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3-27 7:15am Tommy, college athletes union?

Mar 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Michael McCann, a Sports Illustrated legal analyst and Director of the University of New Hampshire Sports & Entertainment Law Institute, about a ruling that could lead to college football players unionizing

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A ruling by a regional director. Of the end of the a National Labor Relations Board said. -- at least allowed players that Northwestern University to create a union now a couple of questions here are too many are. What does that mean they say they want bargaining rights but rights to bargain for -- And and with the attorney is saying news for that. Union. The organization is -- college football is for all practical purposes a commercial enterprise. That relies on players' labor to generate billions of dollars in profits. That they contend makes the relationship of schools of players one of employers. To employees. Didn't say a volunteer organization Mike McCann joins us right now directed a a friend of ours director of the University of New Hampshire is sports. And entertainment law institute the morning Michael. More banks have taken a time when -- give us your thoughts if you will on this story that broke yesterday. Well it's a major story in that first time that. A law. Citing entity industry national labor relations were regional director at decided back out to be eight. Bet they are -- employees are spool. Eight hour work week. Might it generate. The fact that athletic programs are often separate. The rest of the university. And other factors letter regional director in Chicago. Don't hold back kinkle dirt and at northwestern alternate. Our employees now he's the first step out there's going to be an appeal the national labor relations were Washington DC. And it could get reversed -- and final victory -- need to be National Labor Relations Board arm. The regional director's vision. There -- likely -- a -- suit filed by our western. That would be hurt by federal -- appeal so it. It's a situation their probable result Ers are marked by as the starting point it to big victory. -- colder and it is the first step toward that they being created employees rather than being limited scholarships. What is the difference -- areas there one between state schools and private schools. Yet it took a big difference and it in the is particularly major point in the -- so. Came Coulter -- -- player -- private university in national labor relations act is that she locked in all of only -- Government and employers. Well as a result. It turned out. And that work under an agreement northwestern. Students at public university she can't rely on that. They could have used their state law. And laws are all over the war on the topic. But twice force stage are considered bright to work state state that limit or outright prohibit. Employees. At a public university term unionized. 08 could turn out that player Alabama player so Ohio states and others will depend upon -- -- -- Won't be able unionize. While those that are at school record and being hurt recruiting edge. Private schools where they can the coach earlier you can join a union in -- and -- Now they stay and work around -- some extent they don't recognize that they believe they can't union. So there's some way to mitigate it but he did damage to our sport. In terms of collective bargaining. And I guess that school or what they all athletes. Cheap point though it is something that happened -- all -- -- and doubt. Eating all -- though. If they cheer at the bargaining unit it. In National Labor Relations Board certifies that gene -- and -- book while he may. Can't do the bargaining unit in the -- -- collectively bargain. In turn the RB. Are just ankle -- at it every student we. I don't get the 30% what will the players golfers. Well -- the women where large trees are not short and and I would I would not want to Michael. Well all wanted to get right they are already getting a scholarship in May be worth more than what they're gonna get a pay. And it could end up being don't want the controversy being -- union. That they may trigger or -- student and aren't. Unionized or reduce our sport you're going to school where -- A scholarship. It'd -- idea of entering into court to bargaining in commodity. You're gonna go on strike. And I have magic -- it wouldn't order it wouldn't want boycott games. Oh -- go on strike from footballer Diego go on strike from classes at the university is giving you a scholarship in exchange. For Maryland football or any other sport. Great question I I don't I assure rubio is boycotting sports but you know art. It could be taken like. Management you know due to an end on Labor -- back then management's desire -- -- Kenyatta the university. -- -- Hacker or app and other there are educational logger could prevent that happening -- you -- Jewish junior title with a buyout. But it -- old student athlete in Europe and any tuition it's the argument got a little work on your belt. There are a lot of report facts here that could have an -- -- I'm sorry it was so short a time Michael but I know you're busy and I appreciate you covenants in time force. Interpret --

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