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3-26 5-6pm Bobby and Kristian, college athlete union

Mar 26, 2014|

In a stunning ruling, the National Labor Relations Board decided football players at Northwestern University can form the nation's 1st college athlete's union. Is this good or bad for college sports?

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Sacrifice our number two of sports talk here on WWL am FM and WWL. Dot com alongside the cajun cannon Bobby -- Kristian -- and for the big chief. Deke Bellavia are pretty jaguar upping your ball online at WWL dot com saint take coach Sean Payton says he expects. Jimmy Graham to be in training have you cast your vote online at WWL. Dot com or call -- 2601 late 72 or 3866889087. He can also. Choose the text message and 8787. Inch Shawn Payne speaking to the media today at the NFC coaches breakfast in Orlando. At the coaches are excuse me the owners' meetings. Fans anymore or so. Educated. With regards to. Franchise tag compared to a player that would be true free agent the other I think they understand that part of it and but all of them including ourselves that we were. Anxious to get it done and he's an important part what we do what hope of what we do. Saints coach Sean -- they're talking about. Jimmy Graham and also Bobby. Luke McCown back in the mix -- back -- quarterback a one year deal thing with the black and gold and how it I think that it's -- -- an open competition up much like they did which he had -- few years ago between. McCown and Brian Griffin is in the second year. Well. You know you look at the look around McConnell family. You know what in a lot of success when you look at double digit NFL careers and not had the Manning's. Now but. You know right up there you look at his brother who would has -- the day with the Bears and probably the Bears job. I know NFL good deal with the -- where he's a starter yeah. You know you look at Glenn -- and drafted -- yet. Saw mean. I think there's a lot of stability there. Also. An X you know like Mark Brunell when he was here at bat and anxious this pair -- -- Would you in this in this and sound board at the drew kid. You know have a conversation went and you know he knows what he's covered from a -- breaking down film so I think that's. That's a good situation -- Jerusalem. Have a competitive. The scenario for the back of cornerback. I think that's definitely the way to go. Now we -- -- was talking about. You know -- Jimmy Graham. And I've said this I mean he'd be almost a slam dunk. And it's still -- and since. Then let's say Jimmy Graham -- -- had a great game every game. You know you can go look at. When he didn't have success and two very meaningful games obviously when you play in the Patriots. And you get shut down by keep believing in twice against them. Particularly is close -- one time come playoff time against. The Seahawks would you look it. We try to bring consistency get to -- -- -- get the double digit you know 101112 wins. The Saints realize Jimmy Graham is a big part of that. That. Like for instance if you look even. Darren Sproles when he first came here he said NFL all purpose yardage racquet. Where. Okay yet on Louisville game -- Darren Sproles type game and against the Dolphins. Now we seen many times in 2011. Well so let's say Darren Sproles had do we expect expectations. He to a three games like that where they would have liked him that had. Maybe eight or nine games like that in his their -- saying -- you look of Jimmy Graham. On those numbers were down on the backhand. But in the red zone still productive. That I've become the playoff games was -- playing eighteen games that he might have been had the highest level. Thirteen 1415 games depending what you evaluating. And so that's that they look at okay going forward to -- cited Jimmy Graham. OK we're in the hunt would have to shore offensively. And he else's but have a great opportunity to have for sure ten of 9/11 are our twelve win season. Marcus Colston also. Coming up today with -- -- insane you know he he feels like. He played as some of his best football -- towards the end of last year with I think he did they will monitor him Marques Colston at thirty years old. Although monitor his snaps during the offseason you certainly don't try to get it. We need the young guys step up well really you know it's got -- courses so why why can lie with a guy that's thirty. You can reduce some of the Wear and tear on his legs but. But yeah IR oracle audience last week on W to to a dot com about the average age of the saints' defense and it's built. The long term your average age 26 years of it now twenty years old okay. Of the Saints that memory and legacy hall yet that -- and but. The misleading thing is old there and experience now not so every. Player on the defense. Has at least one year starting experience. So it just goes to show you. That. And either when your starting experience or they played a rule like. Mike Corey white as a nickel guy right in his rookie season and it certainly last year as well but it kind of just goes to show you that. They made a concerted effort this year to get young we -- what the release of Jon Vilma. Roman Harper will Smith and others that were up there in age and the sustain model that right now or vice trying to. In the late is that of the Seattle Seahawks and their defense is 26 point seven years of age. Well and you bring on Colston and you know what every department lately especially when you thirty years of age and on the banking and you know the career. I think as it -- obviously ankles his best interest. The have a great finish to a savior out a great start the he would tale ball native value and that really I am having a great finish for it to to look at the post season. Twelve receptions a 146 yards had a cars. And and you agree ended up Jimmy Graham was -- won't 80s86 catches Pierre Thomas at 77. Colston had 75 right now and there are a thousand yards 943 yards. So you know you look at them and liked by him finish strong and and the back into this season. You yet to be confident in going to next year. But in theory. You account Kenny stills how he stepped up in kinda. So our plan and Lance Moore. They would really want I don't know if he's a guy David will likely need to -- Who's a big body big receiver our -- that type receiver -- Woody might perceive like Colston to maybe take that role. But right now UK just -- Colston out the door. Because there's nobody better. Law having a -- tunes on notice I think is an important OTA and mini camp training camp the -- the future what your third season in the NFL and you were inactive for a large portion of last -- there and I and -- -- Jets game wary when that ball as it was in San Antonio or coach Marty. Why did it and then it about them his shoulder and in his eyes off his hands and LaDainian session ended up about Ottawa are easy ball. I I -- -- are ordered Downey -- caught the ball on thirteen yard line. Mini just confident we gonna get a touchdown and that ultimately unexpected to make it better but at thirteen points two times I mean as such in his ivory -- on the football's holes at. Yeah I mean you geno throwing interceptions because Chris Ivory two meetings Dini had against the Saints. Was like to -- -- -- version of Scott Fujita -- Japanese but when he is that the brass that all the plays that amazed at Brown's injury -- throw. An interception and Rob Ryan ironically it was -- in the net coordinator -- but the Saints take. Sean Payton also talks about. Rob Ryan's impact on their the defense and his first year in -- -- -- -- -- are coming up here will continue -- hearing from saint take coach Sean Payton and also. The L rule changes that we've outlined a little bit foreign. -- ultimately. They feel good about their chances of getting Jimmy Graham locked up to a long term deal do you cast your -- are pretty jaguar people. Online at WL dot com or call us at 260187. It's all free 866890. It's only. One thing that's important as it is. Deep. The conversations. -- the times and prior to. The process. In other words. The meetings that might take place prior to phone call. Just really sentencing stage I think players nowadays. There's -- really appreciate this. -- upfront honesty and do they know us process them in Jimmy's got a great representation. Ton of respect between. A guy like Jimmy sexton and make you miss all of those things. -- -- what makes it. Positive. Although difficult at times. Process Saints coach Sean Paton earlier today in Orlando Florida at the NFL owners meetings in FC coaches breakfast welcome back to sports talk. Bobby Hebert crushing -- here -- in for the big chief Deke Bellavia text message here from 192 sixes. Christian about it what's going Victor Butler is still on the team yes he very much is. Come back from an ACL injury a year ago that's a player it's not they they come on them all and hear everything he's part of this class to me yet you can look at a lot like that because he and you and -- -- contribute last year. And I think about that unfortunately was. He signed for him at least. He signed a two year deal last year with the saint that was avoidable after one year if he met some playing time incentives he was even been able to avoid. To void I got yeah this -- by him being injured it worked in the Saints here and now. He's done out great value for a player that was hoping to maybe had a monster season go back on the open market. You know like you know. The guy with the Seahawks. -- -- Michael Bennett yeah as that he did. And I he said OK one year and then had a -- -- season the Seahawks -- legs at the podium in Austin on next time this season come and Jared Allen goes from the Vikings to the Bears. Bobby and we get have to face them hopefully don't have. Publicized is the Saints and we played NFC north. -- to me that's toll money. And me because here ready not that he's being greedy but you gotta get -- get it while you can and with the is that she's made it party divide it twice really -- they've got a bike and -- Vikings and -- We thought it was a workout with Seattle I'm glad I didn't. When he went there twice. -- -- -- -- The Bears are playoff team there right there yet I should save an -- -- level but. Near the bottom of the league in sacks though can be a debate what but that's only the -- Gave a Mormon Seahawks -- you know where if it wasn't. Like I'm gonna Seattle. -- this out no when the Bears that and he's compared himself obviously. Looking at top pass rushes not only in numbers against name wise. When you look at it DeMarcus Ware. You know going there Broncos and Julius Peppers and also what do -- again it's yet what you -- out of it sixteen -- and. He had and it that the deal is avoidable after. Three years it's a four year deal but he can voided after three. I mean it is a -- You know. Incentives in there but a Baker's dumbest article posted a markets where kind of money which is perplexing because. Julius Peppers got seven and a half -- guarantee from green bag OK okay he's a better player a jump. Okay this is OK okay pretend now you are Jared Allen and a yellow -- with everything you Jared Allen you can -- quite -- -- -- there and he's still you know the -- cowboy fan and I hit and that. NOK so let's say you're injured Allen situation -- say they. The Seahawks we're gonna give them seven have eight million guaranteed but the Bears. I'm gonna give them 69 guarantee would you take half let me would you take get a millions that it is six. Yes and here's why is I want at this point in my career don't worry well now. It's because at this point my career from Jared Allen I came close to winning it's a bargain -- reasonable I wanna. Take your chances of doing that again and OK finally -- take less money but can't. I can parlay that Super Bowl ring potentially into more money post career with appearances. Walk on the radio or television -- played also here at this -- -- get millions that are no I don't know but I mean. When I'm saying it has to be able if that's important to a player of right championship which who beat. To me -- you know -- like other players on that KG needed to but today a little -- and and and -- now like. He's going to the Bears the Bears have been disappointed the Bears and knocking on the door that the Bears choked last year I -- in the play -- that you really -- he said sitting haren he set hath not would take half. Half but I mean I but nobody -- -- eight -- neighbors is six yet we got a flat out the sure out at the -- or often have to came down to. For me that they were in that range you know yeah yeah I would definitely say I want to go win a championship right but half. Half that's that's that's that's a lot yet that's typical we don't want that kind of money you have. -- because sound like. The Bears aren't problem not a Saints put it to about well -- most impressive wins on the road last year yet -- -- as we've got to go back out the Chicago. But the game this year produce the NFL's together in December I. Did them at home ice that undercut the vicinity again yeah. We have a few potential -- -- -- dollar deal for Jared -- And -- have a that is guaranteed they now believe that it's. Yet. Fifteenth point five meaningful T fully guaranteed money so. DeMarcus Ware got what eighteen and half. So yeah that's like an excellent -- -- -- -- around twenty the -- -- ended up being down eighteen and asked so that's not bad we've you come out three weeks now and a free agency. Day and he zillion Beckham on. I'll stick it to you guns right and that like the train -- pass you by soccer's Julie did the first 48 hours a lot of things have looked at jurors never sure how quickly that got done. Well we guaranteed him. And that's a -- look at -- like we talked about this all the time basketball Beatles I guarantee contract would have. Guaranteed portion of the contract that's what you have to look at. And but I mean going to the Bears. I think Jared -- lieutenant. There in the hunt should read that and neither they -- -- take -- sea dogs -- -- not that far off a sound like he's going. Of the money to the Raiders I know -- you know you might pursue like Amanda and there -- probably have a chance -- hard to win a championship or even go to play. -- and zone and in our news room in Jim read if you could read that that headline you had there. Once again -- kind of recap of forests about college football players you unionizing. Well absolutely it was a sunny -- a stunning decision by a federal official in Chicago. And it suggested that student athletes could be. Unionized workers which means that they could even go on strike now it's said the ruling did that college football players who receive scholarships because they play. Qualifying is employees in -- under federal law. And the legal right to form a union that could change that it changes drastically well I don't know gave a college football we've changed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And say wood is potentially could mean. The college football -- NCAA. You know when you look at the very term student athlete when you look at it. Will and to be able they kind of take the approach that was calling as a way to having to pay workers' compensation. The injured players. Boy but you look at it now that they have received mine is standing official recognition. Its members have to be treated as employees. Went all the protections that that come with that so this is. Very interest in now. And it's not so much and he said he Chicago northwestern football players at university of northwest than the wildcats. As like an Ivy League school like Stanford in the midwest and Chicago. They were the ones. Openness all together to unionize. And so when you break it down. Mean that's a much game compensation. You know it's it's really almost protection for the student. Athlete because you look. The stated goals. But then trying to unit unionized and now it's. It don't Obama team pay for players it's merely a seeks better medical protections. And fully guaranteed scholarships that cover the full cost. Of attending college it would be taken away if an athlete can continue. Playing due to injury a lot of fans don't realize just because you got a scholarship. If you get hurt that they can take that away from me and it just say I guess not -- daily without an injury right yeah yeah and then. Activity was that that should be a scholarship. Four years now you look at it. It's all about his image -- -- yep just your initial thought on what this could potentially mean in and argued favor. While most of the players. And I think because I think has to be given take a look at the players and how college football I was going to say it's. Big business I mean it's like. From university perspective and the money to generate is like a professional team. And at this about their -- what was hard about education and educating the student athletes and they can better themselves on the road. In also. Would establish a fund that would pay players to continue their education. After NCAA eligibility expires. So no words I got a few hours left to graduate. And so why as you know the give and take. And in the -- at these particular players -- to players like Chris Ellis shoes of football program -- they generate. The universities valued China I'm not talking about a -- and yet is just that medical protections. And then if he is given a scholarship then. On a high school then he should have. That's coliseum -- be able to be taken away if that's -- what they -- fighting now this is interest inclusive pulmonary coach Mary. The LSU baseball team. I'd save gives us a while back he has said a union would be a bad idea he said a college athletes. A forming a union that would be a disaster. And if that happen. He was almost talking from a baseball perspective. And you know and coach minute -- -- -- baseball programs. Has -- basically. Eleven point seven scholarships. Across the 35 players sit that he believes -- union. The continued to blurred line separating amateur professional athletes and so did -- -- some argument there but now we get a ball to get a call gave. Oh -- -- mr. Heilman were to stop -- quite a bit here over the next a couple of hours your sports talk so. In a stunning ruling that that could revolutionize college sports a federal agency says. That the football players at Northwestern University can create the nation's first union for college athletes you four are against this movement. This move. 2601872. All 3866889087. Reading this. Latest news body came down that basically says. The federal agencies. Will allow football players at Northwestern University. To create the nation's first union. Of college athletes and as a number of possible revenue generation -- and out and in not it's not just college football clincher. Right now I think. I guess is called kappa. Ends that are like if we're not Napa CA PA's the college athletes players. Association. That by gaining wrecking mission is like all of obviously for this reason NCAA is a polls it's an action. And I don't know. What route they gonna take this far is -- -- -- thing all day you know. Supposed to be student athletes and -- pressure athletes wanting to get paid bending a lot of fans don't realize. And he is that what they find far right now on the I don't know big and expanding its. But if you look at the college athletes of their association their stated goals. Like I said don't involve looking pay for players it merely seeks. Better medical protections. And fully guaranteed scholarships that cover the full cost of attending college and it would be taken away. If an athlete can't continue play for the university due to an injury. And also let's establish a fun. That would pay for players to continue -- education. After the NCAA eligibility. Expires now amidst the humor I think a pronouncement that right now. Rumble guy Yuma. He's the one organized ninety's ex UCLA linebacker. Gala these northwestern players and he went on to say it's become clearer. That relying on into deadly policy makers won't work. That they are never going to protect college athletes. And you could see that -- their actions over the past decade -- went on to say. Look at their position on concussions. And and they say they have no legal obligation. To protect players I'm Bobby. -- long once -- get Randy Mike GT Tony is -- Nelson telling you to your phone calls. First I want to get -- sincerity. And he yard W to a legal analyst and most of all things legal on Sunday mornings eight to 10 AM in. Doug I'm sure he obviously is a former sports agent and certainly as an attorney for. An NFL team. This news if you discount big picture what this means in terms of labor and what this all -- often these players. Well I think the first question really he can't turn -- article labor -- employees. An important thing to ultimately is to determine whether it northwestern and players will be caught by that point he got that first or will there be accomplished because you don't have Olympic without work. And that's said that I think -- of the ruling said. It felt odd but got the usual and that will go all the way up to top another word you know Darren at first war. And northwestern won the first quarter by the. So they've got it done as Alec did appeal process -- there in the first quarter but it goes back to forward to getting. He'd packed up and because could conclude Baghdad ecology and he is an employee is pretty -- It is really -- cut. -- that so I would suspect. Yeah it is round one. That was -- that was walk but I think you have -- around a plot to fight for the first yeah it permanent stamp. And that would you know that aren't mutual or any concern that we air right to do this but. You know that you would want they want pitcher you know once state and what is it that would. Ruling would holdup. With the appellate court is always a totally different question. Now dogging it in if you look at it obviously I don't know what all they're all better. You know stated goals but that initially. There's -- goals don't involve obtaining pay for players so. Well when you look at just what their state Eagles initially our Timmy. I think the common sense approach him. Being a college football fan that I think some fans to be shocked that you know -- but they're seeking its -- protection that. Where even though they got a scholarship so let's say you get hurt playing football this university that they could figure scholarship away. Well -- what is seem like the do the right thing the fair thing would be that you offered a scholarship because his ability. In any got hurt playing football and he's gonna take away their scholarship in dead badges and seem right. All you know one ranking -- for your loss the NFL people -- deal. Until. The union decertify he wanted court right and don't drink force the other how to come to the table. And make a deal now with this will be who was making entry entry but you know what would not -- -- -- and here. And we might have to do is to include the possibility. The NCA players being determined. Politically. As employees -- make all you not. But apt to maybe makes a deal now -- -- walk -- to pick. So -- in this -- for a negotiation practices. You know it is a question as to whether as a hole it'll be considered important throughout our court pot spot. It -- a possibility it could be. In the anti now take them very proactive approach and you know what we will have to rethink how we that would college student -- -- -- scholarship. Our medical treatment in a year and get a scholarship and maybe should be able to. And you know the school to graduate school all these type of issues right. And today we look at it again because if we don't we put our future and know that the courts. And we don't wanna put our kitchen and the court and everything. Bobby you know twice a year ago at the -- -- -- government because ticket you know what. We were here in the resolution rather leave that up to the court where we have no ownership of the ultimate resolution so I think this is being. -- because the fact is gonna care of people in the NCA an up and saying you know what. We -- it -- here because we're over I'm -- hand in -- -- -- start negotiating. And make some accommodations. We buy it some court -- -- of course they'll blow out the war. W do well legal analyst Doug is serie -- the National Labor Relations Board decided college athletes at Northwestern University can for the nation's first college. Athlete's union. Is -- good -- bad for our collegiate sports. That's a pretty jaguar opinion -- line at WQL dot com cast your vote or calls at 2601870. To all 38668890870. And you heard -- -- -- there. Now which will be rule reconvene accomplishment them. Next our along what Matt Milton -- director of the national sports law institute at Marquette University -- say. Obviously this is really just round one. Many rounds yet or this is actually but it it forces the NCAA is handle -- bit about me. Well and forces Northwestern University. Now they announce they have plans to appeal. 'til labor authorities -- Washington DC and that is gonna go back and forth but. They've definitely gotten the NCAA is attention the college athletes players association calf muscle. -- -- in the see where it goes from here he cages even on the Toronto this is a game -- potentially NHL my players save the dealing with concussions. -- on. The professional level but also -- and into the oddly enough I sit tight sports talk rolls on next hour.