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3-26 7-8pm Bobby and Kristian, college athlete union

Mar 26, 2014|

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I roll it into the final hour here of sports talk WWL am FM in WWL. Dot com continuing to break down the decision today. From federal agency that football players at Northwestern University. Can create the nation's first union of college athletes. Along with the cajun cannon Bobby -- Kristian -- in forty Columbia. Back to the phones we go Joseph on I ten you're on WWL joke. -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think this decision as an open up a real -- arms -- Napoli. Potentially get. It's the yet potentially because if day are considered to be employees. The cost of that but question the cost of that -- forward. Will be considered to be a cell. And then they'll have to -- income tax. -- So. Medicare Medicaid taxes as well. And it it's you know it's gonna open up a can alarms form. An -- if they have the ball and that's going to be some of not doing now the they'll say is that I was my knock western. I'd say okay I'm giving you a full scholarship. You've got to stay two years as a ball I mean you got to stay the sport years and -- agreement. It out hit it's it seems like. National Labor Relations Board. Is villainous. Sport. Political reasons I believe. But -- I think they're they're college students that they would happily. Should have. The ability to move if you if he's got the scholarship been up and he's not getting a chance to play at all. They evaluating said he was good enough for scholarship but now not -- not good enough you're not gonna play but they won't release that's not right. Patient releasing. Yeah -- should bear I think like a Lara move up for instance. And god does give an example of this let's say in Louisiana here. If you playing Ellis union not necessarily have an opportunity now you can go. Like nickel state southeast in northwest Louisiana -- knees. But then you can go from Allen shoot to Louisiana Lafayette Louisiana Tech in -- divisional round I think but you should like you said should have that flexibility but in net. What that I put in place or at least the way they it's a double way. Explain that and -- explain a few years ago was that they didn't want. Schools universities within our own conference being able recruit players on another player's roster. Like they are doing. I've previous let's say all of a sudden you know how good you can be and you as star player -- Kentucky. But it that he's not doing anything right now than Alabama comes not yeah that's going to stockpile players yet and it'd be found what it would do -- on a conference that. At the same level so I think HBO would go because I think that. And -- maybe but the stipulation you can't go within a concierge is about him yet Kentucky so let's say. -- I'm I'm I'm happy here. But let's -- I'm not -- the the national notoriety that I won that Heisman dried up shot I might want they have a better chance to win and -- champ -- -- went to Clemson. Yeah -- the Florida State. -- eagle elected ACC. Persisting with him as he's within a cup. Down to -- I think what they tried to do here was. You keep these players from being recruited by other schools to keep on their roster continue to be recruited -- -- yeah I think that's a part of it yet and it comes down to. Potentially some more wrongdoings 'cause to think that collegiate. Sports. Is going -- -- but under the idea army is so. It's exit does it come down to resources right well we going not not pay at Alabama look we got a few more resources they could -- does in terms of certainly at their football program and boosters etc. mean Alabama fans are. In their boosters in their column are crazy with the bases along with Texas and and LSU certainly up there but at I think that was the original intent of on discount. Just can't extrapolate that out trying to think about nobody yet. Well I mean and think about. You know even deals that. Like all of us of what what are you question is if like man how in the world today kid driving caller I am sure ourselves. You know and and I think. But I think that stuff is just not going on. I mean that's why I get a chuckle out of all they shouldn't get paid out there they're not they are they are getting paid to add to -- it in and. In a way haven't I mean when you look at the money somewhat illegal loosely you look at the money have involved like when I was playing. You had star players that weren't privilege even though northwest Louisiana yeah. Who was getting a hundred dollar handshake. By a great game. But come on. Hundred. Dallas today compared to Baghdad and I mean as we mourn a hundred dollars if you enough how far grand now gavel whatever how they gave it to you or whatever. But I'm not saying it isn't right because -- -- not that NASCAR approached me genie trying. But you know universe that thing. Look the other way. And now they don't want. You know they're alumni getting involved where they know that something's illegal -- seed and I'll come to University of Miami. You know what occurred then. About I got blue chips I don't know about it about yeah a lot of things going on that. It's really benefiting university but they do -- and on their all. Because they love the program and and in doing stuff -- legal but not wanting to get university in trouble. Travis and Covington -- on them all danys. I. Think eligible players Robert made. Number one recommend read the book of sports all an act of America and it talks about only 23 division one college. Programs make -- So if we're gonna pay out the word is that when he comes from all these schools in the red. But -- -- protect players but he increased tuition so that's one of the -- that -- you know I think it really laid out -- in a spiteful fault that all of these other sports. We -- that somebody besides your big FT CB well they think and -- school. But Travis would you agree though. I'm not saying but how about like -- -- would you agree with maybe the future could be some kind of Stipe and I mean -- is the highest I've -- now. I mean I don't know -- I know it's not very close you know I gonna get a dog -- team loves yeah and you know talk about his experiences only -- and I mean you got even kids. That a case of let's say -- recruiting them out of Florida come to LSU game and have money -- go back home. Our team doesn't like your parents being able to come in CU. Our our let's say you would think it they'd tell movie. Are you wanna go out to a meal. And you always getting into school cafeteria because you don't have that and you see that that's what I think players are being exploited. Will also mean -- -- do laundry. Yeah. Yeah what exactly is larger McGinest out of sync and -- there's what our goal and although -- things you'll put up pandora's box it oh win win is enough enough. When all of a sudden OK if it's the -- does that throw 200 dollars out there. Walled in does -- schools saying well above it 200. Engage in to a different. Yet until -- event now. The anywhere about agents coming involved right with if there's unions and agents gonna start coming in -- a piece of it. So mean now you look at -- are also the big picture here with the NFL ramifications. If you NFL you're not in favor of this this you mean you know this unionization. If that's a word -- -- up but. Because that's more competition for you look at it could be and in essence another pro sports league and other pro sports football league well what can turn integration. If you look at the guy Peter or. Who came to his conclusion. You know he's -- National Labor Relations Board. I didn't regional director. And that. He basically have a football players and Al west university can -- in their nation's first union of college. Athletes excuse now he said. Andy goes on he said. I think about novelist and you look at not the last and like Stanford the midwest Ivy League type school he said the record makes clear. That employers. Scholarship players are identified and recruited. In the first instance because of their football prowess. And not because of their academic achievement in high school. He also noted that among the evidence presented by northwest and no examples are provided a scholarship players. Being permitted to miss the entire practices are gains. To attend their studies. So even though it's a pristine as university. And who would wanna get a scholarship to -- Weston. Private institution. I don't know I'm just speculating. That that's probably 50000. I a year. You at least -- -- I'm I'm I'm just been alternatively yet number out there that. That you look at they'll. They can be an outstanding student. But they over that scholarship. Because they -- play football. Because that had their athletic ability to not because of their smarts. So so that's why don't buy them being exploited what. Body will -- is a feared Jim missed. Right in -- college football players there are basically. And about the non revenue making sports. Football in most schools make. The other sports go right. If you're -- this year she'd just be happy with a four year scholarship. While I think it yeah if you look at it -- what okay. You got a scholarship. What money you generating for the university. I mean yet and if you're generating. This money generating sport then I think the argument that. You deadly should be first in line to become a seeded vs sports. That don't generate any revenue you got a scholarship so. It -- like supply and demand. I mean are with the market will bear if you're a top tennis player. And you got to college scholarship take advantage of that David -- of the inning go pro but do you look at the money involved -- woods generating. Money for the university. Then as now like -- 11 for Ross now I just 'cause. You a college on this pharmacy. -- school has soccer. While it doesn't generate with -- so I mean to me just by that it should be treated the same that's not you know just the way this. Let's just like it's just like the quarterbacks in the NFL they're gonna they're gonna suck down a premium money. Because ultimately that's what team they're all are driven by. -- all the same team like Brian -- Clinton Drew Brees is different he says that that they're not the thing that's reality even though they're on the same team right either decision by AA regional director of the National Labor Relations Board answered the question at the heart of the debate over the unionization is a word did. And of course Duke football players who receive full scholarships. To the Big Ten school of northwestern qualifies employees under federal law and therefore can. Legally unionized and of course that's honest and ruling today that could revolutionize college sports a federal agency. Allowing and says that the football players that Northwestern University can create the nation's first union of college athletes now we've had a number of legal Eagles on. Sports talk Bobby since this news kind of came down. And most of them -- both Summitt said. This is really just round one of maybe a twelve round heavyweight fight of your seat. Appeals upon appeals and in the NCAA. They're gonna have there attorneys involved a look at this and into this is not -- eighty stretch final are anywhere close. Well Christian. A guy who's really been involved and Lastings human HUMA roomy guy I don't know we pronouncing that right is a form easily linebacker. And when he said that now is becoming clearer. Are clear that relying on the NCAA policy makers noble work. There are never gonna protect -- to college athletes and you can see that -- their actions over the past decade anyway on to say look at. Their position on concussions. They say they have no legal. Obligation. To protect players. -- I think -- goes hand in hand -- NFL and incidentally are aware. You know they concussions and in and what that means that a future of football that has to be dealt with it now. Now this is in -- and it's all about. Those obligations. With the NCAA has skillfully. I'm -- -- over the years he went on the same. And now that's investigate this but we've -- term the very term student athlete. Was calling as a way to avoid having to pay workers' compensation for injured players. That's beast right right to a you were talking about earlier with the obligation in the fulfillment. And honoring scholarships. -- players that have gotten injured on the athletic field. Yeah and so you say student athlete -- I don't know that that was that was going to get out of the -- -- cop. Scenario situations so it is just started. Tip of the iceberg and then. When you look at. Other -- -- has come about in nine and you play video games Christian -- and colleges. The O'Bannon vs the NCAA. Ed O'Bannon memory you sell Tabasco player. Is about athletes being compensated for their likenesses. That's why E. A. SPORTS yeah in company that that -- this whole. Gaming. Feud -- and is about declaring that college players are employees doing the job and deserve. All the protection this country guarantees its workers so. That that's why did. It's not trickling down. Players' safety and all that not only NFL professional but also NCAA college football. Bobby as a former collegiate football player and of course is a fall or. A former collegiate football player. What was I mean. Did you feel like hey look. My son the a's get educated and I'm in in your case you were getting educated right. But still providing a service to that school did you at any time feel like T Bob or yourself wherever exploited no. No I I really I. I may be treated to about Boston I think LSU when I look. Back now maybe they thought he could play. They'd shut them by the wayside. Came out as like that is there six inch rod in his ankle is that sixer AA broke his ankle in college so bad yes and -- like prior to this spring game to doing goal line. He gets rolled. I mean. Mean just the L certainly yeah CL ankle shoulder surgeries are right and doctor makes -- an outstanding job at L issues but. Let's say if he wasn't as talented or are -- anything he can contribute. You have all these injuries then you know you'd damaged goods you washed up but I was so nobody knows he rehabbing and came back and played and also be. I would say. Now that's why you gotta talk did you -- won only one and see his opinion might be different in my habit. What I believe is that he had a great. Unbelievable experience LSU and how they treated him well you have. And northwestern it. You didn't in all feel like. Hey this universities make a lot of money off -- McNabb that that didn't register that note not a not a -- I mean it. The scholarship and education. See it doesn't matter where you go to school. The meg nieces of the world article states -- -- since. Is now like Kalish and you can say everything's equal but it's not now. There's a name north Alabama has not Alabama Auburn -- No it did there there any exceptions and and I think as is the way it is. And if you had those big time schools. And conferences the big time contract that you see between ESPN and SEC. That there's -- look at. University of Texas the long or harm network. And ethnic. They make it that they have the -- the -- one of the richest athletic programs in the country they might have more money than some NFL frank. That's business and today it the university zoning compared to University of Texas. And the resources that they have so we have few fortunate enough to -- of the play on that team and use his services of their should be. Some main okay well aware that that that your being able to read part of those benefits. Okay so you do you -- you do feel like. Collegiate athletes should be paid yes -- -- I think that the Florida stipends. Now -- I'm not cash money. Him. I would have to say no. In a sense where but I still that's saying a scholarship -- enough. That I think. -- -- -- -- -- That he should have some kind of resources that. If you playing let's -- University of Texas again. You know from. Alabama we are -- you from out of state and you want your parents to -- -- you. Well there should be a way that they should be able to to to see you play you know where every game. Are you wanna take a date. Like I like this girl wanted to get to a -- and they get to don't have any money -- The resources -- to go to a nice -- And today I had a valid and they can I -- I you can have yet to show so I mean that there goes that argument is they hear that all time. Because the regular student who -- can't get a job. I hear the government will tell me go get Giles who here's to you they can't and allowed -- -- they can't maximize your time when with the mechanics of gifts -- what 25 dollars and it is. Well Christian and that's why you bring up bad -- or we looked at the northwest of program. He also described how the line before a ball put our northwest and is far more regimented. In that of a typical student down to requirements about what they can and Cheney. And whether they can live off campus are not our wasn't a good job of purchase a car. Sounds like a bit of a job yet at times you know you look at players you have fifty or 67 hours a week. Into football. I mean and it. NN this practice rule you know he can exceeds that many hours. They exceed that while the money is if he's studying and having to prepare mean I mean well you can't do it as a team and individually that's why I bet that coach -- a lot of college you -- so that's why a lot of college players -- if you can make it in the NFL. You think it's awesome. You know why. That's it this in my John have to go to class and the right. That football is my class yet. The lord you have the Munich classroom learning plays but that's it where you look at full blown out there work canal I mean you talk about -- and it's like you do week -- based in 6 -- a morning. Then they keep you busy it's up to do with school and everything. When you got to learn to tutor. Study hall and all that to you like 6 in the morning to eleven in night as that continues. Process yeah I think you know to. Though for those that maybe haven't seen an up close and personal it whether they played in our. And that's in my close to that played major you know do you want football. Or major. Oftentimes you can fall into the trap of the they just play football needed to -- a practice for a couple hours early in Germany righty maybe gets lost you don't. The year in the film room you got me you got. The weight room you've got a number of things the stuff that. And I think guesses right. But. I think we should -- teacher and fire you know -- are featured -- and more and -- sitting at least that this Amy -- and seemingly top professors. Yeah I mean Nevada professes you know -- Collison making six figures but. What professor gets compensated like the top coaches in the league for now 56 mean now. The sweet sixteen round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament gets under way tomorrow. Paul this year. GM of prediction machine dot com of course they run through -- them predict the later. 50000 times before. The game is even played in if you fill out your -- if you brackets are filled value trying to forecast maybe how. The elite eight are the final formal look for -- well Paul overseers the kind of guy and a the talk to us and paid -- to -- They've done a lot of simulations and Paul look he tells about some of the simulations you guys have done about the sweet sixteen in the team's two minute that make it into the elite eight and I together elite eight and final four. Chair yet and tell you that fortunately we have -- regional while Ortiz is still alive almost like these -- sport outdoors to record their -- teams Florida. Local and state where our most likely champion's support term starter -- looked like chickens are now between those three teams actually -- 80% of -- term are there one. Stabbing that is not now or separate -- in the top two Puerto nineteen at assembly between. And and rule nineteen points for that likely to it. Because because those two teams that does look like we championship game now. Should he repeat it at least about where he's been. I'm I am like that global. Like ally here -- that. About is we're -- from what -- -- future hall or five or. Six. Paper -- to -- at the -- numbers are there like a pretty strong opinion -- You know that that we're anticipating. The rest of the way a couple games to watch or away who would be our -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Michigan haven't seen what. -- -- will be in the Big Ten team looks but he dirtier the. Now -- to be looking at the sweet sixteen and decided to bracket I don't know what the odds were but this is somewhat a surprise. And even though they wire. You considering. And they've they've got hot down the stretch that being Dayton. The flyers when they won their stretch and athletic can play winning ten of twelve. But to me that's where. I'd be surprise who actually you know when you're looking got this right when number eleven Dayton. Vs them -- Stanford. And then you got to say. A look and it also Tennessee. You know considering they were what eleven seed not a bad I'm not too surprised I've done pretty well. As far as the is that we use -- the most surprise. They Stanford and Tennessee. You mean. Technically order actually at the scene playing sweet sixteen more that we work out. We. Can use the fourteenth in the country are practically in the inspector should get good. Caught on the that there are short. The most surprising things creeping in her -- want to -- We -- -- 16% -- the sweet sixteen -- -- -- -- -- -- Like he can be your export it to right here at. Our church. Little. Scored future pros and it seems so it's in what they've been doing what article Cain because our depth because. Where -- the better. And the difference star players start -- -- -- -- still quite like -- scenario. Do you think the original. Here are so our. I. Mercer or do you now. We at Mercer the single digit underdog Mercer we soccer part that surprised individual game -- out there near term. Clayton would in normal like be on or that habit or. Because of what they did back in terms of the final score -- by our guys to work and Q -- is always to Wear out pretty well. -- dug a big buckets there. That now Paul. What is your take on this and you look -- are structured. And I'm talking about Iowa State in Virginia and look Iowa State. You know of drama you took offense vs defense that Virginia but. Looking it -- Iowa State when they were first in conference. In scoring. And then I think six in the nation. In scoring offense but among the worst of scoring defense I thought I was reading where. 200 and then seven in his second and and you look at Virginia in the flip subside led the nation. In scoring defense so well. Yet -- Woody's how does that come in the play. Lowell what is that. We will would you rather be top scoring defense are our top scoring offense. -- -- that why. Staunch supporter no way. You drew your temper your first you've. Got to school there ought to eat at the quarter action in. An English pushing pushing eight yard gain your opponent take. -- of the board at guard. Or layups and threes but India right now. Quarter that comes out that more water yet in that ours went in sport that you -- courier at temple a much greater or down. -- -- actually lower court case are -- It. Now what I thought about. But the match between those -- -- statement to make it right over you card game we do reduced to Corey Perry. But it -- Virginia game between to Byrd the teams submission or more are. Now. They're good in the it's equally that would you be surprised if but mission statement -- -- scored 48 you know -- -- in game. In between a year old and he's scored big tree in the upcoming game. In terms of I -- it would -- certainly compelling match we would either Virginia but it still count. In the case of which. Paul this year GM -- prediction machine dot com fascinating stuff. They run the 50000 simulations knowledge you explain appalled by how the process works. Let me. You view it. Particularly well which should be -- At it as adult beverages. Yet. The media. Itself -- they're like we used it likely to keep our board sport all the players he ordered a court. You. Try to -- hinder that or heard it yet especially. -- -- our. Apologies and other like. We're. Tired. We see each or on the value perspective public gets to put -- usual. Now Paul from a national perspective or when you look at all these national analysts. To me the same song and dance when they alma Michigan State bandwagon. Silly because what -- injury factored and now they're healthy and supposedly peaking at the right time where during the regular season because injuries. You know would then have them full team is that wire bodies on him is to say bandwagon is now everybody's back and healthy. Yeah I think yeah I think so I think that they'll replace to a degree now you know they -- practicality you have seasons that we -- the -- -- through the process that the -- -- -- to succeed and -- team -- fielder and I understand that point that the committee is trying to award is based -- wins and -- and their -- Inherited the strength of schedule in -- -- and so they were able it. It into the calculate the injuries or the Big Ten championship -- never -- finishes after the committee basically dark records scene so annually weekly was really able to take. Into account some of those things like injuries that they -- its effort to almost every single player are that roster of course there's beat him and -- they're in. Or speed and certainly we like our supporters. Like real championship. -- -- bit better and keep our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eagle at the analysts pick we need to -- I assumed they were the last team that -- -- game at one. Under. Yeah it was -- think it -- -- it was a little little bloated -- the -- that real. Team in the country. But as a few other -- out -- restart and made it easy. To get there. Paul was -- GM of prediction machine dot com thanks a bunch -- stuff. Baseball men Watson Bobby gave Hairston a text messages is painful. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That and add them. Up but it I mean Hokies got an iPhone and Els is voting on the he knew he had that he's got aggression out that of grade he's got the push out like it slides out and is that is a ban on. I was so caveman but that. I'll tell you once it's all said and done is going to be hard to get a hold of me. Yeah because you know a social media like gonna have a lunch here and that like who cares. You know so but you know it's all part of the -- got to Cuba with the time you. -- -- -- -- about on mourning chipped it evolves all the top of the -- social -- I I am I love to that are down yeah you know but one hobbies pet peeves and on social media is why do you have to stellar show everybody which you're eating. Right and -- -- -- -- these missiles and you. -- home and they show a stake in. Well well is there might add narcissistic what about all the self -- I don't know some of these are cool they're allowed like the -- you money when -- but I don't. Like itself fees that -- the profile pictures and it doesn't make a lot of sense to me where you can draw oppose the profile. Picture but it's you and you know hole that you can see -- -- -- money and -- -- BC the phone that there actually hold on the phone. Well and I get there right now that -- do an autograph sessions or do that they don't much autograph. They wanna take a picture which is that he put on their face and if that's what I'm doing business the way our Yang are now he has. Well plus you know it's almost like it's its interest in those. As long as it takes you -- -- sent a text message. With all that stuff you -- on ought graphs it's about as long as it. As it takes for product development -- -- naive there who dat nation cajun -- You know yeah so it's -- economic sense you know for. For you I give -- real. Yes you do know that this group was scratches now like conduct missing two now and you know now that goes back to when I was nine and make you. You an apple and had several autograph from athlete but you've sat there. The B no -- I -- like out what is your name where you yet we're going to be in that area either and I that would interact with the public. -- -- I was watching you send text message there mouse like I'm glad demise I hope it's not important because. They'll get that text message about two hours ago edited in about. Know you would be 22 to me about 23 minute. Could yet they keep Baghdad as a means that I so tomorrow but it's a narcissistic. -- -- blows me away. But obviously tomorrow and go around the SEC west idea right now taken in spring practices underway. Around the Southeastern Conference in spring games coming up obviously for LSU and other. Southeastern Conference schools and also NCAA tournament this sweet sixteen round gets back on the way and tomorrow so how the brackets look at and you're looking pretty good out of -- expletive. You're 11 out of 16 am Tennessee's tendencies in a -- and team Bob is garbage he's like five on sixteen he's going to be pickled pigs feet by -- They BDB the -- -- -- it does yes he likes because no I act he's -- -- came out well you know like pickles yet he's gonna came up with. It like with the Paramus and the -- game and -- Obuchi my oh my god you know sale like that offensive -- here but bush really blew shooting -- the and it try just karma got China bush should be absolutely -- bullets through everything every part of the paying -- -- -- than that they tell -- about that I -- and you know -- -- Shelvin thinks of Austria helped show the way he's a master control Steve -- as well -- back within a mall 48 o'clock. Right here on WW on crushing -- in for Deke Bellavia sub par five I'm out Bobby do you think by the way -- Lysol. Goodnight people that.