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Mar 26, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening of welcome to our show it was a chilly and windy afternoon for the Wednesday the square concert series by the courage and leadership council. I was at Lafayette square downtown that is just breaking up right now she might be getting your car. Where you might have been to that -- earlier it's -- it's a great concert series. A lot of fun on on Wednesday afternoon in this in -- this time of year and into the spring time. Of course it doesn't really feel like spring time right now and it was a chilly again last night and chilly again today but I'm looking at the forecast. And we're really close to eighties -- -- suit -- this chance of rain tomorrow you've heard that it our forecast. And -- get out of here and it looks like we're gonna have a very very nice weekend you know I was thinking about all of this this coverage of Malaysian airlines flight 370. And I are -- about the extended coverage any time something like this happens the extended coverage that we see on the cable news networks. And it really teaches us a lot about geography. It teaches us a lot about history teaches us a lot of doubt a lot about the world that we would know. If you just had the the network newscast. You would know nearly as much as you know about all these different parts of the world where things are happening I didn't know that the southern part of the Indian Ocean with such a violent part of this planet with. Waves up 200 needed to -- and I'm very very rough part of the planet. So it again with with the extended coverage. Of any big. The movie no starring Russell Crowe he is already being criticized by some Christians interestingly. Some of the criticisms coming from Christians who haven't even seen the movie. Now also there's some criticism that it makes a statement about global warming which is now refer to as climate change. However talk about that in the top -- date also a pit bull is still the four year old -- girl will be talking about that. And an eight year old girl was told that she is not welcome to come back to her Christian school. Because she is not feminine enough. Short hair and -- too much like a boy. All of that is in our top eight at eight tonight so let's get started with a topic today here at the top eight things -- like you know as we begin our show tonight. On WWL number eight. Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin. And Oscar winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow. And split up after ten years of marriage. You know it's it's it's really sad if we're really not surprised anymore when marriages with high profile celebrities. I really don't last. Marriages in general really have become more of a temporary arrangement that a lasting symbol of love and commitment and I've talked about this quite often when I I I see these. Young brides to be. And their bridal parties in the French Quarter every weekend especially this time here there or there or bachelorette parties every weekend in the French Quarter. And I see also -- -- Holes that are getting married -- there are sometimes so walking down the street as part of a jazz jazz procession leading to the reception. And I see the show and couples that I I I hate to be so jaded astute as to think. They really don't know what they're getting into. And and I guess she can tell to people not to get married -- -- -- hope for the best and hope they're realistic but I you know I can't help but think that today. I even though the divorce rates for skyrocketing for along time and has been part of my generation as well I can't help think that a lot of young people get married today. With the idea in the back of their mind and if it doesn't work out and we'll just get divorced. Much. Coldplay singer Chris Martin Oscar winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow have split up. Pay no attention didn't -- but the. And number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. New poll shows that president Obama's disapproval rating is going up according to the new poll 59%. Say they do not approve of the way Obama is handling the presidency. And that is the highest disapproval rating the president has had yet in this AT IGF -- hole. And the president's handling of the situation in Russia with Russia in Ukrainian -- -- Korea. This is senator causing the president's job approval rating to go down even further also now there's a a new deadline for signing up of Obama care that is Spina apparently extended to some people have more time to sign up. So I mean the president's up for reelection so I guess at the -- he doesn't care I don't know how this. Really compares to other presidents at this point in their their presidency but it's not a usual for a president's approval rating. To go down and their disapproval rating to go up. When they enter the second -- the second term and once they have gotten past the initial part of the second term so it's it's something we'll watch. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- to -- the European Union agreed today to work together. To come up with tougher sanctions against Russia over Russia's annexation. Of Crimea. Now there's a group of young Ukrainian women who have come up with their own way to sanction Russia. They started a campaign it's titled. Don't give it to a Russian. And we're talking about. Sacks. They've got T shirts that support this campaign refusing sex two Russian men we're not exactly sure how much this is gonna catch on. By -- apparently there have been some bloggers even Russian officials -- have been blogging in response to this and they're not real happy about it. Again the campaign to these young women are trying to get this to catch on in the Ukraine is titled don't give it. It to a Russian number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Said that we just reduced that to yet. Don't -- yet. To a rugby game there should be a little more respect for it than to call it it. I don't 500 list of the top rated eight and an eight year old girl was told that she's not welcome to return to her Christian school because she's not feminine enough. Sunny Caylee. Was told that her hair was too short and her behavior does not represent. Her god ordained identity. And the Timberlake Christian school in Virginia sent a letter to her grandparents who apparently or a race -- not exactly sure why -- immigrant -- and not the parents no explanation for that. But it went to the girl's grandparents. And they said that she will be refused enrollment if she does not act and dress more like. A girl. The grandparents are really upset they civil -- -- Childs when she wants to Wear pants a shirt and go outside and play in the mud. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you've got to let your hair grow how do you do that. Well my advice to the grandmother worried that it simply be hey you know. There are certain rules suggest to follow at school now I don't have a problem with this young girl have a short parent acting however she wants to act now. Because of some confidentiality agreements there's no specific information given about the behavior in the classroom. But the school says that she was doing things that disrupted the classroom environment. So again I don't know what that is and nobody issued a support disruption in the classroom I would hope that it just goes beyond her looks but. The and her behavior. Again and -- it's was it something that is it is truly negative and disruptive part. I don't I mean I have known women all my life and I know you have to -- you may be among the women. Everybody has a masculine and feminine side men and women. And I have known women to have a very strong masculine side they are not gay they have a strong masculine side. And I have known men who have a very short feminine side they're not gay at all but they have a strong cabinet site so. But again and since this is not a public schools this as a Christian school. The jubilee Christian school in Virginia and certainly. Has a right. -- Invite her back to be part of the school. But I don't know if that's the right thing and and sometimes. Sometimes schools even though they're based owner of religious faith. They don't always do the right thing in my opinion number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Texas did it and now Idaho and Wyoming are doing it and I believe you told senators well raising the speed limit in some areas to eighty miles per hour. You think the speed limit should be raced eighty miles per hour and open highways. So in in Idaho this is bill is waiting for the governor's signature it expected to get it. No it doesn't automatically. Increased the speed limit to eighty miles per hour but it does give the Idaho Transportation Department the authority to make that decision. After they have looked at the engineering and traffic studies that have been done now in Utah there was a similar law passed a couple of years ago. And study showed that the accident rate. Has not increased in areas where the speed limit has gone up to eighty miles an hour. And the the reason is that according to those who have analyzed this is that motorist. Are really driving any faster. They were always driving about eighty and how you feel about this but this is something that I've always believed. I've always believed that that that people are gonna go a certain speed. And when I think about a stretch of highway. Like the I can save between. Between Kenner and I'm before you get to the populated parts of Baton Rouge there's a lot of open my career. A lot of open I ten between Baton Rouge and Lafayette and Lake Charles a lot of open highways every highway forty odd I 49 a lot of open highways. And I think people are driving 7580. Miles an hour. And that one theory is if you reach the speed limit to eighty Willis they're going fifteen miles an hour over the speed limit the negative -- 95. I don't believe that. Do you. -- -- you raise the speed limit to eighty people are gonna go 1995. What do you think it's just gonna make it legal for those who were driving every 580 miles an hour already. It's something we'll talk about on the -- tonight also can you think of a place here in Louisiana or in your state wherever you are. Where you would like to see the speed limit raised to 75. Eighty miles an hour. What do you think this is gonna cause drivers to go even faster and lead to even more accidents. If you and enjoyed our show with a comic tonight our numbers 26018782038668890. Point 78. At a text member is 877. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- bill in Louisiana would ban smoking within 200 feet of any school. I just really gonna have an effect on smoking in the state. State senator David. -- height buyer of Algiers a Democrat. -- does believe that this is going to a cut down smoking. And here's his goal is to try to reduce or smoking he said that if you reduce smoking 5%. In Louisiana that could save the state one point six billion dollars in health related costs but it but here's the question. If a young person smokes. Are they got to not smoke because they can't smoke within 200 feet of the school. Now what things were different analyses Jefferson -- -- I didn't smoke then that guys were spoken in the bathroom. Mean that was not that. That unusual -- smoker on on school grounds. So it was thought it was it was not that unusual and and again I'm I'm part of this baby boomer generation it seems to be very hypocritical when it comes to. A judging a young generation like oh my god they're smoking around the school. Well you know it happened it happened when we were young and and it happens I'm not condone it it's not a good thing. But do you really think. This legislation. Is it really worth spending time on this legislation. That would ban smoking within 200 feet. Of a school. First of all exactly how much is 200 feet. I mean a football field this 300 feet sluggish -- kind of figured out there every nobody knows exactly what to defeat is I don't think anybody's gonna have. A -- Barry erupt there. But a young person who were smoking. I don't really understand how this legislation would convinced that young person. Not to smoke. Or even to smoke less. I mean if you want a cigarette. And you can't smoke with the 200 feet of the school you're gonna simply go BR 200 feet before you light -- cigarette. Now this of course is for students scored eighteen and older because even if you're under eighteen -- -- -- to be smoking. At all even 200 feet away from the school. But you know to me this is another one of these pieces of feel good legislation. Unless I'm missing something here. And maybe I am I don't think I am but if I'm missing something here I would love for you to -- -- out to -- If you when I say feel good legislation. I I mean that it it it gives the impression. That politicians are doing something about a problem when in reality they're really not doing anything about a problem and we talked about this at the beginning of this legislative session. Every year the legislature goes into session not only here but around the country. -- state legislatures go into session and and politicians. Elected officials. Tried to make a name for themselves. Or maybe they honestly in their hearts and minds believe that there really solving a problem. And -- They proposed legislation that in in in my view doesn't really solve the problem simply gives the impression that somebody has done something. To try to reduce smoking in the state of Louisiana. Now again. If you see something in this that I don't please explain it to me. Would what do law that bans smoking 200 feet. From a school within 200 feet of a school is that gonna cut the rate of smoking in Louisiana. If you would join our shorter nights are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. At a text number is 877. Never to tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A sad story in the news about a pit bull killing a four year old girl in homer this happened yesterday the question issued pit bulls -- band as domestic pets. Should pit bulls be banned in households where children are present. How -- police chief. Is just such a sad story hello police chief -- to play this. Said that they were called to the home highlands apartment complex and this -- had been attacked the mother was trying to pull the dog away from. On the little girl the mother ended up getting away and barricaded herself in a bedroom to stay away from the dog. She screaming for help she hands the five year old daughter through the window to medical personnel to go to the hospital she's taken a terrible in general. A medical center. And achieved died from injuries sustained to the -- hospitalized apparently she's going to be okay. To control the situation police had to kill the dog. Our pit bulls. Pit bulls are -- To fight. And I know I am I really have a conflict with fists at this discussion because I know pit bull owners. I have known people owners and they love their dogs and they swear by their dogs. However I also see a lot of pit bull owners. Who by a pit bull for the wrong reason. I get the impression from body language and attitude when I see some people walking around downtown in the French Quarter with their pit bulls. That they want anything but a loving family pet. May -- pit bull. Almost as a as an intimidation. Symbol. Something that reflects their tough attitude or they want respect they want to they wanna scare people because they have a pit bull. If you own a pit -- if you had if you know somebody who owns a pit bull. Are you comfortable going to their house. Are you always comfortable in your house with pit bulls. There's no question that pit bulls -- dollars a second but pit bulls account for. Just an unbelievable number -- I've got to have the statistics which I'll share with you an unbelievable number. Of fatalities. I -- a number an unbelievable percentage of that they're really not that many dog -- tallies in this country. But the astronomical percentage comes from pit bulls and Ted secondly from from -- dollars should pit bulls beat band. In homes where their children. Again to join our showed -- your comments are numbers 2601872. All free 8668890. It's evident. And it checks a overstate 787. And finally tonight's. Number one on tonight's list. The top eight innings. And a movie Miller starring Russell Crowe was being criticized by some arm for not being religiously accurate enough. In an op Ed article at foxnews.com. Craig gross it was a Christian pastor Wright's quote. It's embarrassing to belong to a faith that attracts a group of people. Who always have to be right. And -- something pushes them just a bit. They wanted to shut it down or keep people away. I haven't seen the movie -- it comes out opens up on Friday. I'm gonna try to see if this weekend and we'll talk about it next week on -- show understood blog tonight is is is about this. Christians being critical of the movie know what need to lighten up. Now share this with your Christian friends of your Christian you might water read this and you might totally disagree with me and he can give -- -- comments on our web -- it's also trending on our FaceBook page is part of that conversation. And we will also reach some of your FaceBook posts and WWL radio so the blog is about Christians are criticizing the movie -- Don't they need to lighten up and I loved the comment from this guy who's a Christian pastor. Who says he's embarrassed to belong to a faith that attracts a group of people that always have to be right. And when something pushes them just a bit. They wanna shut it down or keep people away. Should movies based on Bible stories. Strictly adhere. To the stories in the Bible. Against who blogs at WWL dot com read shared common artist you like and it's also turning on our. FaceBook page at WWL radio and yours are to be WL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight should all movies based on Bible stories adhere strictly to the stories in the Bible. Give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. If you rejoice for your comment tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point sanity. Text and -- 77. This is the -- show live from New Orleans on -- -- -- Wednesday night in the deep south. And we'll be right back and every WL there has as a criticism from some Christians not all Christians by the way but some Christians of there will be no story Russell Crowe and opens up this Friday. And -- haven't seen the movie yet but -- -- they've been criticizing the movie because it's not religiously accurate enough and one of the criticisms focuses on the movie. Making a statement about climate control. Again -- I haven't seen the -- blog tonight is title Christians criticizing -- moving need to lighten up. And here's -- -- -- -- party jaguar opinion poll tonight I should all Christians should all movies be on based on the Bible. Adhere strictly. To the stories in the Bible. 83% say yes and 17%. Say no give us your opinion by going to our web site. Demi W yelled -- -- the technical front our show give you an update coming up here. In just a few minutes you know I I have a similar conversation. When a movie they supposed to be based on history comes out it's criticized for not being historically accurate I think the last time we had a big conversation about this. Was when the movie Lincoln came out of there were some some criticism that. That there will be Lincoln which I believe was a Spielberg movie. The movie Lincoln was not to was -- perfectly historically accurate. And my first thought is it's a move. It doesn't have to be perfectly accurate and if you're going to a movie. Not to learn about the Bible. If you into a movie to learn about history. Then isn't that a mistake. Is it a mistake to think that you -- you going to you gonna have a lesson in history or a -- the Bible when you go to a movie. And what I what I like about movies like -- without having seen it is it starts a conversation. It gets people thinking and it does start a conversation which is more than. Would happen if the movie didn't come out. -- hearsay comments at the end of the the scoop on tonight's on our website Andy Reid says scoot you worship actors of liberal Hollywood. And because you follow their agenda you're very close minded. Here's another comment after the blog to -- a real dot com Christian hypocrites too many styles of Christians. You have to be into the -- Christian click where you were ousted. Like a leopard. And here is another comment really how can you defended if you haven't seen it yet. And it's a response goes on. Screwed OK let's let's go the opposite route. I haven't seen it and I'm not criticizing it but how can you defendant. When you have a -- either sounds to me like you're just. Issue issuable taking up the liberal Hollywood elite that you think. You're part of I hope it's a good movie. And I don't really care what the message years. But I'm not going to -- get a mile high horse. And defend it if I haven't seen it yet that's an agenda. Again you can read the blog and comment -- if you like you agree or disagree it's on our website at WW real dot com it's also part of our FaceBook conversation at WWL radio. I never considered myself to be part of the Hollywood here a liberal and leaked I don't know why anybody would have that impression. I -- defending. Being open minded about the movie I'm defending not criticizing the movie I can't defend the content that the movie and have been very clear about that. But the idea that the movies criticized for not being accurate -- I'm defending the idea that it doesn't have to be accurate. And I don't have to see the movie to defend a movie. Just being a movie it does it have to be biblically accurate. It doesn't have to be historically accurate. It is a movie. So let's be clear about what I'm defending that's what I -- defending. If you and enjoyed -- -- with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seventy. And a text number is 87070. Here's another comment -- to be real dot com to. The blog leave christianity alone. Shouldn't the folks producing these Christian story speak Christian to me. Why would someone not be of a particular faith want to tell the story of another faith maybe to distort or criticize. -- I think this one thing you're missing out here and that is money people produced movies to make money. And Mark Burnett who did the Bible series in the Bible movie. And Mark Burnett -- I'll I'm assuming our producer is there is a good Christian I mean I don't know him by giving every impression that he's a good Christian and one -- his work to be very. Biblically historically accurate. However I don't think the is objecting to the money that he's making. And and I again I I don't know Mark Burnett so I don't know and and maybe he's going to be a different case because his work is so. So biblically. Accurate. From what I've I I've read in the little I've seen. But I think there's something wrong win the moviegoing public thinks that it's important for movie to be -- historically and in biblically accurate. We know the story of of of -- But I I can't help but think about the the criticism that the same Christians who are critical. Of of movies being made it -- art perfectly accurate. Might be the same Christians. Who would be critical of of Christ's parables to it if price was it's the Bible was being written today -- of Christ was here today giving -- parables. There would be people will be critical of those parables. Well it's really not the way it is said and imagine the criticism of using a prostitute. As a subject. Of a parable. To remind us that we're all sinners. There will be no story Russell Crowe party getting some criticism. Because it's not religiously accurate because it might have a statement about. A global warming really honestly so why it is a movie. And if you have found yourself being critical of movies abouts the Bible. And look I -- would you go back it did that and look at the ten commandments you go back and look at a lot of these movies. I'm sure that there was creative license taken with many of those movies and the movies that you me. Worship from the past and in -- from the past the greatest story ever told or whatever you know I don't know that they were completely and totally. Historically in biblically accurate. But think about why you go to a movie. You go to a movie to be entertained. You can read the Bible the Bible right there you can read the Bible but you go to a movie to be entertained. And movies are entertaining even did the the more serious stuff from from Mark Burnett is is entertaining. Wesley entertaining I don't mean you know laughing and joking and and having fun entertaining it it captures your attention it's it's about drama. It's. It's about it's about life and and Russell Crowe said something really in particular about this movie that. Made me really. Really wanna see it if you're gonna join Russia or with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. A text of receipts have VA seventy. I'm scoots more of your calls -- more of your comments are coming up next. Under the WL as we're talking about the movie no which stars Russell Crowe it's a movie that is getting some criticism for some Christians because. Well they don't think it's it's religiously and biblically accurate enough here's an update on -- W a pretty general opinion poll tonight should all movies based on Bible stories. And here strictly to the stories of the Bible. Right now 88% say yes they should and only 13% say no they don't have to. -- your opinion by going to our website WW dot com if you run a full update on everything we're talking about it you can read -- -- over talking about. By going to our website WW real dot com go to the -- page under shows and schedules. And we list our top later date there every night. And give you know baiting comment on any of those things are really anything for that matter but those are the main things we're talking about we start a show every night with a top eight at eight and it's. Always listed at WW real dot com. -- also like talked about a proposed deal in Louisiana that would ban smoking within 200 feet of any school. -- a second really have any effect on smoking in the state is that gonna discourage smoking. Or is this another example of waste of time feel good legislation it's gonna make people think oh nice job we're doing something about cutting down smoking by. By banning smoking within 200 feet of the school. But is it really -- manifest any change whatsoever. And also we're talking about another -- attack four year old girl at home was killed yesterday. If you and join Russia with a comment about any of the -- for talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. A taxable receipts every senator to us a review text here in just a moment from Shreveport RD year on the -- show on -- WL. It's. That are not sure who want to point out is though this is not christianity. Because no is in the old testament to this is quite good point. Yeah and -- I think the you know book or what time -- good lord protect me from some follow. Thank you delete and that this does couldn't play well people want. Him or anybody that tried to do -- thing. He could bring up a dialogue about talking my god there's going to be people that -- that and their opinions and and voted to. You know I'm a Christian about it a lot of issues with a lot of my Christian. As to hire Marty woods drove showed a faceless and united report -- and join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text numbers 87870. Here's a text about the pit bull attack there was a huge pit bull fights on my street eleven years ago when it will be eleven years. Good Friday the attacked our neighbor walking her Shalala. And the cops in the animal control officers were there. Here's text about Noah -- thank you -- it's not a documentary. You know but it's funny you think all these -- critics would pay more attention to the some of the -- they see represented owning news program. Here's another Texan -- who what is the definition of thought of a movie. Well that's brother broad I would like to define movies is something that we go to to be entertained. And yet there are some people who take offense with movies that are not perfectly historically accurate. Or biblically accurate if there -- about history or if there about the Bible. Here is a text that read Sara -- say the story. Why say the story of Noah if it's not well it is the story of known but inevitably there are some people who are. Who are so. Strict. Ends in in my opinion overly protective. Of their Christian faith. The -- go out of their way to find things wrong with with something here's attacks with the -- comment. My wife read that pastors were invited to preview this movie because the producers wanted it to be as accurate as possible. And at the overwhelming opinion of the pastors was that he was very accurate. Again I haven't seen it I'm simply responding to. Some comments that I've I've read about in this was addressed by. A contributor to foxnews.com the op -- to pace the opinion section -- Craig gross who is a Christian pastor. Who says that he is embarrassed by some of the criticism. Of the movie no. Any -- says he's embarrassed. To belong to a faith that attracts a group of people who feel like they always have to be right now again. That's not. All of us if my dad BUN my dad beat me but he is an awful lot of people if you would join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. In a text number seats 7870. Also within the astute blog on our website WW real dot com or on our FaceBook page we have a trailer. Of Russell Crowe in the movie -- if you haven't seen any clips from a you can go there to BWL dot com more FaceBook page to BW -- radio. And with the blog there is. Con trailer from the movie. More of your comments coming up next it's the -- show it's a chilly breezy Wednesday night and -- little rain but that it's gonna warm up and it looks like we're headed for really nice weekend and we'll be right back into the W well I saw this movie -- it's about Noah's Ark. -- -- previous Ford looks rather amazing and we have a one and one of the previews Saturday in did discuss blog on our -- -- -- -- you don't come ashore. FaceBook page to be WL radio there is a link there and you can also join in that conversation. Other -- going to be opened up its -- it's I guess has been released to a to critics but it opens up on Friday. And I'm gonna do all I can do to make your plans to see this weekend will be talking about it next week. But even before the movie comes out some not all that some Christians are criticizing -- And person I think they need to to lighten up and and and some of the criticism comes from. Movies. Movie people people who -- criticized the movie haven't even seen yet. Russell Crowe says that this borders on absolute stupidity. Criticizing the movie before you see it Russell Crowe says. Is bordering on absolute stupidity -- to argue with that. We'll talk more about this a coming up after the news at 9 o'clock also after -- -- -- o'clock news that are coming out of the the open the show but he -- a sample of the new -- and as for song called crazy lucky. And that ministry has a new album coming out new CD coming out to buy this summer and the new one of the new song released crazy lucky is is is good it it's. The kind of reminds me of that eighty genre sound that is is really popular right now with so many new groups that would give you. Give you won't taste of that coming up here's an update on our -- W a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight should all movies based on Bible stories adhere strictly to the stories in the Bible. A big shift in our poll. 67%. Say yes before was 88% now 67% say yes if it's based on a Bible story it should be accurate. 33% say no it doesn't have to be -- give -- opinion migratory website WW dot com and we'll give you an update on the poll coming up. In just a few minutes as we tracked it through on our show -- tomorrow morning on WL first news with Tommy Tucker which came first. The spared broad -- the spoiled child to spanking makes children more aggressive. Or do aggressive children. Expect more. When here with the experts have to say. Well you're an expert so I -- to tell -- about that -- also as the NFL owner meetings wrap up. Are you happy with what they've done so far no Grand Slam. No longer up rights trying to clean up the game. With no more in your face kinda stuff for a does this kind of make the game too much of a gentleman's game wake up and feel good with Tommy Tucker. Tomorrow weekday mornings from six to ten here and to be WL also the schedule for Jazz Fest who's playing on what stage of what time. All of that is out it's on our website right now and you can print -- out and make all the notes you need to start planning year. Nine year adventure through Jazz Fest 2014 that's on our website at every WL dot com. And I here's attacks that asked the question I wonder. I wonder if -- had two pit bulls. On his boat. Yeah you'd like I think we get all think about animals that we wish we're not going. The boat that didn't totally survive however I know people who actually love pit bulls and swear by and that's something else we're talking about on this -- show.