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3-26 5:45pm Doug Sunseri

Mar 26, 2014|

Bobby Hebert and guest host, Kristian Garic, discuss a recent ruling allowing Northwestern University to form the nation's 1st college athlete's union. Doug Sunseri, host of "All Things Legal" joins the radio huddle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Reading this. Latest news body came down that basically says. A federal agencies. Will allow football players at Northwestern University. To create the nation's first union. A college athletes and as a number of possible revenue generation Stuart and out and in not it's not just college football players here. Right now I think. I guess is called kappa buttons that are even not Napa CA PA's the college athletes players. Association. That by gaining wrecking mission is like all of would you will be eligible to join. The stupidest reason NCAA as opposed. To the action. And I don't know. What route they gonna take his fours that you might think holidays you know. Supposed to be student after an impressive athletes wanting to get paid bending a lot of fans they'll realize. And he is that what they find far right now on the I don't know big and expanding its. But if you look at the college athletes of their association they're stated goals. Like I said don't -- looking pay for players it merely seeks better medical protections. And fully guaranteed scholarships that cover the full cost of attending college and it would be taken away. If an athlete can't continue play for the university due to an injury. And also let's establish a fun. That would pay for players to continue -- education. After the NCAA eligibility. Expires now missed the humor I think a pronouncement that right now. Rumble guy Yuma. He's the one organized ninety's ex UCLA linebacker. The gala these northwestern players and he went on to say it's become clear. That relying on into deadly policy makers won't work. That they are never going to protect college athletes. And you could see that -- their actions over the past decade -- went on to say. Look at their position on concussions. And and they say they have no legal obligation. To protect players. I'm Bobby Hull long once again. Randy might GT Tony is -- else it's I want you to your phone calls. First I -- get dug necessary. In the yard W to a legal analyst and -- of all things legal on Sunday mornings eight to 10 AM and Doug I'm sure you know obviously is a former sports agent and certainly as an attorney for. An NFL team. This news if you discount -- picture what this means in terms of labor and what this all -- for these players. Well I think the first quite an area -- in order labor equally. An important thing. Alternately used to determine whether the -- and players will be cut by the 41. Or will there be accomplished because you know heavily at -- league without great work. And that's said that I think -- of the ruling said. It's so odd but at the initial. And that will go all the way up to the top in other words you know -- -- -- war. And northwestern won the first quarter by the it. So they've got a does Alec did appeal process -- there in the first quarter but it goes back -- forward to getting. He's got that up because it can can say that ecology is an employee is pretty quick out. It is really -- -- that so I would suspect. That it is -- one. And that was -- that was walk but I think you have double route but let's fight for the first yet -- determined -- And that was you know that kind of school or any concern that we -- right to do this but. You know action in one state want -- you know one state and wondered that there would. That ruling would hold up with the appellate court is always a totally different question. Now but. -- -- -- if you look at it obviously I don't know what all they're all better. You know stated goals but that initially. They're stating goals don't involve obtaining pay for players so. Well when you look at just what they're stayed Eagles initially our Timmy. I think the common sense approach him. Being a college football fan that I think some fans to be shocked that you know -- what they're seeking his -- protection that. Where even though they got a scholarship so let's say you get hurt playing football this university that they could figure scholarship away. Well -- won it seem like the do the right thing the fair thing would be that you offered a scholarship because his ability. In any got hurt playing football and he's gonna take away their scholarship in dead badges -- seem right. Well you know -- -- -- for your loss in the NFL people -- deal. Until. The union decertify he wanted -- right and don't drink force the other how to come to the table. And make a deal now with this will do -- making entry entry you know what. Would not overplay our hand here. And we've reduced to include the possibility. The NCAA players being determined. Politically. As employees make all -- Maybe Nixon you now walk at -- So I just -- force negotiation practices. You know there's a question as to whether as a whole ill considered only throughout our court pot spot. Let the possibility today could be. And and now take them very proactive approach and you know what we will have to rethink how we that would college student and issues -- scholarship. Our medical treatment in a year and get a scholarship and maybe should be able to I -- You know the school graduate school all the type of issues right. And say we look at this again because if we -- We've put our future and know that the courts and we don't want upper management center -- and every. Bobby you know twenty or a year ago in -- -- government because you think you know what. We ran him ownership in the resolution rather lead up to the court where we have no ownership of the ultimate resolution so I think it is being. -- because the fact is gonna care of people in the NCA and saying you know what. That made it here because we're -- I'm in our hand if we don't start actually. And make some accommodations. We -- it some court implode -- blow out the war. WB well legal analyst Doug is -- today foresees players -- contracts then and it basically -- You know professional sports. They're good intervening year achieve captive Corey. Thing you may not agree. -- -- You know the union. Whatever you knew they would -- or whatever and -- terms and negotiate for optical yeah. He -- he kept except it was it like you're not. So. Theoretically. They could it. And it could force out at certain -- there are collectively bargained. And I think you know I mean Bobby experience that and it's Austrian right now it will accept what the union made. Post on. But we're arrive because Doug was the point where I kind of took their accounts at the top and somebody all the news if you don't have a contract. And and I could approach who has saved. You from Florida. You had a high school the college in Florida you hate cold weather. But the Buffalo -- draft did you. We've got to go and yet -- Buffalo until they wanted to get ready I said that -- on him at game. A capitalistic but like you said if you're union. That the that's what do you start I had this is decertified. Used. Heard all this about me this would. Are all -- and again again in the. He's the only one in the history and I felt that's what the court so. The streak is pretty good. Eighty years it fell I'll -- going want to that there really is and where. Doug but we have arranged a conversation ever before we had to run a lot of things happen and quickly his knee started to come down but. Is there anything you wanna add from the NCAA perspective. Two -- this ruling. I think NCA respect or wake up call -- public -- point. The public opinion standpoint or -- -- I don't think that we all of a topic you actually can IRL. Throughout so so point two court process but we did insert -- to say look. Yeah pretty heavy and a lot of how -- thought that backlash. And backlash could walk us. Real world court rule or. An out there and I think -- They have to start doing -- take what Syria. These issues that are out there. The medical issues the ability to know because you graduate school where they finished here eligibility. Are gonna -- our nation. But I have to say. This because if we -- They come through the courts are already come -- what posture where my fuel records or. We think he caught up to be exploited. All you know we're we could eat and find an employee or change -- definition bully -- fact Coach Brown dale brown you know they'll shoot. He's very futuristic and he's -- at the college athlete early -- or strike. Because he thought that the athletes were being exploited spectrum. Is so calm I think we. It concerns are prophetic in 3032 years later. Well I think we've got to do -- -- -- NCAA administrators. -- anymore start listening to the concerns that college athlete make modifications to accommodate. -- is serie RWB well legal analyst told host of all things legal here on WWL Sunday -- eight to ten. AM and that Doug thanks to bunt for weighing in and in our Dallas appreciate the right thing to talk.