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Mar 27, 2014|

Dave talks about a pit bull ban? What is Wrong with People, and wine ice cream

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL first news here we are on the 27 of march 2014. It's the day before Friday a welcome below ours Friday. -- bottom line favorite days of the week in front of Friday. It's like the most enjoyable work day for some reason the -- forefront yeah real well you're you're you're right Friday maybe you could -- -- and a but Thursday's. I don't know it's always been a good day that's called up this morning. It's true and -- In the sliver of -- Nicole in the hours. So that's good news it and wins appeared to have died down habits now yesterday. Man it was surprisingly the Chile yesterday. It was me even if the temperatures in the little I don't know it was 100 days -- -- it's about sixty business Cole yeah did. Yeah it today it warmer and that's good news look at the clouds on the north show. Clear. Apple's yep your regard gan yeah he just say it. And most people have some sort of reaction thought something to say about it so let's say something about it text me at 87870. Folksonomy now. Should pit bulls be banned because that discussion is going to happen once again. Here after the death of mean beautiful four year old girl it's just Angel who's. Would -- five years old here in just a few days. And instead of planning a birthday. -- planning her future. By all accounts. According to police she was sitting and watching television. When the pit -- for reasons that are not obvious. Grabbed her by the head. Attacked her viciously and mauled to death to other fighting off the dog. Gets injured as well had to be hospitalized with her entries but manages. To drag her daughter. Into the bedroom. When emergency responders show up. The dog's still vicious still going crazy she hands the little girl through the bedroom window. Use the emergency personnel on -- -- now that it dog attack them twelve times that it did. Before they could put it. A 130. Pounds. People and so they almost almost had to have something -- Because people don't generally get that. So -- out a little mix you thank -- panels on them in there that that's. Something but either way out but we've had a mid forty problems and they've done terrible damage my -- -- -- I've been around poles and dogs bite it's gonna happen in this situation you had a dog that. Was not neutered. In the apartment with the dog it was going in heat that can create bad behavior that can create yet. Hormonal behavior. The differences when a pit bull bites. -- pit bull's jaws show amazingly sprawl. She ward. And sharp. And when a pit bull latches on a dozen. -- -- -- -- Hanging from a tree. And -- and Hewitt for. A long wrong timing public is paying off the ground they have incredible. So is -- something wrong with the breed that makes an attack is -- something wrong with debris that makes it by eight. War is it just that they win they do blight. The results are usually very bad now because of the size and strength. Of there now. It's not like you get a little -- you know. I use is no way it's it's if a wallop bites. Now I'll draw was that by polish your Wiener dogs that bite me I -- at a friend that a reader argues by me all time. But -- go out. You know yeah. Yeah that not not. Whatever amount of pressure what you said it's like a machine. Ever ran flat shoes on and does -- go yeah I was now as having a barbecue once then we and a cocker spaniel on pit bull. And that we throw the cocker spaniel rib bone that dog woody out for an hour which go to the pit -- crunch polarized in one bite gone. So oh yeah talk about it text made -- 78 -- -- should there be bans controls limits. On pit bulls should there be consequences of people's -- -- here's a mother. Who fought off the dog was hospitalized but. In her fault in any way shape or form that her daughter is now dead and should she face any charges. Some people think some -- in no way she's been through enough. At the debate I'm very open have it. And get in Oregon don't play. You alone tigers. Yeah really snakes. Both conspirators. And you know and that's part of that freedom and a lot of people enjoy with the pet ownership I don't know. -- him about fifteen minutes first read him well him them attack our text vote your thoughts. 878. I appreciate you joining us for the early edition of WWL first news do you believe that the pelicans. Wanna -- Against a playoff team. The pelicans -- not mathematically out of the playoffs. But it a -- miracle they make it yet they've won four in a row. And kind of miraculous fashion though we'll talk about that was Steve Geller coming up after this with -- the thing -- Owners meetings in the rule changes and all that. If your forecast from meteorologist Laura but now on this Friday eve thank you for spending it with us here in the early edition of WWL first news. 5:19 good morning I'm Dave going at the early edition of WWL first news on this day before Friday with the weather gonna do. Breezy and mild today and definitely warmer than yesterday 73 this afternoon at 830% chance for a spotty shower. Rain chances tonight though our increase seen 70% overnight for rain and thunderstorms. And those continued through the early part of Friday before the storms push offshore they arrested Friday looking mild with highs around 81. Then another round of storms for late Friday night early Saturday morning this time it's a cold front pushing through so the rest of Saturday looking beautiful -- in the seventies. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- tell. A current snow wow what a strange pattern -- rain tonight. And then we have eighties tomorrow after the rain is gone on the morning then rain tomorrow night. And then seventies after the rain has gone. -- that. Good partly cloudy 55 now with the international airport in -- mostly cloudy and 49 at the National Weather Service office in slice. Sports and now I'm WW well. Pelicans will not beat -- guys. And there's still some slim mathematical chance they could make the you know after last night. Do you go over eleven games remaining. They cannot text you're number eight -- Even if it was actually -- -- they are now officially eliminated even though they won the last -- brother has been. From the player you -- just getting hot at the wrong time again that you know you know it ought to get out late that. If you wait too long and it does you know do it other then. Building team chemistry for next season. Helping has built team chemistry here on the radio is Steve Geller with your sports the morning happy Thursday everyone in the pelicans winning ways continue as they continued with their four game win streak now. For the first time this season by taking on the clippers 98 to 96. Walter black -- thank you global like block Mike Davis but quiet meeting to have until the -- -- Davis but that's the moral -- -- for three Powell. -- -- Injuries and illness forced Anthony Morrow into a starting role for the team and he responded with 27 points. All star Anthony Davis at sixteen with thirteen rebounds and six blocks while barriers Miller came off the bench and scored sixteen. The clippers' Chris Paul was old for twelve from the floor is only two points came from free throws. -- coach Bonnie Williams talked about his squads impressive. Wind -- we didn't really good team B team was good chance to win a title our defense was removed fourth quarter golden opportunity. It's the end zone and Tennessee and as a world power through this sort of play -- game tonight. Well -- a decision that could change the face of college sports a regional director of the National Labor Relations Board in Chicago has ruled. That football players at Northwestern University can create the nation's first college athlete's union. Northwestern officials say they will appeal to the full board in Washington DC. -- the NFL -- meetings have wrapped up and the league says it will experiment with extra point kicks from the one yard line for two weeks. In the pre season this summer. Legal owners wanna see how the change works before considering implementation on a full time basis. Commissioner Roger Goodell says it's also possible that the play offs could expand as soon as this coming season. The owners have discussed the notion of adding two more teams one from each conference. Aaron Thomas scored fourteen of his 21 points in the second half and Florida State defeated Louisiana Tech 78 to 75. In the third round of the ninety. The bulldogs -- -- apple Biden missed a pair of three point attempts in the final seconds back could have. Have tied the game. And intense holiday. Has drawn the first position and is listed as a 2:1 morning line favorite for Saturday's one million dollar Louisiana derby one of the premier prep races for the Kentucky Derby. Today apple on sports talk what are your expectations for LSU football this season plus. Which quarterback would you take in this year's NFL draft me and Zell portals or Bridgewater guard Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. I'm throwing three days -- Steve -- with you on your radius of Parkinson and mathematically eliminated from the playoffs but it's still exciting that they won for a row and last night building and beating another playoff team in the clippers won't. What's really amazing to Dave is just besides the injuries they've had seizing and the injuries to Ryan Anderson Jrue Holiday. Jason Smith they were even more we're shorthanded last night Eric Gordon and Brian Roberts is dealing with injuries and then Austin rivers is sick. So that's three more guys they had just nine total players available to play that last evening and everyone responded biggest. They play and they played hard and they got that -- and so congratulations to them. Com. We don't know what this team's gonna look like next season made you have to be a little encouraged by the fact that. They are showing that at least some of the core of this team can put together some impressive basketball. Yeah and at the beginning of the season coach Marty Williams talked about it's gonna take some time for these guys to jail. And as difficult too much. Yeah and also the problem though too is the influx of the players that were supposed to be starters were out so there's gonna be re adjusting period again next season. But the good thing -- a lot of these guys that work bench or role players are getting these extra minutes right now as of this team definitely has a bright future. And try not hurt my Williams and ought to go out with about to win. In terms of there were some fans saying hey come on as a time for a new coach -- all these losses. Maybe secures himself and of the year thank you Steve you secure yourself another sportscaster and talk about 25 minutes with more sports. I do wanna talk about this unionizing of college football players when we get to back in here. What does that mean and obviously is legal battle isn't over but potentially. Does that what does it mean for college football players if they can form unions. Well they event will they will they get paid without Steve about that 25 minutes that we well they go -- forecast right after that let's get your fourth. Ask for your Thursday breezy mild temperatures in the seventies and a slight rain chance later today at 30% but that slight chance. Because of the likely overnight tonight 70% as a round of showers and storms moves through. And that -- will likely linger into early Friday morning now arrested Friday actually looking fairly dry with temperatures in the low eighties. But another round of storms late Friday night and early Saturday morning this time it's a cold front moving on through. So while we will see some rain early Saturday it will not last all day temperatures in the afternoon Saturday actually looking nice in the seventies. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist larva. Now 55 a few clouds at the airport mostly cloudy 49 at the National Weather Service office in -- line now look at morning and gave -- the early edition of WWL first news talking about the tragic story of a four year old girl killed by the families people. After apologize and receiving incoming messages day and -- 7870. Some technical difficulties coming up I'll share some thoughts that you've been with us on FaceBook. Is that something wrong with pit bulls as a something else going on. Coming up very interesting messages you're sharing with us about -- full ownership should people deal own -- the debate is on again. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news its markets -- 27. It's 2014. -- it's good day before Friday that it is happy Friday it do you and you on yet to make room make it there and I'd like the way this weather's shaping up we gotta have rain it's common at the right times we'll talk with more more with mr. meteorologist -- element that moment. People are really fired up about this discussion about people's. Those that no child is. For you world would have been five this week -- at a birthday party for anymore. -- -- -- funeral after the station sitting on the couch watching TV that ball and male neutered in the apartment but the female football with. Going in the heat. To try to figure exactly what led up to Whitman the dog became enraged -- the child by the -- the mother fights off the -- ball. She's injured she's injured child's -- Pit bulls shot twelve times at home police drives so people of men taxing estimates 7870 and the technical difficulty we had has been resolved we're getting those messages and I'll. I have also been sounding off on our FaceBook page and read some of these non stop blaming the Doggett called parenting says one person. Another says I don't see how people can take this risk their child and have a ball. As is I hate it -- children should never be around these dogs ever. Those that you never hear of a lab business. Those six week old baby was killed by a family dog in Los Angeles it was a four pound Pomeranian. Not to breed. As bad dogs and every every. Also bad and stupid people says that that -- as it should be a law -- typical owner should not be allowed to have children. You just don't make him personally would rather papal. The parents should be smarter. Some of the things people are thinking in the end. In -- debate starts immediately right after the story came out yesterday and certainly we were all over by the age you know I got home from work and immediately my wife. Is -- I'd go down to the store and the lady be on the counter is on. Wanna talk about it cut their shocked by this -- thing and then of course immediately goes to the whole issue of principle ownership. Now that had not been any bills that I -- fine pre filed in this session of the Louisiana legislature to change the current dog ownership laws as it deals with pit bulls but. But if someone -- a bill -- something gone to existing legislation speaking of legislation much lighter note out. Wine ice yelling let's at all box I've never tasted wine ice -- and you look at Dell. Now it's legal in some states I did note existed and now they wanna make it legal there essentially it's. -- An ice cream it's just what it sounds like. And packets that it is going well together the right line with the right flavor -- him like him and imagine some very interesting mixes the two. By. I don't know that I need wind in my eyes you know -- wanna thank you need ice cream. I guess they can mix them together if I want it to myself. And we need to be old to authorize that well we regulate you know the sell alcohol I don't know I would I would think in the whole thing with the ice agreement would be. You know diluted to the point. It hardly be an issue but I didn't run I think is pretty it's not like when you cook it in two days out on her alcohol evaporates. As reported to a frozen mixed. So -- now not really any different than it factory you may have you made a shakeout at night status in Munich and alcohol -- Benefit. It's just that. Show. That shaken after the call's state. That is the thing the legislature has to deal with I don't want to sell -- I mean this. I there are a lot of really silly bills a lawmakers deal with official this unofficial that things don't matter and have no purpose whatsoever. This is actually some money on the table someone wants to sell it. It's not legal -- wants to make it it's not legal so they have to deal deal with this just sounds funny it does say it would would you like to taste it just try it. I don't get a little sample I damning AD got to worry about kids get all of this stuff -- ice cream. -- -- I just yet you're going to be either a big bowl like you might of your favorite ice cream and in this stuff it to. Yeah and a armed. Day out struck up a ball vice marinated David Tyree and let the tournaments more purses here on WWL. God let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News orgasms they -- -- -- saying. And as meteorologist Laura but now that man I like the way your forecast is setting up here do we gotta get rain -- ask me as well get it when most people are sleeping. That's true that's true although the the downside is that we have some strong storms possible. So you know you hate for those to come in overnight while people are sleeping but you're right at least for the weekend to it looks fine weather wise it's just the overnight hours were worried about rain in store. Analysts -- people on this ride and starting with today -- -- things unfold at this point. -- you know it's already warmer today than we were this time yesterday by I ten even fifteen degrees so. It's kind of a little bit much here outside this morning maybe we're talking temperatures right around fifty. North of the -- right about 55 on a South Shore -- it to seventy to read today that this could be a good bit warmer than yesterday. And while we're gonna keep the clouds around there's a slight chance for a shower also making -- that they like keep an eye out for he sprinkles today. -- a little better ran around today but warmer today clearly that was -- Accident tonight is at the first rounds of rain to new -- through it looks like some showers and storms late tonight. And early tomorrow morning to this time tomorrow we're talking baby talk about some showers and storms that match at New Orleans at the Friday morning commute with a look at that. Wet but after that we try out for the rest of Friday until we get to Friday night. -- -- overnight tonight into tomorrow morning bright and beautiful day Friday while beautiful if it. I don't eighty degrees in right but I mean it's that would be cloudy. Showers around that one I don't it would think the skies are clear it's going to be completely all the rain and in the morning but that doesn't all go away -- -- -- chance Friday night into early Saturday morning. Now once the front clear Saturday morning it will be a beautiful -- on Saturday -- Saturday will be beautiful -- out the front moves through at this point it looks at your 567 AM Saturday morning. After that ice clear it's cooler -- -- -- -- on Saturday mostly sunny and 72 on Sunday and around them every month on Iraq and that I'd like it I love it I want to -- once the front finally gets here Saturday morning -- all clear it's just for now until then he's appear storms -- and -- eighty degrees -- yeah EY. You go folks now we open up the newest file here on the early edition of WW -- says. Oh my. God -- pretty. And asked me how committee at Ohio which is also pretty much the same often as the one. People file. Police in Lakewood New Jersey today mr. getting calls about a man riding a tricycle. And of itself that's not that unusual like as al-Qaeda. Now this probably take it for the tried that yet. As I know no clothes on what to make it right now wearing a stitch of clothing a -- is this is at an adult -- like -- little I think it was a little -- you -- price the man. There is right in the Tesco -- the government -- respond to find the guy. Under a stairwell all. And start to investigate. Why is he riding a tricycle in the -- and turns out. As you with a match is double. Narcotics yeah I follow it yeah right substances that the -- they. Damn Yankees now charges being under the influence and cited for being naked in public. Had to be treated for some mind -- cuts and -- we now who's a tricycle. And did I. Wondering that does not just if not not I don't want to back him up Johnny and I don't want that it's been it's been analyzed it narcotics unit in the -- it -- -- -- advantages. And now -- combine a tricycle. -- beaten. -- -- -- Aniston understandably you know I would even -- the guy was high I don't know presented as a you know what. I didn't go right at Driscoll -- that's what I did we think there would be some difficulties in trying to do. You know right that strike it's not your size and track I just not well I pretzels and. Because -- -- can run normal sized person it's something that it's not the right size for him. Very typical and it anyway and it was her I think the program comfortable I think -- -- news. Now anyway. Thank you Laura. But now climate rabid right as. Totally get that image. Like they'll have a direct Eyewitness News forecast I -- the sports is Steve Geller doesn't mean that. College players can unionize under in these initial court ruling. Talk about that in. Pelicans they won four row but doesn't Mac and now they've been mathematically eliminated from the plan. Talk about that in market text messages about. Pit bulls after that. We've been talking about the four year old girl killed by cable and home. One person tactic to navigate -- that I blame the adults for the bad accident the dog is going to do. Only with the owner allows it to do deduction been muzzled the most as the child should have never been laughed with this dog parent -- it -- -- not the dog. It's irresponsible owners bosses I personally can't stand it. I respect all dogs but the little girl did not deserve this to me and it says this xmas that -- -- the company. And Lamar says it's the dawn their terrible dog's weight too aggressive. I know that spit balls have very very strong. And very very large mouths when they bite it does serious damage is that the dog's fault. Is it the owners fault should pit bulls be banned should it be. Registration of people should the mother be charged one person Texas today it's 7870 say yes the mother should face criminal charges. Other people argue she's already suffered. And now we'll continue the discussion right now. Pelicans they just cannot be denied when it then -- and and wedding but it doesn't matter at least not for this season anymore and mean college players in unionized with -- that more we say happy Friday eve to Steve Geller good morning sir. Good morning David happy Friday eve everyone the smoothie king -- atmosphere was electric. As the pelicans extended their win streak to a season high four games by taking -- LA clippers 98 to 96. Evans took the -- -- a ground ball. And it's another impressive victory for New Orleans who were even more shorthanded than usual Eric Gordon Brian Roberts and Austin rivers -- all out. But at the Mora stepped up to lead the team with 27 points in the -- Anthony Davis added sixteen with thirteen rebounds and six blocks. -- head coach money Williams says instead of stressing over having just nine act. Active players they just focused on letting their game do the talking. We put the Jersey so we pray before we go there and seeing who believe in this town the work -- -- him. Just gotta -- that these guys as opposed to -- win tonight when the game before he starts. Will regional director of the National Labor Relations Board Chicago has ruled that football players at Northwestern University. Can create the nation's first college athlete's union the decision means that the NLRB agrees that the athletes qualify. As employees. Under federal law and therefore can legally unionize the university says though it plans to appeal. Tuesday's semi finals of the NIT are set. Florida State will be Minnesota in one semi final as the semi file as the seminoles beat Louisiana Tech 7875. In the third round action. The NCAA men's basketball tournament resumes as to at 2 venues this evening. In the south regional semi finals upstart big takes on Stanford followed by number one overall seed Florida testing UCLA. The west regional semi finals will also feature a double header. Was counts him out of the Big Ten plays Baylor followed by Arizona taking on the San Diego State Aztecs. They have for a sports talk what are your expectations for LSU football this season plus which quarterback would you take in this year's NFL draft. Man Zell portals or Bridgewater are in Steve Geller -- early morning -- sport. I'm 53 Dave Cohen Steve Geller with you on your radio so the National Labor Relations Board says students at least at northwestern can unionize. College. Athletes. Now we've had. A few hours now -- ruling came out yesterday afternoon to have the analysts X around on it and look at it and think about it is and everything you've read -- and heard. What do you think this means for the future of college athletes. Are they gonna get -- It definitely means that there will be if they're considered employees and not student athletes they will be have to we'll have to be compensated in some form. Oh could that be here. Scholarship money what about walk -- you don't get a thing right now this -- they did approve the NCAA. Allows stipends for college students to pay for things like food and housing and things like that but it's that it depends is a very small amount of money. Right in the right now the ruling only applies to students at private schools not public schools. And we also know that northwest has -- will be appealing -- so nothing is in action yet but. It definitely you would think may be the next. Five years we could be seeing college athletes being paid just like. Professional athletes. We'll see what happens here this now this is decision by the National Labor Relations Board the courts will obviously become involved in this thing department yeah and I figures -- -- -- its high for the Supreme Court definitely. Thank you Steve what was to come back and fifteen minutes with more sports here on WWL I am FM and that now we got some rain comment. They've had good time for it to rain and these will share the forecast with Iran after -- By the next morning -- And gave knowing your forecast. Ice today and milder temperatures than yesterday we're hitting 73 this afternoon. But don't be surprised to see if you straight showers around for later today and that rain chance jumps up tonight to 70% for showers and storms roll on through. With lows only in the upper 60s now Friday morning we're going to see some early storms but they will push off -- pretty quickly the rest of the -- looking partly cloudy. And warm high of 81. In the same thing goes first Saturday some early morning storms as a front finally swings through with the rest of Saturday looks beautiful with Temps in the upper seventies. From the eyewitness -- forecast center I'm urologists Clark -- out. Ever start this morning 55 at the airport 49 and trying to. Two minutes in front of 6 AM. Thank you for joining us this past the hour here in the early edition that VW golfers as -- with a few text messages that have been sent state 7870 about the mauling of the four year old girl -- almost died after. The family pit bull attacked there. Pit bulls are very dangerous streets as one text message today 7870 they have the reputation to prove that I would never jeopardize my children around one you just never now. Another says knowing the history of these dogs common sense these are not family -- Those let's just ban all dogs all Marines attacked every one. Just blame -- Don't look. And all the good day. A polarizing debate her here put that on a much lighter note. Man Orlando Florida truck -- -- -- all over the turnpike closing it down this week there's also been a huge honey spilled millions of gallons of Florida and California.

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