WWL>Topics>>3-27 7:45am Tommy, unions for college players?

3-27 7:45am Tommy, unions for college players?

Mar 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Doug Sunseri, WWL's legal analyst & host of All Things Legal, about a ruling that would allow college football players to form unions

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Serrie joins us right now. A friend of -- and the host of all things legal. Here at -- WL is legal analysts and he also used to be done correct me if I'm wrong a professional sports agent -- Right so tell me about. Your initial. Take your initial nineties feelings opinions on when the news when you heard this come out. Well ball I attended a couple components first -- -- the ruling will probably hand throughout the year you'll. I think at some point at all. First round and the browns are. Required one per -- they're on a lot more now or the U yeah. It makes sports analogies he makes things easy understands this is round one they've just come out of the corner bell rang. And they come out and touch gloves and ready ago. The route one walk on -- -- question now why did this happen. And the reason that it's happening is because -- -- so we ended. In export laws and not somebody some basic needs -- and education. Medical. -- that maybe -- graduate school where there eligibility completed. Are those applications. And so here and so heavy -- I think the players. -- and you know in in people that situation feel like they have not due Qatar in court possibly the legislature. Get a couple weeks. -- -- -- I think it's. It's it's it's a ruling where. -- CA and you know what we've got to get out this issue because we now we've some. Court. Opt in remain at court ruled that go against the. And we may also -- legislation on the beach and can't stop it we may lose control of and gave war so I think it would victory in the sense. That is more to hand the NCA. Administrative. Level on it and that we you know edit this problem. Could start and things the court system that we know why. And we very little control over. How we administer an area. Mom I don't know how you would begin to -- first off when it comes to. Com regional labor board people ruling on Andy I know more. I'm washing up holding hitters they generally on the same Ager and I need to use of words -- a phrase free Lance but. -- sometimes a regional people wander off where they're supposed to be in and then of Washington people bring him back. Absolutely and very aggressive. And I don't think there's. -- tort law port it even though they're maybe some considerations. And I think when it goes to the five member board. That they will be very careful you could want in one K you know a lot of unintended consequences. That a or beyond cup squad right now insult. This particular good or but on the other hand I think there's going to be a lot of pressure on him. You know Erica and these are concerned. Because you don't. You -- a courtroom -- can't shoot and also to legislation you know. Our own body appears the only person speaking and -- on court last year. Up in court ruling you know. -- cause that's well thought that it could change directions and give a lot of concessions to the players in connection with that now. Not three. We're one. With the player's car so. -- this is helpful. And you know -- attention -- -- CA and in any universe in the administrators and we have to do something about it because we don't. We -- lose control Arctic situation and we allow -- port control. -- NCA. Out by district. All across -- That thing I thought about too is when you -- -- title nine when you go to programs that cost the universities a ton of money all comes. Bargaining powers so. I don't know how you. Would say you know if you don't give me -- on. And believe promise up plan because an away it would seem like if programs and their male or female athletes and in a program that was draining the money of university its anchor in -- play no no no problem we we won't have a team. Right -- -- hurt both it's just a matter the player ever shorter lifespan. So I struck it down more than U -- you know devastating blow so what strikes a -- not. You know put that up. I guess I'm asking Doug is they say they wanted to place at the bar at the the bargaining table but. And a lot of sports and money universities few even football programs -- money generators onsite at their wrongs on -- -- Really would bargaining power they have. Well the war really. If it was a lot unintended consequences that we can be and number right now with revenue generating sports are not currently generated port. A lot of university football programs money. I'm not sure it's been church. -- deductions or that football programs concern. So. Yeah at that particular issue my caddie increase hand up not at all consequences. And I think what we're looking. To do is get out. In front of -- change. Now we have more of the tribal court ruling and legislative cycle back -- it really undermines. How but how would again out in front of it. If it's how -- -- Crowder are you concerned and to not -- players yeah you know La. Put important scholarship when it completely eligibility could go to grad school -- at school at an ethical treatment so that you know. -- on. Someone that concussions or has or you know entry in college that there will be treated. Rarely maybe additional strike so that they content additional. Expense in order to get through the year those issues with the -- with the players award. Concerned about it not been. Sacked coach dale brown now I'll say it followed college athlete. I would go on strike we just to show how we're being exploited as aptly talk. -- they are there everybody else make and model except a player. -- I think that's probably been covering global war on the last thirty years in this courtroom artist or -- -- our first. Our guests doubles that's being shot. On players -- book we need cheap guy. That they'd tell somebody else and -- important. Doug you know what I do is bring people together and solve problems of this when I'm gonna suggest. What they do is instead of an immediate compensation they tell a player you know like your kid can come to school here tuitions paid. And that's going to be put off until the future in unless since. Solidly packed classroom there's generally -- and university that marches. Now. I don't think let me ideas -- I think the -- -- to do it really electric trades as it should not necessarily union. The sort of like. Have a representative. Come to table the NCA in Arkansas. Kept -- represent a cross section of all the players. In Britain where it looked into. -- and unique. Technical issues or go to legislature shall -- go back Portuguese and trust. And I think what would the NCAA. So use that having been so. And in money. Such unilateral way. You know they -- with the players concerned all. Got you know. And trying to catch couple we have to go to break our relatives from all things legal -- barrels. Have a great date thank you view inside our our -- of -- professional golfer when you do represent me.

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