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3-26 4-5pm Bobby and Kristian, new rules in the NFL

Mar 26, 2014|

Today on Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert and guest host Kristian Garic: hear from Sean Payton at the NFL owners meetings. The Saints head coach talks about difficult cuts made this off season; his expectations regarding Jimmy Graham; and moving part of training camp to Greenbriar, West Virginia. PLUS: the Saints signed backup quarterback Luke McCown to a 1 year deal. ALSO: We give you a complete breakdown of the new rules coming to the NFL this year. And Saints offensive guard BEN GRUBBS.

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-- -- -- welcoming the sports talk here on W a B well I am FM and WWL dot com alongside the cajun cannon Bobby down Kristian garic NFL owners. Meetings wrapping up in Orlando Florida say take coach Sean Payton meeting with the media earlier today over breakfast. -- every offseason. Gonna hit into it with certain goals. And I think the key component. That often time gets overlooked is the the initial period of time after the season's over with in the importance of great hero and -- In. He's. In them. I think that starts the process and then. And then you there's always the tough decisions we've got a lot of but a lot of players -- a lot of games for us this is a year where. -- it was probably the first. Cycle if you will of guys in our first draft class in 2006. Roman Harper. You -- players like Will Smith who was prior to 2006. Jabari Greer Malcolm Jenkins. Jon Vilma and those guys have been the -- the foundation of what we've built. It's so it's it's. It never gets easier when there's change that's made like that and yet -- we were able to bring in. -- like jurors heard we were able to. Find a fullback we've -- Initially going in wasn't even targeted area but we felt. -- -- your football players. Signings that was important and signed and here was important we recruited to be able to handle all the running backs. Both here and Darren and they're uniquely different. But. -- it's kind of an ongoing process and it quite honestly there still. A handful of players that are gonna have value -- contracts. This time free agency maybe. More so there. -- got the complete video of Saints coach Sean Payton on line at New Orleans Saints dot com. Coming up throughout today's show you'll hear more from a coach Brady spoke to the media for quite some time over breakfast in Orlando. And nobody heard there. That you know obviously Sean Payton -- outlining what. Has happened for his football team and some -- -- tough decisions they've had to make their in this off season and also Nelson acquisitions they've made. Well when you look at it and having the Saints do still on top of things in the track -- kind of proves it where their baton. I like flash in Japan. You know what they've done over a couple of seasons you've pretty much almost -- a decade ago when you look at 2006. To where we're at. That truly. You have to look in the mirror and you say -- what do we have to do. Because they have a winning team. There an unbelievable what do you have to do maybe. To overtake the likes of Seattle. Of the eventual champs and so you evaluate yourself are you when you wanna call and sell scalp. You know all different positions. And then he and truly when you setting of a game plan is down the road or even do this. The midway point this season. What you do on third down down and distance and all that so that they really. On top of that. He very seldom in this day and age. A lot of new faces a -- screen -- talked about. You know going back when the first started establishing a winner you know his first season getting the NFC championship game. In 2006 that we weren't expecting that. But how can you be in for the long haul and kind of pattern himself after the Patriots. Well you look at the Patriots as a last won a suitable. They had two players into wall for the Tom Brady within the ball for got hurt. There's only Tom Brady left but the Patriots keep winning. So that doesn't -- got to sustain. That that the winning tradition. I would a lot of new faces and and I think the teams that can do that and his day and age are the ones. That are gonna have a great chance now. With a pages built to overtake the Broncos because you know that's kind of where they're at and are trying get back. That is suitable so you got to make tough decisions but the bottom line is if you look at like coach -- said. You know upgrading. You know being able to upgrade the fullback position even -- the admitted target you know I like all we got to get new fullback now it is like -- we have an opportunity. You know it's a great maybe that position so -- you've gone that direction. And I think Mickey Loomis said this and and dealing with a one player and we speculated Darren Sproles to -- I -- I still think. Community and keep with them a one more season. And even Nicky said. You know when they traded Darren Sproles. You don't want it to come back to haunt you. It's still an NFC team win them playing the Eagles in the playoffs last year. But I -- said in his so true -- this Larry -- the times Picayune that. Look I'm not in the business of consulting players on the moves we make in management and -- everything if it at the players that might even think. Things -- the manager is gonna consult you know. Console them -- you know consultation or Q what we're gonna do what you. You know going forward -- outlook on the best hitters of the team and I think you can build a bit of bowl where. You look at ideal situation. Going to the Eagles. I guess in Darren Sproles for the Cleveland Browns yeah you know and and how they get utilized and so I think that was a win win situation. Mickey and said absolutely had reservations about sending him to a team. That we just saw in the playoffs and and -- thinks that the Eagles gonna be there. You know and you just hope. It doesn't come back to bite you wanna say it is there any trade yeah yeah. It's eight wish you well. And you wish everybody well but it really comes down to it. If it's -- on c'mon though we have to face the Eagles. He Mickey -- to the Saints don't wanna be humble and Darren Sproles Burnham. Does that is Sunday one Darren Sproles not to have a good game yet so I think had as told them to stand the ball. But other and it's tough decisions they made -- all the wanna I think their fans somewhat should be surprised. Body of the owners also passing and failing a couple of rule change proposals will explain here. And the minute first though here's the chairman of the competition committee Rich McKay on the rule passed yesterday about the banning other goal post -- The reasoning behind it is a disruption to the game in the inability to. In some stadiums even be able to correct the the goal posts themselves. Because of the way they're put in the sleeves it when you get them off angle. They're not coming back during that game in game time and which creates. A little bit of a problem as to where the kickers gonna kick. We when we changed the rules. About props from way back when that when we had some some issues with with some things are rolling on the field and -- double sportsmanship. We left a number of things in. And we said made a -- believe pay you can do this because they were traditional things. I only we are calculated to go close to be thrown off kilter in game two -- being twenty minute delay of the game. As as they tried to write them when you have five feet to the top and you make him even -- I think we were concerned about how it would have impacted game. From a competitive standpoint and so that that that's why they're they're the rule modification. Rich McKay the chairman of the competition committee and also a big emphasis today was sportsmanship. And of course in and out of the work -- in the workplace a good work environment and also taunting. Flags of the penalties have gone up they were up in the thirties last year from nine and twelve the previous two seasons will break down the rule changes that have. Bennett waited an adopted and will explain some the nuances of those rules the some of the failed polls. As well. No I I think that is a by product. Of it's a little bit of an integrated system with regards to. Franchise numbers. And I think those will be -- sure over the years revisited them and -- just. Welcome back to sports talk crushing our into the big chief Deke Bellavia alongside the cajun cannon Bobby -- -- Saints coach Sean -- that the owners meetings -- FC. Coaches breakfast this morning and of course he was talking about you know what they are give -- renteria Brandon and how that the system of the franchise tag and of itself is -- antiquated in old. Ann and Peyton addressed a number of issues were to get to but. Bodies we can let's take a look at the rules that were past the -- and I so here's the the the rule changes. The New England Patriots proposal to extend the goal post five feet has passed. Well we talked about that last night -- because the greatest guy burn. You know coach Belichick and you know I'm sure he has a lot of stroke empower. And you know. Bringing that up in the meetings in and saying look we got to get this right he -- be. A judgment call and if you extend the goal -- of five more feet. And in period like it being be higher. But he might hit it -- the only go in -- I go out but you'd definitely know. It was good or not and it won't be. Put on the officials the shoulders of those good. It passed relatively easy. -- -- and it's as though a lot of folks put it. And the Navarro Bowman rule was also passed that allows the officials to make the recovery or lose football. In the field the play at a review -- call us again right yeah I mean it was obvious fumble then you gotta get those chemicals right it's too much money and ended too much at stake you'll have a season exactly damage and gain cool and yet so that that play. It is now review -- on it was just little comments -- right thing to do. The game clock will now continue that they quarterback sack outside of two minutes Donnelly. Of course -- -- -- -- more point that I guess they're protecting the quarterbacks and you run a really good point though that in terms of you know -- might -- you if you get. Saying if you give a crap we are Saudia. He had been. All of Sunday trying to and the clock churning in. Trying to be the coach trying to send in the play in. He's trying to get your wits and Alison if you will what did the coach said Adrian. You might see if you wasted timeouts. Potential delay gains. Penalties because of that. -- the Dallas. Sort of the good until like it yeah. -- to the quarterback again we can get him maybe in a body's kind of a bonus it's a rush fresh -- weekend yeah. Multiple now the fail proposals multiple. Proposals to extend our expand replays plays excuse me that can be reviewed were shot down. The Patriots suggested allowing all plays to be reviewed the Redskins wanted to personal fouls to be reviewed -- at all they've been shot down. I think at all please review oval and -- wanna get it right but I think that has a lot to do with slowing down the game again not having. To review every play -- but they gonna have New York central -- he had that passion. I was yelling at that we need that in a minute and they are gonna allow yet pass as they were. The -- had that conference. Indeed -- you know the head of officiating. Explain it is not going to be just him in New York it's going to be a negotiating yet committee of of you know a handful of -- -- in the New York office that can handle multiple. Request for help if you will. At the same time but less than 50% of the coaches supported the measure to make all plays review oval. According to the competition committee and basically. Inspired a lot of debate but it did not pass the Redskins proposal to move the kick off the forty yard -- are to the forty yard line was shut down. So. Yeah you want to touch backs. You know. A consistent basis even mourning is now I guess that's why it matters and I would have kickoff return and it was him that before the -- special -- -- joking as of today. The Redskins idea to eliminate training camp roster cut down 275 players is also. Shut them. Thought I was the so now they gonna go straight. From 98. A game day roster are big and is Cuba I guess in his nicest thing is as allowed and it's. It's nice having five other 53 dictator proposal to. -- extra point back to 25 yard line failed but the league will experiment with a new extra points system during the pre season. And extra points a week. Now and I suggest yeah era and forty yard line. Yeah I just thought that selling a good right here but you wanna make that fifth you want to make you make the extra point difficult and I shouldn't say difficult not automatic. But you'd order making it too hard now. And now that's an NFL kicker on a consistent basis you should. Beyond an on 90% inside the forty yard line were. If you listen put and it's one final 42 yarder you know had more misses but I think. You don't want to actually to be automatic that you wanted to be if you kicking the ball well. So you put the ball in the twenties and now it is at 37 yard basically. Extra point you have to convert ending what to Griese is against the an experiment we swung into yet. I guess 37 yard field yet to CBO one point. Either the proposal to allow an unlimited number of players on injured reserve to return. To the active roster also failed Jeff Fisher. On the competition committee said the vote wasn't even close and now so those of proposals that failed those and we ran down the three that passed will also get to the new decisions the ones that have been tabled Doug Williams -- will be was in the 6 o'clock -- -- Grubbs to mother about. Men and half or so but notices yet don't follow proposals they've been table till may as the next round of NFL owners meetings the abolish. -- of overtime in the pre season been -- the idea to expand the practice squad from eight players attend was also tabled. Same goes for expanding rosters to Thursday night on Thursday night games from 49 are shooting 46 to 49. And Italy also put off by deciding whether to allow teams to open their roof during halftime games for weather reasons in the competition committee told the Patriots that it will look. At the possibility of adding cameras on all goal line sidelines and in lines but the NFL. Well discussed the possibility. With its broadcast partners first. Well I think. When you -- of expanding the roster. I think that definitely. Will be addressed. For sure if they would somehow get the players to agree. I have an eighteen game -- -- season schedule. You know within a sixteen go to eighteen games and then. Think to give and take union negotiate the players and management that. That's an -- haven't seen him by -- -- and ensure that have expanded roster -- only I think active. Roster but all solo practice. Body sportsmanship also a big topic of conversation here Rams head coach Jeff Fisher with respect -- sportsmanship on the playing field. After talking consultant was with different entities that coaches subcommittee of the players association. We agreed to we have an issue on the field. And we agreed that we are going to we get it under control as soon as we possibly can. We're reworking. With fifteen put tapes together. Are are taunting numbers increase from nine and twelve to 34 last year. And then we are going to affect change immediately in that change will be affected. As early as the DOJ is from the players come back we've we've got to change our our conduct on the field we've got to. Bring the element of respect. To his highest level back -- can't -- in addition to of these things force the ship was a significant topics throughout the last couple days. More from the NFL owners meetings coming up first now Ben Grubbs Saints -- of -- joining us now on. -- they got here charity softball game coming up in May I believe it is you do last years ago success tell folks about what you got coming up. Yeah man -- charity event may the fifteenth. -- it's a Thursday and home run derby starts at 6 o'clock. -- the gang will follow that Lee though is going to be at our school record there -- bringing cheers. Don't miss it you're you're chances the same sort of first rounder and policies and so he dirty paper at the corner opportunity. Line though has drew been talking. He was it at -- -- title back from Luke McCown and he just signed with downs back with the -- I decide today so. There are a -- home run derby -- group. And then just but he can if they're on our. That's three -- famously independent. How can folks get tickets. -- you or Ticketmaster. -- or if you go to. Take it all of that that are stadium. Now -- how important it is you know when you look in this day and -- of free agency and you came hole from Baltimore. To have that continuity on the offensive line and you look it how you communicate. Along the line of scrimmage in the meeting rooms that fellowship that that bond that you have. Bring in -- brings extreme back on board. I'm not knowing what's gonna come about still with the center position probably just talk about. The big difference when you going to say from one team to the other. Their first share compared to maybe the next year how much more comfortable you feel playing well would you teammate. There looming and continuity is being a Croat offensive line down you know we were -- in his horrible work at war. And it and it's it starts with -- better start with a better quarterback you know drew for the -- Giving her own page and you know he related an -- to you know they and in. They are makes a call and from their one call. Because -- about it what to do so. I mean we -- -- to be on the same page in there to go harder you know you start with the call would be your album mechanics -- each play. And you know the way out there. -- effectively they lost their salaries are so many small horse there work. To have that I have to work together so that's why you know like mark -- and not have to be on the same page. They are much separate go to certain cities in just our own them on the line so you know when you when you start working out well as a lineman. It starts the start of Sunday's starts during. OTAs mini camp in -- monetary restraints there. You know hopefully you'll -- called governor and you get all the kings are now. -- that the language the terminology is there contact your school work is down so it on the little. You know in and I'm excited because. You know sorority that I got to check it to be able so started a couple of games scored in either. And and -- not to like really this -- run in the ball arm and protect injured. And you know we can carry that over into this season it will be a big plus for our Altman's. Now been all the experience you have now and they say of a sublime and as a whole the professional level. I know is not a 100% though wouldn't you say are telling you disagree with -- is that. Offensive linemen in general would rather run block -- pass protect because you could be more aggressive that you could take it. TO opponent is that a fair statement. For the and follow Mary you know I'd like to run -- because. You can be more physical problem you know don't count people look at had blocking you know you actually. The sit back and you -- A different route running and use. -- -- from I -- not that guy and he's currently. But how many years they need to. To play as well. But I think that start for blocking you know you can really Wear down in the future to hear them you can cut. You know you got some immediate perspective that will play a part in -- easterners. I'll mark in the future is interrupting you are I don't know what he's not -- -- it was -- When you pat blocked. You know you able especially in our hearts are out there you -- great quarterback fingered receivers. I mean you're able sir. Have. Brief four play drive. Barry and touchdowns. So at all Milan and we love those plays because you were able to say power and they they were not blow. In the in the first quarter because to run the ball in play something if you got a good balance. It would be great. Bird like it was working you know every every week is different wherever wherever wherever works that particular game. I'm in favor. Now then. Like you saying towards the latter part of season the last four games I mean coach being called more running plays we're able to run the ball and ran the ball. As well as anyone against Seattle averaging four point two yards a carry. Now explain is -- that much of differences let's say. Previous. Our prior should say to the fir the last four games who averages about 22 and have 23 attempts. A game. -- the last four gains going into the playoffs and counting that. The thirty and a half a tips is that a big difference -- it's about the same. I mean yeah he I mean he's it would be I mean I feel to run the ball. Thirty. You know verdict on that but I would think everything. Will look to get those numbers. Urlacher is you know it does depend on the flow of the game you know a lot of -- -- You know we have to -- You around the quality happier -- proper manner. If you're not doing well. Yet -- there and put competent coaches and so of course they're going to try to change up two years. Dungy. They're here to get production and you're able to pro ball as low as we do. You know even you don't all of their Democrats agree captain whenever you can you know -- dropped you back. And we're expecting them -- -- -- it figures that you know the red and his we have stuff for the manner you Eric Campbell early November and in the system that is so. They get legal and it and it -- insist on a -- Yeah that'd be great. Saint -- -- line and being Grubbs a before you run just tell folks may fifteenth to get to charity softball. Again a good opportunity -- seated at the Saints players. Zephyr field and how folks in. Can get tickets in -- without an all star. Give -- this is seeing. And then -- certain call or -- on the starter exits the clock run derby lecture we you know look. Down. Take control away Drew Brees who worked -- in. We're -- running -- well -- literary and you know. So you know this year hopefully we will now you know -- and Justin drew. Competing again and we have to you know are someone has to take that fourth spot. So you know the rookie -- down they'll be out there ultimately get my managers -- So it saves so he's all the players who. You know -- -- -- autograph strictures that you know that you have a great -- -- is the place to -- -- stadium. It is 15:6 o'clock here in future tickets or Ticketmaster dot com or you could not stop the -- -- -- that at the state. Then if you want time prove your swing and your competitor you wanna go out there when a home run Gary. Go see Joey chemists Aris over a Big Easy -- sports plex and they'll they'll help you out with a win with the swing and maybe kitchen and get to -- is that you -- -- -- -- hit anything over the last few thousand -- Yeah and yeah we hosted a man idea if your post and it you gotta you -- Parker couple had been thanks much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or put a timetable on it but I would say very similar pitchers I think all of us felt like it's just a matter of not if the wind. Say take coach Sean Paton earlier today at breakfast NFC coaches breakfast in Orlando Florida owners' meetings in the course talk about that in Jimmy Graham and but that's really kind of innocence and all along that we've probably pretty much all felt like that when this contract the only reason and a franchise tag that in Jimmy Graham is that. You know it'll get done it's gonna -- -- Drew -- -- did. Now. What into July. And. Yeah I love living is I think now my understanding and I still think the things I can say -- But. It was -- second I think that's kind of hits and an agreement then line the State's first -- is safe zone and now -- and all the Sunderland arbitrator to view. In favor of Jimmy Graham because of salary cap dealing that that Collison five million dollar difference why receivers and tight end. It's about the number of -- we talked about that before. Now. By July 15 -- -- I gonna go to training camp in the middle. Of August. I'm almost sure run this July 15 if you don't have a long term deal done. And I negotiated that point he asked to play on that that the one year and at the sign though that you don't have guys right right right so he could report late number Vincent Jackson -- right right years ago with a San Diego yeah -- can report late I think it's after. I think it's after the second pre season game yes report actors Angela you not gonna sit out the whole year and give -- give a franchise the money that seven come home by this seven -- can a bigger yeah seven yards will mean whatever it yet exactly know. But he could do leg Vincent Jackson -- didn't then people get -- you don't wanna do that well obviously shows the guys that know he got I don't either I don't think. I think Jimmie Graham put oppression and sexson that at that time. And the sex and probably telling them just so be patient. I think he's probably given Jimmy Graham Sampras individually things -- -- rule in their favor. In -- who as the leverage Bubba but I. Christian I would be shocked. That I think a long term deal will be by July 51 way or the other I think he'll be we talked -- this ten. A twelve million dollar range I don't know. -- Gradkowski got what sixteen million guaranteed sixteen have you get warning. I mean roughly -- -- is that so I think -- more from say -- coach Sean Payton then sixty stat from Bobby there. About the Saints running game they're talking about it with that being good -- yeah well -- you look at it since they arrived in 06 a saved several of the more to 2100 yards. In owed nine will although one is suitable 2011 they were thirteen three became the new greatest show on turf. 781012. And thirteen. On this 16100 yards this season the agrees this is not by coincidence when you look at it all 1000 -- 73 yards about -- -- run the ball more.