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3-27 9:45am Tommy, update on Malaysian flight 370

Mar 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Van Gurley, retired Navy Captain, former commanding officer at the Naval Oceanography Operations Command, and a Senior Manager with Metron Solutions, about new developments with flight 370

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Want to give me an update on because we've spent so much time talking about it and me being missing Malaysian flight 37 either has been a development in that and I'm calling captain captain Dan -- joins us right now he was a captain in the navy in a former commanding officer. For the naval ocean and a oceanography operations commander morning captain mark -- thanks thanks for taking the time when there's some. Tell me what the the latest development is and how important it could be. Well there's continue to be intriguing news because between yesterday and today there have been two different sets of satellite imagery. Release first by the French and now by the Thai news. That seemed to indicate there may be any a large field of many side -- objects floating out there and original search area. A caution everyone in the thing that's frustrating about that is we don't know yet exactly what these objects are. The the Australians just announced they had to cancel the flight operations today because the weather's getting rough in the area now. But they have five ships from China and Australia out of the search area. So presumably they will be working their way toward where these objects have been spotted in the last couple days. To get eyes on and see if in fact this is part of wreckage and debris field from aircraft wreckage. When it comes in the ocean com and flotsam and jets and which are two different things one. Falls off the other thing is intentionally discarded ranked yes I'd so did in the ocean do these things generally. Have a tendency to accumulate because waves or some other situation. There's a couple different factors going on. One because -- days. Of the winds in the ocean currents everything's moving out -- and in the speed and direction they move and it's very complicated -- depends on. Not only how strong the wind is blowing and how strong the ocean currents are but it also should. Depends on the shape of the object so much sticks out in applicants failed to catch the wind or how much sticks down. And get pulled by these -- so it's very complicated motion model going into. Trying to understand how things float around out there in the ocean. There are spot in the ocean where things tend to congregate just because of the general circulation pattern to. Is so the general circulation patterns that you see in the big ocean big political job hires. In -- -- a problem there are things that are you know from lack of better work toward called garbage that just when things. Things collect. This area is what so far off the beaten trail often normal shipping channels. I would be surprised to -- -- it would be a lot of stuff down there. Because normally that's garbage is being lost overboard shipping container fault often rough weather that kind of stuff. And isn't -- an awful lot of it to be there and I guess. Maybe because of the way it's spread out over a 10154. Square miles. But yet I have I have seen -- multiple reports I'm not exactly sure would quarters aren't you know that the French they'd be counted up 422. Objects and come in and in a fairly confined area in the -- satellite imagery that was collected on the 23 of march. And it ties. In the image they had which was someone near the different spot counted 300 objects. On an image -- on the 24. And again -- talk about two different things one is signing out if there's any debris from the airplane in the second would be. You know finding what's left black boxes to determine. What exactly happened if they can so. From -- as Saudi get back to where the jet may have gone in -- -- -- the black boxes maybe. Well the bit distant the next day so it is if -- -- is just pointed out. The first thing we -- it was -- the debris on the ocean's surface. Because Beckett this gives as a starting point what does know which haystack to start looking into. Once we find the debris field band and the ocean biographers will use use their information to help us and -- in the mathematical field. Backtrack all those objects down on the ocean surface to where it may have come from it's not an exact science very complicated the folks out there it. Naval short -- -- it's been a state senator do this quite a bit. And but then we -- gives you an idea of where the impacts and may have been been to start a completely different search and that is sort of look at the ocean bottom. And it defined the wreckage on the ocean bottom in the black boxes. That's an awful big plays side I don't know I I don't understand half of this -- you do it but I know it's an amazing. Craft and art that you all India engaging in out -- NS with the ocean jogger Fiat. The department has -- to work at Stennis now want to give away anything confidential but that's not just. That's all around the world the things that are done out there than on. Did that correct jets and able photography as a worldwide. Capability to model ocean currents in motion when in fact. The ocean current model they run out at Stennis is one of the world's best and in the very proud of it may do great work. And then now and marketing capacity at work in -- and announces farm and we take that information and other things like it. And try to build -- probability map to figure out where do we start searching the ocean bottom. Am always wondered does be determined when's the best time to finish. It can be used it to and that you users of that I cannot say I deputy that he yourself we appreciate your time we thank -- --

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