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WWL>Topics>>3-27 6:15am Tommy, is spanking harmful?

3-27 6:15am Tommy, is spanking harmful?

Mar 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Paul Frick, Professor & Chair of Psychology at UNO, about spanking kids

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I always talk about you know building the middle class of new Rawlins and it Jerry Bologna -- a lot of people know this sees negative director of Judd tell a friend of mine is a graduate of UN now. And we welcome doctor Paul Frick from UNL now professor and chair psychology and I went to UN -- as well and graduated doctor Paul I'll always like to not only say that you know built the middle class but. Give some examples Clancy Dubose went to you know how many people that went there actually turned out pretty successful people in the community. Yet I mean we knew we we have really done a good job of getting a lot of people. Educated that -- pretty pretty good bargain. And I'll say this. Because you can't they need to fully fund UN ON -- and try to beat that -- as much as I can because that's the only alternative a lot of honest because I was in that -- when I graduated from high school hand but don't say anything you can't get involved and -- Well but no I can actually they would even appreciate all the support people can can give US. We we need to be funded as we are proud of what that a product that we do including you're coming. And a model that lets talk about spanking kids and a new study out that says spanking triggers a vicious cycle. And then it leads a kid's acting out in -- its banks and more and and the more you spank the more they act out and you see where this is no one yet. Well what woods is -- a and survey is that pretty much the truth nice thing that. I have one daughter and there was no need to ever spank her but then after talk in -- so many people. I think maybe -- boys and a group bomb it might be different I don't know what it would as the leading thought process here when it comes -- studies and psychologists at center. Well I wanna start with -- things that I'm almost positive when you start getting calls people are gonna focus on two things they're they're gonna really emphasize it needs to be disciplined. And that is absolutely true. You didn't need to know right from wrong and parents need to discipline. But the question is whether spanking is the best way of doing and I do think people caught up in -- you don't spank you don't discipline but that's not exactly true. On the other thing people always -- you know I got banged doors that give examples of people at bank announced on -- That the studies do show that there's a vast majority people who -- bank. Do you do not have psychological problems turned out fine. On the issue is that there are certain kids who are more vulnerable to discipline. 22 physical discipline. We did a study about but 68 years ago about the University of Alabama. That showed that their that promote sport is respected if there's mild spanking their -- node negative effects. But there are certain kids who have trouble regulating -- eager regulating emotions anyway. That when they respect what they pick up is not that they have done something wrong they -- being punished. But that made my parents get mad they hit. And so they don't have learned to control pact that would make it they -- and so there are certain vulnerable unit to spanking isn't cut the best option. The most important thing and I think the bottom line for discipline. Is consistency parents have to be consistent and disciplined. And along those lines I would ask you in relation -- use and it's kind of hard to be consistent if you act out of anger right so. The thing with spanking Italy's got means you have -- -- you hit your kid. When you've lost it when you just don't know fails to do war. Hate to say cold and calculating -- it's pejorative but. You have to be calm and willingly inflict physical punishment on your kids sign on he would. Come between those -- and mail address emphasizing that. Now no but that actually you know with what -- down and other studies have found is that usually the first example that you give and is that a lot thousand parents spank its if you know this kid you know he's been talking back and he's been doing this and I just it toppled network and I just couldn't take it today. It's like they're in the dog any on the -- did say that the kids a dog that is what nor do you wanna kick a dog is pretty much same thing. Right like that with interest and that you were talking about was actually you know it's it's a very interesting study because. It did try to to untangle what came first you know the chicken or the day and it didn't you wait it's started very early they started policies it's when they were when your old. And they actually did show that at least spanking actually predated a lot of their behavior problems. The other interesting thing that they they showed is that both factors are happening that -- these kids from one year old and nine year old. And they showed that spanking predated any problems but the more acute bet behave badly and aggressively the more parents spank. And so it ended up getting into this vicious cycle that psychologist optical courses like. Which is a coercive cycle. That we which means you know more is that the more the parents spank them -- the parents spank the mortgages backed up. And it just get to the escalating point where you know often times and we see them as psychologist. Everything I don't know what to do. You know we're just you know yelling at each other all the time on spanking them tried every kind of spanking and up and working in magistrate at the Lleyton -- more more negative. One more negative things. Have a couple more minutes or Ireland's RT not to call for again. Outstanding example of the education and -- know -- the messenger psychology there in Baton Rouge. Legislators drive and -- Baton Rouge right now you'd need to fully fund you know because it's the only option. Lot of people in the annual and area man or hand and that's when he gets some pretty successful people turned out there six point three timely traffic in that. That it's Harold Robinson. Tommy Tucker talking about spanking with doctor calls for a professor and chair psychology you know. -- study out says -- spanking triggers a vicious cycle that you spank a kid nanny gets aggressive and any is spanking causes an aggressive than he's been more aggressive. But sometimes doctors and and correct me if I'm wrong there are times where. Spanking is appropriate and I guess a question I'm wonder in his body determined. Whose bank and not to me first of the FB kits does not you know on in jail I realized that. -- comes to your own kids Heidi -- he would decide who it is that you should spank. Well I mean I think that that's the thing about in the broader picture is just gotta have discipline and parents have got to tribal have a lot of different types of discipline. Because also what were the ones Islam network and other you know -- good example. My brother you know loved to listen to music much TV you're going outside so. When my parents would ground him it would be taken away you know deviant in his radio. For me I just want to be out though and so my background it inside it was a completely different thing but it it worked for each of us. Adding that the key. It is -- not just have one thing to do you know I think that's what happens when you know that that. One of the reasons apparently. Spanking is because it is quick and easy. If you ground the body or take away things that goes on for a long -- your ground for a couple days. You know. It's going on for a couple days that you're sort of you know in this. Situation with your child with spanking -- quick and easy. So the key is to have a lot of different types of discipline and again I want -- emphasize that again. When we're talking about -- he would need discipline when they do something wrong they need to have consequences. The trick is prepared to have a lot of different things and that that varies depending on the child's age. Com. And you know what you -- a couple of more minutes is that the one thing I want to get into is if you have you don't wanting alerted UNL in management was that they call -- the red hot stove Roland and that is if you. For people don't know aids it comes to discipline and -- days where. It's like a red hot stove everybody who touches it gets burned if you don't -- -- you don't get burned you get punished. In ruins of proportion to how long you touch it and there's one on the -- member of the design you know -- fault it's mine. And someone else yelled one kid in the family that needs to be -- town a year. Not make him or she feel like she's being singled out is there a difference when it comes of boys and girls. And in terms of age limit at some point I would think -- dueled to spank will answer all those questions. A what he calls too if you have any for doctor Paul Rick about spanking or just an opinion on it. At 260187. Neitzel 386689087. Right now time for -- WL first news. So it's good. I David Blake thank you very much a very dangerous situation in Algiers I know that area well. And I know what the morning commute looks likes of 5000 without power and if you're at home I mean you might deliberately toward it. Lights out on general Meyer holiday table and again I grew up all -- -- areas on now I know about the the traffic just an outside of rush hours at that handles. So again you treat major intersections where traffic lights not working as a four way stop already is Harold is still -- accidents at. Holiday and make Arthur and holiday in general drive zone. In my one maybe go a different direction if you can I guess general Meyer would be an alternate route of those living body away might move quicker doctor Paul Frick rejoins us professor. And chair of the department of psychology at you know quickly doctor desired time's running out when the lightning round. When it comes -- spanking -- slain boys and girls. How do you spank one child in the family in four kids if who without him feeling like -- heard it being singled out and what about age appropriateness of what point should not have to spank anymore. OK but I -- -- want to reiterate what I said before this league banking is ever you know the best alternative. You know it Foley's you know again. There by people who can be bank -- I'm not saying they're going negative consequences but there's always other options of the land and always it's always risk here. And I get that docking on thing I know is a lot of people from the tax and get in Vegas bank anyways I'm just trying to give them some information on. Is some of the I guess do's and don'ts are limiting guidance if you insist on doing it. Well you know that you know -- intends to work you know better and and in younger age groups. You know and we were talking about it is a little nine. End. You know as you get older you know I think the reason -- -- suspect it is because you do have more options in terms of you know. All the -- when they start driving they can -- a car and I do think that that's the key is which he -- about age appropriateness. The younger the it is that the more things. You wanna do like I'm and taken away toys and things like that they -- -- you wanna take away privileges. So again -- the matter that -- well as you know as at that before with what works for an individual child. Adding I think that you know that is where the boys and girls coming in. You know that there are certain things that work in a more important the girl's. Can be used for discipline and other things the boys. Sonoma into the red hot stove rule does do well if if you insist on spanking your kids. But all of them may not be those kind of kids because you know sometimes Brothers who were up to be completely opposite her three kids all three are completely different. It can use bank one last thing any other two without one being went feeling that he's being singled out or her or any other do you feel my boy we get away with some stuff. Absolutely you know it when it comes to discipline her -- anything. You know -- they're different and you know just because you're treating somebody differently doesn't mean -- somebody better or worse. You know you have different personnel and different temperaments but a lot of times and I just thank you but what motivates them you know is going to be different. And so yes he you don't have to do the same thing for -- Johnny explain to them you know absolutely. You know we told everybody that things standards even though we may be disappointing you do it differently. And get a lot of text so on this Sundance you know mean to be -- hear things -- me phrases is. Diplomatically as I can if this is sometimes adults. Omnicare for that kind of activity and and the text are asking is that because they war or weren't spanked as a child. It does. The aggregate when he used those run across generations that -- -- had a number of studies that show our viewers bank you're more likely to spank. As a parent. Well it's not exactly financed in part and -- in about adults who might. Feel as though that and we -- kids and cars and trying to be delicate about his adults who feel as though. They would want that kind of discipline does that necessarily. Result from them being spanking as acute or not being spank his. How I am not sure I can answer that question you've got a good doctors so that -- thank you for forgiveness all -- that GM. I'll let you. Pardon me. -- I don't. I know that you -- a professor Wendy -- my mouth shut. -- they -- as a student I should have thank you -- doctor by graduate doctor Paul strict. Professor and chair psychology you know pleasure now we talk to you soon. I.