is that there by the people felt they knew my idea needs some work into my business amounted to some work. But they really kind of they really kind of just got behind yet the first they knew I was gonna work hard they -- put in over three years already as a teacher trying in testing out this product and so. What I think they do that in a -- those people could anybody can have a great idea right in that if Christine that the event last night either fail. Are people there waiting to continue in state where they. And go through iterations and change their product can change your ideas -- they get to the point where is successful and scalable. Do when it is successful and skillful. Is this something that you two guys can eventually. -- company that's nation was worldwide yet scalable all. Yes that what we kind of we've already tested out and we -- that our our product in the whole K through twelve market so. We know we can access all the way from kindergarten to twelfth graders we use this type of music and obviously -- to the music is different in different Jonathan sound different for younger kids and older kids. We -- also with the Miami when masters Jessica scalability of our technology. We are offering this to a platform that was web base we've identified the specific features that we need to build into that technology so any teacher across the whole country can utilize -- platform. Wouldn't -- Bill Gates through good -- and you can -- your New Orleans take care of me. Well -- them down for that. Janet who writes the songs you know -- I write and record where the company. So you have to tell you discuss like I've got about thirteen years. But I think you would like -- Tim. I hate to say that this whole week to let it -- -- this -- been successful. Beyond is the thing I would ever dreamed -- -- you're amazed of what you've done well. The the great thing about it is we just get started that that you feel like that New Orleans in the -- system to believe and understand. We can be great at this and now we've got the infrastructure in place. But now if we do that's the next ten years in twenty -- think about that pick -- -- by 2018. As more on the reds as a coming through this. They now have -- a role model rent those been through the process of the new young entrepreneurs and new startups are able to get mentors ship from the once have called for the process. -- cycles beginning some actually more excited. About five years from now. Win. You start to see the existing partners are doing well they're going to be paying it forward back the next generation. And you see that that the the community start to get net rhythm and ritual we start to see people say this is what we do. I was excited they were a hundred high school kids came -- today from the international school they took it that day off of classes thinking we had to watch the pitches. And so what toll today it's it's it's great who's on stage is actually more remarkable was in the audience because people are now watching that one day I can be -- -- -- an -- Well if I work hard I can get on that stage yet and Wednesday New Orleans this is actually here for me so it's about changing the culture the state. The world can be a great place so we just get started. So. Absolutely amazed that you even have young kid from new -- today making 3-D pruning of chess pieces. Garland my first grader right now is is working at three deepening when she comes sums -- I'd that the -- -- pretty things and what the talk about but. That's -- that -- you know we're introducing three -- Maher tomorrow have a very special announcement. From nine and I clocked at 1030 guys are all about the 3-D printing industry but. This is the new technology and made in New Orleans to be ahead of the curve. So that two people were good running out I'm told what's on the agenda that they can come see you beat spear. While. Tomorrow we're actually just announced we're doing we have a -- a special keynote session with -- Walter Isaacson. Ben Rosen Jim Coulter who were all with deep deep ties Wallace talked about wants 2008 team and visionaries discussion. We also have on Friday. If you really just wanted to see it touch it feel if you're out there saying what is this article movement. Go the Manning's on Fulton street at 5 o'clock on Friday and we do that the big idea. And that's at Lorenzo won last year we had over 3000 people coming together and Alec in over a 100000 dollars in grant -- Running out of time to thank you so much LaBranche get a raid that duped you and your partner you can win again that you're doing now. For people like he's either getting left behind by people like you had -- gradually khaki Garland. Governor -- bigger conservative with a five to reopen the.