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WWL>Topics>>3-27 8:15am Tommy, pit bull attack

3-27 8:15am Tommy, pit bull attack

Mar 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Houma Police Chief Todd Duplantis about a pit bull attack that left a 4 year old girl dead

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy -- -- sixteen thanks for being with us on this Thursday morning and once again we talk about pit bulls because of the tragedy that happened. In home on me into ruin would have suffered her suffered would have celebrated her fifth birthday. This week I think it was but unfortunately she died in horrible death on. And it was Tuesday night chief -- the -- she joins us right now the home police department morning chief market. Tell me I guess herself when this happened and how it happened. Well this now. Happened on March 25. Shortly up to seventy on and they also responded to -- island apartment complex riches right awful. Stop Hollywood enough holly through eleven. They -- -- got there they discovered that. Lord chose a terrible has attacked before you -- now. Inside an apartment complex and the mother. Was a bit of partisan back into shape she fought these people off of her child and was able to barricade yourself and sodomy or bedroom. Wendy also Ron people would steal com acting very vicious manner it was running around -- -- -- -- the mother was barricaded in the -- She was able to handle her child to. Emergency personnel and via federal Wendell. And the officers. Made the decision to -- utilize their service weapons and lethal force to to stop the threats and from anyone. -- -- -- -- Did any office is getting injured. Note there was also that got injured -- enhancement. Said the injuries involved where fatal on each now. And missed to -- receive some entries. When she was fighting child adult or child. Do you have any details on investigations. You know what's I don't mean to say what started but what made the don't go. All of a sudden turn violent. You have understanding we have now here's. Mother and child was in the living room watching TV went for some unknown reason the that the people who's been identified as Nikko which is a two year old male people and there's always approximately 130. Pound. And chief let me interrupt you right there because I'm getting a bunch attacks from people may be papal owners saying. They could and a pit bull because of people could never weighed that much how do you determine what kind of -- well. We animal control. Recovered the did deceased animal and performed an autopsy. They -- -- and we get now information from -- I count the animal control officer. Who informed me that down this pit bull. What was the biggest could vote she's jealousy. And she. And you know I'm getting the same calls from these people they call an -- questioning whether or not. It was a acceptable. Or not and now from which he's -- is. The animal control officer is television that fitful hours. You what you police said the additional hour may count. Bread. Two. Other selective. Type animals to create or Cyrus super must throw tried both people. And I -- that the information on getting -- from animal control and they had been upon as a pure bred people. I let's get back to what happened there any apartment at 7 o'clock on what night -- This is march 25. Sort of benign book four -- Tuesday night yes. And would do -- -- mean that the dog had a history of violence -- went no way to do how to get started. No history apartments again only information they perceive they were inside the Lebanon watching TV and for some unknown reason adult attacked. The four year old child. Is there any evidence any. I think it all that would lead you to believe that this dog was anything about a family and. No there's no other evidence. Three. You know throw investigation. We we there's no research indicating that the adult suffered any type of abuse are showed any type of signs of any top adult fighting I've been trying to adults -- Part to this incident. And a father of the child. Com -- was an dubbed handed business whatever breeding dogs yeah. Well this was the forefront and support friends forms and was offshore. Default and a child of course separated from. The mother but eluded the mother -- and -- the resonates -- with her boyfriend. Well though when you said the dog was bred -- some kind of super pit bull with it and who did debt deal are they just wanted on. Again we still we still investigating at best information received from the and patrolled did they find that the animal was it was a very -- -- -- people and and what has been brought it to dictate to receive that type aside. Chief after seeing his senate knows they've had any other. Attacks in home on trying to remember him have there -- are not people. I'm not -- our call -- -- this is the first. That -- at least. -- -- So after being involved in this and having seen this. And boy you gotta be careful with with pit bull owners because they tend to be very defensive and maybe rightfully so because of dogs could be singled out but it seems like. A lot of times we do we hear about. Tragic pit bull attacks on it do what would you say the people -- what would you say to people that handle pit bull after what you saw. Again we nine you know targeted to people's directly -- me just get information now about -- For the public to be aware of what can happen. And I'd just be aware of there their pets and be aware of the surroundings I mean. Adult you know you know two people can be in a Roman went is -- to go to shake hands adult can take it as a as an aggressive. Handshake and attacked. And and and people need to understand that you know means to be aware these type of actions around doll. Appreciate you time chief and I'm very sorry is everybody is that happened. Thank you.

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