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03-26-14, 11pm, Scoot- NOAH the movie, Pitt Bulls

Mar 27, 2014|

tonight Scoot talks about: a 4 year old girl in Houma was killed by a pitt bull; should they continue to be allowed as house pets? Noah, the movie , is being criticized for not being religiously accurate.

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Is it ridiculous detail and eight year old girl that she's not feminine enough she's not girly enough she's not. No -- -- enough however you want to word it two to go to her Christian school. I'm not trying to beat -- like Christians but these these stories come up and it just amazes me that judgment that emanates from Christian entities. An eight year old girl was told by her Virginia school is a Christian school. That she's not feminine enough. Her name is a sunny Caylee. And a letter was sent him home to her her grandparents or not I'm not exactly sure why her grandparents and other parents -- I guess or grandparents are. The ones who were taking care for. They sent a letter home saying that her -- is too short and her behavior does not represent. Her god ordained identity. So the Timberlake Christian school in Virginia. Says she's not welcome to return to school unless. She acts more like a girl. The grandparents say how do you tell a -- -- she wants to Wear pants and a shirt and a lot of play in the mud and so forth how do you tell -- no. He can't do that you have to Wear pink blowing your hair. And -- you've got to let your hair grow longer how do you do that. Well I would simply telegram mothers you just do it I mean there's nothing wrong with -- kids hey you know what the you can't Wear pants to school you got to where addressed. So I understand that you could tell kids to do certain things to fall rolls but what I don't understand is. Why there's this judgment against that this kid. We all know people who well first of all. Let's establish that that every man and every woman. As both a masculine and feminine side. That's a real it's it's a reality a lot of people don't wanna -- but it is it is a reality we all -- masculine and feminine sides. And we all know man we although women that have more of a masculine side than a feminist side. Even if they're not day. And that does it make you gay to have more of a feminine side or message that doesn't that doesn't make you gay. So you know it it just it it bothers me that there's this judgment now the school has a right to pass his judgment -- it's not a public schools of the Timberlake Christian school. In Virginia has a right to tell this girl she can't come back. But I just don't think that's the right thing to do and it doesn't seem like it's it's very Christian to me and I I guess I'm just curious now there are some things that. Apparently because of confidentiality. Agreement there are some things that haven't been mentioned about her behavior in the classroom now I'm not gonna supported nobody should support. Behavior that is disruptive. It in the class behavior that is. Obscene or sexual affairs if that's the case. But he she just. Looks like. Looks doesn't look as much like a girl as a school what's her look like a girl or for hair short and if she doesn't act feminine enough. I just think it's a horrible -- judgment. A joint we've also been talking about pit bulls killed four year old girl and homeless and give her a lot of interesting things from pit bull owners and people who have talked about. And their experience with pimples and if I had a child this is just my personal choice. If I had a young child and house I would -- -- people -- they are far too many other pets to vote. However I -- I do remember one time my sister. Was down on the floor -- of really young. When -- cocker spaniel was eating. And cocker spaniel reached over and -- in the lip I believe she had to go to the the emergency room to get stitches -- -- dogs will bite you. However somebody told us a few minutes ago that pit bulls don't have that battle lock jaw that it's strong -- it they've been in. -- promoted to to a to have. In any event. There are not that many guests that results for dog attacks in America infected 2013. Last year there were only 32. But of the 32 fatalities and and they were obviously a lot more injuries. But out of the 32 fatalities in the US that resulted from dog attacks. 7678%. Came from people's. So there is something. About pit bulls whether it's in the year DNA and how they were. Treated when they were first born how they're treated their life. Whether it's natural or or were taught there is a disproportionate number of serious stored attacks that are from pit bulls. And and I think it one of the reasons as I've mentioned and I -- to all the time. I see people and again this is this is my perception of of of the situation. I -- some people to have a type of attitude. That seems. Violent. -- some people walk around with kind of a really cocky. Attitude and -- sometimes you see it with pit bulls. And it's almost as if they treat the pit bull like a weapon that they have out in in in public. And that's -- the recent on the pit -- So if a disproportionate number of people select a pit bull as they are packed. And if a disproportionate where people are violent. They're gonna transfer that to the pit bull that in itself could explain why. There's a disproportionate number of attacks from it pulls it's it may be it's not the dog itself. But it's that type of people who who have peoples and again that's not all pit bull owners but again -- disproportionate number of people owners. Male pit bulls for the wrong reason. You shouldn't own a dog issue one you and have a weapon on a leash he shouldn't have a pit bull to issuing a walk down the street. And intimidate people. In the if you if you can't win respect because of who you war. Then I guess you're a brother weak person. You don't need to go on and you don't need to pit bull to and respect if you manager in Russia with a comment tonight about and you were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And our text amber -- 877. We've also been talking about the movie in no way it's a source Russel -- it opens up on Friday im gonna try to -- over the weekend we'll talk about it next week a dispute show. But there's criticism of the criticism because some of the criticism coming from some Christians. About the movie -- is coming from some Christians who haven't even seen the movie. And two. To -- criticism on assumption. According to Russell Crowe and I agree with him he's sort of the movie he said borders -- absolute stupidity. And again he says something really. I'm really touching about this movie that it makes me really wanna see the movie it's something that many people perceive as being very very liberal I'm gonna mention that -- here. He just a moment from -- build your -- -- show good evening. I'd do it built thanks particular culture. Put pit bull stories some years ago I was. Walking my dog -- neutral ground on Roosevelt boulevard. Early evening -- -- a -- so maybe -- sixty pound dog. On the side among house there was the gate with a hole. But -- space between litigate -- And -- it all came running out from there. When just opened on and latched onto my dog's hind quarter. And took it down on the corner. What's Metairie Roosevelt and I could not get that dog off. I kicked at July ran out restaurant and the other guys stop this car. He had boots on -- tablet news kicked that thing to rent district. Thought did not budge and another guy came by -- with a seven iron and started eating that dog with that thing it did not -- So the other -- came out and got it off. And I -- great respect for what the dogs do. I don't -- the other the -- but unfortunately it was put down. And down. And they just there's the potential windows dog. Pomp and I don't know what -- it off -- not pitched well I don't interpret or notebooks -- -- the homes and have great buys and at the two meters. But I just wanted to share that with you -- that really opened my eyes as to what what can't app. Yeah and -- what was the attitude the owner of New York came out and realize it was happening to your dog. It was apologetic. He was he didn't seem like -- that person at all it to his dog got out and down. To the right. It is that built -- that it is thought that out. So. Well I'm glad there's a good ending I'm glad there's a good ending to the story it's it's not always a good ending but again -- -- -- over -- this and you know we've we've heard some people talk tonight about how the media exaggerates things and it's something that we talk about quite often on our show here. The media does exaggerate things and I like to try to put things in in perspective and you of the media will in general will. Will go with stories if there's already preconceived idea about about something whether it's a politician or or of people. Sure I'm done. And -- -- such as -- compact that was my experience. I appreciate that bill Flexilis into WWL a night. From the -- Ron your on this crucial. Or I bet you -- at all. That you -- -- If you period old Q do you -- -- John you know I don't think it -- I don't think he would have come near me. -- You Dolan and I'm I'm doing really good run you. Good -- -- all right good. Take -- and -- shall. To listen to. All right Ron and I really appreciate that and -- you it took time to callers. I hear is attacks that reason blame the owner not the dog here is another text RCA Victor. Used to pit bull -- in their famous your master's voice at. I I do remember that and as somebody brought up that the that the that the little spanking in our gang that be -- young rascals arrested the young wrestles. They they had a pitfall at an ever remember I have a vague memory of the young Bristol city and the dog had a circle around its around -- -- so I do remember that. Here is attacks have read -- by a step daughter adopted a pit bull in New Orleans ten years ago. My nine year old granddaughter grew up. With diamond as she was a great family dog that's why when she passed we had her cremated. And her -- Is in our home so there are a lot of good loving stories about pit bulls. From home or Roy year -- -- -- They are armed with optical and other. Shall believe that you know put such universe in 1980 did that in a minute presentation. First console in our neck of the dog -- -- And there are such numbers vote at one as that group in the country. In this study show that that -- about by opted in regular talks but. It's a big -- thereby a more devastating. And deadly hit and probably in the country. That's from 1980. There while little ones streets -- -- it also put that some people moved in at pebble. So -- or on the change. What happened today are quick to defend. Our ride my bicycle much. If it's safe it's remarkable that are. Now my grandkids that would Shepperd -- -- Get different guys tell you -- -- -- -- -- -- couldn't stop there democracy regulates -- for north. There haven't thought about -- did you lose until about. Well. You know I would try to find a way to be proactive. I'm I'm I'm sure. You're gonna have a difficult time reasoning with the owner and doesn't sound like she. He's gonna be reasonable. If if if you know people Joseph displays of whether or not there. They're they're reasonable with their pets are with guns or with anything for that matter and we need you is do you have a fear. They she's not a responsible pet owner. And I don't know how you deal with with her but it's a place that you might wanna start. Well it's it's scary or rather come and visit doctor so what orchard -- -- Well what troops while Nolan so therefore you can't trust and -- -- or other people that's. There. -- -- -- -- hoping to work out for you again I would -- I'd I'd be proactive about that if you have a concern and I mean nobody should be concerned about being out in their neighborhood nobody should be concerned about being attacked. By a pit bull or or any -- for that matter if you gonna join us tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. At a text numbers 87870. Is an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll should all movies based on Bible stories adhere strictly to the stories in the Bible. 62%. Say yes. 38% say no but that's quite a change from earlier -- only 13% said no and 88% said yes. So give us your opinion should it will be based on the Bible remember it's a movie. Should a movie based on a Bible story strictly adhere to the Bible story yours is it okay if that's not. Totally accurate what you read in the viable. It was your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com this is dispute show. And will be right back with more I want to tell you about what Russell. A crow said about the movie which will be perceived as being very liberal. The will take it apart I don't think it is. We'll be right back into the WL proposed bill in Louisiana would ban smoking within 200 feet of any school is that gonna really have any effect on and smoking in the state -- -- another. Example of that do good legislation and it. Makes people think somebody's doing something about a problem when really it's not gonna manifest any changes -- you're gonna talk about that in just a few minutes. The new movie no based on the story of Noah and -- arc in the Bible opens nationwide to this coming Friday and there's been criticism and now the criticism is drawing criticism. On ABC's Good Morning America Russell Crowe who stars in the movie said. They just the assumption of what it could be or how bad it could be or how wrong it could be in their -- What I think quite which I think quite frankly is bordering on -- salute. Stupidity. A there's an op Ed article at foxnews.com. The website by Christian pastor -- Craig gross. And he writes. It's embarrassing to belong to a faith that attracts a group of people who always have to be right and when something pushes them just a bit. They -- shutting down. Or keep it away from people. For those Christians who were overly sensitive about criticism of Christians I'm of course not referring to all Christians I'm referring to those who possess a very. Overly protective myopic view of their faith. And as I mentioned earlier in the show with the Bible were written today those very overly sensitive Christians would be the same ones. Who would be critical of some of the parables and stories to Jesus told. When he was conveying his message and I'm sure they would be a lot of criticism of Jesus using a prostitute. To convey a message that -- sinners. And through social media and and assumptions about something that is wrong quickly leads to hysteria. And many Christians buy into this hysteria I'm gonna try see Nolan this weekend we'll talk about it next Rico or showed it to get a chance to -- to join us next week and I give us your comments about it I can't help which is remember that this is a movie. And we should go to a movie for any other reason other than to be entertained. Now when there was criticism of using Jesus as a character in a skit on Saturday Night Live about NFL player Tim Tebow. I sarcastically -- campaign on the show keep Christ in comedy. Obviously there are limits. But -- Christ or if. Christian faith are injected into various aspects of pop culture entertainment. How can that be a bad thing because it's getting people to talk. It's getting people to think about things that they might not have thought about. So I think it's a positive thing and and yet some people think that -- should not be involved in comedy that there should never be a reference to Christ or christianity and in comedy. Then and I think that's I think that's absurd. Because in the context of the time in which she lived activity argued that Jesus used pop pop culture references. To tell his stories. This a Christian pastor Craig gross in his op Ed piece of foxnews.com. Also said I recently saw the book of Mormon to Broadway musical. It is outrageous. You reference flat out hysterical. There's a reason it's setting records all over the country. I didn't know much about the Mormon faith but I'll tell you this I have a better understanding and more interest in it after watching this play. He continues imagine what would happen if instead of heated debate about -- You just had people from all walks at the Christian faith. Get behind Hollywood. For telling these great stories. Of faith. And here's what Russell Crowe said about -- And this is something that I think many would perceive as being very liberal. You come out of this movie. And you wanna talk. You wanna talk about our stewardship. Of the earth. Our relationship to animals. What is spirituality. Who in my in this world all these fantastic subject for conversation. Art. They can do that for people. Is a wonderful thing. And with this not be perceived as a typical babble from. From liberal Hollywood they're doing a movie about -- L which affect their sense of criticism that there is some kind of a reference to a climate control. -- climate changes. And global warming in the movie I've picked as a reference to why it's it's bringing so much because of climate a climate change. When Russell Crowe says about our stewardship of the earth. December -- perceive that as liberal. But I part of the generation did that many years ago talked about the ecology. And and and I -- part of a generation that started to witness the first awareness in terms of campaign's public service announcements about littering. And and many -- you -- like myself remembered the -- native American who standing on. What was perceived to be I guess his land at one point. And he's watching. Effort for some reason I'm thinking it says it's a family on vacation and they toss something out of the winter their car on a highway litter. They later. And a tear. Comes down his -- It's saddened him that we were littering. This planet. And landed were his his land. So stewardship of the earth should -- -- -- miss interpreted as some kind of -- whacko. Liberal concern we should all be concerned about the earth. And we should all be concerned about polluting. Think about the BP oil spill think about the little things that you can do that -- to not. Pollute our waterways -- or two later our streets so there's nothing little about that in my opinion. Our relationship to animals that doesn't suggest anything like the extremism of Peta. It's simply. You simply makes us think about our relationship with the animals and that's something that we've talked about tonight with the pit bull. There are people who have great relationships with animals that are that are perceived as being vicious like the pit -- for example. So our relationship with animals that's not liberally to spirituality of course that's not that's not liberal. And I I would think that if -- if a movie makes us. Talk about things and think about things that we might not -- or -- thought about or or or talked about concerning the Bible for example. Then it's a very positive thing but let's never forget that it's just a movie. Integrity of the Shura a comment on our FaceBook page the scoop like tonight is titled Christians criticizing no movie need to lighten up. And it's on our website at WW dot com it's also on our FaceBook page at WWL radio and here's a comment from Bryant. Whatever happened just enjoying a movie. That's just a movie. And we should go to movies and expecting history lesson. We shouldn't go to movies and expect Bible study. We should go to a movie to be entertained. I don't know if there's anything wrong with using a story from the Bible. Two to entertain and if if the story of -- is from the old testament. The -- not. That's not owned by Christians. That's only a hundred different religions. And so why is -- that it's the Christians. Not all. But why is -- that there are some Christians. Who get upset about these things. You don't hear Jewish groups get upset about this the -- Christians get upset about it is. And what is it about what is it about some Christians that fits that makes it's so blasphemous. To even mention anything out of context in in the Bible. Quite often -- criticized on the show for. Some of the things that that we talk about and did they shouldn't be discussed because it's it's not just strict. Bible. Verse or it's not strict church doctrine. I just find all of disinterested when religion is such a such an integral part of so many people's lives and especially and in this area in New Orleans and Louisiana this part of the country. Whether it's or Catholic or Baptist or some other religion religion is is. A very prominent part of so many people's lives so it's it's quite normal that it comes up in conversation. And then we talk about the issues every day that are in the news and criticism -- the movie -- is. Is in the news. Here's a WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Should all movies based on Bible stories adhere strictly to news stories in the Bible give a -- opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. And also is always something new and our web site we have -- stunning ruling -- the National Labor Relations Board. Decided to football players at Northwestern University can form the nation's first college athlete's union. Is this good or bad for college sports we've got the story. Also there are details about the tragic story of -- four year old girl was killed by a table. The -- police department. Had to kill the to kill a dog because while they were trying to control the situation dog was still. On being -- also Sean Payton says the State's offseason moves were difficult and challenging Christian Derrick has that story. And you can listen to the saints head coaching interview all of that and more on our website at WW dot com and including a very interesting podcast with Angela. -- with the author of a book titled we don't die alone Jesus is coming to pick me up in a white pick up truck. And you thought he would be you know limousine. Also the latest deploy a Christian criticism of the movie Noah. Christians need to lighten up all of that is on our website at WW -- account if you wanna join us with -- tonight -- numbers 2601878. To all free 8668890. Point 78. In a text number 677 here's a text -- regarding new laws something. Must be done to get owners to keep control of their dogs instead of our police. Writing speeding tickets they need to be writing tickets to owners walking around with unleashed dogs how many more children. I'd need to be killed love you and your show thank you well. If somebody's walking around with a dog that's not on a leash and dog supposed to be a leash. What part of that is not something that. Some Michigan a citation for. You have a right to own a dog which also have responsibility. And nobody should be afraid of being attacked by a dog. On any street in New Orleans the West Bank Metairie the nor shore -- by anywhere in America nobody should be afraid. If they're going to be attacked. -- -- And it's not just pit bulls. It's predominately people's when it comes to really vicious attacks. And and deaths but again. I don't mean to to downplay this. But they were only 32 fatalities. Last year in America from dog attacks. 70% were from pit bulls but there were only 32 which is is good news. The bad news for those who own pit bulls is. Great majority were the result of pit bull attack from home a James -- -- VW well. Yet -- -- my opinion on this is that the possibility obviously. Had to collect -- about this thing different -- passed away there was no actually you know I'd. Church it was ball. And they are you doing -- so the conspiracy theory out let me show I like to thank you take different call. You know a lot of people do feel that the George Soros funded this whole -- liberal -- -- -- -- united fishing in the west Baptist church and how to do it they have these in these scenarios where the church's. You know boycotting certain there would be like is able problem. Like tire whatever and I have a lot of money and go on -- African American Rego. I have a lot of money your memory and I go -- by -- and it's. A lot of pay a lot of money. Go to knockout of white kids then. Cricket team you don't pay money or as a saintly George or it would have let's birth Baptist Church. If on this scenario. And it and accretion. Now including garlic -- do you know -- a connection between George source of the west for Baptist Church. I haven't iconic in and you know a lot of calls but he got extremists among those. They have really good -- people and it's sad that -- I think you would agree with this part and you're trying to you know on the Soros connection. And docket that quick -- Listen and you should be able to agree it is the biggest slide I mean you know deliver -- that the media has given. -- -- All of America's problems. You know the Malaysian -- thing all connect and into a situation where they -- some brown got from the Middle East. We just toll to more war which you know lead to more aren't sure -- it will fight the war as we don't have. Really gauge how their fortune 500 companies. Percy everywhere here the Bentonville Arkansas to the midwest. Tickle fight these wars and the -- already inside the month. People and I am -- among among -- Vocal against Caucasian. Catholic from New Orleans. At turn it into from a public why they keep demonizing ultimately hole yet. He keeps sentiment toward the front line it will we don't do as. That America's going down and and also eight the most. Other areas are remote computers because. They therefore they can validate or -- -- and it's a big Brothers. Well. James I I agree with you that there is attend the slot to -- it. The Ottawa erase the -- in Munich edged out there. Out of its stereotypes among them but it's the biggest you know like check crock that -- like I I might agree -- -- -- all of America. Putting it feeds into the simplistic thinking of many Americans and that is it all my guy shift if all the the terrorists were Muslim on 9/11 that all Muslims are are are bad or are there all terrorists will that's lack of understanding of deduct your reasoning. An -- in you know we're have a good discussion here you talk I talk. Think about it -- -- from the -- mutually that that's. They and I mean these are. Before that it for the wreck occupying -- I totally respect Fox News and I understand why they're number one in the ratings it's not just because of their content but it's because of there. There she'll -- is savvy. By. The Fox News is not fair and balanced they're they're very artist and while they do have different voices. Like Juan Williams and and and it and a few others it's a biased network and I don't have a problem with that which scares me is -- people watch Fox News and think. -- it's very objective. It's and I knew he cute as a gimmick and beat people summer's coming -- it's an hour away in in them and and let me say one thing about -- in an -- or whatever conservative Christians were. Blaming -- strongly they're buying into that -- Go look there there and we or it for yourself. They're very family oriented. They work really hard to work industry or for the -- Okay able there'll be at the -- conservative. About it. Most there are small bit. They're everything at to their credit they don't drink alcohol they're very very conservative that. Matter fact but like it said that it does sell a partner at whatever the whole conglomerate and go back and I'll. -- -- -- -- And you know obviously the Central Bank -- the -- currently figure problem. They're part of -- eating our our current data crap your currency by currency. -- -- all of our current water not. -- the print on its current. Ought to keep that thought. -- Jekyll island Georgia where the Federal Reserve was formed. In the off because the Georgia Tech alignment with central bankers. And more people need to reassert that comes together. And realize that or incomplete as we watch him is that. Fox and YE. Parallel screwed so scuttle Google in -- the crucial. Truck caught by. He's the red in the black guy called up for the night or any. Yeah well Hillary Clinton the next president and it doesn't matter who the next president or whatever the Central Bank on the show and they're did not what the next wars in the begun its game. Nigerians are gonna have to get to break here and I appreciate you take -- time to call our show and expressed that in that opinion -- I don't know that Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president's but I do agree with the idea that are almost -- -- really matter who the next president is because contrary to what you are. On led to believe in the news in social media. It really. Does it matter that much in our personal lives who who is who is president and if you really think about it. The president the United States does not really have that directive an impact. On most of our activities in our our daily lives I also like what you said about think for yourself. And I also understand. The philosophy of demonizing Muslims -- demonizing blacks. It's a strategy. It's a strategy for creating fear. And a strategy to get support for political candidates. That's why you need to do what James suggested. Think for yourself. This is dispute show and we'll be right back and VW well coming up on astute show where we're gonna talk more about this this this fear factor the ideas did. A certain groups are demonized and and fears instilled in people in order to get votes it to advance agendas. I read recently that it did George Wallace. Was actually a moderate Republican. Before he became. A champion of segregation. George Wallace according to what I read lost his first bid to become governor. Of Alabama. And when it was pointed out that if you. If you stand with those. Who demonize blacks. It's a strategy. Is known as the southern strategy. It's a strategy that was used -- Goldwater. And by Nixon. And I think to some date -- in some ways it's used by politicians today. And the media loves to instill fear in people. Because if you're scared that you go to the media source because you have to watch to find out how to stay safe what will talk about that. At a future show personally get to couple of these -- here's a text. As to why are you continuing to pick on pit bulls win statistically it shows the pit bulls are no more dangerous and several other breeds of dogs. He needed to check your stats and facts and make sure you have your blank straight. A stop harping on pit bulls they're not the problem any dog. Can become dangerous if the owner trains it to be that way I think that's exactly what I said tonight so again I don't know which show this persons listening to -- doesn't quite often happened. Some people. Here are certain things and they think they know it's been said but they don't actually listened to -- -- has bitten. Has been sent. Guy here is attacks that reads the Bible teaches by telling stories any time you teach that way. You leave the lesson learned is subject to every once interpretation. Of the story. That's hurt another text about the criticism of the movie -- A movie writers are giving us their interpretation and always use creative license to make it more interesting controversy of the sell tickets. Films are based on facts films based on facts are called documentaries. And are meant to be accurate informative. Rather than entertaining so let's go to a couple of comments from the FaceBook page because we've had -- to blog which is about. That is the Christians who are criticizing the movie knowing need to I mean need to lighten up especially those who haven't even seen it yet. I've been on FaceBook page and part of that conversation here's -- here's a comment from Charles they need to stick to the book. Here's a comment from ban on FaceBook Christian is becoming synonymous. With whiners more and more each day. And here's a comment from. A penny. No it was nothing about god in fact I've I've I've heard that god is not mentioned in the movie at all. It's a creator or something like that but that god is not actually mentioned in the movie no. This comment on FaceBook for penny goes on to say director was an atheist. And it's all about the money he made he will not get my money or suggesting. To see this. Well I mean that's that's fine you don't have to go that certainly is is your right. But it doesn't. I don't I don't think we should go to movies. And expected to be like Bible study. We. As a society and again when I say we use that program I don't necessarily mean you or me specifically. But as a society in America. We're we're always looking for things to be so critical. And and one of the things that that always comes up when a movies based on historical fact. It's based on historical fact it's it's not. Study history lesson. -- -- a movie like Noah. Is not perfectly accurate. Or doesn't depicts the story in the Bible the way some people believe it should be depicted that they. They they create this hysteria that the movies blasphemous. Toward the movie is is somehow anti religion. Why why do you go to a movie -- do you generally reflect when you get in the aisle they were you when you get in your seat I mean it's a movie. Do we go to movies. To be entertained. If you're going to a movie for a reason other than being entertained in May be -- should should reconsider why -- why you're going to movies. It's just a movie. This is this -- show -- one tonight beat the clippers in this movie king center pelicans have now won four. In a row. Will be right back. A greater hero if a movie is based on a Bible story should it strictly adhere to the story in the Bible that has been under BW properties your opinion poll tonight here's a final date. 65% say yes. A Bible movie should be about the Bible and strictly adhere to the Bible story 35% say no. And Oscar blog tonight has been there Christians criticizing -- no movie need to lighten up here's a comment. And the end fears that they at the end of the of the blogs interview -- dot com you can comment on the blog here's a comment that reads. I'm grow up you try to act like hip liberals like Alan. But you must be at least 75 by the looks of your picture. Why not starting -- nursing home. Well I appreciate the fact that you took time to read the blog and I always get a chuckle out of comments like that. Here is a text -- -- guess you forgot in Ghazi that was about an offensive video. Well I never. You can assume which you line but I never. Even in the beginning when it was believed that may be this this video has something to do with -- and -- attack. I never allowed to video to be the reason for the event -- attacks again I don't know what show you have been listening to. Also this a proposed bill in Louisiana that would ban smoking within 200 feet of any school. This is meaningless feel good legislation that is not going to have an impact on on the state. And yet it gives the impression that politicians are elected officials are doing something to solve a problem. Do you really honestly believe that anybody who smokes. Is gonna smoke less or not smoke. If they can't smoke within 200 feet of -- school. Again stop wasting time on legislation. That is meaningless and doesn't make sense when you think John -- studio producer and scoots levee in New Orleans.