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3-26-14 3:10pm Angela: on Junior Achievement

Mar 26, 2014|

Angela talks with the four finalists in the Junior Achievement competition and Junior Achievement President Jack Brancewicz. Finalists are Madison Hannan of Mount Carmel, Linsey St. Pierre of Chappelle, Chris Cooper of Warren Easton, and Maygan Miquez of Dominican.

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-- we have had quite an interesting day starting with the incredible author who wrote the book on. Deathbed visions talking about dying and that it's tough subject but. Wonderfully interest. And then to have Matt -- bomb on talking about Social Security disability and what it really -- and really hearing some stories on the difficulty of some people to get it. But now we are really doing shift and we're gonna talk to some incredible. Young people. This is been. Entrepreneur week in New Orleans and has been and it's been fun talking. With those competing in various contest through the idea village and the downtown development district. These have been competitions among those who have created business ideas and are on their way. -- today we're gonna meet the entrepreneurs of the future. High school students are coming up with realistic and creative ideas that will make them the business people of the future. I think you're gonna be very impressed with -- fought out these young people bar. It all started with junior achievement which is a great program that's been in New Orleans for almost a century. With us is Jack Branko wits. President of junior achievement and the four finalist. In last Saturday's junior. Idea competition. I wanna introduce Madison Hannan who was a senior now -- all. Lindsay saint Pierre a sophomore at archbishop Chappelle. Chris Cooper a junior at Warren Easton. And Megan -- here as an eighth grader at Saint Mary's Dominican high school incredible to have you'll hear. Ominous start with Jack however because for those who don't know about junior achievement sort of a quick overview and how this competition was set up. Okay thank you Angela. This really began maybe a couple years ago. Between a conversation that I had with. Tim Williamson of the idea village. And it concerned about in a concerned. The issue of what is the entrepreneur your pool. That is out there in our community. And we were we in fact creating on trip and yours. Everywhere possible and there was a lot of discussion senator around the youth and how youth can play a role. In and creating basically an entrepreneurial. Ecosystem. That will benefit New Orleans in the southeast Louisiana region for the long term so out of that a lot of discussion a lot of tock end -- Tim. Throughout the idea of a youth on -- your day that would be back somewhat by Google. We threw our cards on the table and said were in. And from that idea. In the conversation. We took junior from junior achievement an idea. From idea village and came up with something now known as the junior idea. But as you said when you -- -- there are no junior ideas these are all great ideas you know it's truly amazing the ideas that says the students came up with and the products. That were presented to us. It was a difficult. And challenging. -- time we spend with them as we saw them grow in and mature. But as their pitches in their concept became more and more clear we knew we were in for a heck of a challenge. All right now we're gonna meet our contestants Madison -- a senior Mount Carmel tell me about your. -- on my idea is called infinite designs clothing and I -- design and sell highways and swords from the cycle genes that. I get from places like that -- on other thrift stores. In what makes us unique is that they are fully customizable unlike our leading competitors who sell for over -- 150 dollars a pair. Our -- are one of the kind in our customizable and we sell them for around forty to fifty dollars which is. A more affordable price point for our customers and still gives it unique player -- is one of -- kind and you elected. And how do you customize it. Yes anything that the customer wants whether it's by the color or. If there's stats that they were honored to certain fabric that they want anything that the customer -- estimate unit that shows a picture weakened -- best. Look at the picture and do our paths and so you're taking existing. Genes yes and making them shorts yes that's exactly -- this is it. It is a great. Thank you engine -- came into your head one day yes I was looking online and I saw these sorts our 200 dollars and I said I can do this myself and as soon as I said that and I made them my friends one of them and then their friends one of them so. Kind of fell on my lap a little bit but is negated as a blessings. This is a wonderful thing -- -- him. Lindsay saint Pierre. Yes a home my idea is tolerable dot com. In witnesses it's a web site that links high school students with college recruiters in advisors. You can think of the format a lot like it dating website because each of them create a profile page and then we link them together. It brings a new agent to college recruitment -- UC which is social networking. And hopefully it'll bring our new opportunities to students who are interested in pursuing college sticker. To come up with this. Lot complained premier soccer for thirteen years and I was very interested in cleaning college. And comes find out it's extremely hard to get in touch with coaches and I have a feeling it's like that. For other people who are interested in in scholarships in other opportunities in college so why would we have a website that really is a shortcut to success that. Brings you got much closer to achieve need. And it's working. Not currently we're waiting for the right investors are -- get it started. Is everybody listening out there -- But you have a plan and you have a concept absolutely and it's gonna fill in needs absolutely. But not this is wonderful and it was born really out of your own. -- exactly the opposite current okay thinking we are on two. Chris Cooper. -- -- -- was -- costs are for the glass is basically glass -- with a chemical called polyethylene. And -- a -- on -- to give -- -- into ability there's no glass in the pew. And his music and you put it on your -- -- -- from main thing and we used to we want to put on call Wendell home windows and -- glanced. The -- -- protection for the items you have man. And cases we don't hope so few sharp was yeah probably all of the unbreakable how could you know to do. This this combination will allow my group members names Kurt -- -- on on where today chemical plant and she introduced us to become partly from the so he he was able to get a hands on demonstration what I think is our ax and went off now. So you said. What do we need everybody's phone picture and -- which is probably the most important thing in your life among her badly. But it is it will drop and break in your aggravated and you got a cracked case so this absolutely will protect it. Yes absolutely tech analysts seem to mind the long run because cases county so much and sometimes when cases fall. You follow suit and -- your shuffle of -- you can go right case or pleased that glass and you've already created this. On not yet but -- so forward and I am -- -- right people. With the right mind it's hopeless have you done a prototype. Ninety acres prototypes who cost money yes cause money him still as high school. Which are very very Smart one -- you know what we're gonna do we're gonna take a break and we're gonna come back to our last contestant right after this. I'm Angela on WW well. Well hopefully you heard the incredible ideas of our entrepreneurs. Isn't just of the future -- of today. Junior achievement had a contest we of the four finalist. -- impressive things in our last finalist is Megan -- as an eighth grader at Saint Mary's Dominican high school and your idea is. My ATA -- to Harry -- -- and so it all started out when I was a finder robotics project on natural disasters and had a better survive me too scary. So I went home and I every serious hurricane Katrina and I was devastated to see how many people had turned because they were second -- outing. I want to think of a way that I can stop this from happening get. Still out of risking her ranking -- I know -- hacker is a multi functional survival tool that you would be able to keeping -- -- and you would hopefully be able to be seeing. Not only hurricanes that he nominees into my need is and other celebs like that. And sound. And you basically sees the lines and to kinda describe it. Why am I can't really aid to school is seen next to him also indicated. I am in talks with pray -- -- -- tennis please line them. Well my words. This is wonderful. But you your concept is every home should have won yet for any kind of disaster. That a form of protection. Of this is to connect. You can't tell us too much and good for you were expecting great things all right so what you had to do is. Kind of take me back the four. A mall I was. In class and our teachers said does anyone haven't any ideas are interested in being an onto the -- and everyone. Click -- Meehan said Matty if you don't do this for going to be so Matty you because. They are you know that I to make shorts and -- photos -- really great opportunity to not only get my idea out there but -- form. Better ways to get my idea out there and to express my ideas and to learn how to be -- -- to. Well I whenever I heard my teacher came one -- -- -- common talked about how there was this new competition going -- for a scholarship. And honestly I did for my teacher because she says their way. That she need people to come once I said you know what I'm gonna put on my thinking cap into the great ideas -- I can get this scholarship so I really have to give it to his hook for. Letting us know about the competition. Always take someone like. That and -- -- thank you very much help but there's a missile in everybody's life of congress while ms. banks my -- he toppled in middle class and told me about it. She says I was a community group we're on entrepreneurship. -- skeptical festive I don't know much about the notion of but -- took the leap forward. And now -- group of people on new. And next thing you know in the finals in the finals what a thrill you know it was always and you don't know that since -- you do. Well I was originally I touted the idea for our robotics project. And for the competition and then my teacher and she kind of she plotted to decide and she is like. Unless I DNA it's just for a grace to really tie for junior achievement in nineteen your idea and very -- and see if he can get game. Actually that interests you learn. So last Saturday all of you were -- your hall and you're facing you have to do your pitch. Tell -- you were a little nervous. Boehner and cool was deciding. -- with a judge. So that's easy some local -- for viewers -- and timer. A member of my board. Tell -- mosques from -- -- -- insurance a member of my board also a rising star. We had Norman Robinson from the media issue under and and Emily -- -- who is represented from the idea village so we had a nice mix of on -- in New York. Some notoriety there in mr. Norman Robinson in the end of a member from the idea village staff. Okay so we're back and tell your haul all of you've done your pitches. And then we had a drum roll and the winner and is all of our listeners out there every one of you fabulous ideas and I'm not just bulletin. That is -- a wonderful ideas. And I hope that you do go forward with it but our winner was. Drum roll Madison and an -- -- already yes thank you know that you had to have just been on my gosh like. Winning the Oscar as I was really surprised I mean Hampshire and you would have been surprised -- you know everyone -- into ninth inning and it and is very heartwarming to know that is recognized for this is very thankful. Were you wearing shorts. And I was it could bring more business means it's higher home. So you're learning first we have an idea. And then you have to put it together. And then you have to sell it yes. And so kind of go through that process. Well maybe I can answer them but we felt was important. To the process was. Once the final sixteen are semi finalists and you might wonder what's the sixteen in in the final four in the -- winner. Knowing that. Onto your week New Orleans untrue or we always occurs in March. Really early on we said wait a minute what does everybody think about march and it's always the NCAA basketball. Tournament and mean right away said what we should have a sweet sixteen group of semifinalists in the final four in the alternately a champion and so we had fun with that end up but. The whole process of working with the students was one to give them experiences. That would benefit them. In the competition. First and then benefit them. You know throughout their lives second and I think we did that in -- I know we didn't. I know we announced the final four. Think about this we have sweet sixteen and all of them where our guests courtesy of Tom and -- Benson. At the pelican game on Friday march 14. And it was a great game unfortunately the pelicans and win that but. At halftime -- Benson and several my board members. Confirmed to the final four -- on at -- court. And you know I liked it from the standpoint that we had a sweet sixteen NetSuite was spelled SW EET. But on that day it was spelled issue IT because they all. Had a chance to sit in corporate suite to see how business. Plays we don't know how business works. But this is what happens when businesses are successful and they can play and use things like the pelican game. As a networking events so I think you guys all enjoyed that pretty much right. Yeah. I mean that is a treat now and then all my gosh than to go out to the Internet court. I want everyone to stay with -- because we wanna find out what they want. And because they they did when things other than the great pride of all their teachers and their parents and themselves we'll be right back we're not gonna go to the newsroom for the latest. That you just love people with ideas I do love people with ideas and just to sit with these young people who that'll be calling on people. But to sit with these people who just came up with ideas did the follow through competed. And and probably have learned a lot in the whole process and this is the junior achievement junior idea. First year not the last year. We have Madison -- was a senior -- horrible. Lindsay saint -- sophomore archbishop Chappelle Chris Cooper and junior Warren Easton and Megan McGinn as an eighth grader at Dominican high school. All the final four. Madison was the winner with her shorts. And you're doing all of this online by the way we can talk about that. As some of its online but I started off with local just people -- yet coming to my house and -- So now you have a website. Yes I do and it is called. On -- currently not up right now I take it down comforts occupants on school will hello -- First priority and that of the business woman is continue. Yes tell you you will get that back let's talk about medicine one moments that competition for. Well you know the best way to reward. In high school students is giving them an opportunity that they may not. Have and that is to have some some funds for continuing education. We did when -- called a scholarship just in case we have some of them the students chose not to go to a four year degree or anything like that. So it's funds for continuing education. The final four of those folks at -- in the that the studio with me right now. All receive a 2500 dollar. Continuing education. For funding called that will. Be released to them win they have registered or are doing something. After high school that is in the area of education. Matty the winner receives an additional 7500. Dollars bringing her total to 101000 dollars. And that's really we think appropriate for high school student. As they as they move on in their lives possibly after high school. And before that's we did Oprah's provide them with outstanding technology they each received. A del -- 64 gigabyte tablet. Running the windows operating system because that's generally the operating system that business uses. And we felt that that was something that they could use as they develop their idea further during the competition. I think they had a bunch of stuff with with good food every Wednesday night during her -- those. And an I never saw the warning east and team really liked the food and a guy that isn't at her and at this thing you know I and then again I think those things can all have a monetary value attached to them but. The intrinsic value of being able to sit and talk to an entrepreneur or like Lisa Lloyd -- You know all of the wonderful launch for viewers or to hear. Great guest speakers come in which Tommy McMahon used this insurance Larry clause from. New bath and Max home come in and talked about. Ethics in value in business it's not just about making money and I think I like their approach it was like if you could look your customer in the line. And say I've done everything possible to make that customer happy then you've really taken care of job number one and that will be returning customer. You know I just met him mr. -- he's. Very very interesting because it is everyone happy yeah that this is theory and I'm so glad I know that junior achievement is not just looking at making the money. But didn't have to ask the four -- you did you see yourself. Is interested in going into business prior to this was -- something that was always with the new. Well honestly no because what I -- -- one do you compute program. Nothing to do a businessman who responsive. Just whole ordered in suits and asked them to be hard look at it. -- and I SE opportunity and what I've done just float program I see that cash and beyond the -- run. Follow at all with my computer science and even greater absolutely. -- originally and had no idea I went to do anything it is and I ain't just kind of got out of ideas here and -- and -- than ever anything in town really the hurricane packing kindness. With the genius idea I just a big banks like wow I can really think of -- product in I can I can make something happen out of Dayton. Really it -- really opened my ninth Brentwood and empowering feeling I can do this and yeah. Well I had definitely never thought about business before I booked into scholar we'll dot com but. After working with all the onto the onto the new is that we did get to -- it's amazing how much did you do in what they get out of their life so I'd step clean avenue and looking into now after seeing how successful they ally. I did not think I would be anything involving business until. I did start making my shorts because I didn't realize that other people didn't have ideas like that and when I started interacting with people from junior achievement I realize that it is. Very select group of people who do you think like that and do work well together and that way and I realize that it is against that all of us have is. Working with people like that in being on screeners in going for your dreams so after dealing with the junior -- GQ and I realize that. It is a very viable patent. You know I just wonder how many people both listening and in this room have gone someplace and picked up an object and thought why didn't I think of that. That means somebody did think of that and I'm looking at you'll annual thought of something that. That one day could be out there I mean and then also on -- that woman -- at that young man. And that's why this has Smith's. It's just it's an incredible process to me for one who has never had. But always wished and I'm I'm just thrilled that young people are being exposed to it. That this can this is real I mean this can be. Something for the rest of your life. Whether it's this tolerable may just be the first of forty ideas you have. Anyway and cheering on stay with this were talking on Japan Norris at any age I'm Angela under the that you. Well we're having a wonderful afternoon with the junior achievement. And -- get this right of the junior idea. And if you wanna see all of this www. the junior idea dot org. And you'll see some very talented young people. And yet it was work and I wanna know from -- all. What now that you know what you've done what are the struggles that people face who want to create something. Definitely the one of the biggest struggles is. Just getting started it's a really big hill to get over this is just get started get your first person to get on that website or. It's buyer for his product and getting over that hill is probably the biggest. Struggle because he -- do all this planning you have to do all these bookkeeping to see when my selling my -- for. How am I gonna get out there and just getting that offers customers probably the biggest struggle on to start your business. And probably the biggest thrill yes my gosh we really -- have asked for her but what have you -- learned as the struggles. Well it's very intimidating when your -- coming into these big. Organizations and people around you and your things yourself -- just a little kid how my out here talking to these multimillionaires. When I dealing in. At first it's it is intimidating but after you see that there respect that they hold for you it gives you. A little boost in letting -- know that you know you really can do this you have a good idea and move forward with it because you've got what it takes our love that. Will. Honestly is that the most important thing -- -- the reasons is -- money. Is even though money is the most important thing in the world is summit contradicts the world. And so if you have money you have the need you need my enemy that part of my goodness if you want for a -- for -- was that good. Manila reminds me that so he couldn't he could go obstacle we face. But at night any -- anything you make your product to sell it. You look at the money eventually it just won't come do you have a plan are you really gonna try to produce and oh yes yeah and people talk -- me. After the announcement once -- analyze people who came to us and I gave me an instant your products he -- we're going might -- -- Email me so yeah not done with this oh my gosh. I'm I'm not only starting your own business that. Just having some time to listen TO and really hear you out like this is let my game isn't for them I think it's a good idea and making IDS. Did that influence a good opportunity -- To have all of these people to listen -- and say that's a good idea. What it's going to be a fantastic. But it is the reality. Of taking -- idea creating it. And then as you're saying everything from how much -- gonna charge. How -- gonna market this yes I mean it's it's the real world stuff. That's fun. Jack you were talking about that also get these internships which is -- Yes. We're what and by the way if anyone out the listing are listening audience they go to the website will look at the videos. We have committed to. The final four that there will be a paid intern ship -- made available to them this summer. And then now Matty is the winner receives its non paid. A one week scholarship program one week intern ship at the idea village which is you know just off the charts. So they do receive that end and again he can go to the website the junior idea dot org the videos for our sweet sixteen I believe are still up NC can check it out and and really see with the next generation of business leaders and launch partners. Are thinking about in. I'd be remiss Angelina were almost out of time that I need to think some people. And that would be our major sponsors we thank Chevron and chase and first NBC. And all the business people that volunteered up from Todd -- crescent crown in. From use this insurance -- on people's health. All of these folks. Were hit with a new request this was a new program that we are rolling out and you know as a non profit were always out there asking for support when they heard. And understood what the junior idea was all about. It really hit them. And they said were in we don't care how we can you know we won't be part of it in some it was people resources but a lot of it was monetary support. I have to thank all of the business community. Of southeast Louisiana and New Orleans. He stepped up and the result is. For 164. In one incredible champion and just watch out because. Big these are this the students and in the future of our region. Absolutely and I think in our lifetime here in New Orleans we have seen the creation of this onto funeral world. Yes they're always been business entrepreneurs but it's not like it is today. This is what I think is the future of New Orleans I mean we always want the big companies but it's fair. The guy that starts out it's the woman uses I have the idea and then you have to employees and for employees and five employed. And that's what's gonna run the -- yeah I really really believe that stay with us we'll be right back. I want to thank these very special young people Madison Hannon. Congratulations -- from being a winner which are all terrific. And one final thought from Jack from junior -- All right this first year event 14100 students sweet sixteen final four champion. You know if your right now listening and you have a child in high school. -- principle why isn't the junior idea in our school. At this coming fall we hope to have 3004000. Young people competing next year when we introduced the junior idea 2.0. You heard it here thank each and every one of you good luck. And enjoy your life. Stay with us we'll be right back.