WWL>Topics>>3-27 6:45am Tommy, is spanking harmful?

3-27 6:45am Tommy, is spanking harmful?

Mar 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Marjorie Gunnoe, a Professor of Psychology at Calvin College, about spanking kids

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker get a text that says awesome time on some topics thanks a lot. For doing it retirement spanking very helpful info for those of us with one's. -- he would text and in Berry Josh hang on one -- that Marjorie. I don't -- pronouncing it right that. -- I didn't know we we pronounce your name right now. It's one of the few things we do correctly here we try to at least renowned names right you doctor. -- a doctor you know you're target that a professor of psychology at Calvin College -- Did tell me about spanking better to do it better not to do it -- make an you tell me a mistake if you do it. Yeah let -- I think -- gave the opinion and I would agree intended using parent you know a lot of tools that they can use spanking -- certificates -- -- And it's not really better to do that -- to not do it it's better to tailor your discipline -- -- -- specific child needs. Wait you said it's better. Not to do it then do it. That stated it's not a question yet certain it's a question -- what is detectives at this particular child and there are studies that show. That forced them it'd be a clinical trial which is kind of the best kind of console data you can get in. But the social sciences. -- there are some things that separate them kids state you seem to need. Spanking it's very -- prescribes to spank you put them in timeout first. I'd get they get in out of timeout and you try. Other things and some of the things that actually happened about the 1998 that psychologist in particular programs particularly. That's a -- children were actually teaching parents suspect two -- to the behind open hand interpret them it did seem to work to Athens. Stop there are very bad behavior. Atlanta I'm not trying to take a serious subject and make it light did. -- just like realists say when it comes a spanking I guess it's location location and location not necessarily. Well no seriously not necessarily Intel also just in terms of where you would give this child a couple of slots but. Also what he's doing in public -- not so -- an answer those two things worry if I would direct you now. -- -- -- You want to obtain and protect themselves privacy and obviously in the climate that we're and you can't be -- in public there aren't every every now -- -- we hear different states people have been you know charges that -- and they often patent. Then minister of like but it's not something you wanted to public intended location on the child's body. Everybody that basic -- they decided that issue but among psychologists to do say that it may be acceptable to the banks have kids at some point. We I'd say no more than two spots open hand to either -- but expect -- elect senator Mary kind of clean which you're not you know going report. Never ever in the face and I'm not trying to be over dramatic here but I know it went when a law enforcement official sees somebody shot in the face and no it's not a robbery they know that it's personal. 99% of the time so when it comes spanking. Is the message convey if you if you if you slap some money in the face a vastly different connotation. Being given -- -- -- backside. As and it's much danger and let me -- talk a little bit about that danger that you -- If you might have this steady you know did agree that that mr. initiated this interview and questions. Did a great job Schilling won a lot of have. Believe for a lot and that spanking is probably in Haskell at Torrey circular kind of situation in families where in fact it is doing that interpret that -- spanking at the same time the banking. Maybe modeling aggression. For. That some kids imitate in some kids that we have a lot kind of expected that is certain particular process. What is kind of at this study is that they started when his one years old episode and then did -- DM. Little blurb that you sent immediately to -- that now we've solved the chicken and -- prominent think this is -- to receive. That that is about kids. Parents were keeping them when they were twelve months on and asking the question hey -- understanding the problem behavior well. Twelve month old baby and not immediately. Dad and aggressive and if your parents hitting your one on then yes you're the one standing in the crowd behavior you don't. You're very stressed you don't have probably a very good sense of child about it. -- that was the case with the -- -- very stressed sampled 44% of the parents and that hustled were below the poverty level but anyway that's been incarcerated. Practically speaking the doctor if you if you're gonna spank us. One year old it would seem to -- cognitively or developmentally this child's gonna think everything I and have everything that I know that I trust those sons turning on. And absolutely we know that kids don't really have the ability to be consciously -- until about eighteen months old and so. You can. Kind of you can teach kids cause and effect relationships before that didn't they -- that you can. Chuckle wrap and keeps them not to go on the eastern side of the cage. Yeah you can teach and that but you're not helping them become a world child if you want to -- while healthy child. You need to really began with having that child trust you in the first eighteen months. And his weekly segment electric shock to discipline your kids because -- I know I'm just like -- see that you know give the sale I spent my twelve months old and that's how -- -- -- respect that and I hit it twenty times they learn. You know not to practice and I you know that kids can learn and I -- yes but that connected he didn't but that's not. You know that that helping your child become more moral at one years. Brooklyn Dodgers and we need like a 32 answer is around in my late difference between boys and girls. Then that buys a little bit different I think generally the practice either going to be and which this said he did and show up. Doctor I appreciate your time and seller we were so rushed doctor Margaret -- year ago doctor Marjorie you know. Professor of psychology at Calvin College thank you so much.

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