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3-26 6:10pm Bobby and Kristian, college athlete's union

Mar 26, 2014|

Bobby Hebert and guest host, Kristian Garic, discuss a recent ruling allowing Northwestern University to form the nation's 1st college athlete's union. They spoke with Matt Mitten, Director of the National Sports Law Institute at Marquette University.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Matt Mason director of national sports law institute at Marquette university and Matt first off thanks for the time we appreciate you joining us on such short notice but. What was your initial reaction when you when you heard this. Quite surprised yeah in other context. Courts are accused of buying that. It happened to those who played eleven jittery or social ball and basketball are employees that in the workers cup context it's not really. That much and cheer and I don't go quite honestly I didn't know. Those sports are quite commercialized. At the professional -- -- fortune. Now Matt a couple of questions here looking at -- specific goals -- -- I think -- -- -- beginning given a name college athletes -- association. Include guaranteeing. Coverages sports related medical expenses. For current and former players obviously. He look at is they need reducing head injuries we concussions. And potentially Manning players are pursue. A commercial. Sponsorships. Now is that dealing -- when the university's president -- a star player. They make his Jersey that the players -- one there and maybe also involved in that just explained. Love the concept of what the players. Are trump what their trying to achieve because I know one thing the fans. A lot of times don't realize. Andy they had stated goals. That there wasn't obtaining pay for players initially. But for medical protection where if you fully guaranteed a scholarship. That covered the full cost of attending college wouldn't be taken away. In an -- athlete can't continue to play -- injury while the com football fan who say well. If you committed to university and they wanted -- you got hurt playing football than he should honor that scholarship. -- -- Traded to certain will be he'll -- -- full weight relations board -- five member. Group of presidential all -- then we go to the courts -- -- -- -- -- -- A majority of the northwestern scholarship 00. In -- warden -- In the cage and -- -- -- western yeah see the BB. To negotiate good. On those. Subjects of collective bargaining should wait two hours upon terms and conditions point. And I think the -- Q can you mention. That -- here whether it be permitted to keep their scholarships that were. Whether they can get in -- income. Sponsorship. Income from third party don't. Changed that. What. They bargained. It after we each inning in -- they have to sit out. Yeah the old -- -- the media basically. Now Matt explain this to me when you look at all universe like air here obviously to top dog elbow issue a public universe Louisiana State University. You look where you're -- up in Milwaukee Marquette University. A private university vs. You know university Wisconsin in Madison but I was reading and it set up for now the push is to unionize. Athletes have private schools such as northwestern. Because ephedra labor agency does not have jurisdiction. Over public universities he's explained that to me are just. That offense in general rule bad reasoning nor explain what that's all well. Yeah it gets. Something that the federal law you've got to fly to. -- in four employees. You know university. They would be governed. Whether they can you guys is good and on. Odd that particular speech to label it they're so that that would. Would present. An initial. Call. You don't know. It's just the scholarship and all players at northwestern at all that is recognized. Figuring out. Yeah day. Bargaining unit. It wouldn't include me about -- -- Ortiz in the that would include. The other schools. In the big -- You know -- at state Michigan. And it would be able. You guys understand. It might try to do so they're right respected state law so it really. You try to -- -- -- Matt -- director of national sports law at. Ours she's mean national sports law institute at Marquette university in -- if you're the NCAA. What what year. What are you doing right now I obviously -- the for the appeal and it's -- what's your strategy year. Well don't -- should statement that I saw the basic. That they get to the party you know I'll buy it. You -- guys. Com and say okay what collectively bargained NCAA. All these you'll watch something that you know. I'll get. Here you. That there -- usually expect and first formal day. They're not. So Matt do you take their approach and I obviously. -- those -- Novelist and announced that they plan to appeal to a labor authorities in Washington DC the national labor relations board but. Is this just a rogue. Regional director this -- or in a 24 page decision. Dead and he says of the players falls squarely within. The broad definition of them have an employee is edges -- his opinion Nara how much weight does that carry. Now when -- regional director. -- going -- -- National Labor Relations Board. Well if so is -- and you certainly it is an EPO. He had the -- in the adult person. War in Washington at a computer probably -- arguments. He had acceptable and chipped it back. Out they might like that decision. Court so that will walk away. Well -- there will be. Yeah I Terry -- So it certainly swore. By. Called the -- there that some other side. For Jordan. Or. A little Jets might do. -- Matt mid and director of national sports law institute at Marquette University thanks for the time we appreciated thanks for your perspective in your expertise. -- --