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Scoot Show 3-26 9pm, Noah the Movie

Mar 26, 2014|

The new movie, “Noah,” starring Russell Crowe is being criticized by some for not being religiously accurate. In an op-ed article at FOXNews.com, Craig Gross, a Christian pastor, writes, “It’s embarrassing to belong to a faith that attracts a group of people who always have to be right, and when something pushes them just a bit, they want to shut it down or keep people away.” Should movies based on stories from the Bible strictly adhere to the stories in the Bible

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I here's a sample of the do Better Than -- singles -- Krejci -- -- I like the song it's. Very. Typical abetted in his room which is good thing. And it's also part of this new genre of music. Kind of sounds like that path and it's their release making music today this could be a very big hit for president. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And don't know. And that's -- He's gonna have a -- CD -- Sometime in early summer. Texas has done it you talk is done it got Montana did. A long time ago effect Montana just totally open up the speed limit in general but now they have an elevator speed limit. Now Idaho and Wyoming are doing it raising the speed limit in some areas to eighty miles an hour. Do you think the speed limit should be raised on open highways to eighty we're in Louisiana or in your state should the speed limit be raced. Or do you think that's gonna simply lead to drivers going even faster. If drivers here are going eighty units say it's a seven mile an hour speed so. They gonna go and mighty if the street that has raised eighty panel thinks. I think eighty is it for for a lot of cars today Chevy five days of very comfortable speed for a lot of people their their driving that anyway I don't really see. That drivers are -- to go to ninety or 95 miles per hour if you would give us your thoughts on this on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. At a -- receipts -- an eight Stephanie. Are also talking about the pit bull that killed a four year old girl in home yesterday police to shut the tip ball apparently -- -- just very aggressive in house. Of the mother had to take her. -- injured daughter to a bedroom barricade yourself they're handing her five year old daughter. -- two medical personnel through the window in the bedroom she later died at the hospital. Should pit bulls -- -- households with children. They are definitely. A responsible for the overwhelming majority. Of deaths that result from a dog attacks. Do you know somebody as a -- do you have a pit bull is this a loving family -- or are pit bulls instinctively dangerous. And should they be damn it and I really torn on this subject because I have known people owners. Who just love their. They're pit bulls and they think they're wonderful pets but I also see people walking around with pit bulls downtown in the French Quarter. It seemed to and I'm I'm basing this on my perception of the body language. Seem to be using the pit bull as as some kind of been intimidation factor. It totals is that they want you to be more afraid of them because this pit -- is a potential weapons. And if that's the mentality of somebody who buys a pit bull. Then they're gonna conveyed that to the pit bull. And not make that the loving animal that it might be. -- to join our show with your thoughts tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text -- 877 -- talking about proposed legislation before the Louisiana legislature that would ban smoking within 200 feet of any school. It's just gonna have any impact on smoking in the state orders is another classic example. Of meaningless feel good legislation that really doesn't do anything about a problem. Here's a -- reads a -- I'm a social psychologist. And I believe the no smoking near schools law. Is being established probably to change the behavior of the parents waiting to pick waiting in the pick up lines smoking. One more before they pick up their children. By the way I am a smoker and I study social behavior of smokers I appreciate that that insight. I'm that would certainly be one of the added benefits that might mean more then. Thinking that your actually -- Stop young people from smoking if if young people wanna smoke I don't think it. A zone 200 feet around a school is gonna stop them from smoking and as I mentioned earlier I've talked about this on the here before. Again I would issue and issue he shivers -- high school I didn't smoke I was too much of a -- to do anything that adult because at the time that was a very adult thing to do. Actually in the bathroom. Smoking a school campus does make it right it's just something that that that did happen. I just. I just oppose legislation. That gives the impression. That politicians are doing something to solve a problem when really it's it's nothing more than window treatment. And at any cost money and it's time and effort spent on things when time and effort should be spent -- only those things. Then there are are meaningful. Again to join Russia with your comic tonight our numbers 26018782038668890. -- seventy. And a -- ember. Is it 77 we've also been talking about the new movie no which opens up on Friday starring Russell Crowe. It's being criticized by Saddam. Because it's not -- religiously accurate enough. And -- an op Ed article at foxnews.com. Via a Christian pastor named by Craig gross. And he says it's embarrassing belonged to belong to a faith that attracts a group of people who were who always have to be right. And -- something pushes them just a bit they wanna shut it down or keep people away. Should movies based on stories from the Bible strictly adhere. To stories. In the Bible that's a WB -- party general people give -- your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com we're tracking that polls about our show. If you update coming appeared in just a few minutes also the -- -- blog tonight is titled Christians criticizing no one. I need to lighten up and that's it every WL dot com -- to -- more for your comments and then some people disagree with me. And that's it's perfectly it's perfectly all right you can give us your comments at the end of the blog also it's part of our conversation on our FaceBook page which is WWL radio. Here is a comment from -- on FaceBook its history. Why distort the truth. And I guess -- answer that by saying it's a movie. And I I I think we as. As a as a as a society. Make a mistake when we think that it's anything but a movie. We shouldn't go to a movie to learn about history. It does -- mean that we don't learn some things about history but we shouldn't expect to learn specific history from a movie. We should learn to. To learn about the Bible from a movie. And I think the benefits of this moving yard that it starts conversations it gets people thinking about the Bible when may be they would've thought about the Bible is the movie hadn't come out. And it is the responsibility of a movie producer. To make a movie it's entertaining. Not make a movie that is historically accurate unless it is a documentary. And it elicits a documentary than it should just be a movie. And I think you should be free to go to a movie not expecting anything other than a movie this entertaining. And I would hope it. You're Smart enough to figure out for yourself well okay it's a movie and you know that this went a little far here it'd probably didn't exactly happen this way. And I I've had this conversation several times on the air when a movie has come out like Lincoln for example. Which is based on a real history. But creative license is taken with a movie so it's not perfectly accurate and is that okay. There are people who think it's not okay they're people who believe that if the movie is based on history it should absolutely. Beat. Historically accurate. And I think there's there's something wrong with going to a movie with the intent that it needs to be. Always historically accurate I mean let's again remember why we go to movies and that is to be entertained. Here is a Texan -- saw the preview of -- Now looks like a blockbuster explained to me how anyone can judge the accuracy of this film. It's amazing how many experts there are among us and expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less. And here is another text about the movie they have people called the rock people. In the movie. The -- people a show where that's located in the Bible LO well. Well as far as I know it's doesn't it's not in the I've been reading any but the rock people. Mean I've not read the Bible. From cover to cover. Over the years I've read a lot of the familiar with the a lot of it but -- somebody could have snuck something in the air about the rock people. And it's conceivable that I missed it. So maybe that's not in the Bible with you and currently on the issue and certainly caller show. I hear is a Texas is about the pit bull I'm afraid of the pit -- parents. I'm afraid like I'm afraid of pit bulls the parents should face charges. And that is another interesting topic that comes up and a dog and attacks are the parents responsible. Mean it did did they did they. Jeopardize. The safety of their child by having appeared -- in the house are pit bulls. Innately dangerous. Or do they really make good pets. I've never had a pit bull it's not a breed that I would choose to own but I have known. People who have had pit bulls and absolutely love their dogs they say they coddled with them and and they are very lovable but if appeared bullies bread. Two. To be vicious. Is bred to be -- was which was bred to be a killer. Then isn't that still somewhere deep down inside of them. You know the tiger dipped that injured -- -- Siegfried Roy. The tiger died this happened even he was seventeen years old and I think it happened yesterday or or today that did the dog died I mean in the the tiger done. And I you know I I couldn't help but think that this is as domesticated as those animals are because they've they've bred them and they've they raised them from -- It's still a hiker. And I think to some degree you can only domesticated animals so much if it has in spite of it. The book reading to do. Something else. If you wanna join our show a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And our text number is 87870. -- -- he is an iconic rock singer. He turned 66 years old today. Who is that well we'll play one that is classic here it's out of this break. And said the rock generation continues to shall we say mature. I'm scoots and we'll be right back on VW elves. Happy birthday hey Steven Tyler Aerosmith. -- 66 years old. So I guess I'm still younger and Steven Tyler and many in the many of the iconic -- stars that are still performing today. You know I I still go back to. What might my parents on my -- in particular thought that it rock music was just a passing fan it was a little lasting. You know here we guard is still watching many performers preformed like Steven Tyler and one of the things that it has bothered me most about. The suicide of Kurt Cobain. Is. That Kurt Cobain robbed a young generation. Of watching him mature. And and I think we all feel as part of the baby boomer generation. -- -- -- security. In effect it's Steven Tyler The Rolling Stones. Paul McCartney. Brought Stewart giving -- the list goes on Eric -- going to be Jazz Fest issued a list goes on and on of these iconic rock stars still performing. Still entertaining us many of you still doing. Fresh stuff. Soul rock music was not just a passing -- it's comforting to know that these people -- still performing and Steven Tyler 66 years old today makes me just think now Saturday is that. Summary electric co -- as talented as he was. Who would never be 66 it would never give that generation the opportunity. To to watch him mature and I would love to know what Kurt Cobain would be doing today. Here's an update on -- W a pretty general opinion poll tonight I should all movies based on Bible stories adhere strictly to the stories in the Bible. 66%. Say yes and 34%. Saying you know. -- issue opinion by going to our website WWL dot com we're tracking poll through on our show tonight. Also -- pelicans are close to beating the clippers games in this movie king senator right now and I think this would be for a -- -- Four in a row for. The for the pelicans and it went all right -- I'm just getting word from John -- studio producer the pelicans just beat the clippers. So I don't wanna say that there's really any direct relation. But when I went right I talked about how the pelicans and the other pelicans needed to just change their attitude. I thought they needed new coach. You know ever since we had that discussion on the air that that the pelicans have been playing better ball. I'm not exactly sure why but I don't know if there's a connection maybe it's just a coincidence. But that the team. It would always bothered me Hampshire Bob -- you as well. That if the team had the talent to get ahead in the game. They didn't have the talent to finish it. If you got the talent to get ahead in the game you really do have the talent to win the game. As so their -- winning streak right now and it is rates for the pelicans and great for money what into me -- that I think is a good guy I'd I'd I'd love to see him stay. But he's got to put teams on the court they can finish games. So many people have been listening to the pelicans game -- -- 53 to VW militant. And as soon as that game is over will our show will join WL FM if you wanna join us with a comment tonight about any of the step we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- -- seventy. And a text number is 877. Here's attacks that reads it may shock the audience but the Bible is not history. It was written generations later at a time these stories were written off and on rocks. Not exactly the information age. That's true or not I I know that there is some disagreement about exactly when the Bible was written but I I read once that the most. The most recent the Bible was written. After Christ died. -- 75 years after his death. Possibly five uses a long time today. I think about how long it was. Van. And they didn't have. The methods of keeping records like we do today. So if the Bible -- 75 years after. After Christ died I'm not discrediting the Bible but that is something that definitely needs to be taken into consideration. So that there will be no. Based on the story of -- and it's arc in the Bible opens nationwide this coming Friday and there's criticism of the movie and the criticism of the movie. Is -- drawing some criticism. Appearing on ABC's Good Morning America Russell Crowe who stars in the movie said. That just the assumption. Of what it could be or how bad it could be or how wrong it could be in their eyes. Which I think quite frankly is bordering on absolute stupidity. Why are some Christians. So quick to condemn something. Based on assumptions. The Tennessee to criticize any movie based on history seems to be gaining popularity. And when a movie is based on biblical theory. And criticism includes charges of blasphemy. And feeds into this general belief that Hollywood is too secular and Hollywood is on a crusade to destroy christianity. And that's all part of the liberal media in general. Although I really don't see that happening. But the criticism. Should lose all credibility when it's inspired by. Assumption rather than actually viewing the movie and I think Russell Crowe was right criticism based on assumption is absolute stupidity. As somebody sent a text earlier wanted a war how can I possibly. How can -- possibly defend the movie if I haven't seen it. I'm defending. The idea that you shouldn't be critical that movie if you haven't seen it I'm not defending the content of the movie. But why be critical of if you haven't even seen it yet. I'm getting some techs that are coming in right now pelicans so win agreed game 98 and 96 over Chris Paul and the clippers right here in New Orleans a few blocks from where we are right now. In the US could be -- center says some great news for the -- -- one. I again. If you're just getting in your car after the after the game to a community discussion here. On WW well so we're talking about the movie -- based on the story of Nolan and his -- I think regardless of of any legitimate reasons for Christians to be sensitive about attacks on their faith. The sensitivity to christianity. Being used in entertainment. Efficacy is being overly protective of of the faith. And I think this leads to a our reluctance. To ever wanna -- faith and and we shouldn't be reluctant to -- we should be reluctant to mention faith at all. In an op Ed piece -- foxnews.com. -- the website. Christian pastor Craig gross writes and I mentioned this earlier it's embarrassing to belong to a faith. It attracts a group of people who always have to be right. And when something pushes them just a debt. They wanna shut it down and keep it away from people. And of those Christians who -- overly sensitive to criticism of Christians I am not referring to all Christians. There are some Christians who possessing very myopic view of their faith. And the Bible were Britain today. Those same overly sensitive Christians I think we'll probably be critical of many of the parables and stories. The Jesus told in order to convey his message to the people and I'm certain that they would be much criticism of using the example of a prostitute to make the point. That we are all sinners oh my god how could use a prostitute. And yet according to the Bible he'd do it. Through social media critical assumptions quickly turn into hysteria. Over attacks of the Christian faith and know which over safari on a plane to see it we'll talk about it on the Scotia next week Euro on WWL. And if you have a chance to see what should call in and and give your opinion of it. I like to talk about these movies that. Did our based on history of based on a biblical stories and and I think the best thing about it is it starts a conversation. You know it was criticism of using Jesus as a character. In a skit on Saturday Night Live about and an NFL player Tim Tebow who's known for his. -- Christian gestures. His christianity you know I sarcastically started to campaign on the air keep Christ in comedy. -- wrote a blog about it we talked about it and I actually was criticized. By some people -- cry should not be part of comedy. Mean obviously there are limits but if Christ. Or if the Christian faith. Are injected into various aspects of pop culture entertainment. How could that be perceived as a bad thing. Getting people to think. Getting people to talk is. Is always a good thing. And Craig gross the Christian pastors who writes the op Ed piece it to foxnews.com. Says I recently saw the book of Mormon. The Broadway musical. He said he was outrageous. Irreverent and flat out hysterical. There's a reason it's getting it's setting records all over the country. I did know that much about the Mormon faith but I'll tell you this I have a better understanding and more interest in and after watching the play. And he goes on to say imagine what would happen if instead of heated debate about -- You just had people from all walks of the Christian faith get behind Hollywood for telling these great stories of faith. What a great point. When Jesus issues his character in -- Saturday Night Live skit. Some people are going to be so sensitive that it's inappropriate. But he gets people talk and according to what we read in the Bible Jesus used contemporary. Ways of conveying his message. And who's to say that if if Christ were here today. Spreading the word who's to say that he wouldn't use humor. And and comedy and -- sarcasm. It's spreading the word Russell Crowe also set of knowing I thought this was really -- this is what really makes you wanna see the movie he said you come out of this movie. And you wanna talk. About our stewardship of the earth. Our relationship to animals. What is spirituality. Who MI in this world all of these fantastic subjects for conversation. Art they can do that for people it's a wonderful thing. And I agree now there are people who can read total. Liberalism into this stewardship of the year. Okay why should we try to security here. I only wish you go overboard. And and and follow ridiculous plans to take care of the planet when there are some things that we don't control. But you know I'm part of a generation that spent a lot of time talking about the ecology. Now it's the environment used to be the -- we need to take care of the ecology and remember the reprimanded the the commercials the public service announcements with the Indian who was crying. He saw later saw a family driving across the country in just a litter out of their car. In areas that were occupied once by native Americans. -- he sheds a tear. Because we are littering. So we should take care of the planet I don't see how that's a liberal thing and -- some people will perceive it as such. On our relationship with animals. I don't think that suggests Peta mentality. I'm an animal lover. I eat meat but I don't hunt soul that's not liberal. On being spiritual that's not liberal asking the question who you are you -- this world that's not liberal. All of these are really important things and yet there are people who will just. They have a preconceived idea about Hollywood about the media and about everything. And everything is filtered through this preconceived idea. And they're not open to anything else. And it's really truly sad to think about how close minded so many people -- I think it's about time the Christians unite. And denounced those among us. Who had become insecure and overly protective of the faith. To the point of trying to stop the use of christianity in entertainment. Which inspires meaningful conversations. Among all of us. So do you think movies about biblical story should strictly adhere to the actual stories in the Bible. And are Christians wrong to condemn references to christianity. In entertainment. If you wanna join -- show with a comment tonight our numbers 260. 187 -- toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number is 87870. Script but tonight is on our website at WW real dot com you can read -- give us your comments if you -- -- this year with -- a Christian friends. It's a titled their Christian -- criticizing no movie. Need to lighten up it's also part of the conversation on our FaceBook page and will be come back we'll -- some -- -- a FaceBook posted to WWL radio. I hear is attacks says that Reid says scoot the fact. Did biblical persons are falsely depicted as co location is one of the most damaging fallacies. To both whites and non whites. The world over. And I totally understand. That criticism we should be more open minded to accepting much more diversity. In the Bible. Here is. Another -- re your dialogue on scriptures in the Bible tonight is quite interesting. The Bible which written. Over a thousand years. I guess -- over a thousand years all over a thousand years a some of it was written. Before Christ as some of it was written during Christ some of it was written after Christ the Bible assembly is a bunch of books. 64 to be precise. To put it in two. To put it into put one so someone needs to know. Now what they're talking about. And gosh if you guys call yourselves a Christian. Then you don't know what scripture. Really. Well I'm a Christian. And it doesn't mean in the perfect Christian but I'm I'm a Christian I may not be Christian just like you but there are a lot of Christians. Just like me. If you and enjoy an issue with your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. -- -- -- -- This is the -- show. Live from New Orleans on a chilly Wednesday -- -- the deep south there will be right back on WW well we're talking about the new will be no way it's a big blockbuster. I've seen previous -- there's -- there's a clip of the movie imbedded with this group blog tonight which is on our website at WW dot com also on our FaceBook page at W if you radio. And we're talking about some of the criticism and some of the criticism that. Has has gotten criticism of the Curtis of the criticism is strong criticism of the Curtis I -- gets very confusing this criticism of the criticism because. That's of people are criticizing the movie haven't even seen it. And I think it it speaks to this overly sensitive group of of Christians in this country that -- don't want anything. Involving christianity touched. Or if it's touch it has to be absolutely perfect. Is it wrong to take a story from the Bible and make it an entertaining movie. If you wanna join -- show the comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. In a text embers 877. Congratulations to the pelicans they beat the clippers tonight in the -- -- -- you might be getting in your car heading home tonight after the game. I'm sure you enjoyed that game and there was a better crowd there tonight from what I saw. And -- agree to the pelicans are winning time the other night please I thought I was really. Very honest account. Money Williams not doing a good job coaching this team team that it was heading and so many games and blew leads it. You know. Since that conversation I'm sure are not the only one that had that that thought. Because since that conversation on the -- the the pelicans have now won four in a row so again we welcome news to schoolchildren -- if you're just getting your car. And leaving the smoothie king center. Tonight we've also been talking about this a pit -- it. Killed a four year old a five year old girl in -- Actually four year old girl in a moment. And 45 -- picture. This this this this pit bull -- so vicious. That. The mother ended up grabbing the child did during the attack and barricading herself in a room. And in order to control the situation. Police. Had to shoot the dog will which is always sad but you know it it brings up this bigger discussion about tibbles. I've known people who love their pit bulls. But pit bulls were bred to kill so should pit bulls be banned in households. With children. And you know pit bull owners who say that their dogs or or loving family dogs and even the people that I've known -- had pit bulls. Quite cautiously approached a pit bull -- I've go to pet their dog and I. As a -- go out of my -- to to -- had a -- and it might be irrational -- on my part just being honest with you. But I'm very cautious about how I had to pit bull more cautious -- how I've had other dogs now it is true that other dogs will bite you. But you -- likely to be killed or seriously injured in the pit -- bite you again to join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And a text number is 87870. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The need is. They need to have to be right to know. Isn't it true we don't know we seek. I think that's a good way to put it. Here is comments on our text page might baptists are preacher told a story once. About a member of the congregation. They jumped down his throat. For working on the Sabbath. -- Come I -- -- -- just a moment ago. They scoop what do you mean the pelicans win against the clippers again LO well the pelicans are warning three against the clippers I wish they were for no don't -- what I actually said was. The pelicans once again. I didn't mean that they won again against the clippers the pelicans one again making it four in a row. Here is another text -- how can you say or believe that the Bible was written 75 years after Jesus. When Jesus himself. Read from the old testament -- from Lawrence uptown. Well all I know is what's written in the Bible. Is. According to many many biblical scholars. Was written 75 years after. -- -- -- Now I know that they're still conversation about that. My dad cannot be ruled out again to join our show tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy or -- amber is 87870. A Delores you're on this crucial good evening. And so -- it to be able to Mexico and I dot com and now a Christian. And and know that a lot of people called -- and out Kristi and think you know. They are -- will -- -- spread them out. Well we're. And that will. Go and help people -- And keep it. But what what what -- here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I love -- that the world. Delores do you do you have a problem with the movies that might not be perfectly biblically accurate to telling the story from the Bible telling a story for now. No I'm it would pop on the data I feel that it it's not. Types. And make them realize. How real cheap that really is. MLB. I'm not in any problem. And to wasn't Politico has shown no thanks listing if you wanna join us with your comment tonight about and they were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's -- And a text numbers 878 -- and by the way I want to be very clear about this I've they're not implying that Russell Crowe. Is actually no it's it's just a movie and when did we lose. The perspective that we go to movies. To be entertained. This idea that a movie has to be historically are biblically accurate. In in a very strict way. I think defies the whole reason we go to a movie I mean let's admit we go to movies. To be entertained. Here's a -- -- Euro project -- opinion poll tonight should all movies based on the Bible stories adhere strictly to the stories of the Bible earlier 88% said yes. Our polish change right now 61%. Say yes and it's up to 39% who say now the Bible. Movies don't have to be strictly about the Bible. Mean they're based on. A true story of their based on a story in the Bible but they don't have to be perfectly accurate give us your opinion by going to our web site to be to be mailed a comment will be right back. Birthday today through Steven Tyler and we've got that posted on our FaceBook page at WWL radio. And here's one of the comments from guy named chase. -- sister. Not wanna set the record straight. Steven -- them my sister. Steven Tyler's got to -- here's our WW pretty. I think you both tonight I should all movies based on Bible's stories adhere strictly to the viable give us your opinion by going to WWL. It's not come here is -- taxed. That reads I like the biblical movie and and I'm not. That have a lead. Collins. That I mean no earthly good I'm not exactly sure what that means here is a text about pit bulls. Pit bulls were bred to be nanny dogs before they -- ever exploited for their fighting abilities. The use of the breed for fighting purposes is a modern development. As in the last twenty years it takes much longer for human selected trait to be bred into a species. All right so we'll talk more about that a four year old girl was killed by -- Oklahoma should people speed and their homes where their kids. Will be right back right after the news it's the -- show on WWL.