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3-26 7:40pm Bobby and Kristian, March Madness

Mar 26, 2014|

Paul Bessire, GM of PredictionMachine.com, joins Bobby and guest host, Kristian Garic to talk March Madness and the Sweet 16.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The sweet sixteen round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament gets underway tomorrow. Called this year. GM of prediction machine dot com of course they run through -- them predict the later. 50000 times before. The game is even played in if you fill out your -- if you brackets are filled value trying to forecast may -- how. The elite eight are the final formal look for -- well Paul overseers the kind of guy and a to talk to -- and -- -- to visit they've done a lot of simulations and Paul looking tells about some of the simulations you guys have done about the sweet sixteen in the team's two minute then they get into the elite eight I get the elite eight and final four. -- yet and that -- that fortunately three of our original while fourteens still lives are most likely court outdoors store prepared street teams Florida. Move on in waiver wire or most like Egypt and support term starter we've looked like chickens are now between those three teams actually -- 80% of all term -- -- one. Stabbing that is not now what separates us in the top two floored at nineteen at assembly between. And and rule nineteen points for -- likely to. Because those two teams that does look like we championship game now you look at racquet should he repeat it at least about it. I didn't like that global. Like -- here and that. Actually about eight -- from a future -- or -- -- art or better than it is a big. It's a lot numbers are there like a pretty strong opinion -- That that we're anticipating. The rest of the way a couple teams to watch or away who would the -- -- -- you you you're you're border. Michigan another team or strictly our team to win at all you can't can't -- -- here. Now -- -- to be looking at the sweet sixteen and decided to bracket I don't know what the odds were but this is somewhat a surprise. And even though they wire. You considering. And they've they've got hot down the stretch that being Dayton. The flyers what they won their stretch in Atlantic ten play winning ten of twelve but to me that's where. I'd be surprised who actually you know when you look he got this right when number eleven Dayton vs them -- Stanford. And then you got to say. A look and it also Tennessee. You know considering they were what eleven seed not a bad I'm not too surprised I've done pretty well. As far as the is that we use abuse the most surprise. -- Stanford and Tennessee. Mean. Technically order actually did he has seen playing sweet sixteen more office that we were talking. We'd like to. -- -- and -- the fourteenth in the country and -- inspector Michigan -- good. Caught on that there aren't that short -- Most of tighten things creeping in her well one. We ordered 16% liked the sweet sixteen are. -- -- -- Like he -- to be your export it to right he had to stretch. Little. Scored future pros in the team from its and they've been doing or gain a debt because. Work through the back. And of the star players start game and he's still quite like that scenario I'm still -- the original. Returner so our. We had Mercer is the single digit underdog Mercer we Sutter park. Surprise individual game turned out there. -- Clayton was you know like be on or that habit of it or now because of what they did back in terms -- the final score -- by our guys to work and Q -- and it is always to Corey Corey -- Four Doug you make buckets. That now Paul. What is your take on this and you look Kolb are structured. And I'm talking about Iowa State and Virginia if you look at Iowa State. You know of drama you took offense vs defense -- Virginia but. Looking it -- Iowa State when they were first in conference. In scoring. And then I think sixth in the nation. His scoring offense but among the worst of scoring defense tied -- I was reading where. 200 and and 72. And and you look at Virginia on the flip subside led the nation. In scoring defense so -- and know Woody's how does that come in the play. Lowell what is that. We will would you rather be top scoring defense I thought that our top scoring offense. And that. Staunch supporter no way. You drew your upper -- -- -- well my daughter yours got to school there. And eat that much quarter actually. Pushing tempo pushing pay are getting your opponent on eight. Had a yet comfortable at guard easy. Layups and threes but he. Right now. Quarter that comes at bat or on it yet that ours went in sports because you're party courier. -- a much greater -- down. Actually lower court case are urging it. Now what I -- about the matchup between those teams that statement to make there we do our day we do reduced to Corey -- Great but it gave Virginia game between tutored the average or more -- And now. That -- in the equal would you be surprised if but -- state -- scored 48 double bogeys in game. Our. Eight year old he's scored big tree in your -- In terms of -- I made it certainly compelling match. We would -- urging but it still has an hour. Quicker pace which. Called the -- GM -- prediction machine dot com fascinating stuff. They run the 50000 simulations knowledge you explain appalled by how the process works. Let me EU EU. Predictably well we step in pain them. As tight as an adult beverages. -- -- -- They're like we used it likely to keep our board of sport all the players he ordered a court. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In -- -- -- These and other like. We're. -- We see each of perspective public that he gets to put the usual. Now Paul from a national perspective -- you look at all these national analysts. To me the same song and dance when they -- on the Michigan State bandwagon. Silly because what -- injury factored it now they're healthy and supposedly peaking at the right time we're -- a regular season because injuries. You know would then have their full team is that wire bodies on them is to -- bandwagon is now everybody's back in healthy. I think yeah I think so I think -- -- replace two degrees now you and -- each practicality universities and that we literally -- through the process that the actual committee goes to succeed and -- team reflected fielder and I understand that standpoint that the committee trying to reward teams based -- offers them their red -- and -- schedule and -- lives so they weren't -- it. It into account the injuries or the vacancies projected that it finishes after the -- basically dark Wizards TD and so annually weekly was easily able to take -- Into account some of those things like injuries and they're in the states suffered -- almost every single player are that roster of course -- -- -- and soda and. -- the -- certainly we like our borders like a real championship. It seemed that have been better and keep our. What our readers are you ever think our job awkward. We eagle at the analysts pick we need to -- I guess you'd say we're the last team that weight -- one. Under. You know it was it was I think I've ever seen -- -- it -- a little little -- -- -- that -- Team in the country. But as a Q it -- out there restart and bigger it. Gets there. Paul this year GM of prediction machine dot com thanks so much Mangosuthu. Baseball.