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Mar 26, 2014|

A pit bull killed a 4-year-old girl in Houma, yesterday. Should pit bulls be banned as domestic pets? Should pit bulls be banned in households with children? Do you know of pit bulls that are loving family dogs? Or do you think pit bulls are instinctively dangerous and should be banned?

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-- -- amazing advance the Malaysian airlines flight 370 continues to to dominate much of the cable network news says still questions about whether or not this. This new field of over a hundred pieces of debris found in the south area of the Indian Ocean. Might be from that plane and I mention this is we opened the show tonight. Which really beneficial about the the cable news channels. And the in depth -- -- -- copper so many stories is you and I end up learning a lot about the world that we didn't know. Signaled the southern part of the Indian Ocean was such a violent part of this planet. Waves up to law hundred feet high and -- just treacherous treacherous areas and you've got. You've got to Australian in this south Indian Ocean and and I guess she get close to weigh in larnaca and it's a very violent part of the world and whenever there is something that happens in it a different part of the world we end up learning a lot about that part of the world that we would not have ordinarily don't. Let me bring up to -- -- what we're talking about for those of you who have been listening to. The pelicans beat the clippers tonight tall and heavy WL 1053 FM we welcome you to the school showed tonight. A new poll shows -- president Obama's disapproval rating is going up. According to the new poll 59%. Say they do not approve of the way Obama is handling the presidency. And that's the highest disapproval rating yet in this particular poll for President Obama. And the way Obama has been handling the Russian situation in. -- Crimea has not helped his approval rating at all and now we're learning that the deadline for signing up for obamacare is being extended. Now the United States in the European Union agree to date worked together on tougher sanctions against Russia. Over the annexation -- Well now there's a group of young Ukrainian women. Who have come up with their -- sanctions. Their campaign is titled don't give it to a Russian. They're talking about it don't give it to a Russian there there -- T shirts that. Are part of this campaign of refusing to give sex. To Russian meant. Now he's yet to catch on in the Ukraine but it is something that is sexually attracted the attention of some Russian officials like don't have their comments but apparently they have commented. Some Russian officials anyway -- commented. On the other FaceBook page don't give it to a Russian. And how disrespectful is that if it comes down to referring to it is as as it don't give it to a Russian. Idaho and Wyoming are now raising the speed limits in some areas to eighty miles an hour do you think it's good to raise the speed limit on open -- at least eighty is here. Part of the highways in Louisiana or in the state -- and where the legal speed limit should be raised to eighty and do you think drivers it if if it if the speed limit seventy and we all know that in zones where it's seventy. People are going 8085. Do you think it's raised eighty people are gonna go to ninety and. 85 do you think people more content with just driving eighty and it which is protect them to do it legally on -- give us your opinion by -- Calling a short 260187. Toll free 8668890878. And our text numbers 877. Here's attacks that Reid says he scoop what's happening I live an old Jefferson and it's raining although it wasn't supposed to. Yes you know it's that kind of breezy and cloudy and in Chile for this time of year old day. And into the night -- -- didn't no we were gonna get rain I know there's rain coming. Tomorrow and Friday morning but it looks like whatever we have between now and the weekend and it appears as if we're gonna have a very very nice weekend. We're also talking about the pit -- that killed a four year old girl in home on it's happened yesterday. Issued pit bulls beat band as domestic pets I mention a few moments ago of the pit bulls were were bred to -- to kill. And it had a couple of Dexter corrected me on this that may not be totally accurate they are bred to be very vicious. And they have the the physiological. Equipment. To bite and just latch on to a victim. The a word. They may not have originally been -- for the despite more recently in recent years they've been bred for fighting. And there's no question that pit bulls can. Be very vicious but you know I've opened up this conversation to anybody who wants to support -- as loving family dogs. However pit bulls do have a instinct in them I mean there's -- there's there's got to be recent white pit bulls. Account for so many deaths. So much of a percentage of all the -- when it comes to. -- dog bites and and and dog attacks. 32. Attacks in the US. 32 fatalities occurred in 2013. So that's not that many. It's it's it's too many obviously because we're talking about dogs were talking about situations in many cases where it's a family dog. But pit bulls. Accounted for 78%. Of the 32 US stolen by relate to the -- last year 2013. Coming in sick it was the Rottweiler. Which accounted for. Just one out of the 32. And that between the two of them between the two dogs but they need to be 81%. Of the recorded dance. -- last year. So. There there is a tendency in obviously in some people's more than another -- to meet other dogs to bite but not everybody. -- dies from from those place. Pit bulls -- and the very vicious vicious. So if you have experience with pit bulls and you wanna set the record straight on people as you can certainly call our show and give us your observations -- vehicles also. If if if you're like me and you're kind of reluctant to go too far to. Had a pit bulls mean I'm very very cautious side not gonna suddenly go open had a pit bull. And I I've known people who have had temples peoples and I've I've I've met them. But. Again I'd that would not be the breed that I would I would select. And if you. If you have kids. You know kids can be very abrupt. May be pit bulls aren't good dogs around kids. Maybe you have a better story than some of the stories didn't make it onto the news. If you and enjoyed our -- -- our numbers 2601872. All free 86688. Nines here which seventy. At a text numbers 877. Here's a text. Pebble attacked a four year old child in Nashville. Ban them why do people think it's cool with demonic chain and walk -- I mentioned this earlier I see downtown all the time there are people who now want people's. But it's the attitude with which they walked the pit bulls that convinces me that the pit bull is actually -- to intimidate people. It's kind of like. A wave of gaining respect. They want respect I'm -- pit bull you better not mess with me. Again I'm I'm basing this on my perception of the year did their body language and the gratitude I know that's not always fair. -- if people are. Are. Deciding to owned pit bulls. Because they want that intimidation factor. Then that mentality that attitude is gonna transfer. Into the dog. And that could make the dog not necessarily a good family -- Also tonight we've talked about an eight year old girl who was told she's not welcome to return to her Christian school because she's not feminine enough that we'll tell you more about that coming up. And tonight really the big thing we've been talking about is the new movie no. Story Russell Crowe which is being criticized by some Christians and the criticism is now drawing criticism. -- a movie no opens up this Friday and it's it's based on no way and any sort. And that there are people who always become critical no matter -- if something is based on anything. -- from the Bible and and it is fair to point out that there was from the old testament so that's not. Just and -- for for Christians but yet. Others don't get upset. Why is -- that there are some Christians that just gets so upset win when something doesn't jibe with exactly what they think infield. And at what point. Is a movie not just a movie. And I I had this discussion when there's a movie out about. A historical figure and I remember we talked about it on the show with the movie Lincoln. There were people who are upset because well it did exactly happened that way. OK. It is a movie. And you shouldn't go to a movie to get a specific history lesson you should go to a movie to learn about the Bible you should go to a movie to be entertained. And if Hollywood chooses to do a movie about a Bible story. Isn't that going to just start a conversation about what's in the Bible. And how could that be considered to be negative thing. The -- blog tonight is is it about exactly what we're talking about it's a title Christians criticizing no movie need to lighten up. And there are people who disagree with me you agree or disagree you can read it share with your Christian and on Tuesday non Christian friends. It's on -- -- -- -- -- WL dot com -- interesting comments of following the blog it's also part of our FaceBook conversation at WWL radio. It's down the right hand column on Facebook's he could find that read it and give us your comments and I'll share some of those Cummins with the ingested it. From mom -- rail road just in your on the BW -- good evening. Fair at all good. -- triple. -- there were eight at one time and -- six. -- -- -- Never once feared what their life it's our are you it's and debris the one you see that. Act. Are usually don't want that come from a good bloodline. And how and -- and would -- be a way to. Yeah I mean I know some dogs are more pure bred and others are there credible. People readers it like there are with other other breeds. Oh yes I mean -- you're paid money form like -- average 15100 very violent outlook adult. I mean -- -- board if you're gonna pay two more hours Orkut. That's not the point you want around that. Typically older ones -- usually would if they did turn war. Justin do you think that since the pit bull does pan innately have. A disposition that can be brought out. Don't you think that owners can transfer. Bear. And violent attitude. Into their dog. All the I mean Donald picked -- I guess -- from their -- media and did all the owner and energy -- they have their owner is. Nervous that all demeanor. Ages. How they are in a while. Have you had good experience with pit bulls are on your kids. -- ask -- my youngest wanted to time. Six mark that would hold him in right around Michael. Heroin. Mean that once feared or market at a little -- -- and net only dog ever that market -- a minute reduction. Yeah I mean every dog has the ability to blight to buy it when of people lights it tends to deal more. Of vicious then on dogs just I appreciate it ought to be you know. Credit due due to pit bulls averages snippets of -- anybody it -- -- -- debt. And it just them sitting and watching. Out there -- attack something had to happen for that whether you and they don't -- scared on something had to pack. There just that I appreciate the information thanks for calling -- if you wanna join us with your comment tonight about -- they were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And it takes a receipts of creativity here's a Texan -- scoot instead of concealed. Carry of goings. On. We should just have pit bulls on a leash for our protection -- there's no doubt in my mind. That some people have pit bulls for. And intimidation. For the status of having a dog that is perceived as being a vicious dog. I hear is a comment all dogs are direct reflection. Of their pack or owners bad owners make for bad dogs pit bulls get the attention because. Of the year intimidating appearance. And their powerful -- And it could be -- disproportionate. Number of people who are vicious people. By pit bulls. And therefore a disproportionate number of pit bulls. Would actually. Be vicious. Not. Because they're just vicious but. Because of their owners. Join our show with your thoughts tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text numbers 87870. Here's a WW well pretty general opinion poll tonight issued all movies based on Bible stories adhere strictly to the stories in the Bible. Give us your opinion at WWL dot com and we'll be right back. All right here's a sample of the new better than -- -- and its crazy looking -- I think this is going to be excellent. And evidence they can foresee the coming out this summer and we'll get that would get Kevin. On the here real soon to talk about song in the upcoming CD and also the answer open which is coming up. In April. Here's -- -- -- you up pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight should all movies based on Bible stories adhere strictly to the stories in the Bible. Now earlier tonight. 88% said yes. If a movies based on a Bible story should adhere strictly to the story in the Bible 88% said yes. Now only 56%. Say yes. And 44% say now. And here's a -- -- movies are for entertainment last time I checked Joseph did not Wear a technicolor dreamcoat in the Bible. And and I I remember many years ago I think it was released in the summer. 1970. To 1973. Jesus Christ superstar. There it was criticism Jesus Christ superstar because it didn't deal with the resurrection. Well so -- But but there were people the establishment of the time. Was very quick to criticize a rock opera all my gosh rock music associated with jesus' name. And he called Jesus a superstar almighty god. This is blasphemy. So criticizing. Entertainment. It has a religious theme. Orders based somewhat on a story in the Bible. That criticism is nothing new where criticizing the criticism. From shell met Howard here on the -- showed good evening. -- the thought well why it is so what are we hear about all about it and catalyst for -- with the good old thing in despite the doubts about that it did it via around that dog that I mean bobbled. In thousands somebody else on the ground body parts -- here that saw him when -- dog react anyway it's not yet on -- But you know the thing about it is that you breed dog to fight until. It's gone -- probably hurt. You know that that's what it's hard to do you do not have -- automatically gives you make it the -- Right there was an out of brown bears aren't so white epic accused and now. Genetic -- change because that's how it and it could be. And I think that the problem with that -- old and I think it's so much. Though the law needs you to -- the dog being treated to a white. And I think that's -- called them a lot of -- would be all of them in the odd thing. The deported and the different atmosphere -- trying to -- it would probably beat. But there's still going to be an instinct in certain animals say you know and I I felt that way when -- when that when the tiger attacked. Roy -- of Siegfried Roy. Effect tiger just it just passed away at the age of seventeen they they didn't put the tiger down but these tigers were. Domesticated they were bred they were raised from when they were born is as cubs. But it's still a tiger. You can't take a DNA out that -- and it wouldn't that would it right and that's what these people were on. -- animal bite it loads and you know it's kill all men beat Toronto right Dubuque Illinois -- the -- data -- but it -- it. So I'm a little while it was probably one night the dog there's always that chance the -- -- that -- Etiquette because that dog was the fact that all of all productive moment. Sit -- however I think this is wide there's a there's a problem often with kids because kids can be. You know very sporadic and and and and radical with their their movements and that's something that a dog might instinctively perceive as. Yes and assault. This -- that vote really. It's not really good. Bruntlett grounds it's been. You know and -- you know -- up only to whip denied it can change. Think he has -- And it's just not a state animal could be put the Serbs that also -- -- what is children. Around the world -- -- they're trying to do what they're barred the door -- kill time and opened it on the news. However a -- coshow thanks Louis entered every to be real indict if you wanna join our -- -- -- your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seventy. In a text number 677. I'm afforded that your calls we -- to come -- text here is attacks Hollywood tries to play it both ways they want Christians to light their movies. And by -- thousands of tickets. Where their congregation. Which. I can literally had tens of millions in box office profits that's what the studios try to edit Noah two win Christians over. But they also played down the criticism and called Christians fanatics. I say what the consumer decide and if the studio wants the Christian market. And that requires the studio to ensure the film is accurate in the studio should have the right to make. An accurate film but if they decide to make a movie based office story in the Bible. But that but not. True in every detail the studio should be criticized for that -- and I would agree with that and here's a text that reminds us about the -- the rock opera. -- -- which also was highly criticized because it was about god. From the applause -- you're under BW -- good evening. It's true that you. I don't probable. -- -- -- -- -- Are two meeting which -- Chihuahua. Who we need it's a cute name. Well it's situated as you always go make them and also of people went on about two years ago. -- -- -- was a hell was a table when you're adopted. You -- are referred to our promotional tour and the minute. -- walker and the manager says put that bought more mortgage principal. The -- I don't know happy. Dogged in a fight. Nobody in law -- actually were pretty well I don't. Did you have to sign any kind of wavering into adopting the table you know. Who went through an animal. And malvo at a shooting woes -- -- back. And I'm glad you did that I think it's a wonderful thing -- that people do and and that's a pit bull let's say that's a dog. They probably would not have been adopted by and by anybody else how to house the dog bit her on your daughter -- around your house. I have a part due out in your program so -- Turkey at a time we -- She's very easy on dog she -- -- you know auction galleries. You don't approach. You know from the U. -- partisan you know should -- all -- history. -- essentially that would be cheated a little dog. Treats its -- all. She has been no problem potential problem. You know -- the parliament dog is. Come sort of you know they did -- -- -- they murdered there. If you show the animal the spot below. There aren't too you. I look at what Breeden ditch. Their usual ball the proper law. It would spark to -- And a decision on where people are. All my animals or the way. I don't know what my dog. He married would people they don't know. Because I don't know to a motor vehicle one of -- Aren't your query them Omar are -- barriers so put in situations. Where it's going to be well. And younger kids to be human agreed they'd -- younger kids in my done understand. -- not to approach a dog I mean it's it's at its. Dogs in and cats are almost toys to kids and they should never be treated like toys -- kids look at them like their toy. Remember what to do dog might be saying our level with their child that it -- -- Issue has seen a lot of it is. And so child who are child my repertoire a year or might be -- underdog to a doll we don't know. -- -- Margaret a lot more aware of the problem is. What are heard already older they'll have a female. What you eat in the -- Around male pit bull. So -- don't know what actually shoot the ball all. Truckers -- ball movement that in the war. But it shouldn't talk to street itself is a danger of Obama. It's irresponsible ownership that makes you got to deal. And Joseph I would think that that a lot of people who choose a look somebody who has. A rough attitude somebody -- violent nature is is not gonna go get a French Poodle. Their choice of dog might be a pit bull because it fits their personality and their personality. Dan is not the kind of personality that is going to. And make this pit bull a loving family dog. This is true that -- and animals. What is response to somebody would actually be old. Who has this problem. John appreciate appreciate your -- I don't and I embarked -- disagreeing with that I appreciate you're listening to via -- at night. Please don't think it toward your text you're just a moment analysts -- -- -- -- grant you're on the -- showing WL. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are there. They eat a lot. -- ball and I'll talk about fear bank. Snapped. It was a huge German. And chuckle. When it was young. Cabbage one where a pack and we and the oh my friend and as one. Sure to check -- this is part and trying to -- so. Which well and I like how people demonize. It all -- Terror wanna get you know really enjoy it. Great call. All the race. And where. It that. You know that's true communicated today EU could it turn. Com dogged dogged does that reputation of being mean in into. A snippy little delegate -- have the vicious bite. Physically of people but it's a dog language would have an attitude that again would reflect this the owner. But yeah there's still but -- -- still there needs to be recognition. Of the of the breed in the same way that you could domestic need a tiger. From from birth or. A year -- -- line we hear about that all the time but it's still. It's still made that DNA. -- -- -- bigger weapon weapons stocked and most parents and get it lasts a -- not sent. Yankees are just are likely you're likely to have. A more survivable blight or or attacked from from production but I -- I would rather be bitten by a Dotson in the pit bull with the game you Joyce. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- you too and thanks listening to WWL and night. A right tomorrow in the think -- Garland Robinette some surveys say that Americans. Fear it's too late to solve some of our problems. -- admits is the head of The Heritage Foundation and he says it's not too late he's written a book about falling in love with -- America again. The interest and and that's in -- it's. As part of what girl talk about in the think tank tomorrow this is the Scotia with -- -- stay with his recovered right back with more of your calls in more of your text. Under the WL removing know is getting a lot of attention its source Russell Crowe and I believe Emma Watson the movie. Movie opens up off Friday I'm gonna try to -- it over the weekend we'll talk about about one of the scope shows next week and if you get a chance to see it. When you enjoyed our conversation next week. Opera Picayune -- Euro and BW -- good evening. -- -- Well. I. I'd hate pelicans beat the clippers tonight news from the center for in a row for the pelicans. It. A week ago I did. You know -- -- -- -- it is going to be a yeah I don't wanna. Take I'm not gonna take credit for this way it's it's interesting that the pelicans have changed their attitude since I was talking about. Money Williams and now this is a team that. Has the talent to get ahead and get a big lead. But they can't close it out at the end. And that comes back to coaching in my opinion I like -- Williams but I mean you can't blow big leads like that and now they're winning which is great. Keep it that level a factory. He put. It bluntly -- got -- I am not a the big. All of the culture at all. I Alan I am now I've got to get to a news right now I appreciate you calling they'll always be controversy about that but hey congratulations the pelicans they made it four in a row tonight.