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3-26 4:35pm Ben Grubbs

Mar 26, 2014|

Bobby and guest host, Kristian Garic, was joined by Saints offensive guard Ben Grubbs. Ben talks Saints running game and his Charity Softball Game May 15th at Zephyr Field.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Doug Williams yet will be was in the 6 o'clock hour -- Grubbs and -- about. Men and half or so but notices yet don't -- proposals they've been able to may as the next round of the NFL owners meetings the abolish. -- of overtime in the pre season been -- the idea to expand the practice squad from eight players attend was also tabled. Same goes for expanding rosters to Thursday night on Thursday night games from 49 are shooting 46 to 49. And Italy also put off by deciding whether to allow teams to open their roof during halftime games for weather reasons in the competition committee told Patriots that it will look. At the possibility of adding cameras on all goal line sidelines and in lines but the NFL. Well discussed the possibility. With its broadcast partners first. Well I think. When -- ever expanding the roster. I think that definitely. Will be addressed. For sure if they would somehow get the players to agree. I have an eighteen game Wrigley as the season schedule. You know is that a sixteen go to eighteen gains and then. -- the give and take union negotiate the players and management. That's an -- haven't seen him by -- being assured that have expanded rosters not only I think active. Roster but -- solo practice. Bobby sportsmanship also a big topic of conversation here Rams head coach Jeff Fisher with respect to sportsmanship on the playing field. After talking consultant was with different entities -- coaches' subcommittee of the players association. We agreed to we have an issue on the field. And we agreed that we are going to we get it under control as soon as we possibly can. We're reworking. With dean put tapes together. Are are taunting numbers increase from nine and twelve to 34 last year. And and we're going to affect change immediately and that change will be affected. As early as the DOJ is from the players come back we've we've got to change our our conduct on the field we've got to. Bring the element of respect. To his highest level back -- can't -- in addition to of these things sportsmanship it was a significant topics throughout the last couple days. More from the NFL owners meetings coming up first now Ben Grubbs Saints -- -- -- joining us now on. Then on a -- here charity softball game coming up in May -- believe it is a -- last years ago success tell folks about -- got coming up. Yeah man -- charity event -- the -- being. It's a Thursday and the home run derby starts at 6 o'clock. And the gang will follow that Lee -- -- -- to -- your arm stronger -- there -- great years. Don't miss it you're your chances the same sort of first rounder and policies and so he dirty paper -- opportunity. Line though has drew been talking and he was -- that moment to battle back from Luke McCown and he just signed the accounts back with the Saints then I decide today so. There are a good home run derby -- group. And then just early in the if they're -- -- -- -- -- -- How -- folks get tickets. Are -- or Ticketmaster. On. Or we can go to. Take it all of that there are stadium. Now Ben how important it is you know you look in this day and age of free agency and you can go from Baltimore. To have that continuity on the offensive line you look it how you communicate. Along the line of scrimmage in the meeting rooms that fellowship that that bond that you have. Bring in Sainz brings extreme back on board. I'm not knowing was gonna come about still with the center position probably just talk about. The big difference when you going to say from one team to the other. That first share compared to maybe the next year or how much more comfortable you feel playing well would you teammate. -- -- -- continuity is being -- -- line. You know we're spike in his horrible work at or. And it and it it starts with the senators start with a better quarterback in drew and certainly -- Giving her own page and you know you -- in this list two you know they and in. They on the so called -- from network call. Because everybody what to do so. I mean we all have to be on the same -- in there to go farther you know you start with the call would be -- -- mechanics early each play. And you know -- the way out there. Q and effectively they lost their salaries are so many small horse they'll work. To have that that have to work together so that's like you know like mark supple and not have to be on the same page. They are much separate the same -- in just our own there on the line so you know when you when you start working at Altman's alignment. You start the start Sunday it starts. -- OTAs mini camp in beer monetary into training camp. You know hopefully you'll work across governor can't get -- the kings are now. Good that the language the terminology is down at Q school work is down so that -- -- little. They're down in Europe and am excited because. You know try -- -- is to be it was so started a couple of gains toward an even. And and that's not to like really there's -- -- -- the ball arm and protect injured. And you know we can carry that over into this season it will be a big plus for our -- Now been all the experience you have now and -- say of -- of -- as a whole at the professional level. I know it's not a 100% though wouldn't you say. Offensive linemen in general would rather run blocker -- pass protect because you could be more aggressive that you could take it. TO opponent is that a fair statement. Food and follow Mary you know -- like the -- -- because. You can be more physical problem you know don't count people look at pass blocking you know you actually. The sit back in -- -- defend a running back you'd. And you -- -- got -- popular guy in the eastern I think in his first round -- -- -- a -- to play as well. But -- I think that start for blocking you know you can really Wear him down he can use your -- you know you can. You know you got some immediate effect that will -- you are in their easterners. Our mind you know your future is interrupting you are I don't know what he's not I don't know what -- When you -- -- You know you're able especially our hearts are out there -- great quarterback -- receivers. I mean you're able -- Have. 34 play drive. They're in first downs so at all with a lot of we -- those plays because you know we're able to -- power and they -- they were not blow. In the in the first quarter because there -- a ball in play so obviously it's not a good balance. It would be great. Players like would it would work you know every every week is different wherever wherever wherever he works that particular game. I am in favor. Now then. Like you saying towards the latter part of season the last four games I mean coach being called more running plays we're able to run the ball and ran the ball. As well as anyone against Seattle -- four point two yards a carry. Now explain is there that much of differences let's say. Previous. -- prior should say to the first the last four games who averages about 22 and have 23 attempts. A game. Where's the last four games going into the playoffs and counting that. A thirty and a half a tips is that a big difference -- it's about the same. I'm mania. I mean he's it be I mean I view to run the ball. Thirty. You know verdict on the -- irritating. Will look to get those numbers. Electric city that it depends on the little game you know our -- You know we have to turner. Around nobody's happier beginning confident manner. If you're not doing well. Yet there are certain to accomplish in the coaches and so of course there's going to try to train up to here. Yup -- -- here to get production and you're you're able to pro ball as low as we do. You don't -- you don't all of -- Democrats agree captain whenever you -- you know dropped you back. And we're connecting them the only you know here it figures that you know the road in this we have stuff from Japan matter you pass the ball you know the run. In the system that is so. They get legal and then and it -- the final ballots that are you know that would be great. Say -- -- line and being Grubbs a before Iran just tell folks may fifteenth to get to charity softball. -- a good opportunity c'mon seated at the Saints players. Zephyr field and how folks in. Can get tickets in hand without an all star. -- made -- saying. And being grips are all all gain arm starter -- the -- a home run derby lecture we you know. Down. Take control away Drew Brees -- wood in there. Well and running it well Hitler Terry and myself. So you know this year all we will now you know -- popped up and do. And competing again and we have to you know are someone has to take that fourth spot so you know the Rickey could be down. They'll be out there -- here my -- -- So it saves so you know all the players who. You know the that you autograph strictures and -- you know that you have a great car accident the placed to beat their efforts stayed here. The hooting at the clock in your future tickets or Ticketmaster dot com or you could not stop on the ticket office that that at the stadium. Then if you -- time prove your swing and your competitor you wanna go out there when a home run very. Go see Joey -- Aris over a Big Easy -- sports plex and they'll they'll help you out with a win with the swing and maybe kitchen and get to hitch is that he is -- knowing. He didn't hit anything over the last few thousand Bears. Yeah aren't there yet there hosted and an idiot if you posted it you gotta we gotta Parker couple had been thanks so much. I'm Ben -- say doubles alignment.